Saturday, September 28, 2019

Blessings from your Higher Dimensional Family


Hello Everyone,
Sue Lie here inviting you to check out the new youtube with myself and Oscar Bustamante.

It is the NOW for all of us to have deep communications about the NOW that we are creating with our thoughts, our actions, and with our frequency of consciousness. There are many greatly damaging things happening to dear Gaia, our Mother Earth, which are vital to address NOW. 

Fortunately, within this same NOW, there is a huge awakening of human consciousness. Yes, there are many humans who are still totally asleep, but more and more each day, humans are beginning to recognize that we, the members of the human race, are meant to be the most evolved beings on the planet. 

Unfortunately, we are also beginning to realize that we humans are also the main beings on Gaia who are "spoiling our own nest."  Therefore, it is the NOW for all members of humanity to wake up to their own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

It is the NOW for us to remember that we are not alone on this planet. as there are more and more fourth, fifth and multidimensional beings who are taking earth vessels on Gaia to assist Her with Her process of Planetary Ascension! 

In fact, it is the NOW for us, the members of humanity, who were meant to be the most evolved beings on Gaia's Earth, to take charge of our planetary obligation and guard dear Gaia with our life and love. 

Actually, if we do not use this very life that we are experiencing NOW to attend to the planetary needs of Gaia, our beloved home planet could be, and is  becoming, damaged by the selfish desires of the very humans that will need to face how their selfish desires have caused, and are causing, great destruction to our Home World Earth. 

Humans believe that they are more evolved than animals, but animals respect the areas of Gaia on which they live, and lovingly care for their offsprings. How did humanity get so lost in their personal needs that they forgot the needs of planet on which they live?

The above is NOT a rhetorical question. In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as  many the members of your Galactic Family, have actually taken third dimensional bodies so that they can better understand how they can assist Gaia through this Planetary Transmutations into a higher frequency of reality. This "transmutation" is also known as "Ascension." 

Gaia is ready to expand Her frequency rate beyond the third, and even the fourth, dimensions in which time and space and more intimately intermingle into the ONE. On the third dimensional frequency of Gaia, the third dimension is the frequency of the planet, as well as all the beings that live on that planet. There is also some, and hopefully more will return, fourth dimensional frequencies of reality. 

The awakened humans are becoming more and more aware of their "dreams" and "meditations," which often allows them to personally experience portions of their higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of SELF.

Humans have not too often thought of "frequencies of SELF," but the awakened and awakening ones are more and more realizing that there are frequencies of reality that resonate beyond the conscious perception of "normal humans." However, many members of the plant, animal, bird, reptile and even fish creature are becoming aware of.

Because these "lower beings" do NOT have the burden of "human desire," there are able to perceive what is actually them without the need to see what they want to see. Yes, we, your Galactic Family, can only imagine that "earth bound humans," as we call them, can only believe that which they can perceive with their third dimensional perspectives.

However, human's state of consciousness is that which sets their perceptual field. Hence, if a human has a very low state of consciousness, they will also have a very limited perceptual field. The "perceptual field" simply means that which one can perceive. 

Therefore, if one has a low state of consciousness, they will likely only be consciously involved in the workings of their physical life, and very often that involvement is focus on  their physical money. Yes, money "makes the world go round," but it also makes the wars and the planetary destruction go round.

Fortunately, there are more and more humans who are beginning to realize that Gaia is a LIVING BEING and must be treated with the same respect and protection as the humans treat their own physical family members. However, some humans do not even treat their own family member with Unconditional Love and Protection. 

It is largely for this reason that we, the Arcturians, as well as all the members of the Galactic Federation who have rescued Gaia from deep, deep destruction more times that most humans could imagine. 

We, the Arcturians, as well as ALL of the members of your Galactic Family, especially the Pleiadians as they look much like much like very tall, blond humans) are here within your NOW to remind you that YOU are not alone. 

The Pleiadians, as well as the other Galactics, are often the members of your fifth dimensional family who are protecting and guiding you. Your Galactic Family has some "galactic restrictions" on protecting the humans birthright of "free will," but when that free will is used to harm others, and/or to harm dear Gaia, the gift of free will can, and  eventually will, be taken away.

In fact, one of the main ways that the Galactic, which are usually the Pleiadians, are taking third dimensional forms, is to protect Gaia's humans from the negative indoctrination of the Dark Ones. However, in order to NOT FORGET their own Higher Self when they leave their human birth canal, they must study long and hard before they talk a third dimensional vessel.

There are some humans who actually remember leaving their mother's womb. These humans are often Pleiadians who have chosen to greatly "step down" their innate inter-dimensional skills to be able to disguise themselves as a third dimensional Earth human.

In fact, many of you who have chosen to read this report, may remember your own higher dimensional SELF in your higher dimensional world. If you do have that memory, we suggest that you document it, as it is difficult for a third dimensional brain to contain fifth dimensional  information, which is beyond what third dimensional perceive as "time" and "space."

Yes, "time and space" do exist, but they exist in a different manner on different frequencies of reality. To some of you the concept of a "frequency of reality" may difficult to understand. However, if you allow your self to go into a deep mediation and allow your consciousness to expand into the higher frequencies, that which was inviable will begin to enter your awareness.

There is no right way, or wrong way, for this information to enter into your awareness, but the higher the frequency of your state of consciousness, the more you will be able to receive and understand that which comes into your heart and mind.

In fact, another way to recognize a fifth dimensions message is the you feel it in your heart and mind. Often, the only way that  you can fully understand your "incoming message" is that you allow your brain to document that message via your own higher mind. 

If you get a higher message, do not worry about grammar or spelling, as your left brain is not as active as your right brain.  After you have allowed your right, more spiritual, creative portions of your brain, to send you the message, you can use your right brain to spell check and correct the grammar and order of presentation.

You see, these higher dimensional messages come in so quickly that it is best that you just allow your self to document the message and go back over it to correct the grammar and spelling. You see,
when you are receiving a fifth dimensional message, you often need to totally focus on the feeling that goes with with words and being able to type fast enough to get down the words you are receiving.

You will likely have to go through a fifth dimensional message several times before you can fully understand it with your 3D brain. Therefore, allow the message to flow into your Crown Chakra, past your Third Eye and into your human brain who will assist you to complete your documentation of a higher dimensional message and hold it in the third/fourth dimension, to be shared with others.

Please remember, if you are fortunate enough to receive higher dimensional messages, please remember that these higher messages com THROUGH YOU NOT JUST TO YOU!

Blessings from your Higher Dimensional Family


  1. Hyperspace. Movement in four-dimensional space.
    Simulation of camera movement in four-dimensional space.

  2. Wow, Sue. It feels like this message was tailored to me. I have had the perception of the "crown" in my visions for many months now. In a recent meditation, a Guide who looked like the depiction of what we think Jesus looks like, gave me a gift. It was a box. In the box was a crown. I didn't understand the crown message until just the other day when I realized it was the opening of my crown chakra. I have been using your wonderful guided meditations for weeks now and am doing them in order. They have been life-altering for me. Thank you. The Arcturian Ascension Assistance Step 1 is the one I did this morning and it was about opening the crown chakra and letting the fifth dimensional messages come through. Now, as I just read your Message from the Arcturians, it also assures me that I am receiving the messages and to continue documenting them. I have 7 full books of dreams/visions I have documented and am working on the 8th book. Thank you to our Galactic Family for giving me the encouragement and guidance to continue! Thank you, Sue Lie!

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