Thursday, September 20, 2018

Focusing On the Core--The Rebirth of Earth--Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Focusing on the Core
The Rebirth of New Earth 

Message from The Arcturians and your Galactic Family
Through Suzanne Lie

Greetings from the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, which is much larger than you may imagine. Please realise that every decision that humanity makes within this NOW is having  a great impact on the planet. 

If that decision is based on love and light for Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, you have given Gaia a greater gift than you may imagine. As humans become more conscious of their “Higher SELF,” who is their Multidimensional SELF, they will feel more and more of a need, an urge, to focus on the Core of the planet.

As humanity begins to “remember” that Gaia is a living being, they will begin to understand how person and planet are made up of the same elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Also, just as each human has a core, so does Gaia. 

Therefore, when you focus on Gaia’s Planetary Body, you are also focusing on Humanities Human Body. Furthermore, each “element” of humanity’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water interacts and affects every other element. 

More and more of humanity is beginning to consciously feel and accept the higher frequencies of Light that are NOW entering Earth’s atmosphere, as well as all of Gaia’s Planetary Life forms. 

Then, as humanity becomes more and more aware of their own ascension process, they will become more and more aware of Gaia’s planetary ascension. “What does ‘ascension’ mean?” you may ask. 

Ascension is a transmutation of the frequency of reality into the next octave of vibration. Transmutation is change, alteration and/or transformation into the next octave of reality.

 More and more “awakened” humans are becoming aware that they have a Core within them, which is their spinal column which houses their Kundalini Force. This Kundalini Force lies latent within the base of your spinal column awaiting your transmutations into fifth dimensional consciousness.

It is through this higher dimensional Kundalini Force that humans can establish a conscious contact with the higher dimensional beings who are NOW orbiting Gaia’s Galaxy. 

These fifth dimensional, and beyond, beings, are orbiting Gaia to assist humanity on Earth with Gaia’s transmutation into the next octave of her Planetary Operating Frequency. 

These “beings” are Galactics, Angelics, Elohim and Ascended Masters. All of these multidimensional beings are able to communicate with Gaia’s third dimensional reality from their Homeworld in the higher dimensions, and/or from their Star Ships, which are now orbiting Gaia via their cloaked Ships.

They keep their Star Ships cloaked so as not to frighten those who are not yet ready to perceive the higher dimensions of reality that have always surrounded them. Usually, these humans are not yet ready to expand their consciousness to encompass higher dimensional thoughts and communications.

However, we know that, eventually, many of them will awaken to their own Multidimensional SELF. Once a human is in conscious alignment with their own Multidimensional SELF, they will be able to activate their inter-dimensional sensory perceptions. 

It is your inter-dimensional sensory perception that allows you to remember who you are within the higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Once they will be able to “listen” to the still, small voice that has been them since their early childhood, they will remember that they have ALWAYS been under the guidance and protection of their own higher dimensional expression of SELF.

Some of the experiences that you may have during this inter-dimensional guidance will be to go through old karmic issues that you are NOW ready to balance and clear. By “balance” we mean that you learn/remember to perceive what has occurred in your life as “a reminder of why you chose to take an earth vessel within this now.”

Your third dimensional self may judge some of these experiences as “bad or painful.” On the other hand you may judge other experiences as being “good and enjoyable.” We, your Galactic Family, remind you that the terms “good and bad” are human terms, as these types of polarities do not exist in the higher fourth and fifth dimensional realities.

Yes there are actual realities that much like what you may perceive as a “reality” on your third dimensional daily life, as well as your fourth dimensional sleeping and/or meditating life. 

These realities come into your awareness when your consciousness has expanded past the third and lower fourth dimensions and into your upper fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of realty. 

In fact, allows us now to give you our Galactic definition of “reality.” Those who resonate to the higher fourth, fifth and beyond frequencies of reality have expanded their brain enough to move into the first octaves of their Multidimensional Mind.

