Monday, August 22, 2016

A Morning Message by The Arcturians through Sue Lie



The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Imagine that you wake up, a bit late for your day, and rush to the bathroom to take your morning shower. You check the temperature and step into the shower. BUT this time, the shower feels as if the water is light.

You look up into the showerhead and have a vision that the shower is actually a Portal, and the Portal is raining down many warm streams of Light. You stand very still and allow the shower of light to cover your totally naked body.

When you enter the shower, you take nothing with you. All your possessions, or even the clothes that cover your body, remain outside of the shower, as you step inside the shower.

You are surprised to discover that, this morning, instead of seeing clear water streaming from the showerhead, you see streams of golden light. At first you are shocked and start to leave the shower, but the light/water feels so wonderful on your body.

Because you thought you were just entering a shower, all you needed was a nearby towel and some soap inside the shower. However, now that you have discovered that you have entered a “shower of light,” you do NOT need the towel because you are not getting wet.

Also, you do NOT need the soap because you feel the golden light cleansing you down into your core and out into the furthest expansion of your aura. You are sure you are dreaming. After all, who ever heard of a “shower of light?”

Also, if there were such a thing, it would likely be very expensive and only the very rich could afford it. But this experience is completely free and occurs in the comfort of your own home. You want to run out and tell everyone in the house about this new shower, but something stops you.

You find that you cannot leave this shower just yet. In fact, you are wondering if you could actually move your full awareness into the source of this flow of golden light. Hey, you are likely just having a dream, so why not try to enter that source of golden light.

But how? You are very big, and the showerhead, which appears to be the source of this golden light, is very small. But you are obviously having a dream, so why not make yourself small enough to enter that source.

Suddenly, the flow of golden light is flowing from a huge Golden Orb, and the water has become liquid light. You are not quite sure where your physical body is, but that does not matter, as this experience isn’t even real.

It seems that you have a great opportunity to “use your imagination” in a very powerful, constructive manner, so you “go with the flow.” Suddenly, you perceive yourself as some form of liquid light that is flowing “out of your source.” However, you really want to go back to the source.

Therefore, you experience yourself as if you are going the opposite direction of the flow, as you travel towards the source of the light. As you move against the downward flow of the golden light, you feel yourself slowly merging with golden light.

You want to flow back down with the rest of the rays of golden light, but inside you hear that you must continue your mission to find the source of this light. By now, you have so owned this process that you no longer wonder how it could be real.

If “real” means that you cannot merge with the golden rays of light, then you are fine to live within your imagination, so that you continue your journey. However, this is a journey in which your physical body remains totally still, while your higher frequency self is moving faster and faster.

In fact, it seems that the more you release your attachment to your physical body, the more you lose track of time, speed, and even your location within your shower. That is if you are still inside a shower. You feel that you are inside of something, but it seems much bigger than your shower.

Unfortunately, as you distract your attention away from the golden flow, your experience begins to dim. Instantly, you return your focus back to the source of the golden flow and release all thinking. You have already spent a long time on “thinking.”

You spent your life thinking about what you should do, what you could not do, and what you had to do before you could do what you wanted to do. NO, now you vow to focus on this amazing experience.

As you release your questions and analysis of your experience, your journey to the source of the golden light bursts forth like a rocket. Now you seem to be moving so fast, that you cannot clearly see where you are, or where you are going.

You ponder why that does not bother you. Usually, you are very good at keeping track of what you have to do, where you have to do it, when you need to finish it, and even why you have to do it.

But this is not something that you HAVE to do. This experience, or whatever it its, is something that you WANT to do. The realization that you have the full power of choice seems to push you through an invisible barrier that you do not recognize until you move through it.

As you move through this invisible barrier, you find yourself in some type of  “null zone.” You cannot register any direction, as there is no up, down or even right and left. It is a reality that is just beyond your ability to perceive.

But you want to perceive this unknown reality. You want to understand what just happened, how you got here, and most of all, where you are. Before you were patient with your experience, but now you feel like you are “somewhere else” and are impatient to find where you are.

You are trying to keep your courage, so you take some long, slow, deep breaths. “This must just be a dream,” you say, or did you think it? You are becoming increasingly confused. Wherever you are, it appears that it is not anywhere you have ever been.

Then, suddenly, you have a memory of yourself as a very young child. You were so young that you were just learning how to sit up. Your reality pretty much consisted of a few feet around your present location.

