Friday, September 29, 2017

Arcturian Update with Sue and Shawnna

 From: 09-27-2017

Arcturian Update with Sue and Shawnna

Part ONE

Blessings, We are the Arcturians, and we have come to you within this now to speak with you. Shawnna, is also here to ask us some questions, and to assist in making the information something that is usable in your daily life.

Shawnna, would you like to begin by asking us a question?

SHAWNNA: Yes, thank you as always for being here to guide and assist us. Many of us have felt an increased intensity of energy fields. Since the eclipse, there are more amplified energy fields and a growing exposure to a higher and higher awareness. At the same time, you are getting a deeper connection to the planet.

It seems that this energy field has manifested in many ways for many people. As we’ve connected with our Leadership Group and our Interns, we’ve had some excellent conversations about how to get connected and to share stories in order to validate our experiences.

We wanted to bring some of that through, because you’ve helped us to understand on a deeper/higher level what’s actually occurring. Hence, there are many things to discuss. Would you like to begin with just an explanation of maybe what it is that we are all sensing in these ways? What has changed?

ARCTURIANS: What has changed is that we, your Galactic Family, as well as your self, are going through some “rough waters” that are moving into the next frequency of reality. Now there are many people that have no interest in moving into the next frequency of reality. Therefore, they have chosen a path which is very different from those who have chosen to move into the next frequency of reality.

Do you understand what we are saying now?


ARCTURIANS:  And, there is no right or wrong way. Instead, each person is deciding within themselves whether or not they are ready to move beyond the third/fourth dimensional consciousness, and into their fifth dimensional consciousness. It takes a great deal of intention, dedication, research within yourself and communication with your own Higher Self and the guides that have lead you throughout your incarnation.

Then, those that have chosen this, as they would call the path less taken, those who have chosen to tread that path will go through the initiations of having everything look just like it was before with their third dimensional vision. 

But something will feel different within themselves, and when they close their eyes and raise their consciousness to go into their Higher states of awareness, they will begin to know and see and feel something that is, indeed, resonating to a Higher Frequency.

Did you have a question or comment about that Shawnna?

SHAWNNA: Yes, just to clarify, back to the statement about those who are choosing this expanded reality of what we are calling “ascension of our planet into a fifth dimensional existence.

This choice is compared to the choice in which the humans chooses to maintain the 3D version of fear, worry and staying entranced in that lower sense of consciousness.

Is this a bifurcation that we are speaking about?

ARCTURIANS:  Yes, that is exactly what is occurring. There is a parting of the ways, so to speak. If you look to all of History, those who have moved into the dedication, intensity, meditation and remembering, remembering of their self, remembering of a reality that they have always had, but they forgot in the midst of a third dimensional experience.

Those who have dedicated themselves to that mission will be the portal openers and beyond opening the portals. They will be the ones that will shift their consciousness. Now their consciousness won’t just be shifted, it will be expanded. Many of you, our beloved ones, will maintain a physical vessel so that you can ground the energies that you are receiving and that you are saving.

In that manner, you are not just helping humanity to remember and know, you are helping Gaia to be able to feel and integrate this fifth dimensional, and beyond, frequency of thinking, and feeling. As the frequency of your thinking and feeling moves into and beyond the third dimension, you will find yourself at the entrance into, as well as the embracing of, A NEW WAY OF LIVING LIFE.

Do you understand what we are saying by that?


ARCTURIANS:  The new way of perceiving the life we have always known, is a statement that can be quite confusing for many, and these ones will likely need to “take some time to ponder, to research and to learn.”

But those who say, “Yes, yes that new way. I know that new way.
I feel that new way in my heart.
            I see that new way through my third eye.
            I understand that new way through my brain.
            My body is resonating. The Kundalini is rising in my spine.

And, I know that something is very different with me and within me and around me!
BUT, at the same time, it is all exactly the same. It is that juncture that is sooo confusing to people.

Shawnna would you like to speak to that?

SHAWNNA: Oh definitely. You began the conversation speaking about the rocky waters that we find ourselves in, while at this time, which is very relevant, we are describing what we are experiencing in the world, around us, as well as within ourselves…

AS we are NOW - MORE AND MORE – Empathic, Telepathic and Clairvoyant.

Therefore, we feel this collective emotion coming through us,
            as well as this Higher Self connection that feels amplified,
                        as well as our deeper connection to Gaia.

These are all similar experiences that many of us have been sharing over the last week or so.

In fact, there are many intertwining forces, influences, emotions, thoughts and opportunities for transmutation, in many ways, during this NOW.

