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Preparing For First Contact--The Portals are Opening--By Pleiadians Through Suzanne Lie

By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie

The Portals Are Opening 

Greetings, this is Sharman and Shelia speaking as one being,

Because you, our brave ascending ones, are NOW regaining your innate “Sense of your Multidimensional SELF,” we both wanted to share with all of you the process of returning back into your complete SELF, Divine Complements merged into ONE being.

We will speak as one being to share with our Earth away team our version of how reunion can be challenging after separation. The process of “re-merging” with your Divine Complement after one of you has been away on assignment to the third dimension can be challenging.

Hence, as more and more of you prepare for your return to your fifth dimensional SELF as well as your Divine Complement, we wanted to address that issue. We have discovered that there can be many complicating issues such as the earthbound one falling in love with a human.

This can be confusing to the “Complement” who is earthbound, as you will increasingly think third dimensionally. Hence, you often forget that within the NOW of the safety of our Ship, your Complement has no sense of “possession” within their deep love for you.

In fact, we Pleiadians often take more than one mate. However, a “mate” may not be able to understand how desperately lonely one can get on a third dimensional planet on the edge of transition. Living in a reality on the edge of “frequency reset” can be a great challenge.

On Earth you have the saying of, “The darkest night is just before dawn.” This saying is very correct because the “light of the Moon” has left and the “light of the Sun” has not yet arrived. In other words, you, the transmuting population of Earth, are feeling VERY complete with the experience of being in a reality on the cusp of great change.

Change is based on the ability of the members of your current reality to be fully aware of the TRUTH, which is within each person, place, situation, and energy field. However, “the NOW before the change” is filled with great challenge because the dark has not yet left and the light is still a glimmer of hope. Hence, there is no “solid ground” on which you can stand.

The many third dimensional illusions are being revealed to those who are ready to shift into the higher frequencies, while many others are holding on to these illusions tighter than ever. Change can be very frightening to those who are not yet grounded within Gaia and connected with their higher expressions of SELF.

Also, the ability to even perceive your ongoing frequency reset is based on your ability to love all life Unconditionally, and to allow the Violet Light of transmutation to enter into your consciousness, body, environment, and overall life. Sharman’s last visit to Earth made that requirement clear to both of us.  

However, since the darkest night is just before down, ALL the “darkness” must be examined, healed, and released before the “light” can be accepted. Thus, before humans can consciously experience personal and planetary ascension, all personal darkness, fear, procrastination, judgment, polarity—the list goes on and on—MUST BE RELEASED.

Furthermore, you must release and transmute fear from your SELF and your life. By the NOW in which you are ready to ascend, or be rescued—as Sharman was—you have had to look darkness straight on, without fear, and be able to say “I love you unconditionally.”

Sometimes, as in the case of Sharman, the grounded one becomes so lost to their SELF that the “light” cannot be perceived or accepted. In this case, their Galactic Family may come to their “rescue.” This rescue usually occurs because that brave volunteer is on the edge of physical, mental, emotions and/or spiritual collapse.

This rescue would be much like a warrior who was so deeply wounded in battle that he/she could only gain assistance by someone taking his or her body up to the Ship to be healed. We have discovered that a long away mission to Earth can greatly injure one’s body, as well as their state of consciousness.

In Sharman’s case, he had lost his ability to perceive himself as a being who was holding a fifth dimensional portal open.

More and more of the inter-dimensional portals into the fifth dimension will NOW be opening. However, many of our dedicated ascending ones are realizing that they do not want to go through that ascension portal until they believe that they have completed their mission.

Within your NOW there are increasingly more and more who are saying,
“WE are the Ascending ONES.”

“Exactly who is this “we” that is ascending?” we hear you say. “Our answer from our Higher Knowing,” which is unique in each ONE, is YOU! You have had many returns to the uncountable versions of the fourth dimension.

Thus, you are NOW feeling complete with time/space realities and are ready to make the octave leap into the HERE/NOW realities. Nonetheless, many of you have offered to take an incarnation on this NOW of Ascending Earth.

