Thursday, June 16, 2016

Message From Your Inner Whale by the Arcturians

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Dear Readers,  I received over a year ago, and somehow came to my attention today, so I decided to finally post it because it is information is for NOW.
Message From Your Inner Whale

The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,
I woke up with a message from you. If I repeat what I remember, can you complete the message? Also, can you comment on the vision I had of a huge whale with wings in the deep ocean?

Dearest Suzille,
We answer these questions for you and for your readers. Our message begins with, “The shift is NOW, but you can only perceive it when your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond.” We do wish to remind you that when we say “NOW,” we are NOT speaking of the 3D now in which is the “time to do something.”

When we say NOW, we mean it is “the NOW in which you can leave the illusion of time.” Within this NOW you can experience the Shift because your consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension.

The forces of darkness that have worked against Gaia’s ascension since the fall of Atlantis have lost their battle to control Earth. However, the “cleaning up” process will take more 3D “time” to be completed. Fortunately, many of our volunteers are opening portals to the fifth dimension, and holding their portals open.

This higher frequency light streaming through these opened portals greatly assists those who are cleaning up the lies and domination that has invaded Gaia’s planetary form since the later days of Atlantis.

Because of these higher frequencies light streams entering Gaia, as well as the simultaneous clearing of the darkness, it is the NOW to focus on the frequencies “in-between” your higher states of consciousness and you third/fourth dimensional consciousness. In this manner, your un-conscious, conscious, and super-conscious awareness will be fully connected.

In other words, you will need to live the three-fold consciousness of:
1) Your higher expressions of SELF,
2) Your mundane, consciousness of daily life and
3) Your states of consciousness “in-between” your daily life and the higher dimensional     consciousness of your SELF in the higher realms.

The whale being that you saw in your meditation is representative of your deepest unconscious self. Do you remember how this magnificent being could only communicate with you when you totally surrendered to your experience? Also, when you lost contact with the whale being, your unconscious self, you needed to relax into, and then enter a circular light that preceded another message from the “whale.”

We hear you ask us to remind you what your unconscious “whale being” in the deepest ocean of your unconscious, told you. We will assist you to remember. Look now at the whale being’s huge wings. Of course, the wings were not of feathers, but of the same skin as the rest of his body.

These wings are similar to the whale’s flippers, which are similar to human arms. The whale’s flippers transmuting into huge wings is much like humanity’s arms transmuting into wings. We will now explain more of the meaning of these inner “moving pictures.”

Before we do so we remind you, and your readers, that you will ALL be receiving more Light Language messages. Light Language originates in the fifth dimension and beyond. Your third dimensional brain is not calibrated to download that frequency of information, but it can capture the pictures and feelings.

Light Language is much like dream language. Therefore, if our grounded ones document their dreams when they awaken, it will be a strong foundation for understanding the Light Language that accompanies all of our crop circles and “channeled” transmissions.

We will now go into detail of all the images that accompany your message, which is actually a message through you rather than just to you:

A whale is a kind and loving being who never hurts anyone.
Whales are dedicated to their pod and their children.
They are huge creations that leave NO negative “footprints” on the body of Gaia.

Water is a symbol of emotion. The deep ocean is a symbol of the emotions that are deep within your unconscious mind. Before you connected with the whale, you needed to see the higher dimensional circle of light in the midst of your deep unconscious mind. You then needed to totally surrender to that light and free your self of ALL expectations.

Do you remember that the whale kept saying to you, “Let GO.”

Once you connected with the light, it became clear that the whale had huge wings where once it had relatively small flippers. It was your love for all whales that allowed you to surrender to the watery darkness. You, as well as many humans on Earth, have been a whale on Sirius B. Thus, many of you can identity the whale as YOU.

The message to you and through you was, “If you can find the light hidden within your deepest unconscious, you will be able to connect with a deep wisdom within that you have likely ignored. From your many years humanity has thought of the unconscious as a place where negative secrets were stored.

From the dream, you remembered that the unconscious is also where your greatest wisdom, power, and love, in this case personified as a huge whale with wings, can assist you to transmute into a higher expression of your SELF.

