Sunday, October 1, 2017

Preparing your Self to Remember the "First Contact" you already had--Galactic Family--through Sue lie



Your Galactic Family through Suzanne Lie

We are a collective of Ascending ONES who have been called to Active Duty. We are sure that many of you would like an Operational Definition about what we mean by “active duty.”

By “active duty” we mean that YOU have come enough into your own, Personal Power that you realize that YOU are a member of Planet Gaia, and She GREATLY  needs your assistance. Because you have found, and are able to OWN your Personal Power, you know that you are a multidimensional being who resonates beyond the third dimensional world.

Since you are aware that “YOU” are NOT limited to your third dimensional form, as well as your third dimensional thoughts and emotions, you KNOW that you can “switch into” your higher dimensional thoughts, emotions and perceptions.

Fortunately, many of you are remembering how to return to your fifth dimensional form by visiting the fifth dimensional Starship or Homeworld from which you decided to take an Earth Vessel in order to assist dear Gaia, planet Earth.

From your fifth dimensional perspective, you could perceive that the planet was taking great damage to Her third dimensional expression. Of course, Gaia is a multidimensional planet, just as you are a multidimensional person.

Therefore, you are aware that Gaia is in the process of ascension, just as many of Her inhabitants are in the process of ascension. However, there are those lost ones, often known as the Illuminati, who know that they are NOT ready for ascension.

These lost ones are so “not” ready to ascend, that they will damage the planet as much as they can in hopes that Gaia becomes so wounded, that she cannot ascend either.

Of course, what they do not know, nor could they ever understand it if they did know, is that the third dimension is just a “frequency of reality.” This frequency of reality known as “planet Earth,” has many higher dimensional expressions, and an Infinite Soul, just as all her humans do.

Even the plants, animals, Earth, Air, Fire and Water have a “Spiritual Essence.” What do we mean by “Spiritual Essence?” Spiritual Essence is that which connects the elements and elementals.

The “Elementals” are the living, multidimensional beings who bond together the physical elements and astral elementals in order to create a physical planet.

Gaia has a third-dimensional physical planet, just as humans have a third-dimensional, physical earth vessel. Gaia also has a fourth-dimensional astral planet, just as humans have a fourth dimensional astral body.

Gaia also has a fifth dimensional Light Planet, just as humans have a fifth dimensional Light Body. One must have a fifth dimensional state of consciousness in order to match the frequency of Gaia fifth dimensional expression, in order to perceive that frequency of Gaia.

For example, it is easiest for humans to perceive the fourth dimensional frequency of Gaia while they are sleeping, in deep meditation, or while enjoying a creative act.

The difficulty is NOT that all awakening humans need to have these experiences.

The difficulty IS that certain Awakening Ones vowed before they took this incarnation, that they would remember their fourth dimensional experiences once they began their “RETURN” back to their fifth dimensional frequency of existence.

We know that you have all had amazing dreams and/or meditations, but as soon as you open your eyes and see the 3D world, that experience flies from your 3D memory.

We say, 3D memory, because if you can quickly expand your consciousness into the fourth dimension, you will be able to remember your dreams and/or meditations. However, there is often a short “timeline” for this memory. Hence, you will need to document your experience, or you will likely forget it.

The other thing that we, your Galactic Family, recommend to our brave volunteers to assist Gaia, is that you share your experience with others. We started Suzille on the campaign of “MAKE ASCENSION NORMAL” many years ago.

However, making ascension normal is very difficult when one has lost their job, can’t pay their bills, is sad because they lost a loved one, or feels like there is no one to talk to about the “weird messages” you are receiving inside of your own self.

The messengers of these communications are often without a physical form. Therefore, maybe they are “just your imagination.” Then, if you did tell anyone, they might think you are crazy, or fire you, or stop being your friend.

It is VERY difficult to be among the first ones to tell a truth that many others have identified as a lie. Also, maybe you are wrong? Maybe it was “just a dream” or you have a “way out there” imagination?

But what if YOU KNOW that these inner messages are NOT a dream?
What is YOU have the COURAGE to believe in your SELF?

You are NOT alone in your interest of “the higher worlds.” Just look at all the websites and blog sites that have sprung up in the last few years. In the 8 years that Suzille’s blog has been up, there have been well over 2 million people that have come to the site to find out about the “weird” stuff that she posts.

