Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Zarton's Fourth Message Q and A from Zarton

Fourth Zarton Message  

Q and A for Commander Zarton


I am Zarton. You see me now in one of my favorite forms that I wear on my fifth dimensional Homeworld. I have just returned to the time/space of Earth from the NOW of my fifth dimensional reality.

I return to remind you of our ensuing landings on your world. Of course, to myself and my crew, this landing is occurring within our NOW, and your FUTURE. I know that your future WILL occur, as I have seen and experienced it during my NOW.

I am aware that our landing will only be visible to those who have expanded their consciousness enough to be able to consciously perceive, as well as remember, the vision of my fifth dimensional Ship, as well as the changing shapes of  my fifth dimensional forms.

Of course, there have been many Ships that have moved into the lower fourth and higher third dimensional aspects of Gaia’s atmosphere. Why do we limit our landings to that frequency of reality? To answer this question, please remember that your state of consciousness dictates your perceptual field.

It is for this reason, that it is primarily the members of humanity who have been able to expand their consciousness to embrace their “imagination” that will be, and are now, able to perceive us. Of course, perception also depends on desire.

You all have many perceptual options which you can, consciously or unconsciously, choose to perceive. Many humans can only perceive the reality of their physical life because they have not, yet, expanded their consciousness to respond to their higher dimensional brainwaves.

It is for this reason that I am here with you today to assist you to remember HOW to expand your consciousness, so that you can expand your perceptions. Of course, the expansion of consciousness is based on whether or not you have “kept your promises with your Higher Self.”

Whenever you keep a promise you have made with your Higher SELF, or even a promise you made with your 3D self, which can be as simple as “washing the dishes as soon as you finish eating,” to promising your self that you will go to college to get a higher degree, or train yourself to do that which you always wished you could do.

Whenever you keep a promise that you made with your self, your confidence expands, and your ability to have “pride in” and “affection for” your self expands. When you enjoy, and are proud of, your own self, you are far more likely to fulfill your promises to your self, as well as promises you made with others.

When I speak of promises you made with your self and others, that also includes fulfilling any promises that you made with your Higher SELF to expand your consciousness. Then, as your consciousness expands, so does your perceptual field.

“Expanding your perceptual field” means that you can consciously perceive more and more of your third dimensional life. Then, as you are more consciously aware of your physical life, you will allow yourself to be more consciously aware of your Higher SELF, as well as your higher dimensional perceptions.  

These higher dimensional perceptions do NOT resonate to your third dimensional reality.
Therefore, since many humans cannot believe what they cannot perceive, they may doubt their fifth dimensional perceptions.

Of course, you cannot perceive that which you believe is “impossible.” Therefore, it is your “belief in a novel perception” that allows you to consciously perceive a higher dimensional perception.

Also, if you have a desire to perceive a certain thing, your unconscious will be assigned to the task of “finding that which you wish to perceive.” On the other hand, if you are afraid of something, you will unconsciously wish to NOT perceive that person, place, situation, or thing.

In other words, if you want to perceive our Starships, and are NOT afraid of that vision, it is more likely that you will see us, your Galactic Family. However, this higher dimensional perception is not just up to you.

You see, whenever we move into a frequency of reality that may be visible by humans, we cloak our Ships. However, our “volunteers to take an earth vessel” are dedicated to remaining connected with the frequency of our Ships. That means that they have promised themselves that, as much as possible, they will perceive the fifth dimension, even while they are wearing a third dimensional vessel. 

There are more “galactic volunteers to take an earth vessel” within your present NOW, than there have ever been. It is within your NOW on Earth, that we, your Galactic Family, are planning to begin to reveal our Starships. Fortunately, we are able to read the overall frequency of consciousness of any given person and/or area.

Therefore, we choose to remained cloaked in some places and situations, to diminish our cloaking in other situations, and are increasingly choosing to reveal our Ships and/or our telepathic messages to more and more of the Awakened Ones.

It is for this reason that many humans have perceived “Cloud Ships.” Our Cloud Ships are actually real Ships, but only those who want to see us will take the time and attention to perceive, and remember, that they are seeing and/or have seen a “real Star Ship" that remained cloaked, usually as a huge cloud. Please understand that the reason why we remain cloaked is because we don’t want to frighten any humans or give any Dark Ones an excuse to send up bombs.