You see, dear humans, your brain is like a computer that files and stores information for your third dimensional physical form. On the other hand, your MIND is multidimensional and can interact, hear and even see, higher dimensions of realities.

Of course one will need to “believe” in higher dimensional realities or they will just excuse their higher dimensional experience as “a weird dream or meditation.” However, these ones who judge the higher frequencies as “weird” are cheating themselves from allowing an inter-dimensional communication to enter their consciousness. 

An “inter-dimensional” communication is when your third dimensional physical self is able to receive, believe and accepta message from your Higher Dimensional SELF. 

Of course, if one does not allow themselves to receive the message and pushes it away from their awareness, their consciousness will not be exposed to a higher frequencies of resonance. Therefore, their return to the awareness their Higher Dimensional SELF will be delayed.

A manner in which humanity can assure that they will return to their Higher Dimensional SELF is to remember that EVERY ONE  of you are a channel through which the higher dimensional frequencies can be grounded into the body of planet Earth.

Through your thoughts, words or writings, you will be able to hear, feel and/or see the higher dimensional beings that live with you, but in a higher frequency of resonance. More and more of humanity is learning to “channel” the messages from their higher dimensional frequencies of SELF. 

We, your higher dimensional family, as well as your own higher dimensional aspects of SELF, are ready and happily willing to communicate with you and guide you through your process of personal and planetary ascension. 

As more and more members of humanity are willing to be aware of and express their higher dimensional energy fields and communications, they will serve to quicken Gaia’s “transmutation” within the Core of Her living and fully aware Earth Vessel.  

Once a human awakens to their innate process of transmutation into their fifth dimensional self, their process of ascension will advance within the Core of humanities spinal cord. 

The Ancient Monks and Wise Mean knew that one day, likely in their distant future, that a higher frequency of vibration would enter Gaia’s atmosphere and move into Her Planetary Core. 

Within Gaia’s Core are huge crystals, which “keeps the lights on” for Earth’s surface. Just as humans and animals have hearts that beat to keep us alive, Gaia has huge crystals that serve to keep Gaia’s alive. Yes Gaia is an ALIVE BEING who has evolved into being a Planetary Being.

Unfortunately, there are still man humans on Earth who are not aware of Gaia’s Core or their own Core.  Why is the human core, and Gaia’s Core are so important? The reason is that the force of Kundalini, which holds the alchemy to activate the “rise of humanity into the fifth dimension, as well as the rise of Gaia’s frequency of resonance into the fifth dimension.  

Unless humanity makes great changes and advances in their state of consciousness, they will not be able to expand their personal consciousness to match Gaia’s higher planetary consciousness. It is those ones who will experience the “end of their reality.” 

However, Gaia’s reality, as well as all humans and beings who can expand their frequency rate into the fifth dimension, will be able to experience the “Birth of New Earth,” that many speak of.

For humans, this activation begins within their Kundalini, which is the “the force of transmutation” that is located in the core of humanity’s spinal core and human brain. The Kundalini Force lies latent within the base of a human’s spinal cord. 

When Gaia’s Kundalini Force is activated, the transmutation of the spinal cord will begin at the base of the spin and eventually flow up into the brain. This transmutation will activate the latent fifth dimensional frequency of resonance within the core of Gaia.

ALL of Gaia’s Nature Beings will be activated into, and aligned with, this planetary transmutation, which will begin in Gaia’s Core Crystals which are in the Core of Her planetary body. This process of Planetary Ascension will then expand out in all directions to move towards the surface of Gaia’s planetary SELF.

This process is often known as Sacred Alchemy, which initiates one’s third dimensional self, to begin an accelerated frequency expansion to resonate to the fifth dimension. Sacred Alchemy, which only the most evolved of humans were able to learn, teach and share, is a philosophical/scientific tradition that was first practiced throughout Egypt and Eurasia. 

