Monday, October 30, 2017


A Day for ME and my SELF

Through OUR Higher SELF

Dear Higher, Multidimensional SELF,

We are beginning to remember how to hold more than one reality in our minds at a time, but often we can only do it while our 3D self is meditating or being creative. Lately, more of us have been able to move into higher frequencies by doing some form of art, music, dance, exercise and/or being creative.  

Interestingly, once we catch a glimpse of that other reality—or is it that this is our “other reality” is the same reality, but perceived from a higher perspective?” Now, that is an interesting concept. We often think of our Higher SELF observing us. What if WE are also observing our Higher SELF?

What if our Higher SELF is actually a higher perspective of our life in the third dimension, and our third dimensional self is the “landing pad” for our Higher SELF to visit physical Earth?

Could this actually be the case?  We have always thought of our 3D SELF as being a lower frequency of our Higher SELF.

Simultaneously, we often feel like there is a “ME,” inside of our “me,” that is trying to be born. Or maybe, we are birthing the ME right now?

In fact, it seems that many of us in this NOW are “straddling” our first “visits” into the fifth dimensional version of this reality, while we are simultaneously maintaining our “life-space” within a third dimensional human form. Our fifth dimensional SELF is not bound by the concepts of third dimensional time, and Space.

Therefore, while in that fifth dimensional frequency of consciousness, we are able to remember how to release our habit of thinking of our fifth dimensional self as being ABOVE us, to realize that our fifth dimensional self is actually WITHIN us.

Our incarnations on Gaia’s 3D Earth has made us think in the old sequential, polarized fashion. Hence, often, our 3D self has believed that we need to “get better” before we can remember, or return to, our Multidimensional SELF.

However, more and more humans still wearing our 3D Earth vessel are remembering … remembering something…

At first, we cannot remember what we are remembering because our memory, as well as our mind—and often our emotions—are still calibrated to the third dimensional frequency of our physical reality.

Fortunately, when we sleep and/or meditate, or engaged in a mind expanding activity, we may have excursions into our fourth dimensional, astral reality.

This fourth dimensional astral reality is the core of our creativity and urges us to remember our Higher SELF, think from our Higher SELF, and, eventually live from within Higher SELF.

In order to REMEMBER our Higher SELF, we need to think in a higher dimensional manner. But, what does it mean to “think in a higher dimensional manner?

Does this mean that all of us grounded ones will need to go deeply inside ourselves to “remember” how to think in a higher dimensional manner?

But how does one experience finding their fifth dimensional, Higher self?
To answer that question:

First, we need to FIND our Higher SELF.
Second, we need to ACKNOWLEDGE our Higher SELF.
Third, we need to set up a line of daily COMMUNICATION with our Higher SELF.

However, in order to find the courage to acknowledge our own inner power. We must forgive ourselves for whatever mistakes, missed opportunities, disappointments, or any failed attempts to embrace our own Higher Dimensional SELF in our daily life.

It is one thing to embrace our Higher SELF while we are meditating, or in the midst of a spiritual and/or creative endeavor, but it is another thing completely to “embrace our Higher SELF” while we are engaged in the responsibility and challenges of our third dimensional, human self.

What if every day for a week, 7 days, we began our day with a chat with our Higher SELF?

What if every day for a week, 7 days, we were to document our communication with our Higher SELF and shared that inter-dimensional message with others?

It is usually best to meditate for a bit to align ourselves with our Higher SELF.
In fact, if we were to:

1.) Go to the SAME place at the SAME time.
 (That place and time would be dependent on YOUR own schedule and life.)

2.) Perhaps you bring a warm drink and a short spiritual message that you found.

3.) Go to the same comfortable chair, with a nearby table for your computer, or journal.

4.) Sip your warm drink while you read your short, spiritual message

            Then turn on your computer, or get the pen and paper ready, and easy to reach…

            Read, or listen to, a spiritual message while you drink your warm drink…
                        (in other words, you are nurturing your mind, emotions and body)

            Then, put down the warm drink when you are ready…

            Make sure that your physical body is comfortable in your chair…
            You may wish to play calm music from a device with NO commercials…
            Open the computer to an open word file, or get your paper and pen ready…
            Close your eyes…

                        Take three long, slow, deep breaths…
                        Then, down and/or listen to the meditation that is attached,

                        Or use another meditation that comes from within your SELF…
I will post a different meditation download for each of the 7 days, which you can use to alone…

OR you can connect with the group energy of others who are using that same meditation…

OR you can create your own meditation.

In fact, you could have a personal meditation, and also listen to the group meditation.

Below will be the topics of the 7 DAY Group Meditation:

            1.) Unconditional Love

            2.) Embracing the Light

            3.) Forgiveness for your self and others

            4.) Finding and Living your Inner Power

            5.) Remembering your Mission (your reason for this incarnation)

            6.) Fulfilling your Mission

            7.) Giving service to others and to Gaia

You can use the meditations that I will post for each day, use your own meditations, or use both your own meditation, as well as the group meditation that I will post.

