Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inner Reflections by Suzanne Lie

Inner Reflections

Suzanne Lie

The Kundalini is getting stronger and becoming more predominant in my meditations. It NOW takes very little effort to feel the rise of the Kundalini within the core of my spinal column. In fact, the sensation is coming into my awareness even when I am not meditating, but only when I am involved I some form of mind-expanding experience.

It is interesting to note that many of the “mind-expanding” experiences have more to do with my state of consciousness than with whatever I am doing or not doing within that NOW. In fact, watching a good Sci-fi show about a future reality is enough to ignite the Kundalini.

Therefore, I DECREE that:
 I AM NOW accepting that the sensation of the Kundalini rising is a message of, “Yes, this experience is activating your fifth dimensional consciousness.”

However, I cannot say that the activation of my fifth dimensional consciousness means that my life is different. But, at the same time I must admit that my life IS different in that I am going through a situation, which appears to be beyond my personal choice.

I must leave a part of my life behind that I had thought of as what I love and held close to me. Fortunately, is a “thing” rather than a “person,” which my Higher Self reminds me on a regular basis.

One thing is very interesting in that, as much as I do not want to leave that which has been familiar for many years, I am also looking forward to a new experience. I cannot say that I understand this kind of paradoxical thinking, but I must admit that as I increasingly move through the grief of unwanted change, there is a sense of adventure.

My Multidimensional SELF reminds me that if I cannot quite allow my self to move into a new 3D living area, how could I find the courage to allow my self to move into an entirely different dimension of reality.

I would like to say that I have a degree of mastery over my ability to choose my daily states of consciousness, but I need to admit to my self that I am still within the process of remembering how to master some of my emotional reactions to life.

I was a psychotherapist for over 30 years. Therefore, I am well aware of the power of emotions, as well as the challenge of allowing our emotions to tell us the truth about our self.

If we cannot honestly identify our emotions, we can become lost within the quagmire of perceiving reality from a higher dimension, without remembering to ground these perceptions in our physical and planetary body.

In fact, my physical vessel is often the first one to inform me that a message is waiting for me to ground in the 3D via taking that dictation. I say “dictation,” as I see my self as the “scribe” more than the “creator” of the information that I share.

Perhaps that view is just a ploy to keep my ego self at bay. Or, it could also be the greater truth. Furthermore, the “greater truth is, “That which allows us to release that which is complete, in that which is also within this physical incarnation. In fact, could it be that this physical incarnation is our last physical incarnation?

Yes, I “channel” a great deal of information about the higher dimensions, and have been doing so for decades. However, a “channel” sent to me from a higher dimensional being is very different than the full recognition and ownership that that “higher being” is actually an expression of me.

“Do I deserve to be a higher being?” my brainwashed physical mind asks. I am not as beautiful as a movie star, as intelligent as a professor, or as famous as a movie star. In fact, I am just a regular person who has been communicating with unseen beings for, probably, my entire life.

I can remember that time in which I saw the life force within everything. The life force was within my favorite dolls, my favorite cat, that allowed me to dress him up in clothes, or the white rat that the very old man in our neighborhood who called out from under his porch to do tricks. As soon as the rat came out from under his porch, all the children squealed with excitement.

As I am entering into a new decade of my life, the seventh decade, I find myself being very inner-reflective. Maybe I am more reflective because I am called on to change my location, as well as many friends, family and familiar locations.

On the other hand, maybe my Higher Self created this situation so that I would have to take a good look back before I “let go” into the unknown of moving forward.

Yes, I am determined that my movement will be forward, and, yes, I trust myself enough to know that I will create a forward movement.

However, we often need to walk backwards a bit, so that we can run forward. I am not too excited about the backwards part of the process. But, the payoff is than, when we go “back” to clear up any 3D thoughts or emotions we may have left on dear Gaia, we just might catch a flash of fifth dimensional Earth.