Alchemy is based on the concept of expanding the frequency rate of the earth, air, fire, water and ethers into the NEXT OCTAVE of resonance. We capitalize “next octave” to assist you to understand that a great leap in consciousness will occur for all animals, plants, water, fire and air, as well as all humans who are able to align their consciousness with this Planetary Transmutation. 

We are aware that the “dark ones,” also known as the illuminate” will NOT be able to join the Ascension Movement unless they release their “power over others” and focus on finding their own Higher Dimensional SELF who will remind them of their “Power Within,” that will ONLY send love and light.

After this great transmutation, ALL life will be considered as “living beings” in the same manner that humanity has been considered to be “living beings.” If any of you have visited Venus, you will understand how all life can, and does, communicate with ALL life.

Then, humanity’s illusion that they are the most evolved beings on Earth will be revealed as a VERY small concept in the face of ALL LIFE resonating to the frequency of the fifth dimension. 

There have been “Ascended Masters,” who volunteered to come from their fifth dimensional homeworld to try to educate the third dimensional humans. We say “tried” because most of their teachings were misunderstood and misused. 

Therefore, the experiment came to a halt until the humans, who were supposed to be the most evolved beings on Earth, fell into the “Dark Night of the Soul.” in which they all had to face and transmute ALL of their lower third dimensional actions, thoughts and words, into the higher frequency of the fifth dimension.

Humanity still could not live 100% in Unconditional Love, which was necessary to complete ones transmutation into their fifth dimensional frequency of SELF. Hence, many Avatars and Holy Beings, came to Earth to assist humanity to “remember that they are fifth dimensional beings from their perspective Home worlds.”

That tactic was also, only somewhat successful. It seemed that the Dark Ones who lived via “Power OVER Others,” had corrupted many of the humans who had chosen to enter Earth in their fifth dimensional bodies to teach others about their innate “Power WITHIN.”

As they soon realized, holding a fifth dimensional frequency of resonance on a third dimensional planet was VERY difficult. However, each of the “avatars” were able to at least “plant the seeds of Love and Light” in the many realties that were ruled by fear and darkness. Some of these “seeds” grew and some died. 

However, the concept of transmutation slowly began to infiltrate more and more of humanity’s consciousness. Therefore, more and more Ascended Masters (beings who had already become fifth dimensional beings on Earth, but were largely persecuted and killed) were able to return again to Earth to transmute into their Lightbody once they left their third dimensional earth vessel.

This “Sacred Alchemy” of transmuting into/returning to your Higher Dimensional expression of SELF  began to expand into the hearts and minds of the humans who were able to gain mastery over their fear and to live within the protection and fifth dimensional frequency of the Light. 

As you all know, many of these Ascended Beings who returned to Earth were murdered by the very humans that they sought to assist. However, there were always a few humans who were able to understand what was actually happening. 

These awakened and awakening humans were realizing that becoming an Ascended Master meant that each ONE had “ascended” their consciousness beyond any frequencies of fear, anger, sorrow or need to be better than or harm others. 

As you can imagine, this process takes a VERY long time, and many humans are still no where near perfect understanding, much less perfectly, of  living the higher dimensional messages.” 

Dear Gaia has taken on too much negative, meaning fearful, mental, emotional and physical messages. Gaia, whose heart and mind are in Her Core, wishes to remind humanity that they too have a core, which runs up their spinal column. 

Within humanity’s Core of the their Spinal column is the “Pathway for the Rise of the Kundalini.” However, most humans are not aware of this Pathway, which is by design. 

Only those who have been able to understand and live in Unconditional Love will be able to understand and live from within the Core of SELF, which is connected to the Core of Gaia. We shall return to speak more about humanity’s Core of SELF.

Blessing to ALL who can receive and understand our message. We will return!
Your Galactic Family


  1. Blessings to you and thank you. Your words and energy bring so much love and peace to our troubled and difficult third dimensional lives; they give us the strength and will to keep trying to ascend towards unconditional love xxx