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Chapter 21--The Rescue by the Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie

By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie

The Rescue

As soon as I could release John to what I discovered was the immense healing ability of his children, I realized that John actually was the person whom I had come to Earth to meet. No wonder I had such a sense of urgency to come on this mission. If I had arrived just a few minutes later, I would have found John dead in the dark alley.

His attack was not a random mugging. It was an assassination attempt. Since I was no longer sharing my consciousness with John, I was able to relax my concentration on keeping him alive, so that I could receive the entire situation.

I knew that I had about an hour earth-time before we were discovered by the “police,” so I took some of that “earth time” to gather what I had learned so far and to begin my meeting with John, consciousness to consciousness. As I connected again with John, I could see that he was healing quickly.

I also saw that he was half Pleiadian. His mother had met his Pleiadian father during one of what she called her “journeys.” John’s mother was able to commune with the fifth dimension and fell in love with the Pleiadian pilot, who like me, had come into the higher frequencies of Earth, but was pulled into the third dimension because of his Mission.

His Mission was to meet with his Divine Complement, who was wearing an earth vessel, and create a son, John, who was part human and part Pleiadian. Both of John’s children appeared to be “normal” children,” until their mother’s illness and death, which began awakening them to their higher abilities.

This experience with their father had fully awakened them. My information was validated by the “dream” John and I had while we rested with the children on either side of our joint earth vessel. We all awoke after just a half an hour of restorative sleep.

To my joy, I discovered that John was healed enough for me to manifest my own third dimensional vessel and leave John’s body. The second that I manifested my earth body, both children were awake.

In one voice they said, “We have to take Daddy to the Ship.”

“Yes,” I responded.

“Can we take our dog?” asked Shawn

“Yes, get your dog and anything you think your father may need. Also, Liza, do you know where he keeps his scientific research papers?”

Shawn, the boy said, “I will get the dog.”

Almost simultaneously, Liza, the girl said, “Yes, he showed me where he kept the key for his desk. I think he was afraid something like this would happen.”

In a moment, Shawn had the small dog, Liza had John’s papers so that no one else would find them, and I had John. He was in and out of consciousness, so I held him in my arms. I could feel that my beloved Shelia had sent a scout ship to our area, so we huddled close together in the bedroom, and were instantly beamed up into the Ship.

In the “no time” of the transition between the third/fourth and fifth dimensions, our small group was safely on the Ship.

“WOW,” that was so cool,” both kids said simultaneously.

Of course, my dear Shelia was there to greet us. I then explained to the children that she was my “wife,” and she had saved us. Liza embraced her warmly, while Shawn introduced her to their dog.

“You let them bring their dog?” Shelia asked telepathically, as the medics took John and the children to the infirmary. Shelia and I followed them. Of course, she was teasing, for as soon as we were alone in my infirmary room she hugged me so tightly that my entire third dimensional trauma was instantly healed.

“Thanks, I needed that,” I said with a smile. I put my arm around her and absorbed more of her unconditional love.  

John needed to remain in the infirmary until he was totally healed, so Shelia and I took the children on a tour of the Ship. At first, the children did not want to leave their father, but our very kind doctor explained that their father would need to stay alone with them so that they could heal him.

“We will let Sharman know the instant that you can talk with him, and he will bring you back here.”

“Sharman,” both Liza and Shawn said as they looked at me.

“Yes,” I said. I was going to shake their hands in introduction, which I knew was an Earth tradition, but I had become so close with them that I grabbed them both to have a warm three-way hug.

“Hey,” said Shawn. “A three-way hug. Did you learn that when you were in Daddy’s body?

“You know what Shawn,” I said as I give him another hug, “I guess I did.”

“Is Mom here too?” asked Liza.

Shelia rescued me from answering this question by saying, “ I don’t know dear, but if you would like I can take you both to the registry, where all the information for everyone in on the Ship is stored.”

“But, Shawn,” she continued as knelt down to look into his eyes, “you will need to leave your dog in the infirmary for a while, so that we can check him out before he goes into the main area of the Ship.”

Almost as if the dog had understood Shelia, it struggled out from Shawn’s hold and jumped up onto the bed with John. Shawn was very happy about this and said with great wisdom and authority, “OK. We will leave him here to help heal Daddy.”

The doctor smiled and Shawn ran over to me to grab my hand. As soon as he did so, I felt his wonderful essence and remembered exactly why we Pleiadians were dedicating ourselves to assist humanity. I smiled as I felt his small hand in mine, looked over my shoulder to see Shelia talking with Liza, and said,

“I think we should begin with some healthy food.”

“Yes, yes,” both children said in one voice. “We are really hungry.”

I smiled with love and gratitude, as Shelia ushered us out of the infirmary.

As we walked to one of our many places to eat, Liza asked, “Do you still eat food?”

Shelia answered that question, as well as the many others that soon followed. I would stay with them while they bonded with Shelia. Fortunately, that bonding happened very quickly.