It sometimes seems like it is just too much to actually “ascend,” but we can cross our heart and take a “running leap” into the NOW. Just the awareness of “LIVING in the NOW” is making a huge change in our lives.

This “change” will call on us to take a deep look at who we are NOW, as well as “HOW” we became the person who is this version of our SELF within the NOW.

Perhaps, my Higher Self has created this scenario for me to make it easier to “let go” of the third/fourth dimensional reality to which I have resonated for untold incarnations. Maybe it is for that reason that my Higher Self denied me the common situation in which one would totally forget their past lives, once I moved into a new life.

It seems that, before I was born to this life, I promised to Remember my Uncountable Past Lives. I enjoyed getting “figments of my imagination,” that is, until I finally had to admit that these “fragments” were real. In the same manner, I had to totally admit that all the future and parallel realities, that I am NOW, and have always been—are ALL REAL within my consciousness.

Because I am writing down these reflections, I can better understand why I have had the life I have lived. I can also better understand why I now feel inclined to share my inner reflections.

One of my favorite books is, “Memories, Dreams and Reflections,” which is Carl Jung’s autobiography, which he wrote in his later years. Now that I too, am in my “mature” years, I can deeply understand the purpose of reflecting on the lives we have lived, and are still living.

When we examine our time-bound past, which instantly logs us onto the Third Dimensional Operating System, but we REFUSE to participate in the “time-bound” forgetfulness of the Third Dimension, we can remember the important lessons we have learned about “HOW to live within the NOW while wearing a physical earth vessel.”

The first lesson we will remember is that “time is relative to how we are using it.” Once we have had uncountable lives in which we “spent time” on Earth and feel we are ready to return to the NOW of the ONE, we begin the process of “leaving time.”

“The process of leaving time” is much like “the process of ascension into a timeless NOW.” When we begin to really believe that it is possible for our reality to transmute beyond the time-bound frequency of third dimensional time, we have more and more fourth and fifth dimensional experiences.

In our fourth dimensional experiences, 3D time appears to be infinitely longer. For example, I once had what seemed to be a very long dream. During that dream a song was playing on my radio. When I woke up from the dream, and the 3-minute song on the radio was barely half way over.

Is that how it feels when we ascend? Will it seem like we have lived for many lives that lasted for many decades, then “wake up” to our ascension into the fifth dimension NOW feeling as thought we never left?

Ascension is not a process of death. Ascension is a process of re-birth. However, even a RE-birth is preceded by the “death” of that which we held as important, valuable, ours and/or necessary.

To understand this last sentence, we will go more deeply into the concepts of:

Important: Is a concept that is temporary. What may be very important within one NOW, can have no importance within the NOW of your reality. Therefore, “important” is a third dimensional, time-bound concept.

As you move more and more deeply into the NOW of the fifth dimension, you will find that:
Important is what you are doing within the NOW.”
Valuable is a term that represents every moment of life.”
“Ours” is the same term as “mine” for everyone is ONE.
“Necessary” is a term that is obsolete because “if it is necessary it IS.”

I had a waking dream this morning bout “being fifth dimensional.” Only my physical body can remember the FEEL of being ONE with all life.

My mind has the memory of many of coming together in Unity Consciousness to “go into the fifth dimension.”
My heart has the memory of total, unconditional love for every living thing, and
My body has the memory collective comfort, safety, and compassion.

I was told at the closure of my vision to remain within the NOW of that vision, memory, desire, or maybe all of those expression within the ONE of the NOW. I have only been awake for a few hours, and already, I am forgetting the experience of being fifth dimensional.

However, a vague picture remains of many people working as ONE, and the knowing that some component of my SELF is still THERE within that NOW.

In conclusion, I would like to add that this “quick note” has taken several days to write. Every time I looked at it, something needed to be changed. Perhaps it is ME that is changing, and each time I view the same thing, I see if from a different perspective.