We are happily discovering that more and more members of humanity are awakening to their true heritage as Galactic Beings who volunteered to lower their consciousness enough to enter a third dimensional earth vessel.

Therefore, we will share some of the human questions that we have, as well as our answers.

Q:  What was the process of entering a 3D human body, when we already had a 5D body of light?

Answer:  In some cases, you chose to go through the physical process of forming your earth body within your “mother’s” womb, as well as the process of physical birth. This birth process gave you a longer “time” to adjust to a third dimensional reality of time and space. Your reality in the fifth dimension and beyond was one of living in the HERE and NOW, as well as only experiencing Unconditional Love.

Taking the longer “time” of nine months of pregnancy gave you the chance to adjust (primarily through your mother's experiences) to the time/space of a third dimensional reality. Some of you chose to enter the body in late pregnancy or upon the birth of the baby that you would move into.

Q: How did our early childhood differ from others?

Answer:  Many of you felt just like a normal human throughout your childhood and up into your early teens. On the other hand, even though you thought of your self as “just human,” there was something inside of you, in your dreams, and in the many of your thoughts and imaginations that told you that you were, actually, very different from others that you knew.

Q:  How would the knowledge of our true SELF make us feel different from others?  

Answer: For one thing, you often had memories of a “some place else.” You likely did not know exactly what or where that place was. Suzille’s first memory of ‘some place else” was very vivid memories of life on the planet Venus.

Somewhere around that time, she also met the Arcturians, who did not talk about their planet, like the Venusians did. Instead, they gave her direct messages of what they wanted her to do, such as “make a website,” when there were maybe two other websites up.

Q:  How could you return to your Ship and/or your 5D self while still wearing your 3D body?

Answer: It is quite common for our Grounded Ones to return to their actual Starship during their sleep. However, it is also common that the “ascending ones,” as we call you, return to your Ship via your night body while your physical form is sleeping.  After having quite a few “dreams” about these journeys, many of you were, and are, able to return to your Ship while your physical self is in deep meditation.

Q: Did we, The Galactics, come to assist humans or to assist the planet?

Answer:  We do not separate life-forms in the manner that humans do. To us, in the fifth dimension and beyond, every living being, whether it be humanoid, Arcturian, Venusian, Martian, Pleiadian, or any of the myriad other Galactic Beings, are ONE Being within the ONE of the HERE and the NOW of our higher dimensional realities.

In fact, there are many other Galactic Beings than the ones we have stated, as well the many Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings and Elohim. The world as you know it on Earth is much like a single grain of sand at the edge of a huge ocean of life.

Q: How do you remember what you forgot, when you took your 3D earth vessel?

There are as many ways to remember as there are ways to forget. In fact, if you can remember the manner, or the time zone in which you forgot, even if it was during your birth, you can go into a deep meditation and go back into that situation. 

You can also go into deep meditation and ask:

When did I forget my true Multidimensional SELF?

What made me forget my Multidimensional SELF?

Where was I when I forgot my Multidimensional SELF?

Who reminded me of my Multidimensional SELF?

Why was I reminded?
Blessings to you all. I invite you to join me on my Ship. Perhaps you can attend one of our fourth dimensional meetings that occur within the timeframe when your earth vessel is sleeping, or you are in deep meditation.

Either way, your consciousness has a much greater chance of expanding while your “daily mind” is resting. Then your “Fourth Dimensional Self” can more easily connect with your “Fifth Dimensional Self,” so that you can attend our meetings.

These meetings will occur in the NO Time of the Fifth Dimension. Therefore, do NOT be concerned about what Earth time you “tune into our meeting.”

When you wish to join us, please tell yourself : 
“I promise myself that I will remember going on the Starship.”

“I am also promising my self that I will document this experience as soon as possible, so that I will NOT forget it."

I look forward to seeing you on our Ship,
Blessings from Zarton


  1. Please feel free to answer the below questions in this "Comment Section."
    “When did I forget my true Multidimensional SELF?

    “What made me forget my Multidimensional SELF?

    “Where was I when I forgot my Multidimensional SELF?