That is, except for the vision that you received from the Golden ONE. As you look back to your baby self, you are suddenly within that YOU, and your adult self is able to perceive reality the way you did as an infant.

Your adult self is in awe of the myriad golden balls of light that seem to float around your infant self. These lights are just like the lights you saw coming from the showerhead. Then, the vision of the infant changes to a vision of a toddler.

Everyone encouraged you to walk toward him or her, but what you really wanted to walk towards was the balls of golden light that surrounded you. Then, as you grew a bit older, the many balls of light seemed to combine into ONE glowing, golden ball of light. This light often talked with you.

The light showed you pictures inside its ball of light that you could enter with your imagination. And, you entered these pictures again and again. Each time you entered a picture in the golden light, you remembered, saw, and deeply experienced a different picture, which served as the entry point, like a door, to a different reality.

Somehow you knew that the person having these “experiences” was actually other versions of “the you” who you have always been. Once your brain was mature enough, you began to realize that the many golden balls continually returned to remind you that each “picture” within the light was one of the many lives you had taken as a human.

The smaller balls of light from your childhood were much like playmates, but there was ONE Golden Light that was more like a teacher. It was an unconditionally loving teacher. You spoke often to this teacher, but told no one. This teacher was special to you, and it made you feel special.

Then, you got busy with your daily life. You had to do this and that and go here and there. Once in a while the ONE Golden Light would call you, or even the many smaller golden balls of light would appear. But, you were busy. You had to be here and there and meet with that person or do that task.

You were just too busy to communicate with “imaginary balls of golden light.” Interestingly enough, it was that time that you got lonely, depressed, confused, and felt “alone in a hostile world.”

But this particular morning, for no particular reason, you stepped into the shower, like you did every morning, and for just a flash of a moment, the water feels as if it is light. In fact, as you focus on the warm flow, you see that it is golden light.

At first, you excuse that “ridiculous” thought, but as the warm water flows over your body, you begin to remember golden balls of light. You must be hallucinating, or dreaming, or something, because now the water begins to feel like a flow of Light. Furthermore, the many golden balls have become the ONE Golden Ball.

Beyond your control, you begin to cry, and before you know it you are sobbing as if you have lost your best friend…

“Oh, but you have not lost me!” speaks a far away voice that seems to be coming from a huge golden ball of light.

“Is that YOU?” you ask. “Are you the ONE I played with and spoke to as a child?”

 “Yes, I AM that ONE,” the booming voice answers from within your heart and mind.

“Where have you been!” you exclaim, trying not to sound as angry as you feel. In fact, you realize that you have a great deal of anger. “I have been abandoned!” you think as you turn off the water.

“NO,” says the voice of the ONE. “You were too busy to talk with me. But NOW you are ready.”

“Why am I ready now?” you ask, as you wonder why you are talking to yourself.

“Because NOW, you are ready to hear me,” answers the ONE Golden Ball in a calm and loving manner.

“OK,” you say in a very sarcastic voice, “Why am I ready NOW?”

“You are ready NOW because you heard me. You heard me today, and soon you will remember that you heard me when you were a young adult, an adolescent, and a child. In fact, you always heard me, but you forgot to remember.

When you forget to remember your inter-dimensional communications with your higher expressions of SELF, which “I AM,” you also forget that you can always feel the unconditional love that I constantly send you.

Without the knowledge of the unconditional love, infinite wisdom, and multidimensional power, which I ignite in your High Heart, you begin to feel alone and abandoned on a hostile planet.

“Well, I definitely did feel alone and abandoned,” you mutter to yourself, as if it wasn’t your SELF to whom you were speaking. Slowly, a feeling fills your heart and awakens the memory of whom you used to be, but forgot.

“WHY NOW,” you angrily continue.

“Because, “NOW you are ready to remember.”

“Remember what?” you say, trying to control your growing rage, or is it a growing sorrow.

“It is time NOW for you to acknowledge the inter-dimensional being that you have ALWAYS been. In fact, you came to us, that is “you” returned to the “YOU who is US,” in your “dream” last night and said,

“I am ready to BE the person that I always was, but forgot!”

“Last night, you were on the Starship on which one of your higher dimensional expressions of Self serves and said, “My Earth expression of SELF is ready to BE the person that I always was, but forgot!” Then we, your higher dimensional friends and family, surrounded you and said, “We will assist you to remember!”

You are very quiet for a long time. “How can this be?” you ask your inner Self.