  1. love
    translation of this message in italian free on request

  2. one main experience these days for me :
    "as much as I do not want to leave that which has been familiar for many years, I am also looking forward to a new experience.
    as I increasingly move through the grief of unwanted change, there is a sense of adventure."
    it is amazing to read what i am living now from a being never met in there's a real main reality of utmost importance connecting us all...?!?!!

    i/we thank you
    it seems you are able to describe
    the immense unwanted changes (things-energies to release..)coexisting in us with the pull exerted by the unknown and the new and/or more true realities ..

    and you lovingly kindly remind it to us ,thanks for this LOVE..

    i am very indipendent but i admit now that it is an help a healing for many
    to hear someone else going thru' the same
    multidimensional changes

    "I am entering into a new part of my life, , I find myself being very inner-reflective. Maybe I am more reflective because I am called on to change my location, as well as many friends, family and familiar locations." this your words mirrors my now we are many and not alone ..
    carl gustav jung has been and is of great multiD help...a pioneer-leader-healer-saviour like us..

    2016...almost all my past beliefs have started to or are crashing down
    leaving me at times almost breathless and paralyzed by my inability to share clearly and effectively (while helping Life as a whole) what i am living awareness is expanding so much so fast i sometimes get like lost as a individualized unit..yes i know individualization is an illusion but...

    even the word ascension changes meanings and effects
    diverse beings give it different meanings ...!!!!
    lets be careful about ..

    i am not confused just seeing...observing ..perceving ,,expanding :reconnecting consciously to the ONE.............

    living in the NOW is so very important and healing and expanding our awareness

    we on this kind of journey can
    even just by simple intent too,
    share the best with the other ones on the same journey and send comfort-positive energies -inspirations and cosmic healing and light-truth to them all..
    and so i do now ............
    can you feel it?
    straight thru' Source into our heartspirit ...

    love heals
    light-truth sets free

    accept my blessings in the INFINITE ,now,here

    PS here earthquakes around in 3D/4D :forgive my absence of outer 3D elegance-beauty and techpower

  3. Thank you for sharing your moments, which took a while type out. I have been feeling a similar way. I love how you shared your process. We are all "in it", or out of it!! together

  4. Your 3D Self must make room for your 5D self, and hence the changes.

  5. I had a dream of ascension a few years ago. In the dream, I was in a field on a clear beautiful crystal blue sky day and I saw a flock of birds above me that were flying in a single direction but in the shape of a larger bird - they were flying together in the outline of a giant blue bird. When I noticed this unique formation, I began running, elated that the time for ascension had come. I then felt this enormous rush of energy and leapt into the air and flew into an unknown but exhilarating future. Your writing reminded me of that dream. Thank you.

  6. Love and gratitude Sue.

  7. Thank you for sharing who YOU are with US.

  8. Thank you for sharing who YOU are with US.

  9. I think I can relate. I have had an overwhelming sadness take hold of me lately. Feelings are difficult. I had to google "overwhelming sadness" just to be sure I knew what I was feeling. Its circumstantial. You mentioned Carl Jung's autobiography. His words always rang true to me. I am stuck just now. Fear is the reason. I am straining to work through my fears.I just want to wake up.

  10. I feel like I relate to our powerful Gaia but not so much to a lot of people. That's not new, but I feel an inner adamance about it. I feel almost aggressively unwilling to take on people's madness. This is new. Probably a good thing but it feels weird. A lot of people seem to be "losing it" lately. Now that I shared it I feel much calmer. : )

    1. (When I say people are losing it I mean people who are resistant to knowing themselves, not those are are working with or through it.)

  11. Thank you so much Sue! I can relate a lot, we are changing every minute of every day, and so our perspectives are too. Lot of Blessings.

  12. I love the paintings My language is portuguese and I read at my work your post so, the first image is the painting talking with me it`s ... Peace, Love ... and the colors so sweeten .... :)

  13. Translation in romanian

  14. I do not know what to say really what you share very well and useful to the community, I feel that it makes our community much more developed, thanks