Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Living in Alignment--The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Living in Alignment

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

If you align your spinal column in a manner that the Kundalini can be easily flow, you will feel your Inner Light that radiates within and from each chakra. Your inner light was always there, but in a more latent state  Therefore, you could not perceive it until your consciousness matched the fifth dimensional frequency of your inner light.

You see, when you decided to leave your Ship or Homeworld to take a third dimensional form on the Body of Gaia you knew that third dimensional Earth was not ready for the fifth dimensional light—yet! Therefore you had to hide your light in the core of Third dimensional earth vessel in the same manner that Mother Gaia has had to hide Her light in the core of Her planetary body.

While your personal and planetary lights hide within your personal and planetary core, they strengthen your physical and planetary bodies, which have been exposed to the third dimensional illusions of reality.

You all came to Gaia within this NOW for two very important reasons:
TO protect Gaia from the negative intensions of the dark ones and 
TO assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension

Since humanity is made of the same elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether as Gaia, then humanity and Gaia are connected via the ever-active, and quickly transmuting, elementals. The elementals are much like the ingredients of a cake. If you use sour milk, rotten eggs, and tainted flour, the cake would not taste good, nor will the flour effectively bind the flour together or rise the cake.

You, dear humanity, have been forced to “eat rotten cake.” But as you choose to look inside your self  you will see that your earth body is still pure and healthy. Too many humans have suffered because they have not, yet, looked deep inside themselves to find any traumatic events, deeply rooted bad habits, negative feelings in their heart, and/or inconsistent  thoughts in their mind.

If you heart is broken, you are uninformed, or you are ill, your mind can become dazed and confused. Then your life can fall apart from the inside out. Dear citizens of Earth, especially those who have chosen to walk the Path of Ascension,YOU will be facing many challenges.

We wish to remind you that we, your Galactic Family, greatly commended you for the courage and unity consciousness that you have found within each other as well as within your own ever-evolving heart and mind.

The United States was meant to be one of the “flashpoints” of ascension. Therefore, this area of Gaia’s body is currently living the great initiations of fear, loss and great change.  However, this fear and loss has given you the chance to transmute into your innate unconditional love for all life, deep comrade, as well as your immense courage to consciously face Gaia's planetary ascension.

Some, actually many, of you are silently holding unconditional love and healing for your beloved planet Gaia. Also, many of you may not be aware of the fact, that if you are feel exhausted, sad and/or tired, it  may be because you have been very busy in your consciousness and Higher SELF assisting Gaia and the people, animals and elementals that are the living beings on Gaia.

In fact, there are people all over the world who are assisting Gaia’s land, Her plants, Her animals and Her humans.  If you could see what we your Galactic Family can see, you could be very proud of humanity. We, the members of your Galactic Family, commend you, the members of humanity, who have chosen to physically, as well as psychologically, assist Gaia by sending Her Unconditional Love. 

We also see that many of those who are actively ‘doing the work’ are greatly supported by those who are “remembering their true SELF.” They are also giving deep support to Gaia’s ever-expanding process of “planetary ascension.” As you continue your journey, there will be more and more leaders who will focus, not on their personal ascension, but on their planetary ascension.

Many of those who are able to support Gaia in this manner, are beginning to remember that they are higher dimensional beings, mostly from the Pleiades, Antares and Venus who have taken a third dimensional earth vessel so that they can directly assist with Gaia’s planetary ascension.

These beings are able to put their “personal ascension” after “planetary ascension,” as they are realizing that they are not FROM Earth, but CAME to Earth, to assist their sister planet Gaia/Earth with her ascension.

We, your  Galactic Family, have been taking many people and animals onto our ships to assist them with their physical and emotional healing, so that they can more effectively transmute their third dimensional self into their innate fifth dimensional self.

Some of you have “had a dream” about an event that seems it will happen “outside of time.” Some of you who are able to release time as a sequential event, and you are even remembering how YOU are involved in these experiences. 

We, your Galactic Family invite all of you to come to our Ships in your night body, and /or your meditations, to assist those who have come onto our ships for healing and comfort. When you do return to the Ship, you will be greeted by friends and family that you forgot while under the illusion that you were “just a human.”

Oh the joy that our entire Ship experiences when one of our “volunteers to take an earth body” returns from their “mission to assist Gaia.” In fact, there are many Galactics, Ascended Masters, and Angelics that have chosen to assist the ones who have chosen to “go to Gaia." As we Galactics assist with the healing and giving of comfort to our volunteers to Earth, we learn more and more the best ways to assist humanity to release their illusions so they can more fully live in the light. 

We, your Galactic Family, wish to remind you that the love and support that you have given to those living within the illusion of third dimensional Earth, will return to them three fold. In fact, all of you wearing a human vessel, will return in a three fold manner that which you have given out to assist Mother Gaia.  

Therefore, the energy fields that you put out into the world will, eventually, return to you three fold.   Those who have focused on “power over others,” and mistreatment to Gaia, will also receive what they have put out in a three fold fashion.

The NOW for Gaia’s ascension has been held back by the dark ones for far too long. Therefore, we the members of your Galactic Family, are sending out more messages, more protection, and more and more Light to those who can accept this gifts with the intention of sharing it for the purpose of Planetary Ascension.

We must say that the NOW of Ascension is beyond the illusion of third dimensional time. Also, we observe that more and more of our ‘volunteers to take and earth vessel” are finding ways to integrate themselves into Gaia’s present version of reality.

We say “present version of reality” because you are doing whatever you are called to do. Therefore, reality as you know it, will expand it's transmutation into the fifth dimensional version of life on Earth.  We see that you all are doing whatever you must to assist Gaia and to bring our brave volunteers back HOME.

This return may be further in the distance, or it may occur within a sooner Earth/time than even we Galactics expected. However, if your “return HOME” takes a longer Earth Time, when you are on our Ships you get be able to experience time within the NO Time of our fifth dimensional Ships. 

Your return to the Ships also depends on whether or not you have become “lost in the third dimension.” We are sorry to say that too many, as even one of us getting lost is be too many, will be noted and you WILL return back to your innate fifth dimensional SELF who is a member of one of our Starships.

We leave you  now with the below message of love and light. However, we are only leaving your consciousness, as we live within the NOW of the ONE and do not count time in the manner of earth life. Therefore, just look towards the Light and you will find us, your Galactic Family!

As you flow into the Light by day
Your heart and mind will show the way

“What is the heart mind?” you may say.
“And will it help me find my way?”

As you walk this Path both night and day
Remember we will show the way

Thus, you will know that every day
The LIGHT will come to lead the way?

Then as you join into the ONE
You’ll know that something has begun

There is a new YOU just above
That fills your heart with light and love

Then, all the Light that you can see
You’ll know has come to set you free

Free of fear and filled with love
From our worlds just up above

Above your self, above your Earth
That guide you to a new rebirth

Rebirth into your “ONE inside”
That you no longer need to hide

You are beyond the needs of life
That filled your heart with fear and strife

You are ready NOW to know the way
To step into a brand new DAY

A day of light and love and glory
As your share you light and tell your story

Then, as you awaken your INNER Light
You’ll live in love that’s free of fright

We, your Galactic family wish to thank you ALL 
for the loving service you have given to Gaia!

Please remember that we, the members of your Galactic Family,
are constantly sending you Unconditional Love from up above


Blessings from your Galactic Family