People are “over normal” and ready for “weird.” Why are they over normal? Because more and more of our grounded ones are having dreams, memories, discussion and even waking experience that tell them about a truth, mostly seems “weird”. 

Therefore, don’t let life distract you, as what is occurring in your Third Dimensional Reality is more and more becoming a reflection, or perhaps a Fifth Dimensional Message message, of your fifth dimensional reality. 

Your dreams are the fourth dimensional translation of what is occurring in your daily life, and your meditations are increasingly guiding you to remember your fifth dimensional reality.

Try to look at your third dimensional experience through the consciousness of your fifth dimensional Light Body SELF. Through this exercise, you will begin to “close the gap” between your third, fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of your SELF.

As you merge your third, fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of SELF, you will return more and more to the fifth dimensional consciousness of your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

To complete the process of Planetary Ascension, every reality that you have created, experienced, and lived, needs to be re-balanced before you will be able to move into the Higher Frequencies of reality.  You hoped that you were going to go through a tunnel and fall into a shining light. However, the “tunnel” is YOU and the “light” is YOU.

Also, as you come through the tunnel of light, you will experience yourselves at the Threshold to the Fifth Dimension.  As you arrive at this threshold, time and space, as you have known them, will blur into the ONE of NOW.

One of the most difficult components of planetary ascension is that the “majority” of humans will need to re-calibrate their consciousness to the frequency of the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness.

The reason for this re-calibration is that “the reality that you perceive, is the reality that you live.” It is for this reason that one rather small planet called Earth, has so many problems. Gaia took on so many very different people that live in very different places around the planet.

All these many, different people will need to align their consciousness, and their unconditional love,  with the feeling, vision, frequency of “FIFTH DIMENSIONAL GAIA.” It is the alignment of the human consciousness, as humans are the primary, if not the only, beings on Gaia that have harmed the planet that they lived on.

The animals lived in harmony with nature, whereas the humans sought to control the planet. Fortunately, more and more humans are awakening to the fact that they are the “Protectors of Gaia.” As they live this role, they are to think first of Mother Gaia. Then decide if what they want will harm Gaia in any manner.

If it harms Gaia, the answer is, “NO! I am a Steward and a Protector for Gaia.”

Many of our brave Protectors of Gaia are going through exactly what Gaia is going through. Humanity is finally coming into the NOW when they are evolved enough to know that Gaia is a living being and that all humanity is made of the same earth, air, fire and water as their Mother Planet. 

Therefore, they remember that they are ONE of GAIA.

Being ONE of GAIA represents the NOW in which Humans work for and with GAIA!

Being ONE of GAIA is when Gaia, and ALL her inhabitants, transmute into a higher frequency.

However, this event requires a “ticket,” which is and will remain unknown, until humanity has “Completed the Beginning” by realizing and living within the truth that

This “ticket to ascension” also says, “Please remember that:

As a process of humanity's awakening to their true SELF, humans are beginning to remember how to hold more than one reality in their mind at a time. However, usually one can only do that when their 3D self is meditating, being creative and/or giving service to others.

Interestingly enough, once one has had a glimpse of that “other reality,” they often wonder, “Is this the same reality I know I am in, but coming to me from an opposite perspective?

More of you are beginning to feel like there is a different, higher frequency, “ME,” inside of “me,” that is trying to be born. Or maybe, your feeling this you, free of time, and within the NOW. In fact, many of you are “in the NOW” in which you are on the edge of remembering your “visits” into the fifth dimensional version of reality.

The fifth dimension does not have a third dimensional “Time and Space Operating System,” which is based on “separation—polarities—time and space. Instead, the fifth dimension has an Operating System that is based on the HERE and NOW.

Your fifth dimensional SELF presents the beginnings of a different paradigm of reality in which you are ALL your Multidimensional Self. Your Multidimensional SELF is a composite of ALL the frequencies of reality to which your current earth vessel has ever resonated.

Your Third dimensional SELF is ruled by time and space.
Your Fourth dimensional SELF is ruled by the flow of your creative imagination.
Your Fifth dimensional SELF is ruled by the Unity of being ONE within  a reality based on light and sound.

In the fifth dimension, light and sound intertwine to create a reality that is ruled by HERE and NOW. Your third-dimensional self usually thinks in a time-bound, sequential fashion, and often thinks—or even tells you—that you need to “get better” before you can do, have, understand, visit, and even deeply believe in the higher worlds.

