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FINDING THE CENTER--Conversations with a Friend--Sue and Lorraine


Sue and Lorraine

SL:  Here we are.  I’m having a conversation with Lorraine and she just said this very deep thing and I did not have the recording on.  I’m going to ask her to replicate it.  But if she’s anything like me she won’t remember anything that she just said because it didn’t come from her but through her. And that’s what happens when it comes through.  If you don’t write it down, it’s gone baby.

L:  It is, it really is.

Sue, you and I have had conversations over the last few years about what I call personal and planetary transformation is occurring simultaneously. Then we’ve had conversations about the state of world affairs and what we’re seeing in the news.  Then our own personal experience which is different from what we are seeing or reading.  Why is that?

So, today when we started talking I mentioned to you that I had some information today from St. Germaine our dear friend. And it had to do with frequency and vibration.  I remember back in 2012 as we were approaching 12/21/12, and the great anticipation.  Then on 12/22/12 the disappointment.  But I never personally felt that something was going to happen in a flash.
Now, I’m sure it did happen in a flash for many people on the planet.  We may or may not know who they are.  But then if you look at the end of 2012 up until today which is the end of January 2018, the changes are astounding, and the growth that I’ve seen not only in myself and in my awareness, but in other people, and other people I talk to and friends in just my general experience.

What does that mean?  Does it mean that we’re in another frequency? Does it mean we are experiencing another frequency - and my feeling is that we’ve expanded? Our perception has expanded, our experience has expanded.  And, when that happens other opportunities come into our lives. We can call them miracles, and many are a traditional definition of miracles, however my feeling is that we are ready to receive that expansion from within. And, because that is our desire and our intent, we are experiencing it.

Now, that may sound like mumbo, Jumbo.  And you and I have talked a number of times about the ancient teachers who were on the planet – ancient and modern as well.  And we were talking earlier about Yogananda, Paramahansa Yogananda and his wonderful book that has been read by millions of people, thank goodness - in which in his young life he was searching and searching for a teacher. 

And finally, when Yogananda was ready, the teacher did appear.  But, Yogananda did not sit in a cave and meditate for twenty years and then become enlightened.  But he had someone, I want to say, who was holding his hand, in large part, who held and supported that.

So fast forward, today on the planet there are thousands of teachers.  I often say, thank goodness for Louise Hay of Hay House because she supported many, many authors who were seemingly very main stream but attracted the readership of our next-door neighbors.

These are not people like you and I who have been working with this for fifty years.  These are people who picked up a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer or Gregg Braden or someone like that, and stepped on to the path.  And they are now walking their journey and expanding their perception.

So, when our perception expands, does it not mean that our vibrational frequency is changing?  Could we call it increasing, could we call it expanding?  I don’t know what the right word is because I think the word is different for everyone. 

Everyone experiences it differently.  The good news is that there are many pathways that have opened up.  If there are 7.5 or 8 billion people on this planet, then it’s just not one teaching or one path – although they’re all going to the same place.

SL: Yes, and I would like to add something from a very third dimensional perspective.  Because my experience, I have not had the experience that I let go of everything and went off to an ashram.  I started long ago.  I had young children then I had teenagers.  I was married, I had a home.  I was very much third dimensional the whole time.  I had to be grounded in all of those third dimensional duties.  I had to pay my bills on time, etc. etc. etc.

At the same time that the Light that I had as a little kid, this golden light that would come and play with me revealed itself again as the Arcturians and that communication came back, but the communication was something that was not anything that I could tell anybody for a long time.   But then one day they said, ‘make a website.’  I had maybe one of the first or second websites ever up.  They told me this way in the beginning. And, I was saying, wait, what’s a website?

So, what they said was this is how you ground it.  This is what you do to ground it.  You think like a regular person but you allow your consciousness to be in contact with us.  So, I thought, wow – that’s an interesting concept.  You know, I walk my walk and talk my talk and write these things and I did a website.  I wasn’t sure because there were no examples of any websites – but I was following what this inner guidance said.

So, I speak to all of you that feel like you might be a little schizophrenic because you’ve got one thing going on the inside and a whole different thing going on, on the outside.  Well, welcome to the process.  This is how it works.

There’s this inner knowing and expansion and communication that is happening inside.  It’s not happening on the outside.  You’re not hearing it through your physical ears.  You are not seeing it through your physical eyes.  You’re not even understanding it with your physical brain.  It’s an experience that you’re having and the initiation is ‘can you dare to believe it.

L: Can you dare to believe it.

S: Can you dare to believe it even though it comes in from inside of you.  And you don’t even know where inside of you it comes from.  It’s like probably you’re crazy.