Is it fair to say that whoever is listening to this message is probably called upon to seek that deeper meaning on how they can contribute and join in Unity?

ARCTURIANS: Absolutely! Unity Consciousness IS joining into the ONE…
The ONE of humanity, the ONE of the planet, as well as the ONE of the planet Earth’s 

Gaia’s plants, trees, bugs, animals, humans need the bounty that Gaia grows on Her body.

In fact, it is the NOW for humanity to release the illusion that somehow humans are superior beings, because that is a third dimensional concept. What is occurring is that every being, from the smallest bug to the most powerful and advanced human, to the highest mountain and to the deepest cave, everything, everyone is moving into this process of transmutation. Transformation, means that something transforms.

However, transmutation, means something that is moving into a higher frequency of resonance.

So if one’s perceptual field is not able to expand into the Higher Frequencies, they will not be able to experience this change. But if one is able to expand their consciousness, and thereby expand their perceptions, they will be able to see the invisible, to hear the unheard, to know the unknowable and to write it down.

Now you can write it down and never give it to a soul if you wish, but the process of writing it down, sometimes especially plain old handwriting, the process of writing it down is you telling yourself that this is important enough that I must document it. When you write it down, your hands will be flying, so you’ll have to go back and read it again and again.

And every time you read it, you will get something more, because that initial message has been opening that portal of information. Now that this portal is opening, the message is going inside of your spinal cord, from the very base of your spine all the way up to the very top of your brain.

Inside of that portal is the potential for your Lightbody SELF.

When you are ready to fully transmute into that fifth dimensional experience of reality, you will activate:
Your fifth dimensional Lightbody,
your fifth dimensional perceptions,
your fifth dimensional emotions,
and your fifth dimensional, inter-dimensional communication.

With all this activation of your SELF, you will begin to understand things that you’ve never understood before.  Please remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this process.

Each of you have gone through many incarnations and preparation for this reality, and you are also finding the manner in which YOU can best retrieve this information, which, has actually always been held within your High Heart and within your Multidimensional Mind.

Shawnna would you like to add to that?

SHAWNNA: Yes, I think that, as we go through this major initiation, it feels like it is on a collective level, as well as a personal level.

Therefore, it is not just individual anymore. It’s all of us together, facing those things that need to be healed within ourselves and contributing to the healing of the planet.

I think that it’s probably advisable for all of us to go within and start asking these questions, sensing those answers and writing those answers down. It is in this manner that you can best find how you can contribute.


What am I here to do?
What is my unique mission?
How can we gather together to make an impact on this reality that we desire to see manifest?

ARCTURIANS: Yes, it is the process of:

Stepping in to Your fifth dimensional consciousness.
Then, embrace, feel, live, and remember your fifth dimensional reality.

Then, you will begin to have thoughts and emotions that make you wonder,
Where did that come from?
Why am I having these emotions?
How can I know these things I am receiving?

That is that first spark that you are stepping into a brand new territory/frequency of reality.

Have you been having those experiences Shawnna?

SHAWNNA: Yes, well it is interesting to know that, for some of us, we have been on this path for quite a while. We have all been noticing this amplified connection to the planet. Something is just different in what’s occurring around us and within us. I think that we are reaching a new level. What a great time.

If this is new to you, it’s a great time to get connected and see what comes through for you, because the amplified energies and connections are readily available to all of you right now. What a great opportunity. Look at the chance we all have to make a positive impact on humanity as a whole.

ARCTURIANS: And to listen to Gaia’s call. If any of you have read the news, if any of you have watched your television, if any one is aware, you can see that Gaia is going through deep transmutations where many things are being destroyed to come back into its new Higher Expression.

Everyday there is some new disaster. Some new way in which Gaia is suffering;  but it is not just that she is suffering, it is that she is releasing that suffering, and as each human can send Love to the planet and to know that, yes the people are suffering, yes the people has lost their homes, yes so many natural things have been destroyed. Yes, there has been so much destruction, and Gaia can feel it, just like you all, all of you humans.

If you tune in to that destruction, you can feel how the people are suffering, you can feel how the planet is suffering, and so this is that darkest night before the dawn. And there is always a darkest night before the dawn.

If you look at every single day of your life, there is always a darkest night before the dawn.  Therefore, do not fear that darkest night! Instead WELCOME that the dawn that is coming forth.

FEEL the dawn that is within your own consciousness.

It is the NOW that you take in all that has occurred on Earth-- All of the suffering, and all of the destruction.

