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Second Transmission to Earth--Preparing for First Contact--through Suzanne Lie

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By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie

The Second Transmissions to Earth

Greetings to our Earth Family,
I am Commander Sharman here again to send you our second Pleiadian transmission to Earth. I have already shared quite a bit of my experiences of taking an earth vessel during the timeline circa 2016 AD. However, since many of you will also be returning to your Starships or Home worlds, I would like to speak a bit about my process of returning home to my Ship after a rather long incarnation on 3D Earth  

As I have said, my Divine Complement, Shelia, greatly assisted me in recalibrating my frequency back into my innate fifth dimensional resonance. What I discovered was that the reason that I had become so lost in the third dimension was because my frequency of resonance fell out of alignment with my fifth dimensional core.

From my long visit to third dimensional Earth, I totally understood how easy it was to calibrate your self to your social environment, rather than to the frequency of Gaia. If I had remained in total resonance with Earth, I would not have become so lost because I would have felt the protection of an entire planet.

When I accepted my assignment, I had not been planet bound for many experiential cycles, which as close to “time” as one gets while living within the fifth dimensional now. Therefore, I fell out of calibration with planet Earth. Also, the fear that is often so intense on Earth after all your atrocities of war, made it difficult to stay calibrated to my true fifth dimensional resonance.

Once I debriefed from my experience, I realized that it was, indeed, my mission to fall out of calibration with the planet and experience the same isolation from the planet that the humans were feeling. Because I have directly experienced your most difficult reality, I send this transmission by ALL life on Gaia filled with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

With great appreciation for your ever-increasing awareness of this energy field of light that I am directing into the body of Gaia, I begin my transmission:

Greetings from our Pleiadian Starship,
Dear members of Gaia’s Earth. Since I have just returned from my mission to Earth, I feel as though I am ONE with you all. I will begin my transmission by saying that

“Earth’s Game of Illusion” is coming to an end.

Now, what will that mean? Of course it will mean many different things to different humans. What is the same for every one of you is that all of your third/fourth dimensional lives have been based on illusion.

One of the primary illusions that you did not know was that YOU are the creators of your reality. You were under the illusion that someone else had power over your life. Thus, some one else did have power over your life because that is what you believed. And, on the third dimension, “what we believe is what we perceive.” 

Therefore, dear ascending Earth Ones, if you believe that you are the creators of your own life, you will find the inner courage to own that power. Then, once you fully own your inner power, you will remember how to live via that FEELING of inner power within your core.

This feeling will, and already is, creating a new “Sense of Self” which more and more of you are experiencing every day. We, your galactic family, are so pleased to see that many of our volunteers to Earth are using their sense of inner power to more completely remember their true fifth dimensional expressions of SELF –while still wearing their earth vessel. 

We wish you all to know that it is only on third dimensional Earth that we will experience the process of aging. On the fifth dimensional ships and/or realities there is NO time in which we can “grow older.” We, your fifth dimensional family, have observed your reality first hand, as many of us have taken incarnations within your frequency band of reality. 

When we take an earth vessel on Gaia, we may live for as long as 60 to 80 of your years. However, when we return to the Ship, it is as if we had just left the Ship, as the Ship does not resonate to time. I, Sharman, must clarify this issue, as it “took me time” to heal because I returned to the Ship in a very low state of consciousness.

It was my mission to experience the “dark side” of third dimensional Earth, so that we Pleiadians could better assist humanity’s needs. However, I was “pulled out” or “rescued” from my mission as my life-spark was diming and they knew it was the NOW to bring me back Home. We have offered this service to many other humans.

Some eagerly accept our assistance, others cannot “believe” in us and won’t trust us, and then there are those who want to rule your world in the same manner that they have had Power Over others for more years than you would wish to know. The ones who want to maintain their Power Over Others want to avoid, or even, attack us. Many of these people are leaders in your world, which is why we cannot “land in your front yard.”

When I had my earth body, I left a spark of my SELF on the Ship, which Shelia lovingly protected. From that spark, I expanded my fifth dimensional expressions of self, down into the resonance of the physical form of a human infant.