L: Yes

S: But you can’t not do it.  And I know that you’ve had the same experience, right?
L: There is a wonderful saying and I wish I could remember who it’s attributed to so I apologize for not giving that person credit.  The saying is: ‘I don’t believe it but I know it’s true.’

S: Ha, ha – Yes!

L: And I had a very dear friend who used to frequently say ‘hold to what you know is the truth within your heart’ – which I believe is another way of saying: ‘I don’t believe it but I know it’s true.’

Because, often I will have to remind myself to move away from a past, personal pattern of thinking.  And invariably, when that happens, I remember my friend saying: ‘hold to what you know is the truth within your heart.’  Wham!  That re-centers you. 

And, each of us has something within us that will invariably bring us back to the center, especially when we are having a difficult time, especially when the energies of our lives take hold of us.  Like the solar eclipse that we had this past summer, or right now as we’re speaking, at the end of January 2017 we’ve just had what’s called a blood moon and a lunar eclipse.  And, those energies can affect people differently.

Sometimes we can go off center, or off kilter.  I have this internal vision of an arrow. It’s an arrow that goes straight up.  And at the top of the arrow are the two points. But, at the bottom of the arrow are also two points.  

And if I put my arm from my elbow to the end of my fingers right up in the center, sometimes it seems that the arrow is not straight up and down, it’s not in alignment.  But rather it’s over to eleven o’clock or it’s over to one o’clock. And, obviously where I want it to be pointing to is twelve o’clock and six o’clock – in alignment.

But one of the things that I’ve discovered is that when it’s out of alignment my consciousness is telling me – hey, what’s going on here between 11 and 12.  What’s going on here between 12 and 1.  There’s something that I need to look at here and something I need to revisit.  Sometimes I say no.  I’m not going there right now, but it will come back – always.

S:  Yes, it does come back until we address it because it’s that little glitch in the road that we have to get through to keep on travelling that path.  And that glitch of course is inside of our own selves – karma, or time to change some of our own thinking patterns, time to change some emotional, reactive pattern.  It’s time to just take a break and just have some fun.  Just chill out. 

I think sometimes we forget to do that and that is one of the most important things – to know when you know it’s time to take a break, and then take that break.

L:  Exactly.

S:  Because while we are taking that break, that’s when our body, our consciousness, our mind, every part of us has a chance to integrate.  While we’re laying around doing nothing, taking a walk in the woods or taking long drives to who knows where – all these types of situations.

Now, I know for me right now, I’m just biting at the bit.  I need to do that.  I need to get in the car and drive for five hours.  I need to go to a place that’s not my house.  I need to take a break.  Now, how long it will take before I get to take a break – you know, this is life on the third dimension.  But I think that it’s important that we identify it so that if we can’t actually take that break then we go to plan B, whatever that is.

L:  So, I think what I hear you saying is that the important thing is to be aware – aware that I need the break.  Well I can’t take the break right now, so let me take twenty-five deep breaths and calm myself down.  I need a break.  It’s not available to me right now, so I’m going to move forward and that break will materialize.  You’ve put out the desire and the intent – the need, and it will manifest.

S:  Absolutely

L:  Invariably it will manifest.

S:   And I think these are in part the ways we learn.  Learn and remember how to really manifest our own reality.  Because there is that point of desire which is an important point where you have the desire, you live the desire you feel the desire.  But then, part two is that you just have to let go and let the desire manifest.

L:   Yes, exactly.  So, the door opens and we have a choice.  Are we going to step inside?  Are we just going to look at the door?  Is it open a crack?  Is it all the way open?  Are we going to close it and say, ‘no I’m not going there?’ 

There are choices that we have and those choices depend on our personal lives.  Obviously, as you shared, you were raising a family, working etc.  If that door opened there was no way that you could have walked through it at that time.  But, now in retrospect, can you say that your children were your teachers during that time?

S:  Well the thing is that I did walk through that door.

L:  Okay, well there you are.

S:  I had the children half time because I’d already had the parenting and the divorce and the splitting of the custody and meeting the next man who is a wonderful man and that I’m still married to.  So, I was able to do that.  But, did I have guilt?  Of course.  But, you know – I was raised with guilt so – guilt was, and still is but not as much as it used to be.  But you know – guilt is.  And guilt isn’t necessarily a bad thing because guilt kind of keeps us keeping track of. 

So, it’s like it’s – do I really need to do this, or is this what’s really calling me.  And it makes us take a moment and say, I’m going to need to cloister myself away for a bit and go into a meditation and really expand my consciousness.  Then once my consciousness is expanded, then everything is totally different.

L:  The more we are aware, the more our perception expands.

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