Fortunately, many of you are able to travel inter-dimensionally via your multidimensional consciousness to visit fifth dimensional Earth. You were able to resonate to that perception because you expanded your consciousness into Gamma Waves.

It is very difficult to maintain a Gamma Wave Consciousness while on a third dimensional planet. It is for this reason that Spiritual Societies are often in the high mountains, away from civilization and within the Heart of the Mother’s NATURE.

Whenever you, the ascending ones, put aside any personal desires and follow your Inner Guidance, you will be able to enjoy the visit. You have, however, to KNOW that what we are doing for Gaia is A DRESS REHERSAL.

What you will discover is that you will need to complete ALL of your third/fourth dimensional effluvia. Fortunately, that is not as difficult as one may think. All of you on your threshold reality know yourselves very well. You know your strengths, and you know your weaknesses.

You also know that you have fulfilled your “pre-birth contracts”. YOU will be the “first ones through.” You will be “the first ones through” NOT because of any rank or being better. You are the ones who have experienced many “ascensions” into the fourth dimension.

Therefore, Piercing the Veil occurred between the third and mid-fourth dimensional planes. Within this NOW, “piercing the veil” is not the appropriate title. What is occurring now is that you are being called on to “Open The Portals” that connect the third/fourth dimension with the fifth dimension.

The truth is that you are becoming Masters of the third/fourth dimension. In other words, you almost graduated. We say “almost” because you have volunteered to merge your personal consciousness:
            With your Gaia’s Planetary Consciousness:
                                    With your Solar Consciousness
                                                With your Galactic Consciousness
                                                            With your Universal Consciousness

This transition on a small planet called Earth has captured the attention of the Highest Beings of the ONE. WE, your Galactic Family, Solar Family, Universal Family wish to say, WELCOME HOME!

In closing, We, Shelia and I, have had some wonderful communications with our volunteers and friends on Earth. Therefore, we would like to share some of the “fifth dimensional Lightbody” experiences that these people are having while they are:

Preparing for Fifth Dimensional Lightbody

{From OA} Kundalini experience is fantastic, but nothing prepared me for the kind of experience I am about to share, that I still cannot explain. As I was napping, 2 or 3 weeks ago, it seems that my consciousness tapped within my body cells.

I became the size of a cell, situated in my body near the root chakra, as I looked up (from the cell point of view) I got to perceive the most beautiful sight ever, I saw my Kundalini stream!

I got to witness the energy movement, rising up, and the two serpents (or tube of light) both had different bright very vivid colors, it was absolutely beautiful. I still cannot explain, yet, to this day what had happened but it sure was a priceless experience that i am not about to forget.

{From LJ} I get this internal hum and vibrations at the back of my neck, sounds like Bashar's c Sharp YouTube resonance of the earth. Is this a connection to the Kundalini?

{From PK} My experience was brief but wholly transcendent... nothing like what we experience here in 3 & 4 D realms of time and temporal manifestations. The highlight of that experience was in the transcending of time and perception entirely, to taste a realm of unadulterated pure experience... a truly immaculate concept of reality in an undifferentiated state of being. This happened about 40 years ago, and all else pales in comparison.

{From DC} I found myself at a business event that culminated in a shamanic journey with around 150 people two days running. The first day I felt like a grain of sand in one of those cymatic experiments and I thought my arms were wings and I was turning into a bird!

The next day I felt roots coming out of the ground (hotel function room) and pulling me down. There was an intense vibration coming from my hip area that went down to my knees and all through my body. I particularly felt it the top of my head, the sides of my nose, earlobes, mammaries and hands.

It was like the energy wanted to get out but couldn't. My hands contorted into this strange mudra. I knew I had been bound and even though I couldn't use my fingers I managed to free myself from these binds. By putting my hands together I felt the energy circulating better and eventually my hands found my heart. I had come home.

The only other experience that came close to this feeling of pure joy and euphoria was the birth of my first child. After the event my eyes could really see the beauty in everything. There were also some very weird hallucinogenic type experiences and two more experiences of the contorted hands. It showed me that immersing my hands in my bath water dispersed the trapped energy while at the same time allowing me to keep it.