We invite ALL of you to share your experiences in the Chat Section for each day, but only if you WANT to.

It is the NOW to BE our Higher, Multidimensional SELF.

It is the NOW for us ALL of us to unite in Unconditional Love and Spiritual Communications.

More and more, we are remembering our Multidimensional SELF. At first these memories may be dim, or we may have difficulty embracing our full multidimensional abilities.

Of course, we all must maintain our third dimensional obligations, support our family, and fulfill all the mundane tasks of daily life. It is for this reason that, if at all possible, that we do this exercise at the beginning of the day. That is whenever YOUR day begins.

However, if we begin our day in a meditative, spiritual manner, it will greatly assists us, as you do all the mundane tasks, drives through traffic, waiting in lines etc. which often upset us and make us tired. You cannot to this too much or too little It is most important that you choose whatever time works best for you.

It is best if, as much as possible, you go to the same place at the same time, as that will create a physical habit within your body. You will also build a strong energy field and even open an inter-dimensional portal in that area.

Then, one day, your body will remind you again and again,
“When do I get meditation time for ME—your physical body?”
Gaia will ask you, “When do I get attention and love for ME—your planetary body?”

This process will begin on October 30 and last for 7 day. Please join us as we share:

7 Days for ME and My SELF

Also, at the end of this 7 Days for ME and My SELF, is offered prior to the beginning of our 2017 Multidimensional Leadership Training. So take this week to visit my blog in order to better align your third dimensional, fourth dimensional and fifth dimensional SELF with Gaia, as well as with your OWN Multidimensional SELF.

For more information about the upcoming





    1. Thank you Sue. What if I can't be as predictable with my time? Like, i had the Benlysta chemo yesterday. Today, im sleeping and just hanging. I can meditate now! Yay. But,i think this started yesterday? I really don't do well w time. Lol

  2. How great this is! I have been doing this in the last months... and there has been a big message in all this for me ... every time I think I am breaking an old structure, I am building a new one, which is not freedom. For me the goal is to be able to go in and out of structures peacefully with no resistance, harm, scratch, pain or regret. This has been heart opening to me. I am with you in this journey !

    1. Very deep. Thank you so much for sharing. I too have been having experiences that are beyond what I have ever remembered in any of my incarnations

  3. I did this today and I'd previously been reading of the idea about our core wound being the feeling of being abandoned when we are born into this world and lose connection with our home/star families etc. My message from HS was that we get this abandonment when we are cut off from our HS and communication, and the communication opening up now is like a big expanding warm feeling inside of us. And I could feel this. Thank you Suzanne!

    1. Thank you for your very deep and Insightful massages

  4. I am grateful that I can join this journey of unconditional love and communion in the light !

  5. When I was sitting in meditation today, the first thing that came to me was a dream that happened twenty years ago. I saw myself as a three-year-old as I walk through the streets of my town. It was busy in the streets and full of trams and cars ... all of this I was looking at from the elevated position when I saw the car drive toward my three year old boy. With this observer in the elevated position I fell to the boy and took him into the air and saved him from the safe hit of the vehicle! At a safe distance I kept myself as a small child, looking into my eyes and feeling great and unconditional love! Today I am so clear and grateful for this message. Meditation has gone through a sense of attachment to its High Self and devoted to love inspired by the memory of that dream. Thank you, Sue.

    1. That is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing

  6. Thank you very much, excellent idea. Where we can find the link for downloding the meditation? God bless you.

  7. Many thanks for this.

    Ready for Day 1 Unconditional Love meditation!

    Things may well be hugely different for me/us in seven days' time, fingers crossed.

    Going in now.....


    Darla Holmes
    Falls Church, VA

  8. Oh seems my Higher Self read this before I do on 10/31, well of course (ha ha).

    Yesterday I received words I don't yet understand, but which do seem to, fit here now:

    "I am here for the Light already present in this land."

    And a feeling of embrace.


    1. Well, my journal yesterday actually says: "I am here to witness the Light that is in this Land".

  9. For me it started when I was reading your forward about the meditation. I got some insight/explination into how I can open to my joy and love by remembering the way I have abandoned focusing on low energy preoccupations when with my partner; that how I feel lovely, relaxed and just go into the experience of the feeling of contentment and love within myself, while feeling love toward my partner is a freedom of the higher vibrations- love. This is what I can think about when I am going about my daily chores, to bring the loving accepting energy into those moments. I feel that all the love and warmth is within me, I need to remember and approach my day with the activating memory of freedom within. As I remembered this, what I think is, my Kundalini energy moved up as far as my solar plexus energy center. It has been activating in the last couple of weeks. Much Thanks