Of course, we the Arcturians have given the above message many times. However, it is more personal and has greater meaning when you see it, feel it, surrender to it and deeply experience a message through your own inner light, which is too often hidden in the deepest oceans of ones unconscious mind.

You have all been indoctrinated to think that something is wrong with you, that you need to get better, that you should be mortified if you do something “wrong,” or if your body is bigger than a movie star’s body.

Television commercials have been a VERY successful tool of the cabal to diminish the self-esteem of those who watch it. Fortunately, TV commercials will soon, and are increasingly, ending.

People are choosing to enjoy their entertainment via a medium that is not based on commercials. In fact, commercials have a great deal of “subliminal” information that is unconsciously perceived by the viewer.

This subliminal information riddles your third dimensional media by creating invisible, negative thought forms. Because these negative/controlling messages are subliminal, they are often stored in ones unconscious mind.

You are then “unconsciously” guided to do what the subliminal message tells you to do “or else” you will lose your friends, get fat, be unhappy, lose your job…The list goes on and on.

It is for this reason that we are reminding you how to read Light Language. Light Language is beyond your third dimensional mind’s ability to perceive. Therefore, it is often stored in your unconscious along with that which you have repressed.

Yes, it is true that you have repressed past negative memories. However, you have also repressed memories of very positive events that you know you could not share with others, such as you many meeting with higher beings or visits to our Starships.

Hence, a very “wise whale” can been developed within ones unconscious mind. Once you have remembered how your unconscious mind/body reads Light Language and other higher dimensional communications, you have an instant antidote for the negative subliminal messages that litter your third dimensional reality

To read Light Language, you must first recognize the “feel” of it, as well as how to discern it from negative symbolic, nonverbal language—such as within commercials. Many commercials make you feel “not good enough” and that you “need to improve.”

On the other hand, Light Language makes you feel loved, honored and vastly important just the way you are NOW. Light Language is filled with Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unconditional Acceptance, and Violet Fire.

Therefore, when you receive Light Language you feel happy, honored, euphoric, or you sob from happiness and joy. This sobbing is a form of deep release from your daily negative indoctrination. This release of, “I didn’t know how upset, confused and lonely I was until I felt wonderful!”

This release of fearful emotions stored in you unconscious is one of the primary gifts of Light Language. Even though your 3D brain may not understand it, your unconscious mind and physical body FEEL the unconditional love and multidimensional light stored in ALL Light Language messages.

In fact, this love and light is the marker that proves that it really is Light Language that is steaming to you from the higher dimensions. We, your Galactic Family, are continually sending you Light Language messages.

However, the flow of our message through your body can bring on an initiation. An “initiation” usually arises when you are ready to shift into a higher resonance, but your unconscious mind must be cleared before you can fully accept this multidimensional gift.

Our channel has not been able to verbally transmit our message because she “lost her voice.” In reality, she did not lose all her voice. She just lost the tones “in between” the higher and lower frequency. For example, Suzille’s throat could express the high and low frequencies of sound, but not he frequencies “in-between.”

After the morning meditations of the whale, her voice slowly began to recover and she began to be able to experience brief moments when the “in-between” sounds could be expressed. It is then that her “voice would come back.”

In other words, her body received the Light Language message of, “Remember to be Fully Connected by joining the consciousness of your super-conscious self with the consciousness of your un-conscious self.

Since Light Language arises from your highest expressions of SELF and penetrates deep into your unconscious self, it is best perceived if you have fully connected your super-conscious self with your un-conscious self.

In this manner you can also remember how to “read” Light Language messages via the events of your daily life. When you are consciously connected to ALL the full range of your life, you can be fully connected to the full range of the life on Earth.

As you consciousness expands into higher frequencies of light, you will consciously perceive any darkness (which is actually fear) that you tucked away in you unconsciousness mind. Perhaps you hid that darkness, fear, negative behaviors, and old wounding in your unconscious mind because you did not believe that you could face them.

As your inner light grows brighter, you have the courage to consciously perceive and heal the dark secrets you have hidden in your unconscious self. Once this illusion of darkness is healed, your innate wisdom, power and love are revealed.

This wisdom, power and love then liberates your innate “loving whale being of wisdom and light.” This being was always there, but you to hide it in your unconscious to protect it from a world that could believe in your whale or in you.