“Children,” Shelia said. “Sharman needs to have his post-mission check up. Now that we have had a meal together, can we all walk him back to the infirmary? Then he can rest there with your Dad while I show you more of the Ship?”

“Yes, yes,” they said in tandem.  

“Thank you,” I telepathically said to Shelia.

“You just talked to her with your mind, didn’t you?” Liza said.

“Yes, I heard that too,” announced Shawn.

Shelia, who always seemed to know what to do, embraced both children at once and said, “How wonderful that you are both telepathic. You will fit into life on this Ship quite well. What kind of food do you want?”

Both of them said at once, “Pleiadian food!”

As they left the infirmary to walk to the food court, I could hear the children ask Shelia a million questions at once. I listened to the happy chatter of the children and the sweet voice of my beloved as I fell into a deep sleep.

However, I had not been asleep long, when I began to recover information that I had not recognized in my race for survival. Because I was in a semi-dream state, the information came to me via pictures and phrases that were free of time and sequence.

I was returning to my fifth dimensional thinking after a difficult, but rewarding mission. I glanced over at John’s bed to see that his aura was healing and his body would soon heal, as well. I then fell into a deep, healing sleep.

When I awoke, I saw the children sitting by my bed. Shawn was hugging his dog and Liza was practicing her telepathy on me. I could hear her to talking to me inside my heart, so I opened my eyes and said with my voice,

“You have a wonderful talent to be able to speak into my heart.” Liza smiled a bit shyly. “Yes, I learned that when Mother was ill. Shelia checked for me and found that Mom is not on the Ship, but is happily living in a higher dimensional world.

“I really miss my Mother, but I also feel like I am supposed to remain on the Ship. Also, Shawn loves it here and wants to stay. I just needed to talk with you about that. I mean, can we talk about that when you are better?”

“I am very happy to talk to you about it right now. I fell quite healed, but wouldn’t you rather talk to your Father?”

Liza became very pensive after my question, then quickly answered with her concerns for her father’s healing.

“Liza,” I gently interrupted her. “You do know that I am fully telepathic and can read your thoughts, right?”

“Yes,” replied Liza, “That is why I wanted to talk with you. Right now my brother needs to be alone with Shelia. He was younger when Mom died, and he really needs a mother. But, oh I feel so bad saying this…”

I could see that Liza was struggling with saying the truth, but not speaking ill of her Mother, so I interrupted her.

“Liza, remember that I was in your father's body, so I know everything that he knew about your Mother.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” she said with a sigh of relief. “I do not want to speak ill of her, but she was a very difficult woman. Shawn does not remember that because he was so young, and because Mom was much better with babies than with teens and grown ups.

But, I do need to talk with someone. I feel so guilty that I cannot quite forgive her. I feel bad that I don’t want to talk with her. I mean, I wish her well and am happy she is in a higher place, but I just don’t trust her.”

“I understand,” I gently said. “What did you want to talk to me about? I am fine now. Shelia is on duty, and I could stand some company.”

I could see the relief on Liza’s face. I could also perceive her entire history with her mother, who was, indeed, a rather difficult person. I could also see that Liza was clairvoyantly, perceiving me while I was perceiving her.

“Was it difficult for you to be so clairvoyant when your mother was not?”

“Thank you, thank you,” she said. “That is exactly what I wanted to talk about. I see so many people here conversing in this manner, and have a desire to have the freedom to do so myself. However, I don’t want to feel like I am trying to ‘show off’ or something.”

“Liza,” I gently said, “You would not be ‘showing off’ to us because it is normal here. Soon, you will remember that you have been to this Ship many times in your night body.
“My night body?” she questioned.

Yes, your night body is your fourth dimensional “dream body.” Many people visit our ship in their higher dimensional bodies, while their earth body is sleeping. In fact, you have come here quite often and have even made some friends here.

I will be released from here soon, as I am fully recovered. Would you like me to introduce you to some of young people your age here? You will likely remember more when you meet your friends here again.”

“Oh my God!!” Liza exclaimed with teenaged excitement. “There are people my age here, and they are my friends? Where are they? I want to meet them!”

I called over the nurse and said, “I am ready to leave now. I have an important assignment.”

“Yes Sir, I will call over the doctor to release you,” the nurse said as she went to get the doctor.

“Sir?” questioned Liza.

“I am NOT Sir to you Liza!” I said with a smile as I gripped her hand. Remember, for a bit of your earth time, I was your father.

Lisa smiled briefly then jumped up from her chair.

“Oh My God, I need to change my clothes and fix my hair. I will be back in a while.”

She stood up from her chair to literally run out of the door, then turned back, reached over and grabbed my hand, as she said, “Thank you so for saving our family. I don’t know if I can ever thank you enough.”

“You just did,” I said deeply touched by sincerity. “I will have the great honor of seeing you become a woman.”

Liza, smiled shyly, and bent over to kiss me on the forehead. She turned to run out the door, then turning back briefly to say, “Thank you,” and rushed out the door.


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