The ONE remains silent, giving you “Earth time” to wrap your Multidimensional Mind around your third dimensional brain.

Suddenly, you fall to the floor of your shower and curl up in a ball. With your forehead leaning on your pulled up knees, you begin to sob, and sob, and sob. As you cry out that which you want to forget of your life on the third dimension, you begin to remember your life in the fifth dimension and beyond.

You hear the voice of the ONE surrounding you and feel the golden light as it streams from the showerhead and caresses your body.

“We surround you with our/your true golden light of the fifth dimension and beyond.
Can you accept our gift?”

You actually take a while to answer that question because you know that, if you say “yes,” your entire life will change. It is then that you actually look at all the times that you have had these feelings as a child and as an adolescent. You even remember some times when you had these feelings as an adult.

“How could I have left my wonderful reality in the fifth dimension to live in this mundane, third dimensional world?” you ask yourself.

“Because you volunteered to come to this frequency of separation to assist Gaia’s return to the frequency of UNITY with ALL Life,” responds the ONE voice.

“That sounds like a tall order,” you mutter to yourself. “No wonder I forgot!”

“Does that mean that you can forgive yourself for forgetting?” asks the ONE Golden Light.


Suddenly, the harsh buss of your alarm clock goes off, and you wake up.

Or, did you fall asleep again?

Do you turn off the alarm and rush off to work?

Or, do you write down every word of this amazing experience so that you can remember it as you go about your daily life?


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  1. Hi, Sue here, I want to be the first one to share that YES, I DO, write down my morning messages. In fact, 90% of the messages I write not this blog come in the morning.

    However, other people may have a different "peak time" in which you can settle in to have a conversation with your SELF. It would be wonderful if you could share some of your different best times to share.

    Also, if any of you feel inclined to share any of the message you get from your SELF, please feel free to share them here (a shorter version would be best).

    Thank you in advance. I love so to hear from all of you.

  2. Interesting how this seems so familiar to me. As a child, I did see and interact with colored balls of light. Of course, I do not recall if I communicated with them or had any type of exchange. I guess I got too busy and forgot. Oh, I also told myself they were not real after my friends said they could not see them.

    I am pleased to hear that we are all NOW ready to reconnect! Time to celebrate, I say. :)

  3. om
    blessings now!!
    yes yes yes
    i am having very parallel experiences
    i appreciate the way to convey the core message
    simple effective
    ITAL TRANSL on request
    cooperation in truth always

  4. message :

    turn around within

    be the truth

    exist in unity consciousness

  5. I too receive a lot of guidance either waking up in the middle of the evening or in the morning. I then make sure I document so that I will remember and anchor that information to refer back to later on. It is at those times that I can without a doubt accept that that guidance is real and is important. -L.D.

  6. love you and thank you for sharing these teachings
    i believe i have lived among arcturians
    i feel connected here and am experiencing similar things
    we are one

  7. "Imagine that you wake up, a bit late for your day, and rush to the bathroom to take your morning shower. You check the temperature and step into the shower. BUT this time, the shower feels as if the water is light.

    You look up into the showerhead and have a vision that the shower is actually a Portal, and the Portal is raining down many warm streams of Light."



    Imagine it??? It's all I do. And it's not all I do.
    I also give the ongoing Voice and Thought commands to my DNA field, to *ACTIVATE MY LIGHT BODY*.

    Every single day now I stand under the shower's silver/pearl/golden light and *see* the White Light outline my aura's bright green energy whenever I give the Light Body Activation command.
    That is all that happens, so far in this blocked reality.


    AND...every single day I must quickly RUN LIKE HELL to get my Radiation-burned, fried, cooked, ruined, wrecked, High-Frequency-Damaged skin....out of the painful, agonising air and into the slight relief of the warm shower water....water which became lighter and lighter in my reality this past 2 years.

    "Bit late for my day"?
    What in the Hades does THAT mean, when you no longer pay any attention to TIME???

    Sometimes you have been so ravaged and nearly killed by the incoming energies, that you can't even GET OUT OF BED.

    Or you drag your poor Radiation-Damaged body out of the bed sometimes before midnight, or sometimes hours after.
    Sometimes in the early afternoon, sometimes the late afternoon, early evening.

    Seriously, do you even experience these energies?
    As we nearly-dead Forerunners, we sacrificial Ground-Crew High Dimensional Frequency Downloaders do, on an hourly and very painful basis? Of now non-stop suffering?

