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Your Inter-Dimensional Consciousness The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie




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Your Interdimensional Consciousness

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,
Do you have for me today?

Dear ONE,
We, the Arcturians, always have a message for any of our grounded ones who ask for our assistance to remember what they already know in their higher states of consciousness. You all have many states of consciousness through which you can receive, give and remember what your Higher Expression of SELF is sending to you via your own “Inter-dimensional Consciousness.”

Your Interdimensional Consciousness is, indeed, you higher states of consciousness because it is the link between your third-fourth dimensional human incarnation and your fifth dimension and above Galactic Human.  

By “Galactic Human” we mean the portion of your Multidimensional SELF who resonates from the lower frequencies of the third dimensional, physical world and ALL the way UP into your multidimensional Galactic SELF.

Please know that if you have somehow found yourself reading this message, it is because it has triggered a deeper connection between the third-dimensional earth body that you chose to wear so that you could incarnate on beloved Gaia to assist Her in Her great time planetary change.

We wish to remind you that this “planetary change” will begin in the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension, which is the frequency of reality that you resonated to when you chose to accept Gaia’s call for assistance with Her Planetary Ascension. In order for humanity to be of the greatest assistance for Gaia’s Planetary Ascension, they will need to have a concept of “Personal Ascension.” 

Therefore we, your fifth-dimensional, and beyond, family, have chosen to take the great sacrifice of wearing a third dimensional, human body so that we can better understand the challenges and hardships of living within the limitations of a third-dimensional reality.

We have chosen to come to live amongst you within this NOW because we see that there are many dangerous events and leaders that can cause more damage to Gaia, and who are unable to perceive your dear planet Gaia as a living being. 

Many of this “lost ones,” as we call them from our fifth-dimensional perspective, have lost their connection to their own Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, they can only perceive and interact with Gaia, as well with humans and Gaia’s many other life forms, in a third-dimensional “power over others.” 

These “power over other humans” have been in a silent confrontation with those who are lost to “being a victim to the many challenges that are arising within your NOW.” It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, are calling out to all the humans who DO remember!

This process of “remembering one's own Higher SELF” is difficult for many humans, as so many humans feel lost and alone in a reality in which does not seem to support them and/or guide them into their own higher dimensional abilities.  

In fact, some humans find that it too difficult to remember their own true, Higher Dimensional SELF, as they must spend so much of their time and efforts on the “job of surviving, and hopefully prospering.”

At the end of the day, many humans are exhausted by their efforts and only want to “just relax” and not think about their day until tomorrow. However, tomorrow brings in other challenges, and the challenges begin to expand beyond their ability to confront. 

It is within that NOW of “how can I even confront these many challenges,” that they, hopefully, remember to close their eyes, breathe into and out of their heart, and allow themselves to remember something, someone, someplace, some situation or activity that will remind them of their true Multidimensional SELF.

Their Multidimensional SELF is not something, or someone, that they “have to become.” They/you all have a Multidimensional SELF that resonates to the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and beyond frequencies of reality. Therefore, your Multidimensional SELF is YOU. 

However, your third-dimensional brain cannot hold the memory of your own Multidimensional SELF, that is unless you determine to look beyond the you that you are in your 3D physical reality, go into a relaxed and self-loving state, and call forth your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, know that it is not easy to allow yourself to “take the time” from the many obligations of your daily life to send “love and light” OUT into your surroundings to activate your higher dimensional memory.

As you send OUT your own light and love into your third-dimensional reality and/or your third-dimensional challenges and experiences, you give your third-dimensional heart and mind another option of how to experience the NOW.

Because your challenges often seem to back up within your NOW (meaning within the moment that you perceive these challenges) it is important to look beyond what has been distracting you from perceiving the light. 

As you take the challenge to look beyond and/or through your limitations and focus on perceiving the Light, you will have created a chose. You now have a choice of, 

“Should I focus on the distraction? or Should I focus on the LIGHT.”

What you have achieved by that statement is that you have given your self a choice. 

“Why would I want to focus on the distraction?”
“How could I benefit from focusing on the distraction?”
“Who created this distraction? 
“Was it me, or someone else?”
“Exactly, what is this distraction?
“Where did it come from?” 
“When did I decide to focus on the distraction rather then what I wanted to do?”

By asking these questions to your own self, and/or your Higher SELF, you have just put your SELF in command!

How does focusing on your Higher SELF put you in command? 
Because you have just remembered that YOU, your 3D version of self, is NOT, and is NEVER alone.

Yes, your own Higher Dimensional Expression of SELF is, indeed, YOU.
However, your Higher SELF is the YOU that resonates to a higher frequency of reality.

You know from your daily life that there are times that you feel that you are NOT resonating to your higher frequency of reality. 

Does it do you any good to get angry at yourself for that behavior?
            Take a long moment to think about the answer to that. 

Did you learn the behavior of getting angry at your self when you were a child?
If not then, when did you learn to get angry at your self?
Also, how effective is it when you become angry at your self?

Have you ever gotten angry at your self when you are in a higher State of Consciousness?
The answer to that questions is likely NO because your Higher States of Consciousness can not be maintained when you get angry—especially angry at your self. 

Does this mean that anger is bad?
No, this means that anger is a message from your SELF to your SELF that something needs to addressed and likely changed. 

When you think of anger in that way, you are far less tempted to get angry because you are too busy looking for the true source of the anger and a solution that will be effective. 

Once you have found the solution to that conflict, you will usually feel good, even proud of your self for remaining centered and in connection with your self–and often in connection with your Higher SELF.

We Arcturians, as well as all the members of your Galactic Family, understand the many challenges that you face in your daily life on third dimensional Earth.  Therefore, we invite you to join us on one of our fifth dimensional Galactic Starships and/or fifth dimensional, and beyond, realities. 

We say the word “realities” rather than “places” or “ships,” because the fifth dimension  IS our reality. Just as you perceive the third-dimensional world as your “reality,” we perceive the fifth- dimensional world as OUR reality.

Furthermore, the fourth dimension is often the frequency in which we, Humans and Galactics meet, while your human expression of SELF sleeps, meditates, and/or is busy within your third-dimensional duties and experiences. 

We, the Arcturians, wish to commend our brave friends and family within our Galactic Family who have chosen to take an earth vessel during the NOW of this great change. Please remember that “change” does not mean bad or good. Change means different. 

And the primary “change” that will be occurring will be the transmutation of Gaia from being only a third/fourth-dimensional planet into Her becoming a fifth-dimensional planet. However, we remind you that the fifth dimension resonates to the HERE and NOW. 

Therefore, the fifth-dimensional realities do NOT have time and space in the same manner that the third, and even your fourth-dimensional dream time. However, please remember that if you are attracted to, and choose to read this article, you do have, at the very least, an inner, and/or outer, desire to remember, 

What that feeling that was so lovely? 
Why did I have that dream that was so informative?
Who is that being that seems to love and protect me? 
When will this being reveal itself to me?
Where will I find these answers?
We the Arcturians will give you one of the most important and difficult things for humans to receive—Patience!

Also, we send you Unconditional Love so that you can enjoy your ongoing journey and Violet Fire so that you can transmute that holds darkness so that it can be transmuted into the Light of the ONE that you ALL are with your/our Galactic Family.

We are ONE

Your Galactic Family

We will see you in your Light Body when you join us during dreams and meditations!


  1. Thank you!!!! Always!!!!! I love you All so much!!!!

  2. Thank you! I loved this so much. As I learn to resonate more and more with the fourth/fifth dimensional frequencies I discover I am more and more patient and of worry. This was the perfect message for me to read today. Thank you, Suzanne Lie.