{From H L} I Experience Kundalini Sort of Like Fluorescent Tube In Spine - Am Cautious Not To Download Too Much Love/Light At Once Or My Spleen Hurts ! Lightbody Is In Flashes of Awareness; I Forget To Remember -- But Awesome !!!

{From AA} impossible in 3D words ..i hope i have chances to have enough time on line to share about ...lightbody and kundalini are absolutely connected
they connect me with my powers my real identity

imagine you have all the powers you had ever dreamed of

all the effective unending Bliss you ever had desired,
see a door-vortex to Oneness..
ego collapses /merges with the Infinite Ocean
theFLOW is active again and you are aware and conscious ...
ok i do look forward to sharing more on line ..just ask me
PS kundalini is more powerful than atomic or hyperbombs.....

{From AR} Yes, I definitely want to share my experience now that more us are open to evolve to a higher vibration. This beautiful realization or awareness happened almost 17 years ago on Thanksgiving Day. A day I will never forget. I have always had a special interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, angeology, energy and alternative healing. I love meditating and listening to music with nature backgrounds.

That Thanksgiving Day I stayed in a friend's house. Before going to sleep I recalled asking my friend if he had music to relax. He told me to go downstairs and turn his system on to whatever I liked. It was dark while walking down the stairs to the living room. When I turned the system on it wasn't working, I turned around and suddenly felt cold around me and the system started working on its own. A bit confused I called my friend who I saw walking down the stairs.

There was this beautiful music out of this world that sounded like a choir. I couldn't identify the language but felt each word sang touched my heart. That is when I saw a fog like energy taking over the living room. My knees got weak and felt my body heavier than usual. I remember closing my eyes and was taken through a gold colored worm hole. An indescribable voice talked to me with so much love and showed my life on different stages. All that I had lived and all that I had learned in this lifetime and other.

This voice was of a loving female energy and was telling me how proud she was of me. She told me I was full of grace. I remember feeling so much love that I cried. I remember telling this energy that if I had to live all these lives again I would do it all over again without changing anything. Then I saw many of us holding hands above our planet Earth and sending this brilliant gold-white light. Then that is when I felt every cell of my body becoming one with this beautiful light. When I opened my eyes my friend was holding me.

I asked him if he saw something but he didn't. I told him what I had experienced and after a few days he decided not to continue our friendship. For over a week I felt this loving energy surrounding me. Also, I felt the scent of roses every time I went to sleep. This experience definitely changed the way I live my life today.

{From CB} In 1987 on the harmonic convergence I felt completely electrocuted and began a 3-year immersion into being ONE with all that is. Most of the time nothing was solid, it was all patterns of energy. Gradual apparently is not my style but I'd been meditating since 1969. I was told then that with 7 planets in fire I was doing kundalini my way, it was like being on LSD for 3 years and took many more to integrate it all.

{From SD} Vibrant, intelligent, flowing, and ecstatic ~ the energy flows, engulfs, and dances through my awareness. The light within awakens my infinite wisdom, multidimensional power, and unconditional love to enable our innate connection to ALL consciousness. The new human prototype is here!


We thank you all for sharing your process. It is through this type of sharing that YOU can
Can Make Ascension NORMAL

We want to thank all of you for courage to openly share your experiences of ascension. All life on Gaia has the opportunity for the ascension, octave jump, from the third/fourth dimensional reality time/space separation and polarity into Here/NOW unity and Oneness of the fifth dimension.

Most important of all, YOU enter into the octave jump from “Personal Consciousness” into “Planetary Consciousness.” We shall return to speak about this ongoing shift of your Perception of SELF.
Sharman and Shelia


  1. om ITAL TRANSL on request
    Goodwill benevolent cooperation forLIFE always

    i have Internet line after about 2 days of black out here-
    i see now yet no comments!!
    i cant believe my eyes ,such an IMPORTANT message and till now no comments (????)
    and i am first to comment ,what are my brothers/sisters doing? i mean most of you have easy/full time accessible Internet line ,here

    :half in the wild for Missions with element(al)s,devas,Source,Allthatis ..

    i have seldom internet
    and to be again first to comment is again a blissful honour and blessing and
    great responsibilities..
    please brothers and sisters let's be more active in truth and cooperation
    this message like the ones before are a priceless gift of umost importance for our past present future realization
    realization is to go in tune with ,
    to resonate to
    Truth and Oness
    not an effort
    just being present
    words are not enough so i send to you all a light thru' my real self

  2. Quote:

    "Also, the ability to even perceive your ongoing frequency reset is based on your ability to love all life Unconditionally, and to allow the Violet Light of transmutation to enter into your consciousness, body, environment, and overall life.