We (the other volunteers and myself), accepted this mission to answer Gaia’s call for assistance. We volunteered to answer Gaia’s call for assistance. Most of us who volunteered had taken many incarnations on Gaia’s Mother Earth. Therefore, they knew Gaia as a planet, and realized that there were possible realities that we did not want to happen to our beloved planet Earth. Thus, we took physical bodies to more directly assist the planet. 

Some of us took bodies as children in a past timeline, or in a more recent timeline. Some of us did not actually take an earth vessel, such as I did. Instead, they chose to flash in and out of the third dimension by adjusting their states of consciousness. 

All of us, had one thing in common in that we had an innate connection with our fifth dimensional self on the Ship. Most of us forgot our fifth dimensional Pleiadian self, but most of us “had the feeling” that we were always protected and watched over.  

It was that “feeling” that got me through my incarnation. When I had totally lost contact with that “feeling” I was happy and felt empowered. However, as my Earth consciousness became so low that my physical body was on the verge of “dying,” my support team on the Ship realized that I had totally lost that feeling, and they came to take me back to the Ship.

I wish to talk a bit about that “feeling” as it is actually your innate connection to our fifth dimensional self who volunteered to take your present incarnation on Earth circa 2016. We Pleiadians have been observing what is occurring on your planet, as well as Gaia’s growing need to re-calibrate Her planet back into Her multidimensional expression.

We observed that the one thing that got us earthlings through the many difficulties of their third dimensional reality was that we always had that “feeling.” I volunteered to take an earth vessel and “lose the feeling” to see how that felt, so that we Pleiadians could understand what humanity was experiencing all over the planet.

Our fifth dimensional expressions live on a Ship in which everyone is connected via our higher states of consciousness. We all have the feeling, which allows us to remain in constant contact with our own higher expressions of SELF. I volunteered to take an incarnation in which I had the “feeling” through my formative years, but lost it as my life became increasingly difficult.

We Pleiadians wanted to know what would happen if our volunteers to Earth lost contact with the Ship. If you read my story, you know that I fell into the depths of despair. I discovered that many on Earth had that feeling when they were young, but they also lost it as they “grew up.”

I observed from myself and other humans, that while we were young we remembered that all life was real, but most of us forgot that fact as we “grew up.” It was a great loss, as we experienced so much comfort, fun, and exploration as we knew that all life around us was alive. Because we still remembered that the elementals of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water were actually living creatures that moved into and out of our bodies, we were never alone.

We explored anthills, bird’s nest, spider webs, and all the wonderful parts of nature that our adult self would “clear, knock down and spray with poison.” I remember the horror I felt when my father stepped on an anthill and scattered the ants across the yard. As children, we lived within every moment of our third dimensional physical experience of a living Earth. 

But then we grew up and had to take the responsibility of working hard to make money, then drive home through traffic and fall into the couch with a cold beer. Gone was the adventure of an ant hill or the peep of newly hatched birds.

We lost much of our spirit as we grew up, and far too many of us lost “the feeling.” Without the feeling, the land needed to be mowed, cleared, and covered with cement. We forgot our innate ability to bless the elementals and work with them. Instead, we resorted back into situations that we had in other incarnations or had learned from our parents. 

We worked against the land, but NOW we, your Pleiadian Family, ask that you unite with the land as we do in the Pleiades. It is through working with, merging with, and deeply loving the land, the sky, the water, and the planet that we can return to our innate place of surrendering to the fact that WE ARE OUR PLANET.  

We Pleiadians had to remember this fact when we finally found our planetary homes. We searched and searched for our perfect home, but it was not until we could merge together to create a sense of planetary consciousness that we found our planetary homes. We NOW live within a Star Cluster and have nine planetary homes.

Within your own human state of planetary consciousness, you will be able to remember who you are in the fifth dimension and beyond, and will likely want to return there. But be careful that you don’t get caught up in the third dimensional separation between good and/or bad, as well as the difficulties and/or joys of the third dimension.

Keep your connection with your SELF, alive within every moment of your third dimensional life. We observe and understand that many of you are very ready to return home to your higher dimensional home. You are ready to go back to your Ship and go back to the Now.

You are very ready to do that, but you also do NOT want to abandon the planet. Many of you ascending ones have had so many incarnations on Earth that you have grown to deeply love Gaia. You/we also know that Gaia is not a thing but a living being.