However, as you expand your consciousness into the higher sub-planes of your third-dimensional reality, and onto the threshold of our fourth dimensional consciousness, you  have the ability to remember the higher worlds.

These higher dimensions of your world, “world” meaning the united agreement that you have chosen to represent the concept of your collective “world,” are basically built on collective beliefs and collective states of consciousness.

As you expand your consciousness into the fourth dimension, you can expand your consciousness beyond the confines of time and space to more clearly observe “What came before to create this third dimensional NOW?”

“What came before,” is often lost to inhabitants of the third, and even fourth, dimensional realities. Yes, one can perceive the third dimension from the perspective of the fourth dimension, but there is still the belief in time and space.

From the timeless fifth dimensional perspective, one can also better observe and understand, “How will this reality evolve? What will happen if we do not use our fourth, and fifth, dimensional consciousness to gain a better picture of the cause and effect of the possible flow of this reality?”

More and more, humanity is beginning to understand the differentiation between their third dimensional time, their fourth dimensional time and the timeless realms of the fifth dimension, which are all easily altered by one's state of mind and emotion.

It is for this reason, that your fourth dimensional consciousness can flow into great creativity, if you are centered within your Multidimensional SELF, or chaos if you are not centered within your Multidimensional SELF.

More and more of humanity is opening to their full Multidimensional SELF, with is synonymous with their Multidimensional Consciousness. As more of humanity has expanded their consciousness to embrace the fourth and fifth dimension, we will be able to increase the “fly-bys” of our Star Ships, hover over those who are ready to see, and send messages to those who are ready to hear.

A new, expanded version of reality will be coming into your reality. Some say, “When will this happen? When will you land?”

Our answer is, “When we see that YOU are ready to expand your reality beyond the limitations of the third dimension and into the fourth, fifth reality from which you came.”
Yes, the Ships are here for YOU!

Blessings from your Galactic Family.
We are ready to meet you.
Are you ready to meet us??

(In the comments section, you may wish to write:

I AM ready and WHY, or if you are NOT ready and WHY.)



  1. Please leave your message in this Comments field, if you wish

    1. Hi suzal, ive been listening to u for awhile now thru mario on youtube, so thank u for ur channelings..
      I am so ready n excited! I have contact with many of our star friends n family on a daily basis, i see them all around me, i love them all. So peaceful n loving!
      ❤ susan albert

    2. I am ready, it resonates with me on the inside and I'm receiving subtle external clues from my higher self that made me realize the reality of dimensions beyond the level of the 3D world. Everything in my world is developing with flowing ease. Now I discover my purpose here on earth and allow a perfect way in which I can bring and support mass healing and consciousness expansion to Humamnity & Gaia. Thank you

    3. I am so ready to experience the highest consciousness I have always known I had. Since I found you this third dimensional reality is just not it. I just know there has to be more it just feels like there has to be more send it everyday up and down up and down up and down.

    4. I am ready..

    5. I am ready to meet you Galactic Family, because I am remembering where I come from and I feel you inside of me. Thank you Sue, Galactic Family. Send you my love.

  2. Greetings Sue and Great Companions,

    Reading this today, I experienced (or at least imagined the possibility) what it's like to BE multi dimensional, not merely the idea of it. Oh, thank you! I intend to re-read this article as a lesson text, a practice exercise.

    One of the biggest puzzles I personally have, is why I've waited "so late" to fully wake up. Yes, I understand I planned it, but unlike other questions I don't easily release it. Of course now that I finally am waking up, it's a very rapid ride.

    I've had connection to an inner world throughout this life, but was somewhat aware that I very purposefully refrained from "knowing" areas such as past lives (as an example). I can perceive intention in the delay, but I'm troubled that I don't remember this part of the plan, and that seems so silly. How interesting that I feel moved to ask this here.

    Blessings and many thanks for your loving service!
    Jan Strance

    1. Jan, thank you so for your comment. "Fully" wake up is a relative term. We are ALL waking up at the time and in the manner that we chose before we took this incarnation.