As you heal and honor your past, you have enough faith in your self to live in the NOW.
Within the NOW you are fulfilling your reason for incarnation.
Within the NOW you are free of past disappointments and future fears.
Within the NOW you are the best and highest version of your SELF that is NOW you.

Within the NOW, you no longer need to compare yourself to who once were, or who you should be in the future.

Within the NOW you can remember to unconditionally love, unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept your self.

Within the NOW you are free of the polarities and illusions of the 3D world and are able to perceive the multidimensional light of the ONE that is flowing into your life.

Within the NOW you are HOME and HOME is where you have always been.

Please join us in that NOW,
The Arcturians


  1. I love your channelings so much. I believe I gain a greater understanding through you posts than I do reading things elsewhere. This is a fairly complicated post to absorb, which I will do after I reread it a few times. I write songs about ascension and specifically about how I feel about the internal changes happening to me. My most recent song, which I wrote while I was sick in bed for a week is about gratitude to "the posse" of beings, worldly and other worldly, and inter dimensional beings who guide us and watch our back for us. It's called "Calling My Posse." You can hear it at:

    This is the first time I've written lyrics about the violet fire, as I don't like writing lyrics about things I don't understand. Thanks for sharing Sue :)

  2. The other thing about this channeling is the whale is a mammal that can breath in the water and it lives in the water. And the whale is a spiritual animal to some coastal Native American cultures. It's depicted in much Native American art. It's a mammal that dwells exclusively in the water. When my mom was alone steering my Dad's fishing boat (Native fisheries in Canada), as he slept, an Orca whale came up beside the boat and swam along with the boat for a minute or two, as she steered the boat. It really scared her, as she didn't know it was just being curious. And they are sooooo big, it was bigger than the boat. Then it spouted off and submerged. Whales are truly amazing creatures that we are very lucky to share the planet with. :)

  3. Soon in spanish at Sue´s spanish site

    Thank You Sue Lie for this beautiful message

  4. Thank you Sue- i had the Whale dream last week- two of them flying in the sky.This is a very power full message to me. Thank you for your service...

  5. Suzanne: How "interesting" that last night (Thursday) I watched IN THE HEART OF THE SEA which is the new, beautiful Ron Howard production of Melville 's MOBY DICK. I love the sync of Divine Timing with Your post! Again so Grateful for Your Support, Validation and continuing Encouragement to BE TRUE TO SELF and trust the process of Full Remembering and Embodiment. SO MUCH LOVE & GRATITUDE!!!

  6. Love and Gratitude.

  7. Interesting to note Suzanne, your message was posted at 5:55. Thank you for including the 3-fold consciousness, I have been experiencing this increasingly. Also the light language. Recently I found myself sobbing amidst waves of pure joy/bliss/unconditional love flowing through me in expanding waves of energy. 'How could anyone want anything but this?' I asked my higher selves. I did want to ask you Suzanne, I have been listening to your unconditional love chakra recordings, on the last one you recite an exquisite poem. I would love to share this poem with others and wondered who to pen as the author? Should I say Suzanne Lie, Suzille or The Arcturians? I wish to share with individuals who do not yet remember that they are interdimensional beings.

    1. I think poems are a collective effort of all of the “MEs” So my name is just fine.
      sue, Arcturian, Mytre, Mytria, Arcturians and more than I can remember

  8. Herman, my/our multi-dimensional whale friend invites us to merge with him/them. It is no coincidence that whales have the biggest heart on the planet. Whales long, invite and encourage us, their human friends to open our hearts and meet with them in our open hearts. They are ready to include us. To include us in meetings, gatherings and summits where representatives of all species meet and join together with Gaia on her/our ascension. As we listen for this amazing heart beat of the whales within our hearts, we are encouraged to add our voice and infused loving heart to the song being sung by all life everywhere. All life that speaks with each other from the heart with love. Add your voice to this song, sing in Unison our enlightenment, our experience, our grandest dream. In gratitude...we matter.

  9. Thank you, Sue! As always, very insightful and timely. I only wish I had a chance to read this post earlier and subscribe for the Webinar. Love and Blessings!