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Through the Matrix--Chapters 2 and 3

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Who Is Shara Lynn?

When I finally found the time, actually it was the courage, to open the book, which was a form of a journal, and start reading it, I realized it was written by some one known as Shara Lynn. I had no idea that I would develop such a deep and binding relationship with someone that I had met in a journal.

But enough introduction. I realize that I am avoiding documenting my experience. Maybe that is because you, meaning whatever “you” reads my story, will think me a bit crazy. I keep wanting to make this journal that I found a fiction, but then I keep hearing my Grandmother’s distant voice saying, “A journal is a truth that one may not be ready to know.”

If I am talking with my Grandmother “on the other side,” I guess I can believe that the Shara Lynn in the Journal, who is also “on the other side ” could be real too. I also have realized that, in order to document and share my story, I have to believe it is real, because I am experiencing it that way.

I also feel that I need to tell you, dear reader, that I had NEVER thought of “the other side” before my Grandmother’s passing. I was a college student and went by the rules of “regular society.” There I am again, talking like what I used to call, “a weirdo.” I feel that I want to warn you that what I am writing seems more like a science fiction, but to me it is science fact.

OK, OK, I will NOW introduce “The Journal,” as I call it, by sharing it with you, meaning whatever “you” who finds and reads it. However, I must be honest with myself. Therefore, I will tell you, dear reader, exactly what happened to me.

I could feel a change in myself almost as soon as I opened the Journal, but enough about me, I will now tell you about what I read in the Journal. I am not sure who wrote it, but the narrator of the storyline is a young teen named Shara Lynn. I will begin with what was written on the very first page:

Dear possible readers,
I, Shara Lynn, am about to tell you a story that I must tell. I do not know why I must tell it, but this story haunts me night and day, that is until I write it down.

Once I have documented what is happening to me, and what is occurring within the “other world” to which I have been introduced, I can finally find the peace to go to work, run some errands, have a normal conversation with a friend, and/or get some sleep.

It was my inability to sleep that prompted me, or did it force me, to write down these most unusual experiences that I have been having. I ask that you do not judge me as harshly as I have  judged myself while going through this experience.

However, now I must admit that experiencing, dreaming of, and remembering what appears to be some kind of “parallel reality,” has changed my life forever. Yes, it has been a change for the good because I now understand myself more than I ever did when I was “just a normal human.”

Therefore, I, Shara Lynn, promise to document all my experiences in this Journal. I do not know what will happen, or even what is happening to me right now. All I do know is that, somehow, I have found myself in “The Flow of The Great In-between.” In fact, even now, I am speaking  from “The flowing time of the Great In-between.”

For some reason, of which I am unsure, I, Shara Lynn, was chosen, in some way, and by some unknown source, to be the Emissary. The Emissary is the one who can consciously “go-between” that which is closing and that which is just opening. This area is called, “The Flowing Time of the Great In-between”

I am sorry if I am speaking in a confusing manner, but I have not yet come to terms with what is occurring in our world. I am just a teenager, not even yet a young woman, so I do not understand why I was chosen to document this event. I guess I was chosen because I was the first one who could perceive this great change.

That is, I was the only who could clearly perceive it. Shalone, our Leader and ancient Medicine Woman, has known her very long, life about “The Flowing Time of the Great In-between.” She waited and meditated and served us all, to assist us to prepare for this event.

Shalone can feel the flow of the “flowing time” of Great In-between, but her eyes are now dim, her hearing poor, and she must sleep many hours for she is over 100 years old. Therefore, she has chosen me to be her eyes and ears, as she knows that I am among the very few in our world who can perceive the flowing time of the Great In-between.

In fact, most people do not know about this “flowing time,” and have never experienced the Great In-Between at all. What do I mean by “Our World?” It seemed that just yesterday I believed that there was only one world, and our small community was the focal point for all reality.

But now that I have seen the bigger picture, I realize how innocent and naive I was before I had my first glimpse of “The Great In-between.” I have tried to tell several people about what I have experienced, but only Shalone would listen to me. In fact, it seemed that I frightened the others when I tried to tell them of my experience.

Shalone told me that change is one of the most frightening things for many adults. It was for that reason that I, a young teen who is barely a woman, was chosen to be the Emissary between the reality we have always known and the flow of the Great In-between. 

