Friday, November 27, 2015

Straight Talk on Ascension #2 and Releasing the Illusion of Questioning


Straight Talk on Ascension #2


Dr. Suzanne Lie

As I close my eyes, I perceive myself on the edge of… on the beginning to…

I feel behind the pain, the war, the anger, the violence, the lies, and the illusion. And, I feel before the Light and the Love of Home.  Oh, Home feels so wonderful!   It has been a very long excursion through many lifetimes on poor beloved Gaia who was taken over by the dark ones long ago who have ruled on and on.

But, no longer can these dark ones rule, though they try harder and harder every day.  They try to have at least one terrifying event hit the news as often as possible.  Terror, fear, agony, death…  Why? 

Because we are leaving and they know it.  Those who live in the dark, those who create in the dark, they know that we are leaving.  Their prey is leaving.  We are stepping beyond an invisible line that they cannot even see.

They know, at least some of them know, that we send this feeling of some kind of love that they cannot even begin to imagine and some color of fire that they’ve never heard of. 

But some know, the young ones know, the children know, and the new indoctrinates are remembering.  These awakening ones are accepting the Unconditional Love, and they are using the Violet Fire.  Therefore, they are breaking their programming.

Now they, too, can step across the line.  Anyone can step across the line.  Everyone can step across the line.  The challenge is not stepping across that invisible line.  The challenge is perceiving that it is even there because we can only perceive a reality that resonates to the frequency of our consciousness.

So we can only perceive this threshold into fifth-dimensional realities when our consciousness is resonating to that threshold of:
Moving beyond the illusions of the third dimension…
            Into the ever-present multi-dimensional Light,
The feeling of Unconditional Love,
And the transmutation and glory of the Violet Fire. 

It is there for all.  It is there for free.  All you need do to consciously perceive this threshold is to expand your consciousness into the frequency through which you can perceive it.

Once you can perceive this threshold, it is your choice whether or not you are ready to cross it…
You can live just before the threshold because you don’t quite feel ready. 

You can waiver on the threshold so you that you can quickly move into the higher frequencies and then jump back to that which is familiar. 

Or you can stay longer and longer within that frequency. 

As you stay longer and longer within that frequency, your mind begins to change.  Your body begins to change.  You begin to transmute into your Lightbody and into your multi-dimensional mind.

How does this experience feel? 
We don’t know, do we?  We never did it before like this.

Yes, most of us that can perceive the line of this threshold have had at least one life, if not many lives, in which we consciously walked across into the higher worlds.  Maybe we even experienced the higher realms of the fourth-dimensional Nirvana. 

And, some of us, more and more each day are remembering our true life in the fifth-dimension and beyond.  And, that remembering is so very wonderful because, once we remember, we have something to return to.  Therefore, crossing that line, crossing that threshold is not frightening. 

For those who do not remember, I will say that crossing, even if we cross it “only in our imagination,” feels like stepping over an invisible line into an unknown reality. 

This unknown reality feels wonderful, but we don’t know anything about it. Maybe our feelings are wrong.  Our third-dimensional feelings are very often wrong.  Maybe this feeling is just another ploy of the darkness?  We have learned – don’t trust anyone or anything.

So those of us that have somehow regained and/or are stayed in continual contact with our own Multidimensional SELF, it is our joy to even be near that line, that threshold. But we remember that we volunteered to find those that waiver at the edge and just need a little bit of information, a little bit of security, a hand of Love.  They just need a little bit of help. They need us to say: 

“Look, this is what it’s like across the line.  Don’t be afraid, here, let us tell you our story about life on the fifth-dimension.”

And then we try to tell them how it feels to live in complete Unconditional Love, Unconditional Acceptance, and Unconditional Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is such a novel concept to the third/fourth-dimensional world.

It is the Unconditional Love of our selves and Unconditional Acceptance of our selves that we found the courage to accept these challenges. And, it is the Unconditional Forgiveness of our selves for any means in which we faltered, fell apart, had anger, or lost faith that gives us courage to continue. 

More and more, we can forgive ourselves unconditionally and accept ourselves unconditionally because we are changing realms.  Therefore, each day, each hour, each minute, each second, and with each breath, we are remembering how to Unconditionally Love, Accept and Forgive our self.

It is because we are remembering the fifth dimensional traits of unconditional love, forgiveness, and acceptance that our consciousness is beginning to expand into the fifth dimension.  As our consciousness expands, our perceptions expand, and we begin to see the wavering Light of something that we know is not third dimensional.

We begin to perceive something that we know is beyond that which we experience in our dreams.  It is something that reminds us of our Home, of the beings that we were, and the places where we lived before we took this third-dimensional form. 

We are also remembering to allow ourselves to sit with these memories and to just be within these memories. Many of us have had myriad incarnations on third dimensional Gaia, and there are a lot of physical traumas that we need release and forget. 