    However, since the darkest night is just before down, ALL the “darkness” must be examined, healed, and released before the “light” can be accepted. Thus, before humans can consciously experience personal and planetary ascension, all personal darkness, fear, procrastination, judgment, polarity—the list goes on and on—MUST BE RELEASED.

    What you will discover is that you will need to complete ALL of your third/fourth dimensional effluvia. Fortunately, that is not as difficult as one may think. All of you on your threshold reality know yourselves very well. You know your strengths, and you know your weaknesses.

    You also know that you have fulfilled your “pre-birth contracts”."


    Been there, done ALL that.

    Now the only thing holding us back, is our "pre-Birth contract" horrifying restriction clause, in which we agreed (like clueless idiots) not go into our now desperately needed *Lightbody* escape until GAIA does.

    C'mon GAIA, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon already, C'MON GAIA....wait for it, wait for it.....

    9 days and counting.....

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  3. yes i sometimes feel just the same
    ,what a luck that dividedspacetime is illusion
    and there,is only Now and we all are ONE ...
    i understand you are very corageous and sensitive
    blessings on you

  4. First off, I would like to say how much I GREATLY appreciate this stream of sharing. It has been extremely beneficial along this leg of my journey.

    I feel these things happening now and feel them expanding more throughout my body, experience and my general processing of the energies (power) within.

    When I meditate, I used to focus on grounding into Gia but it felt so unnatural especially with the intuitive nudges that I get, like I wasn't meant to. The way it did/does feel right (for me) is rooted in the understanding of Gia already existing as her 5D self (given the timeless nature of it all).

    From there it feels more like a calibrating to that frequency band especially when coupled with focused breathing and visuals (i.e. ).

    Also, I feel me and more of the energies releasing(lower) and grounding(higher) as I consciously create with my intent (art/ music wise). One example is Ive been going through what can be perceived as a cold or sinus situation for the past week, and i can completely feel the changes in my body (energetically and physically) with the completion of one collection of works moving on to the another (which feels like a completely different experience(more so than in past cases)).

    I also feel the energies that seem to be “responsible” for/within this mysterious seizure disorder i developed a few years ago are acting in more of a continuous flow (or Im able to perceive them in not as drastic a way).

    It its truly a refreshing experience feeling “new” experiences/ sensations that allow for the mind to grasp that there is so much more to this experience, and that the life already lived is just the beginning / stepping stone to what will be/is (re)experienced.

    Sidenote: Anyone else ever find the phrase “Used to” as in” I used to be” to be funny when broken down and compared to what it’s actually conveying?

    All the love and light,


    1. This page translates in every language in the middle of this page on the right side.

  6. Words cannot express how grateful I am after your webinar You put me back to where I was a couple of years ago when it felt so glorious and wonderful, only now I understand it and know how to sustain it and still be in daily life It makes all the difference My mind is blown back open and I am filled with light and love Glory Hallelujah

  7. Soon in spanish at Sue´s spanish site:

    Blessings <3

  8. Translation in romanian

  9. Wonderful message, thank you so much! Despite having internet, my own 3-D life has been extremely complex lately, but definitely things are shifting for the better! I very much appreciate your guidance to say, "Not now, please" Dr. Sue, when things get wonky for me with electrical and electronic devices. This still happens from time to time - actually zapped out my laptop after a meditation when it was fully charged, so funny. Other times my Kindle has been charging when NOT PLUGGED IN. I was electrocuted by lightning through the landline telephone at the age of 17, was part of Harmonic Convergence and did rebirthing with Leonard Orr in the early nineties. I am much better than I was for a few weeks there and plan to be able to participate with the group more. I do very much enjoy listening to the meditations afterwards and spend about an hour or more each day or night in meditation. It helps so much! I know the Dawn is coming, and this darkest hour can sometimes seem daunting, but we will get through this! Ready for re-calibration. Rainbow Blessings, beautiful people! I am a Pleaidian myself, and my Selenite wands remind me of my lifetime in the Pleades.