No one, not even Shalone, knows what is on the other side of the Great In-between. Some believe that there is nothing on the other side, and some believe that a grand new kind of reality is awaiting us on the other side of the Great In-between.

However, only Shalone and I know about the “flowing time.” We do not know too much about this flowing time, but we do know that it does exist because we have experienced it. Shalone has told me to write a journal, and to NOT tell our people, yet, that I have seen the other side of the Great In-between, and especially do not tell anyone about the “Flowing Time.”

Shalone told me that if anyone is ready to know this information, they will come to me. That directive made me feel more secure because, actually, I could not tell any one as I have no manner in which I could describe it. Also, I think, but I am not sure, that I actually saw “The Other Side” of the Flowing Time, and maybe I just dreamed it, or even imagined it.

Shalone, in her great wisdom, told me that the only way to perceive the Great In-between and the Other Side is through the flowing time of our own dreams and imaginations. She told me that when we dream and imagine we expand the frequency range of our perceptions.

I did not understand what she meant by that sentence, but I have learned to just listen to what she says. Then, eventually, I understand it. Also, Shalone becomes quite upset when I ask questions.

She always says to me, “I do not know how much longer I will have this form. Therefore, you cannot become dependent on me to assist you. I can teach you how to look and listen with an Open Heart and Higher Vision. Once I have done that, I will leave this world and go Home.

Whenever Shalone even mentions the word “Home,” a light comes across her face. I have tried to ask her about that light, but she says, “You must find that answer for your self, as I will soon be leaving.”

The Other Side

I have learned not to cry when Shalone says that she is going Home, as it makes her VERY upset. “Are you crying for me or for yourself?” she asks with an angry voice. “You must be strong and listen to all I have to tell you.”

Therefore, I do not cry, or even ask too many questions. Even if I cannot hear her soft voice and ask her to repeat what she has told me, she says, “You must listen with your Heart and see with your Third Eye. That is the only way you will hear me once I am on the “Other Side.”

Of course, she refuses to tell me what the “Other Side” is. Instead, she tells me in a somewhat angry voice, “You must follow the flowing time of the in-between if you wish to find the Other Side. Also, you must find how to do this by yourself, for that is how you will hear me when I am gone from “this world.”

I finally know better than to ask her what she means by “this world,” and “Other Side,” but that is why I no longer believe that all reality is just our one small place. Again, I cannot share that information with anyone, or they would become very frightened and angry.

I often wonder why so many people in our world are so frightened by the unknown. Shalone once told me that the unknown, or anyone who wants to talk about the unknown, frightens most people. I have definitely found that statement to be true. Therefore, the problem is that, once we know a truth, our life becomes very lonely.

Of course, it is not always lonely now, as I can still talk with Shalone, but not too much, as well as with the birds, animals, trees, clouds, and especially the quiet ponds. Again, Shalone has warned me to NEVER tell any one that I can communicate with Nature in this manner. Once again, another reason why I will be horribly lonely when she leaves.

“No, no,” Shalone says after reading my mind. She does that a lot, reading my mind, I mean. Shalone says again and again, as I keep forgetting this truth, that the key to crossing into the Great In-between is to KNOW you are NEVER alone.

“Just because someone is invisible to your physical eyes, does not mean that person does not exist,” Shalone reminds me again. I do understand that statement, as I have always been able to talk with the Nature Spirits, which most people can never perceive. In fact, when I walk in the woods, I often hear the Nature Spirits calling me. But then they hide from me.

“Why do you call me if you are going to hide from me?” I ask in a frustrated manner. I know I am not frustrated with the Nature Spirits, but I often do get frustrated with my self.

“Now, Now, Dear,” says Shalone, as she can instantly feel my frustration. “Frustration is low-grade anger, and it will lower your perceptions. You know that if you ever lost your ability to speak with all the Nature Spirits you would be VERY lonely.”

I have to admit that she is correct. The Nature Spirits, and Shalone, have been my best friends for all of my life.

“When I leave,” Shalone reminds me, “you will speak with me in the same manner as you speak with the Nature Spirits. In fact, you will find my essence flowing around and through the Nature Spirits, for when I leave, I will also remain for I will ride ‘the flowing time of the in-between’. You see dear, “leaving” is a third dimensional concept.”