We can forget because we remember, and we can release because we know.

As we find that courage to trust our SELF, trust our inner vision, trust our inner voices, trust our dreams, and trust our aspirations, that which so many of us have held secretly within ourselves can finally be shared with others. Before (that is, before we could perceive the line), perceive the threshold, it did not feel safe to share.

In fact, we knew it was not safe, and saw that many suffered for saying their truth. On the other hand, there were—are—many who shared who did not suffer, or who shared in spite of the consequences.

We send them all unconditional love as this gives us unconditional courage to PERCEIVE our SELF, to share our SELF and to BE our SELF in daily life.

As more and more of us take that leap
Back to our own Multidimensional SELF
And share our true SELF with others
Together we can

Blessings, Please assist us to “make Ascension normal” because IT IS.

Then we can release our illusions of questioning 
and begin living our Truth!

I welcome you to listen to the message below and share your comments! 



“The Illusion of Questioning” 

Where am I?  Oh yes, I am here.  I see the door behind me and I see Lady Astrea to my right.  Perhaps I can ask her now about why I don't remember my Earth life while I am here. But, before I can formulate the question, I hear her saying,

"Dear, you will know when you remember this experience on Earth when you remember your Earth life while you are here.  Be patient with yourself.  It is very difficult to live two realities at once, and your Higher Self will determine when you are ready."

Higher Self?  What is she talking about?  Does she mean that there is even more of me than my waking and sleeping self?  I am even more confused now than I was before I asked the question, but now I must enter the circle.  I hope I can remember to ask her about that "Higher Self".

I am entering the circle and, as I do so, I feel like I am coming Home.  The two dear Ladies appear as if from nowhere and lovingly release another veil and I hear the voice of Lady Leto. 

It appears that she, too, heard my question as she says, "Last evening the work was very deep and you were unable to carry any of it to your outside mind.  Know that seeing the connection between the inside and the outside is sometime dependent on your fortitude.  In this case, it was better not to remember the night's work so that you could rest.

“This evening the Ladies have lifted the ‘Illusion of Questioning.’  To question is to feel the separation between yourself and the ultimate source.  To question is to put one's consciousness into human consciousness to ask of a higher or another source. 

On this side of the veil, we are living in a constant state of knowing.  All divine information is readily within our grasp and we easily attune to whatever is appropriate.  Also, on the spirit level, we are not bound to attune to only one thing.  I can personally attend to you while I can, just as personally, attend to all others who are also calling me this day."

As the veil is given to the Brother, Hilarion speaks, "I can see, my one, that you are 'questioning' this concept.  This, of course, is part of the reason why you were unable to bring forward any of the work of last evening.  I will try to explain this to you.  To you particularly, questioning has been an important part of your growth. 

Questioning is a lot like wanting.  Wanting denotes that you do not already have and this wanting pulls one out of the cosmic flow of All in All.  Questioning acts in much the same manner.  When you question, there is an underlying energy field that denotes that you do not already know.  This separates you from the Universal Mind.

"To release the ‘Illusion of Questioning,’ one would instead unify.  When you unify with the Universal Mind, no questioning is necessary as your mind is united with the Universal Mind.  Then the information desired can be collected just as it is ‘collected’ from your physical brain. 

Dear one, try not to question this concept, but rather take a moment to experience the difference.  First, ask yourself a question, then unify.  As you have seen, to question dissects your consciousness into individual words and concepts.  To unify, however, opens you to all answers simultaneously."

As the other Brothers take the veil, Apollo speaks, "The opposite polarity of questioning is understanding, because you do not have to question if you have grasped what was said.  We have unified with your consciousness and, therefore, know exactly what you need us to say to you to further your understanding. 

The basis of questioning is insecurity and impatience.  Insecurity comes from the illusion of space because one is insecure in one’s supposed separation.  Impatience comes from the illusion of time.  Therefore, space and time bind questioning.  As you transcend both space and time, the illusion of separation and the human quality of impatience are also transcended.” 

With mighty Apollo's final words, I could feel myself being pulled back into space and time.  No, no, I don't wish to re-enter yet.  I have more questions…

Q and A on Questioning Your SELF

Please share how you questioned your SELF and
How you found the courage to BE your SELF.

Thank you, in the great year of 2016, we


Thank you for your messages!


  1. I have questioned my Self when I allowed doubt and fear to enter. What I found out is that the thoughts are still allowed but I can choose now another "radio station". It took me some time in this life, yes, but I succeeded. And so I can assist others as well - and love to share all the possibilities we have and are receiving constantly. And as a Group of brave "lightbringers" we are strong and created a net of love and Support around the planet - everyone included. Love to you and All

  2. yes thanks
    ITAL TRANSL. on request
    goodwill cooperation

  3. i questioned my self
    mainly because of the environment
    ,the collective holographik projection ....
    and so it was unusual to be one with my Self ...
    then i brought my inner activities and consciousness to
    a merging once more again consciously with my RealSelf then
    the door to higher selves opened and the Gate to infinite Oneness

  4. Thank you, Sue and the Arcturians. Feels good to release questioning to fully recognize the light and love mission and its grandeur.