    2. Hi Suzanne I could never thank you enough for all the posting you have done thru the years. I know Im weird because I never had any friends even as a young girl it has made it not so lonely I tried talking to my family about the things ive experienced and found out just how weird I could feel the beginning of october things have really picked up bless you for all you do and being there to confirm these things do happen sincerely BettyJean blue ray starseed 1961

  3. yes i'm ready, we are in need of help with awareness to save GAIA

    1. Yes, and those who are ready are the ones who assist Gaia. The government won't help us--at least not now. It is up the awakening and awakened ones.
      Thanks you for your assistance

  4. You know, the funny thing is that we we do ascend, we will likely look down on 3D Gaia and say, "I remember the good old days, when we helped Gaia to ascend :-)
    Thanks for your comment

  5. Yes, I am ready and very very happy!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! and see you soon!!!Now and here!! Blessings!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing. We all happily await our reunion in the higher dimensions

  6. I am ready because I am ready.. : )

  7. I am ready to meet you/my Self to collectively assist Gaia, for the highest good..

  8. 100% ready arcturians,why?Because I want to know what its like to love unconditionally ,like the Source Creator!

    "I don't think I deserve it but Selfless find your way into my heart,all stars could be brighter and our hearts could be warmer"!!

  9. I'm ready πŸ’–
    I want to work with you

  10. I am ready
    I Choose Love.
    NamastΓ©. <3

  11. Beautiful Arcturians. How I love you you all. I am ready now. I do not forget my dream journeys to the blue planet. To my ship. I look out and see the cosmos and know I am home. I see the purple figures while awake. All day the lights dance around me. The golden beings I see now too. Energy of all things I have been perceiving awake or asleep. I hear the music. My heart longs to see my family. I am so very grateful to be here. Grateful to our beautiful Mother Gaia for holding us in her love. I am a Protector of Gaia at any cost. I am ready now.

  12. yes i am ready! in fact i have been in contact with galactic beings during meditation and, although i can't see them, i can feel your energy. i love be supported by archturians, pleiadians and syrianos. it is a bless!

  13. I/We (Altea) welcome for presentation and open contact. As protector of this collective field and Gaia,I/We thank you for your active duty and your blissful love. Without your light this mission would not be possible,and thanks to whole Federations of this galaxy for making this possible .

    Bilal Kauser Kayani

  14. I am ready density wise, when I have my first contact what a experience, looking forward to what will not be my last contact, thanks suzanne for channeling for so long and bringing in the energies for us together light workers/light warriors!

  15. I am ready. I have been ready for the beginning of my birth onto this planet. I have known you have been with me always. You visited me at the foot of my bed when I was eight years old. You brought the orb of sacred geometry filled with knowledge that I had been learning from in my dream time up until that point. When I was in my twenties I met with you again, only this time it was in my dream time. I was taken onto a ship and I talked with you. Michael was there too. As were other members of the council I have been working with but it was you my main guide who has been with me always. We were looking out on the deck and I remember saying can I come home now? I am ready to come home. You told me it wasn't time. I said but I am ready and i want to come home, and you said to me lovingly and reassuringly, it is not time yet. I woke up and have been hanging onto that dream and my first encounter since. Looking for answers. Trying to understand why I am here. What is my purpose. In my late thirties I was visited in my dream time by the blue lady. She was so loving, she told me my mother was worried about me, that I was a starchild, and reassured me that everything was ok. The she spoke in a different language of unconditional love and familiarity I missed so much. I woke up crying longing for home. But where is home. I long for answers. I imagine answers. I trust my guides and angels and love them deeply. I am a healer and practice that with devotion and love in my heart. I listen and watch for signs everyday. I listen and they talk to me. Together we are here holding the light, love, balance. I am ready.

  16. I AM Ready:) I so want to meet my Galactic family of light!

  17. I have been ready and so it is!

  18. Thanks Suzanne, I met you in Los Angeles at a sleepover, I was one of the few lucky guys, I'm the 1 from Hawaii. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, keep waking em up!
    One of your finest articles, I love "Make ascension normal"
    Great job of explaining our connection to GAIA!

  19. I am ready!!! I'm ready to join my Galactic Family and remember ME and my promise to Gaia.

  20. I am ready!
    I have not forgotten our conversation Arcturians and I now step forward to answer: yes!

  21. I Am Ready πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’– Eternal Gratitude to and for ALL

  22. Yes, I am aware that I am preparing for this event all my life. I have feelings and information that I have already experienced the ascendancy moments in my previous experiences in other galaxies. Filled with love and also deeply moved with the feelings of unconditional love from within, which is endlessly expanding because I feel that I am knowingly stay in moments of meditation with my galactic family! Here we all go together and I love you.