You also know that Venus is a living being too, as that is where you often go in between incarnations or for retreats. Many of us on the Ship go to Venus in preparation for our assignments on Earth. All of us, humans and Pleiadians who take an earthly incarnation, visit Venus to rest, recalibrate, and integrate all that we have learned on Earth.

We Pleiadians have learned a great deal from taking human forms in your Now of 2016. From these visits, we have gained great respect for humanity’s courage. Of course, there are still many earthlings that are afraid because they forgot how to maintain the feeling of their innate higher resonance. From the perspective of our fifth dimensional reality there is no judgment, or good or bad humanity’s choices. Some earthlings are ready for the entirely different fifth dimensional operating system of the fifth dimension and some are not.

Every one of you who have chosen to take a third dimensional vessel during Earth’s current  “transmutational reality” is called on to remember your true, fifth dimensional frequency, and ground that fifth dimensional resonance of your SELF into the core of Gaia.

In fact, you are called upon, and chose to be in full connection with Gaia’s core crystals while you simultaneously resonate to, and live within, your third dimensional reality. In this manner, you, our grounded ones, greatly assist the planet from Her core. As you are constantly “refueling” Gaia via Her core crystals, Gaia is simultaneously refueling you.

As the people of Gaia’s planet work together with the humans assisting the planet and the planet assisting the humans, just as the animals do, humanity will become ONE with the planet and the planet is ONE with humanity.

Then humanity will remember that you are not “going away to an unknown reality.” Instead, you are “returning to something and someone that you have always been.” You have all taken incarnations on third and fourth dimensional realities. Many of you have gone through realities right on the cusp of major transition.

But NOW, you are going through the transition into the next octave of reality. You are transmuting beyond your third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, which has a completely different operating system. To leave time and space and go into Here and Now is a very huge adjustment. 

Because there’s so much to be learned, and because you will move through so many octaves of adjustment, most of you have taken many incarnations to study this process of planetary ascension. Those of you who have been learning this process through incarnating again and again, as well as practicing the planetary ascension process during their dreams or while in alternate realities, are preparing for the ascension that YOU have chosen to experience. 

It is because so many of you are in active preparation for our landings, which you know will greatly assist you to transmute into your next octave of reality, we are answering your calls for assistance. Most of you are aware that you are experiencing third dimensional reality as a holographic projection made of intersection beams of light.

Fortunately, you also know that YOU are a component of that holographic projection because YOU are light. Once you return to your Lightbody, you will no longer be limited to your third dimensional reality. You will no longer be bound by the roles of third/fourth dimensional time/space or the polarities of being young or old, being born, or dying. 

You will return back into the fifth dimensional Light-body 
in which the One is HERE NOW.

Each one will discover how this transition feels to you so that you can share your process with others. It is through this loving gift of “your story of transmutation” that you will assist others to discover their story of transmutation.

Then, as more and more of you are consciously transmuting back into your fifth dimensional Lightbody, and sharing with others, ascension will increasingly become NORMAL. Also, as you share your process, you greatly contribute to the Unity of Process that is necessary for planetary ascension.

Most important, a collective energy field of transmutation has much more power than a few “separate” humans. Your process will likely begin as an individual experience, but because you are moving beyond separation and into unity, you will seek out and join the ever expanding collective of many energy fields of personal and planetary ascension.

As these groups merge together within the collective of Unconditional Love, Inter-dimensional Communication, Multidimensional Power, and Violet Fire of Transmutation, you will send a beacon to our many Ships that says, “We Are Ready to Meet you NOW!”

This collective message is much more powerful than an individual message, and will more quickly advance your consciousness back up into your innate higher frequencies of SELF. A collective message will also give you the camaraderie and support that you likely need to be able to “let go” of life as you have known it and “embrace” the fifth dimensional octave of your reality.

We now ask that each of you just take a moment and be with what we have said and maybe review it two or three times. We the Pleiadians, along with the Arcturians have increasingly been communicating with our brave ascending ones on Earth. We perceive that an ever-increasing number of you are acknowledging how your higher frequency of SELF is slipping into your consciousness more and more.