I guess I had best tell you about the third dimension now. Some people think that the third dimension is the physical world, but it is also much, much more than that. The “third dimension” is a reality in which we choose to see that which we have always known and ignore that which is new.

For example, those who only resonate to the third dimension cannot see or hear Shalone, and definitely cannot perceive, or are even be aware of, “The Great In-between.” Also, without the awareness of “The Great In-between,” there is no possibility for them to perceive “The Other Side.”

“The Other Side” is that which lies across “The Great In-between.” More and more of the children are being born with the ability to perceive both “The Great In-between” and “The Other Side. In fact, I can see when they “leave time” to visit “The Other Side.” I say, “leave time,” because “The Other Side” does not have time.

I know that for a fact because I have crossed “The In-Between” and gone into “The Other Side.” When I am there, it seems as though I live a long, long life. However, when I come back to my own world, I find that it is as though I never left.

“How can that be?” I have asked Shalone many times. But she never answers that question. She only smiles and says, “Wonderful dear, what did you learn there?”

“What did I learn there?” I must ask myself. “Well,” I say to my self, “I guess all I have learned is that I am not, yet, ready to stay there. And then, as soon as I return, I forget everything that I experienced. Why can’t I remember?” I ask Shalone.

Again, she smiles and says, “You are not ready yet dear. When you are ready you will remember.”

I would not want to be rude with her, but what kind of an answer is that? What am I not ready for? And if I am not ready, then why do I go there? I try not to ask Shalone that question any more, for she always ignores it, as if she did not hear me.

However, I can tell from the glimmer in her eyes that she has heard me, and has chosen not to answer me. Therefore, I am trying to cover my frustration with respect and patience. Of course, Shalone can read my frustration and, patience and kindly, looks right into my eyes to say, “What are you afraid of?”

I want to be angry and tell that I am not afraid of anything, but since I would never speak to Shalone in that manner, her question buzzes around my heart and flirts with my mind. “Why am I not ready?” I ask the trees, the sky, the water, the birds, the grass, and the rays of light that follow me through the woods.

Then, if I am very still and do NOT ask another question, I begin to hear with my heart and understand with my mind that I am just beginning something that is brand new. Therefore, I need to be patient with myself. Soon after that, Shalone comes to me to give me a long, silent hug.

She then turns and leaves me in my own uncomfortable silence. “But why is that silence uncomfortable?” I try to ask my self. It is then that my Inner SELF gives me an “inner hug,” and reminds me that questions are an illusion of my third dimensional world.

That is when I remember that it is only when I stop asking questions that I can remember that the answers are always within me. When I am able to be patient and allow the answers to come to be, I gradually become aware of “The Great In-between” floating into my awareness.

Then, “The Great In-Between” reminds me that it is actually a frequency of reality that enters me like a dream. However, I am fully awake and can simultaneously see my physical world all around me. I then see a possible entrance to another world, but only I can decide if, and when, I will choose to enter it.

So far, I have not entered it. Sometimes I become very close to the “threshold between worlds,” but then a friend calls, I remember some very important thing I must do, or I fall out of the experience, like one would “fall out” of a tree.

However, there is no falling or landing on the ground. Instead, that possible reality, which is like a flower that is almost ready to bloom, just disappears. Then, all that I see is my everyday world and my everyday body.

“Why, why, why do I stop my self? What am I afraid of?” Almost every time, Shalone suddenly appears before me, gives me a hug, and says something like, “Good try. Next time you will be able to stay longer.”

She then leaves before I get a chance to ask any questions, even though I know she would not answer them. “That which you seek is found inside,” is the answer she has for all my questions. One day I will understand what she means by that.

I also know that it is on that day that she will disappear from my life.


  1. Awesome thanks Suzanne, your books are amazing! If you ever need a proof reader let me know ;)
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  3. Thank you! And now I. must wait for chapter 4 and beyond. Two of the lines in this section jumped out at me: Questions are an illusion of the third dimensional world, and "it is only when I stop asking questions that I can remember that the answers are always within me". Another teacher/guide says the answer occurs where the question is asked. Great stuff!

  4. Much love to you divine for sharing your new book chapters :-)

    Gratitude always, and blessings infinitely,

  5. so touching... I understand completely . Thank you Sue ! have a nice day xxx Rita from Belgium

  6. Suzanne, your work and material is an inspiration and education for so many.

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    I can relate so much to Shara Lynn...