    “Who reminded me of my Multidimensional SELF?

    “Why was I reminded?

  2. I have asked but no answers, I have a lot of dreams where I am in a classroom, I see even sometimes the people that was with me on high school years ago,and in a lot of those dreams I have an exam, in some of those exams I don't know the answers, it uses to happen in my real life, I never likes to study or memorize things the teachers imposed me to learn. Not sure why I have this class room dreams, I thought that maybe is a 3d layer representation of a higher dimensional learning in some way, if so why I cannot dream a 5d dream most of the time. Thanks

  3. Thank you Suzanne, I find your posts very interesting and informative and often repost to spread the message further.May you thrive and proper.

  4. Hi Armando, just wanted to comment that I had these dreams as well. I was always late for class, lost my schedule, couldn't find the classroom hahaha!! I talked to a couple other people who have had these exact same dreams as well and it seems like remembering part of the indoctrination and training we had before reincarnating here, like waking up and remembering what we came here to do.

    Just want you to know these are common dreams of awakening strangely shared by a lot of us.

    Don't worry as I still have not recovered any of my memories nor seem to have meaningful dreams yet either. I do work astrally though on the planetary architecture and grids. We are clearing the last of the mind control timelines that were affecting our brainwaves and memories.

    Soon all our memories of who we are will be returning. It's like we are learning so much in our sleep and connecting but most of us don't remember a darn thing upon awakening!! So hang in there. I don't get direct answers yet either!!

    With love!!

  5. I do know now that I am actually a multidimensional being but as soon after I wake up again it seems that I'm bound to my 3 dimensional form.
    I ever expereinced three NDE's, but still the last one on May the 10th of 2005, the day of my heavy brain injury, I can not recall this again when I'm in my 3 dimensional form.
    The other two on April 20th 1990, and the other one on Septembre 30th 2001, can I still recall!
    On May the 10th 2005, the day of my brain injury, I've laid four hours for dead in my living room, maybe that could be the reason that I cann't recall this comatose state until now.

  6. I, too, have had classroom dreams. One particular was lucid, on a beautiful campus, and I tried to ask people why I was there. I was directed to a classroom, where the teacher began to draw various sacred geometry shapes on the board. These classroom dreams were different than other ones that I've had that are more reminiscent of school growing up.

    I don't find a pinpoint of when I forgot my multidimensional self, except right now feelings of my family, esp. my mom, saying I'm too sensitive and getting in trouble in school for "daydreaming". That dismissing of things and feelings being my "imagination"...

    My memories all are of times I've REMEMBERED my multidimensional self, yet got minimal reality from others (friends/family) about it.

    One big influence (aka - who reminded me) were my beloved mousycats (cat stuffed animals I got around age 5), who were from a cat planet. I gave all my other stuffed animals "heart transplants" to mousycat hearts. The mousycats came in a dream to me where I was in a big field of yellow flowers. They came down in a spaceship and invited me to come in and visit their planet.

    I feel like over time (me, now age 50), so many years of believing but not "seeing" (in 3D - duh - of course not - and also comparing my experience to others - that's when you get into trouble!) and being the only one among friends and family to be so interested and educated in all things magical, mystical, "new age", consciousness studies, a bigger reality, the shift occurring etc. has been my challenge.

    While I know we are ALL awakening and there is no goal or "end point" to this ever expanding universe, it's easy to interpret those deepest wounds of "not good enough" as being true. Like I should be more/better/farther along or whatever, even as I know all in is Divine Order. All to transmute into Light and Love and yes, a challenge!

    But my mousycats / Pleiadian Star Family have stayed with me all along, in the form of my great affinity with the Pleiades constellation since childhood. In my 30's, I had a lucid dream in which a cat person came to visit me in my room. I knew him, my long lost friend, and profound love was present. I'm still in communication with him today.

    My dad recently gave me framed a picture I drew as a child. It was of three mousycats coming in toward three grumpy cats. I was powerfully reminded - wow! Since I was a girl I've known my mission and the truth of a greater reality! To bring love and light to the world and humanity, assisting us all in awakening!

  7. Thanks very much Suzanne, I had read your post. Your blog is very interesting. I got many new things from your post about Awakening.