You are also having more and more experiences that are not bound by time. Many of you are getting “replays.” By “replay” we mean that you are doing something, and then you will feel/think that you have already done it.

Then your third-dimensional self thinks something is wrong, but simultaneously your higher dimensional self says, “What did you not learn from that? You are doing that again because you want to get all of the information that you can from that “energy pattern.”

You are now beginning to perceive your reality, not so much as forms and shapes by themselves, but by the energy patterns that surround your perceptions of your surrounding reality. In other words, you are beginning to perceive the fifth dimensional overlay on all the forms and shapes that are inside of, all around and/or with these different multidimensional energy patterns, which were once invisible to your daily consciousness.

In other words, primary consciousness is expanding beyond the third and fourth dimensions and into the fifth dimension, which seems to glow out of, around, and/or within situations, people and increasingly, around, within and from your self. This experience is often the message from your earth vessel that your Kundalini force is awakening within you.  Please allow that activation to proceed in Divine right order.

In closing, we wish to ask you to pay attention to any “loud airplane” that seem to be right over your house. Our Ships are naturally silent, but we have created a sound to catch the attention of our friends on Earth. We suggest that you visit one of your major airports, or even the smaller airports close to your home.

Our Ships are above the airports, and are not visible via your third or even your mid-fourth dimensional perception. Therefore, allow your consciousness into your higher fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness. You will not be able to see us unless your unconscious self is ready to transfer that perception from your unconscious mind into your conscious mind.

We are choosing to “land” above the airports because that is where people would look for us, and we do NOT want to hide. We want to be exactly where people would look! Please KNOW that we are not coming to take anything or anyone away. We are coming because YOU have asked us to come. Finally, there is a large enough majority of people who want to meet us.

Now we will all see what happens. It will be very interesting.

End of Transmission

Dear Reader,
Actually, I got this message when I was relaxing and was instructed to set up the recording. Then, I spoke the human perspective of the above situation. Then, I was told to put it through the Pleiadian perspective so that I, and the readers, could perceive this message both from the Ship and from the Planet.

      Click HERE  to download the recording of the human perspective. The recording is called "Game of Illusion.


  1. Really great confirmation, help all around Love it and grateful very sustaining

  2. Also very appreciative of the descriptive detail, really helps to clarify Many unasked questions answered Much needed retuning and refinement happening for me

  3. Aloha Sue,
    I am enjoying the connection of being back on the ship. It's been a long journey and I had to get some rest while I was recalibrating. I feel fantastic! I meet people from all over the world daily on my job in Maui. I am Happy to know that I can NOW teach/share with others the process of how I turned my Light Body on when they/friends/family ask me why do I have a White Glow coming from me and they feel peaceful in my presence? I will also ad it to my website and put together a Light Body Meditation class for people that have an interest, I'm Excited!

    I will also tell them that I could not have done it without your guidance and send them to your writings/recordings that helped me reactivate my Light Body.

    Thank You everything

    Many Blessings...

    Love and Light FaFa

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    ITAL TRANSL on request
    intercooperation in Truth always

  5. Its interesting that I drew a similar painting (red flower growing from a golden soil) on Saturday june 4,the same date of this transmission and I am not familiar with the pleiadians. I am not sure how I came across this blog too...Do you think this means something?


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  8. The same applies, I am sure, to Arcturians. Such transmissions make the magic side of our life so real and un3D. Thank you, Sue, for keeping us in touch with our 5D Higher Selves, Gaia and our Star Families. Blessings!

  9. The same applies, I am sure, to Arcturians. Such transmissions make the magic side of our life so real and un3D. Thank you, Sue, for keeping us in touch with our 5D Higher Selves, Gaia and our Star Families. Blessings!

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  11. Sizl, i have grown so much from reading your books and your blog. your service to humanity and our Mother is a precious find in my life.
    please help me understand why i would want to return to a ship instead of a planet (one of the 7 sister's for ex)? it's truly the only thing that jolts me in your transmissions. i just can't get excited about living on a ship. dirt, elementals, trees, oceans etc... are the connection i need. if i am a pleiadian, i want to return to the planet herslf that i am from. perhaps i'm missing something here??? does 5-d existence not need planetary body connection? i think i do. love to you great sister.