Monday, August 1, 2016

Chapter 20--Preparing For First Contact--Where is Sharman---Pleiadians through Sue Lie


By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie
Where is Sharman?

Shelia Speaks:

Hello, Shelia speaking here. I am addressing you all to inform you that we have lost all contact with Sharman. He was suddenly called back to Earth again. He told me there was an important meeting that he had to attend on Earth, and we have not heard from him since.

I am usually able to at least perceive him when he goes to Earth, but something happened, and I lost all contact with him. All we know is that he had an important meeting with a human that has a great deal of influence on Earth.

He told us that he had to “go in blind.” Which means that we do not see him, and he would need to check in with us. He said that he knew that this person, or persons, would not trust him if they knew that their conversation was NOT just between them.

However, it has been several weeks in Earth time, and he has not reported back to us. I, his Divine Complement, am very worried as the only image I can receive from him is that he is on the ground in a dark place and is bleeding.

Normally, we can track him via his “signature frequency,” but somehow his mental frequency has been shifted, and we cannot locate him. It is my impression that the physical vessel he is wearing, has somehow suffered a brain concussion.

We track those on an “Earth Mission” via their brainwaves. The only way that we can understand why we cannot track Sharman would be that his brainwaves were changed. Of course, while in his fifth dimensional form, his “brainwaves” are in total unity will all of us on the Ship and even beyond.

Also, Divine Complements can connect via brainwaves, as well as what we call “heart waves.” The “heart waves” of Divine Complements are very similar. If Sharman, or rather the human he merged with, has suffered a concussion and has brain damage to his earth vessel self, I can only feel his emotions, but not his location.

I feel that he is very confused and has lost connection to his fifth dimensional self. Therefore, he is just a “normal human” who is greatly injured. I cannot allow myself to be afraid for him, as I must keep my heart and mind centered to better tune into my beloved.

When I do tune in, which is basically always, I feel that he has been injured in a manner that he cannot remember his true self. A concussion could make him temporarily forget his Pleiadian reality.

Since he recently—according to Earth time—spent a life on Earth, he may only be able to relate to that human reality. I am greatly concerned and ask all of you to send him Unconditional Love to assist with his healing.

If you have any idea where, or even who, he may be, please send me a mental message. To better assist you in your search, I will tell you what little I have received via our heart connection. I do know that his heart almost stopped from his injury, but he was able to use his Pleiadian mind to partially heal the physical body he is wearing.

I think that because he went so deeply into the consciousness of that body, which has been injured, his Pleiadian identity became lost to his conscious mind. I have the “go ahead” to go to Earth and assist him, but first I am needed up here to keep him connected to the Ship and his life up here.

I am concerned that if I, too, take an earth vessel that I will no longer be able to receive the “heart message” that he is sending to the Ship. Therefore, I will maintain my connection with him from here.

I will now tell you what I have perceived regarding his location and his mental and physical state. I see that he was taking a walk in one of the cities he has been visiting to observe humanity's awareness of planetary ascension.

It feels like he is in a big city in the United States, but so many of those cities are similar to our perception that I cannot tell which one. I see that there are tall buildings and, even late at night, the streets are very busy.

I think that the human into whom he bi-located, was walking along the street, and was pulled into an alleyway to be robbed. Please realize that we Pleiadians are not accustomed to violence and robbery. Every one in our society is considered equal and deeply connected with each other.

There are no conflicts, as we live a life filled with unconditional love and abundance for all. If any one of us needed assistance, we would instantly give it without a second’s hesitation.

Even though my beloved has already had a difficult life on Earth, in what appears to be a short time to you on Earth, Sharman has investigated, healed, and released all the trauma and difficult emotions that he suffered during his last, which appears to be “recent” incarnation on Earth.

I hope I am not confusing you too much with my comparisons of your “time” and our “no time.” It is just that I am concerned for the earth vessel he has taken, and deeply concerned about the fact that his brain has been injured. What if he is too wounded to remember his true self? Then he will not remember that he can heal the earth vessel he is wearing and free himself?

I am sorry. I am having an emotion of fear, which is very rare in our world, but I almost lost him once to the darkness of third dimension Earth. I now have immense respect for all of you who have loved ones that must walk through the myriad challenges of being physical on a third dimensional planet.