  23. I am ready once again, because I am open again.

  24. I am ready, I had dreams of landings but they were a long time ago, don't have them anymore :(. But I still I remember them like they were this morning and I can not wait for the landings. Do not want to live in this lie anymore.
    Love to you all :)

  25. I am ready! I am ready because my inner Self tells me, my Higher Self tells me, all my Selves are telling me. Yes I am ready!

  26. I am so ready. If it is just one thing I can do to help Gaia heal, I know that will be revealed to me. I know now who I am and why I came here.

  27. I am ready and feel like I've been waiting for this for a very long time. I'm ready to go home. I want to go home.

  28. YES! I am ready to ascend! But first, be an anchor of love and light for Gaia and all of the beings here. I have been waking up for the last few years and each time I open more to awakening, I'm show what's next step. Last year in meditation, a light body came to me and put her hards on my shoulders and when she touched me, I recognized it to be ME. I took that message to heart and see that she was telling me to continue my work through meditation, connection and love. Everything I hear and read form the Arcturians, I feel like they are talking directly to me exactly when I needed to hear it. So thank you Suzanne, for channeling them and making the transmissions so clear for me <3
    Sending love and light,

  29. From Jerry: I am more than ready! I have been working hard to move to the higher dimensions. I feel the energy working against this happening, but I a strong and have great will! I know it will happen and I will continue to put in the effort. It will happen - it is happening.

  30. Yes! I am so ready so ready so ready, that I saw TWICE a "ball of light", two years apart from eachother, on the very same FIRST SUNDAY after Carnival was finished in Brazil!


    I have taken the picture of the ball of light, it is on my website:

    There I also show that I can "fifth-dimensionally" make THE SUN emanate VIOLET RAYS with my "mere" mental comands...

    Same thing with clouds!

    Good site to check out! I don't sell, or push anything.

    Just share some info about how things are going in my side of the Ascending Planet!

    I am so fucking ready to become my truest self!

    God's speed.

  31. I AM READY :) The idea of future memories really speaks to me, and it's comforting to hear that other people are experiencing this too. This awakening process began for me a long long time ago in childhood, and feels sooooo drawn out. Yes at times I get frustrated with this process but recently an experience has brought something essential back to my awareness. During this experience I woke up in another reality and remembered everything and thought it was strange and fascinating that I'd ever forgotten. I remembered the excitement I felt in deciding to come here and the connection to Gaia. I felt only love. This only lasted a few moments as something jolted me back here. How strange to be on the otherside of this again. I forgot almost everything upon return but I managed to retain the joy I felt deciding to come here, in helping Mother Gaia, that I chose to be here now and even chose the details of my path. Short story is I have gained peace on this path, about this path, and everyday let go of a little more anxiety about the speed of things. Also letting go of the idea that perfection of self needs to be reached before this can happen was a most welcome release! Acceptance is bliss. I AM READY to meet you in all my messy imperfection! I feel very strong that this is the next step, and I(We) need your assistance in more personal way please! Thank you for being here and for the fun and magic you reveal to me already. I would love some more :)))

  32. I AM ready with Unconditional Love, Light & Gratitude.

  33. I am ready and experiencing an ever increase in perceiving, touching, even tasting all that's possible and coming! Thank you!

  34. I am ready! I am happy to be here now, filled to overflowing with a deep love for Mother Gaia. Comments above touched my heart. I find myself letting go of things I
    no longer need and receiving more as a result. Love is all we really need. I am more than ready to embrace our Gallactic Family in the near future. Love and Light to all.
    Thank you, Suzanne. ✨

  35. Thank you so much for this! Truly amazing what is yet to be discovered within ourself. Again thank you so much , i do have a question i hope you can help with. Where is the drawing from above the articel? Not to be blunt but i think i have experienced this moment, as i was meditating a couple of weeks ago. I just started my journey, and i met this being. I even made a little drawing myself after, becaus i was so amazed. I could not let the synchonocity go as i am a redhead and it was kind of weird to see a drawing of what looks like a moment that happend to me. Can you help? Where does the drawing come from? Thanks in advance for any help, love and light to all !

  36. It's nice that you do it. I am very glad that you write about it.