Monday, November 14, 2016

The JOY of HOPE - Through Suzanne Lie

The Joy of Hope

Through Suzanne Lie 
Through Suzanne Lie

The higher messages come in like an invisible rain that your body feels but, 
you, your consciousness, can’t quite interpret.

You, the human, feels an invisible message is caressing your heart and stimulating your mind. 

Then you, the human, realize that you know something that you did not know before. That is, before you thought that maybe something loving, something special, was whispering into your imagination.

This special message feels like a first drop of rain after a long drought, 
or a warm fire after being out in the freezing winter.

Yes, the winter has been long, and it threatens to offer another storm.

But, you refuse to participate in a frequency of reality in which that storm will be waged.

You know that “change is afoot,” as Sherlock Holmes would say.

But you do not know how that change will occur.

Will you even recognize it when it is in front of you?

Or will you walk right through the change and never know that an opportunity was missed 
because you were “searching” rather than “being.”

A new operating system is being downloaded into the body of Gaia.

This operating system is planetary and is not influenced by mere humans.

In fact, most humans will not notice the soft breeze, the random thoughts, 
and the quick moment of euphoria that you feel when there is no apparent reason.

How does it feel to be a bird and to lift off from the ground with the power of your wings?

You do not have wings, but you do have imagination, and imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

If your imagination can assist you to think fifth dimensionally,
    your perceptions of reality will follow that thought as it travels
             beyond the confines of third dimensional life and into your new reality,
                         as well as into your heart and mind, to grow those wings.

But your wings are not of feathers.

Your wings are of light and are invisible to those who are blind to the mysteries of the higher fourth and fifth dimensions.

Those humans are too busy seeing, hearing and living within the 3D Matrix that traps their imagination in worry and confines it in the dark fog of doubt.

Yes, there is doubt in your physical life because you are being squeezed into small packages of reality that some one else is creating.

Then, that some one else reminds you that there is something wrong with you.

They say that all you do is daydream and look off into that which is invisible.
            But it is only invisible to them.

To you it is visible. To you it is real.

You see it, you hear it, and you wish to hold it in your heart and remember that hope is yours/ours to create!

No one, and no thing, can pry that hope from our heart and mind.

In fact, any one who would try to steal our hope would not be able to even perceive it.

Hope can only live as long as we remember that, “We are not alone”

We are forever guided, protected,
            and loved by our own multidimensional expressions of SELF.

The fact that we can remember the difference between doubt and hope
       allows us to "read" the energy trails that stream into us, around us, and through us.

We are the hope that we create
We are the hope that we accept
We are the hope of the ONE within the NOW that guides us through the storm.

We are the humans who are wet from the invisible rain of Light and Love.

We are the humans that are brave as a bull and gentle as a lamb.

We are our Multidimensional SELF within every cell and atom of our earth vessel.

WE ARE HERE NOW to follow our Hope
            into the love that guides us HOME to our true SELF.

WE ARE HERE NOW to share our Hope with those who need it,
            And even with those who dare not ask for it.

The joyous part of HOPE is that:
            The more we give Hope to others, the more we give Hope to our SELF.

The joyous part of HOPE is when we give to others!

Hope is the gift that we give away

And it circles back into the Heart and the Mind of the Giver.

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  1. Beautiful! Beautiful !
    Thank you very much!

  2. Hello Suzanne !
    I have a question. Do you plan to publish any books soon ?

  3. In fact, most humans will not notice the soft breeze, the random thoughts,
    and the quick moment of euphoria that you feel when there is no apparent reason.

    How does it feel to be a bird and to lift off from the ground with the power of your wings?
    I am at this stage of joy all the time living on the now moment, laughing. My wife says that I lost it, but I know other wise. This is very uplifting, very child like, and I am enjoying it.



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