  10. I please ask my galatic rescue team to kindly assist me in my time of great need. This is very urgent. Much love, light and blessings.

  11. I had a unique experience after the rise of my kundalini on 9 February 2014, I started to feel the breath other than my own breath and the sensation of warmth into my body. from the chest to the abdomen, hands and feet sometimes there is a warm sensation tickling my face. I started to ask myself "who feel this breath" and the first thing on my mind is my divine complement. During the week of 10-16 February 2014 I began to adjust to the new situation. Because every blast of his breath and a warm body in my body. My body responds to sexual response and orgasm. After one week, I began to get used to the new circumstances and without the sexual response again. And yes, until now I could still feel the warm breath of his breathing and his body put into my body, has been 2 years since 9 February 2014. It was our united breath share with each other and reality but physically he's not with me. I often met him in a dream and dimension 5. Does anyone have the same experience with me? could feel the breath of the divine complement to the physical body after the rise kundalini.
    Thank you...

  12. Dialogue chat with Joshua - Sananda Christ
    through Adamis and Anshelina

    Saturday May 21, 2016
    Dear brothers in the Light ... On the night we met for Skype chat ... and when we had one dialogue while ... we have had the great surprise and happiness that our beloved Joshua came to interact with us ... and we have left a beautiful message we want to share with you, our beloved Lightworkers ... Here's part of the summary of our chat starts, in which we receive the message of Joshua:


    Beloved, I'm every one of you and I live every cell of their bodies as well as reside in the "Sacred Space of His Heart ..."
    I am yourselves, like my mother and the same Source of All That Is ... WE ARE ONE IN ALL! ...

    On 23 September, a New Being emerge from the ashes, like the phoenix. In every sense for many, time filling CHRIST LIGHT ...

    August will end with a very strong cleaning GAIA and all that inhabit it: Animals, plants, minerals and human ...
    You Anshe, You are the mainstay of many of those gathered in these times ... from the Heart note them ...
    September is a journey that begins downhill, I'd say ... because when you go downhill do not have effort, rather than being yourself doing introspection, nothing more ...
    Until 23 in which the Earth is fertile to bloom ... and collect the fruits of "ALL" being a new being ...
    Whatever they feel! ... I gave the date Adamis and through you knew what was going to happen more unconsciously already knew
    your right to know who was now fulfilled, and only when awareness of what you have to do the answers and tools to go ahead and take up, come ...

    And So It Is My children ... And blessings for his mettle and courage! ...
    Enjoy and ... "CALM" is what they should be, because the PATH IS RAIDED and CAME AND ...
    Joshua love you and appreciate your words ... What happiness that we're here ... it is a break for us! ...
    JOSHUA:! Deserved rest of their physical and mental bodies ... Enjoy, rest of all tension ... LIGHT INSTALLED TO STAY !!! ...

    Yes ... it has been a long road and hard, but we passed the test and here we are doing in the Now everyday, with Love, Light and Joy ... sharing with others ... Everything under your LIGHT and loved LOVE Joshua ...

    JOSHUA: (Laughs) Yeah ... and it is ... It only remains its preparation throughout the month ... Always and in everything and everyone, I am the guiding Joshua front ... And So It Is ...

    His loving Brother Joshua Sananda Christ ...

    ADAMIS Y ANSHE: ¡Te amamos JOSHUA!… ¡Te damos las Gracias!… ¡Y somos felices de recibir Tus Mensajes… que nos llenan de Amor, Luz, Alegría y Emoción el Corazón!!!…


    So we said, "You never give Grace ... Since we are!" The same grace ...!

    Por: Adamis y Anshelina

  13. Thank you, Sue! Much love! Blessings!

  14. Thank you, Sue! Much love! Blessings!