    It does not sound like it.


  8. wanted to say while I remember that a few weeks ago my guidance said something similar as far as saying "I am ready" to receive etc instead of (in my case) asking in a beggarly way for some info or experience. I found it is a good state of mind for allowing the multidimensional in when I might be feeling disconnected or even desperate

  9. Soon spanish translation at Sue´s spanish site:


  10. Today when I woke up, I remembered how I absorbed a feeling of disappointment for being born as a second girl child instead of a boy, everyone was expecting. Connected to mother gaia, I could send unconditional love and violet fire to all the babies who absorb negative feelings without any resistance. I felt liberated and felt a wave of love, not only for myself but I actually saw the ripples of unconditional love spreading across our planet.

    I look forward to meeting my higher self, whoes presence i am beginning to feel more often.

  11. the return to unity can be difficult for some people because there can be a period of turbulence and movement before the unity (in Europe a lot is changing in a bizar way) or am I mistaken ?

    1. You are not mistaken - great turbulence and movement indeed in Europe. I live in the north of France and feel safe where I live in small rural village, but sense the "changing of the tides and times" and often dense, low frequency energies, in spite of the kindness, gentle people of this area, very touching !

    2. it seems to be bizar, and in my perspective people are coming together in a "bizar" way... i feel so much trust in the lightbeings guiding us all the way.much love to all of us, finding and leading the way..

  12. I feel "earthed" in the Natural world, but less in the "man-made" reality, as feels so un-real, often like a bad dream, in spite of the fact that my life runs along with the flow, as determined to keep it simple, by detaching, as far as able without becoming un-sociable, from the chaos, drama, stress, etc. of most people around me. Which is why I quit the rat race and now live in rural environment in my self created world of imagination, beauty, peace, music, all that comforts, heals my soul and satisfies my spiritual needs in order to further evolve to a higher state of consciousness, dimensions. My whole life have felt a sort of "breathlessness" and restlessness, caused by feeling I don't belong to this temporal, un-natural, earth-bound reality. Yet continue to live in a state of awe, gratitude and love - of course, for highly sensitive and aware!
    Happy Day and Evolution, Susan

  13. Connecting with my higher self through conscious intention, connecting through feel. My higher self is teaching me through the energy of emotion. I am learning how to be with this physical vessel, how to perceive others through my higher self. My higher self is full of compassion, love, joy, radiance, seeing self and others in their true light body expression. Truly incredible. Light beings are also popping into my visual field daily and often. Feeling loved and supported. Experienced myself recently as a cocooned butterfly, ready to stretch my wings, feeling confined and needing/ready to expand. It is imminent, like a shedding and liberation into full expression of self. xx

  14. ...I do communicate with my multidimensional-self for years leads me on incredible harmonious path, which is one beautiful and ongoing chain of synchronizations, impossible to describe them here ... but lately it is telling me to drop all 3D "doings" in order to expand the feeling of light body...(and I already have zero daily tasks/obligations, no real sense of time for years in this gorgeously beautiful "no place" rural heaven) feels I'm asked to stay present only with myself for one whole day (no books, notebook, .. just awareness of myself) ... I reached only at about 1/3rd present awareness (obviously), before something in 3D takes my attention away :) ... aha, I don't dream this communication, I hear it all the time when I'm present .. if not I hear; wakie, wakie, welcome back ... uh :) ... has anyone experiencing similar requests? ... thx Suzilie, your frequency always gives me such a wonderful comfort and alignment ...

  15. Wow Awesome. I am realizing just take one step @ a time. & then we can leap & fly. Whooee what a wild friggin ride!!!

  16. Wow Awesome. I am realizing just take one step @ a time. & then we can leap & fly. Whooee what a wild friggin ride!!!

  17. I was thrilled with the text. several times in the bath I feel the water talking to me. as she cleaned me inside and out. encircle me with love and light!

  18. Thank you all for your great comments
    sue Lie

  19. I only remember lines and short images from my dreams .. but last night I do remember hearing : " if you make that decision your entire life will change" ... and yes I have been feeling very abandoned lately . Thank you ! What a great timing to get this message! Thank you Sue!

  20. Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful words. Together, you have built a wonderful energy field. This is what we are learning NOW to prepare for the NOW
    "taking full responsibility for the energy field that we are created.
    I think that might be the next blog
    blessings and thanks again, again