I will take a meditation break to recover before I continue my communications with you…

Sharman Speaks:

Where am I? In fact, who am I? I feel as if there are two versions of me within the same brain, but I do not have any idea who either one of these versions are. I try to open my eyes, but something is in the way. Oh, as I wipe my eyes and look at my hand, I see a lot of blood.

Is it my blood, or someone else’s blood? No, there is no one else here, in what seems to be a dark alley. I reach out in the darkness and find a baseball bat, which is covered with what appears to be blood. It is then that I feel an excruciating pain on the left side of my head.

As I reach up to touch it, I can feel the warm blood pumping from a huge gape in my head. As I search my pockets, I find that they are empty.

“I was mugged.” I hear another voice in my head that is I, but it is not me.

“No, you are in my head,” argues the other, inner voice. “I was just walking home from work to fix dinner for my kids. Then suddenly I felt as if I was in a dream. Then, I felt that “you,” whoever you are, was somehow inside of my head.

“But how can you be aware of my presence? No one else has ever known that I bi-located into them.”

“I don’t know, but I think that blow to the head would have killed me, if you had not entered just before we got hit. I don’t think I would have remembered that feeling of someone moving into my body if we had not gotten mugged.”

“Mugged?” I questioned.

“Yes, how can you not know what being mugged is? Did you just land here from a spaceship? Oh, by the way, my name is John.”

“How did you know that I was inside you? I mean, how can you tell that WE are sharing the same form?” I ask.

“My wife, she died a few months ago, and she has come into my awareness several times since then to check on our kids. I have, or I guess I have,” said John, “felt her visiting me since then. It feels similar to you, but she is not inside me. However, I can still feel her touch me.”

“You feel very different than her, but I have to get home. My kids need me.”

“John we will have to wait a minute. A policeman will be here soon who will call an ambulance.”

“How do you know that? Are you psychic or something?”

“Yes, ‘something’ is correct. We need to pull our shared body out of the alley where we can be seen. I sense the Police Car close by. We will need to combine our wills to move this very wounded body.”

“No, no,” said John. “I can’t die! I have to take care of my kids. They need me.”

“Don’t worry John, I won’t let you die. I am working on healing the body that we are sharing now, but I will need some medical help.”

“What do you mean, heal our body? Who are you, some kind of alien?”

“Yes, I am, but we need to talk about that later. Right now we are two energy fields inside of one extremely wounded body. I can heal myself, but I need physical assistance to heal your body.”

“You could heal my body? But isn’t it your body too?”

“John, no more questions. We need to blend our conscious willpower in order to pull this body out where the oncoming police car can see us.”

Sending up a wave of thanksgiving that I had chosen a body that was somewhat “awake” to the unknown, John and I forced our wounded brain to give the signal to our body to drag itself out of the alley and on to the curb of the dark street.

“When we get to the curb, we must use our combined essence to call out to the police.”

The last thing I saw was the police car pulling over. One policeman called an ambulance, while the other wrapped something tight around our head. Before I passed out, I saw the ambulance. The last thing I thought before I passed out was, “Can I use my Pleiadian healing ability to save us both?”

The next thing I could remember was waking up in a hospital bed. I checked to see if John’s essence was still in the body… Yes, he was there, but his essence was starting to flicker in and out. Normally, I would have slipped out of John's form, but I knew that he would die without my constant “healing.”

However, in this case, I was not healing my own body. I had to keep my essence in John’s body or he would surely die. With my Pleiadian hearing, I could hear the doctors pondering the puzzlingly brain X-rays and EEGs.

I could hear the doctor asking the technician, “How can there be two separate brainwaves in one person?”

I had to get out of here, but I could not leave John’s body. Hence, I would need to find a way to “escape” from the hospital. John was no longer able to maintain a conscious awareness of our shared body, and I could feel him slipping into a coma.

“John, John!” I cried inside our joint mind. “You have to keep awake, so we can get to your house.”

“I can’t, I can’t,” he muttered. “They gave us something to make us sleep.”

“Well, you are half Pleiadian now, so use your higher powers to stay awake. Think of your children!”

That did it. John somehow found an inner strength to assist me in getting our wounded brain to follow our orders.

“My house is close by. In fact, I was taking a walk to clear my head. Well, something happened to my head. But we have on a hospital gown. How can we just walk out of here and down the street?

“I can teleport us there, but since I share your body, you must help me.”

“Teleport?? No this all must be a dream?”

“OK,” I said, “Call it a dream if you wish, but do what I say.”