  5. what is the relationship between traditional self-realization/enlightenment, and ascension ..

    some parallels, and crosovers, but completely different it often seems

  6. I have been doing my version of the golden portal meditation that was given on or around 10/27/15 in Suzanne's blog.
    This morning when I moved from being with a group at Gaia's core to being with a group
    on a spaceship for the first time I noticed there were beings in the circle that were not
    humanoid. I decided to join the circle between two beings that looked like large insects. I looked into the eyes of the male one on my right and smiled. He sent me a blast of love. I thanked him mentally, and he nodded. Then I looked to my left at a female being and sent her love. She started crying and said now I get humans.
    I noticed she was pregnant, and she asked if I would send love to her babies. I did so,
    asking her how many were there? She said lots. Then I realized what an amazing,
    multidimensional experience I was having which brings me back to 3D.
    Tamara from Durango

  7. Sharing Leader Feedback:
    "How wonderful it is that we have this space where we can share what it is like on the other side.
    What it is like to hold that shift and the awareness and to look pass the changes? Now we are very lucky that we can share the global events together and so quickly connect and unite form all around the globe. We have the tools to keep on track with all the changes and upgrades.

    It has always been this way and has been always available to us but we couldn't see. Being here I can perceive my journey and how little I knew. Now I see, it was all the time available but I just didn't know that and that the shift has already happened. I couldn't see that it because there was so much happening around with so many different realities possible. I needed to work through the belief system and through my perceptions of myself and the reality around. It was necessary to strengthen the belief that the new is possible and that it has happened. This has been an incredible journey and a wide richness of experience. After the breakthroughs have happened I was able to see the limitations and barriers and what was stopping me and what was not in alignment with myself and the truth self. I was then able to move to the next step. I was able to step beyond the line. Although I was there briefly on many occasions, I didn't trust it could be permanent. Now I know it is.

    Often when we get so close to the line, we ought to face the biggest illusions which are to be dropped. It is worth it. What is it that we are clinging to? What is it that we do not share with others? What is it that we keep just to ourselves? Is there a power? Is there a key? I share what I experienced. May this be a thread for others to connect with the knowingness.

    Now I know, that there is a space in which it is possible to share any experience and not to look weird but to be accepted. Now I know that there were many unusual events and happenings which others didn't perceive but they were real in my experience. Now I know that I really went through that and came out of it.

    What is it like to be on the other side? It is to be in the knowing and believing about the shift. It is to perceive yourself as a beautiful being standing at the gateway of living your dreams and opening, unlocking those dreams for others. It is knowing the subtle differences, knowing that you can experience Joy, Peace, Balance and just be you, live your gifts, honour your journey and living the magnificent being you are. I honour you all who assisted me in that journey.

    I am seeing many timelines passing and I perceive and align with Peace, Love, Joy and Grace.

    ~ Monika

  8. Sharing Leader Feedback:

    "Ascension is normal.

    Yes, this space/timeline has been atrociously disconnected from the FLOW of the ONE in the ever-present-NOW of Infinite ever expanding/contracting Creation.
    Such a mistake ....of disconnection, separation, and consequential fear has brought increasing amounts of excessive darkness like illness, death as a drama, etc.
    Our mission is also to re-open the Flow.
    We have infinite challenges and risks, but we have the best ally/confederate: the INFINITE SPIRIT/ALLTHATIS'.

    The frequency of the ONE is pushing and making a soft sure holographic pressure to re-enter, to regain also this part of ITs bodies/frequencies.

    The dark/lost ones have already lost with SUCH an opponent in unlimited expansion/contraction. OM.

    Out of divided time-space, we can always join and merge with the frequencies of the Here of the Now of the One whenever we so desire...Om.

    Yes, releasing is a must. I share with you a talk that happened between me and my personal helper:

    Q: Dear helper, how can you be so purely transparent in the midst of all these phenomena ...?
    A: My dear, I do not hold back anything. I do not cling to anything, yet not I draw anything, yet you can see i am actively present and aware here, too, and I can broadcast, pass, hold, improve countless frequencies, and do many more waves helpful to LIFE.

  9. Sharing Leader Feedback:

    What an exciting time to be walking across the threshold into higher frequencies of reality that are becoming more and more out of phase with the lower frequencies that aim to withhold our light and potential. Unconditional love, forgiveness, and violet fire become our way of life as we embrace and recognize the perfection of our true expansive selves. Let us celebrate our collective courage to radiate our true magnificent light.