NOW allow yourself to encompass this suffering within an orb of Unconditional Love,
Within that orb of Unconditional Love

Blaze, blaze, blaze the Violet Fire transmuting all shadow into Light, Light, Light.

Transmutation is exactly what is occurring.
Transformation means that something is changing its appearance, its structure, its purpose.
Transmutation means that something, or someone, is moving into a Higher Frequency. 

Shawnna, would you like to speak a little bit to that Higher Frequency of resonance that all of Gaia, and all of her inhabitants, are going through?

SHAWNNA: It is the truth that we are being called upon to remain aware, to be in our center, and to be conscious observers of these events. Chaos precedes change, and we are definitely in the midst of chaos. The Arcturians have provided so many tools to assist us in maintaining a Higher Frequency of Consciousness, Higher levels of awareness.

We are being called upon to master our thoughts and emotions because that’s what creates “thought-forms” which manifest as reality. We are spiritual warriors. This feels like the stage in which we:

            FIND ourselves right now
            BAND together to hold that Higher frequency and
            BRING in the Higher Light into Gaia to assist with her healing process, as well as our                     individual process.

Together we can transmute these difficulties.
It is part of the process.
It is part of the evolvement of humanity.

Blessings to you, all the myriad members of Gaia’s Planet Earth!
Let us know what YOU have been sensing and experiencing.
Please share in the comments below so we can build unity consciousness.  

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  1. Here is something from my meditation that helps me to understand some of the difficult encounters I have had with people recently; "What has happened was a way to bring you through fear to where these people are and to escort them to be you, (with?) no not with for we are one. Your bridge. We are from the planet Venus and it is our way to bridge the gap from you to them. We pile up the bodies, stacked one by one. We use you , yes, that test, we use the test to help them regret and find a form of remorse from their attitude so it can change. You have volunteered. You're fine. You delivered a one two punch. You are delivered from the pain of them. We have lifted the pain of them" So I feel very much like Gaia lately in acting as a bridge for inter dimensional healing. Thank god it is lifted for the Now. Thank you Sue for having this group to return to. So much gratitude

  2. This time no Illuminati, nice :)

    It is good to know that myself is responsible for the suffering on Gaia, so i can change my habits and heal myself and others.


    1. This is what is going on, and I am not on anything lol 😂 I feel love coming from anything second density like the beams on the wood floor, the concrete on the side walk, trees, the spoon with which I have breakfast like an old friend etc... really curious and funny !! Love to everyone, including from my wood floor !!! ;))

    2. Yes! I have also sensed the same thing. 'Everything' seems to have a voice, feeling, communication, etc... Afterall, everything humans have 'made' was created from the sources found here on the planet. This makes me believe perhaps life is in everything.

  3. Thankyou for this... it completely resonates. ��������������������������������

  4. Dear Brothers & Sisters__
    I Feel That I Have Been Walking Hand-In-Hand With Sue & The Arcturians For A Lifetime Now__ A Very Enjoyable Lifetime With A Treasure Trove Full of Honey-Love-Light Memories !! Keep It Up; Where You Lead, I Will Follow !!

  5. Or Is It Where WE Lead; WE Will Follow LOL

  6. Since the eclipse there has been an increase in my ascension symptoms. There has been an increase in fear and sometimes anxiety. Which is strange because I've never been an anxious person.

    I also seem to have stories that show me what will happen in my life. Some good, some not so much but none of these have I planned.

    Does anyone know how much longer we have to go at this intensity? I'm looking forward to calmer more sane days!

  7. My intuitive nature has been amplified. Especially with people I am very connected to. For many years I am seeing with my physical eyes angel like beings connected to people suffering, and those that seem wandering. Also, for the last few years I have experienced (at night) swirls of light enveloping whatever space I am in, whether inside or outside. When surrounded by what seems to be light beings then all other structure around me is blocked out. The vision is the same whether my physical eyes are open or closed. The feeling that comes with this experience is one of complete love, freedom from fear, suffering, and all negativity. Joy, happiness, etc...

    In my entire life experience since I was a very small child (eight/nine) I have always felt like this planet is not where I come from. I love the earth. She is beautiful! But, I there have been very few humans I could connect to until these last few years when my long path has brought me to others I can now relate to.

    I am sensing a very much speeding up of time. Time now seems unreal. I have begun to see manifestation's of my thoughts much more quickly...sometimes instantly. I have definitely sensed a realignment of my relationships, and how I relate to all people.

    There is more, but that's enough, right? Smiles. Thank you/all

  8. This post looks very good, I like to read it.