“Right,” said John. “I think I saw a long coat hanging in the hall way.”

“No, don’t worry about that. I will teleport us to your house, but I need you to stay conscious and allow your thoughts to completely merge with my thoughts. Think of your kids John. They are wondering where you are and we have no ID. No one can tell them where you are.”

That is all John needed to hear. Somewhere deep within himself he found a “power of intention,” which was somewhat similar to the power of intention that would allow us to bi-locate. Our two states of individuality were blending into ONE sense of self.

With the combined efforts of John and my self, I transported our body into the back yard of John’s house. The last thing I remember was a small boy yelling about a bright light that came into their backyard.

That voice was soon combined with an adolescent girls voice saying, “Daddy! It is Dad. Help me John, we need to pull him into the house. Once our joint consciousness knew that we temporarily safe, I began to “slip off.”

The last thing I remember was John telling his daughter, “Don’t tell anyone we are here. We will be fine. I promise you.”

From my perspective of sharing John’s body, I could feel a teenaged girl and young boy drag us into John’s bed and lay down on either side to “heal us.”

“Daddy,” I heard the young girl say, “This did not work for Mommy, but please, please don’t leave us.”

After that simple sentence, John’s consciousness gained such power and intention that I knew I could relax my healing essence and fall into my innate restorative consciousness. My last perception was of my beloved Shelia over-lighting me.

I knew that John could better take care of himself now, so I could relax into Shelia’s unconditional love and heal my self. As I drifted off, I could feel Shelia say,

“He is alive! Dear Sharman, come home to me safely.”


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  1. om blessings
    these days i have to work with several healings...
    and asoon as i have known this report
    i am sending/channelling healing to john and the others ..
    the strange things is that in the last days i have been feeling just exactly how Sharman has been...
    and my sensitivity is deeply moved by this report ..
    i am using absent healing for john and the others and i humbly intensely remind us all : the power of healing via energy/prana/waves is inborn in all human beings so ........we all can help ..
    techniques are important but the essentials for success are balance unconditional love sensitivity unity consciousness
    i do express also gratitude to john,sharman,sheila ,dr sue and all the other ones cause their hard sacrifice is offering us so much infos about what is really now happening and about which behaviours are best now and along our path
    ps i humbly invite all of you to send healing

  2. i/ WE
    are at your disposal for any kind of infos,help in the cosmic natural science of absent healing ,contact

  3. This is a story I relate to completely. Thank you for this! I too have had some wonderful reconnections of late. It is indeed glorious : )

    the last report about Sharman is deeply moving for me ,
    so deeply ….why?...

    before channeling healing from source to john /sharman ,I observe their energy fields
    i immediately see they do are very diverse
    john has a little energy field a bit cloudy and opaque
    with a problem in his head..dark red cloud --
    sharman although in an incredibly difficult moment…
    has an amazing lightbody and countless connections in the ONE
    and many friends….
    after i start to channell violet flame ,white pinkish light......
    out of the blue
    in a short time al my bodies start to feel better
    the last days'confused clouds disapper
    contact with ETs and RealSELF and Selves and Source
    again strong clean sparklin technicolor waves.
    i am astonished i have received thousand times what just given thru’ me ..
    I SHARE THIS LIGHT WITH ALL who would share …
    so i see there many beings behind the scenes really helping us and Gaia
    yes dear mother Gaia a real lover worth of real love

  5. "I feel that he is very confused and has lost connection to his fifth dimensional self."


    Sooooo.....he is basically just like all the rest of us, now.

    This is starting to sound like an overly-"emo" infested episode of "Supernatural"...

    "SAM!!! Sammy, don't leave me -- you're my *divine complement*, counterpart....or... whatever."

    But he and Sam knew all along, that their Dad, John, should never ever have attempted to squeeze the Sharman, much less hunt the elusive ET creature by himself.


  6. Translation in romanian

  7. Bless you for your bravery, Sharman. We appreciate you and Shelia for sharing this story through Suzille. It is so valuable to hear your observations of humanity, and we learn so much from your higher dimensional perspectives. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this "intertwined" story!

  8. Soon in spanish at Sue´s spanish site:


  9. This would make one helluva unreal 'reality' show.
    So was this the reason why Sharman was called into the alleyway? - to bi-locate with John in order to save his life, and thus return him to his children. Is there some way we can financially assist John & his 2 children?