Friday, February 27, 2015

Blessings On Your New Life - The Arcturians


There are myriad realities that surround us in every moment of our day. 
We have forgotten that our consciousness is the key to open 
the doorway into any reality that we choose.

We forgot that we could choose our reality because 
we bought the lies that were fed to us by those who sought 
to control and possess rather than to love and create.
We tried to control our life so that they would not control us. 
However, control in any manner is a trap, 
as we cannot control and surrender at the same time.

Control is the mechanism of the third dimension, 
whereas surrender opens the pathway into the higher worlds.

Therefore, by controlling our lives, 
we see only third dimensional options 
and solutions for our third dimensional situations.

On the other hand, when we moved beyond the third dimension 
we realized that we could experience our fourth dimensional dreamland.

We realized that when we fall asleep, 
we are "falling" into a slightly higher state of consciousness 
in which we can experience our reality from a higher perspective.

But, in order too enter fifth dimensional consciousness 
we must surrender into our Higher SELF.

Just as we only see the channel to which our television is tuned, 
we can only experience the reality that resonates 
to the frequency of our consciousness.

The illusion of time no longer reigns in our fifth dimensional reality. 
Each moment is alive, and time cannot be "wasted." 
Therefore, we do not need to hurry up or slow down, 
as within the fifth dimension there is only NOW.

In the higher worlds there is no fear of what might happen.
There is only unconditional love within the HERE of the NOW.

In other words, in order to enter the fifth dimension and beyond, 
We must understand and release ALL fear and live in LOVE!

Blessings from
We speak as "we" as we are "you"


  1. Love the pictures! I guess that's all IlliaEm. Looking forward to more of those lovely pics:))

  2. om thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. 2015 march 01 ..planet earth,
    Today for me this is a historical DAY--

    2015 Feb, 28, after a long day of self-observation, sharings and Service,I go to sleep , I'm falling asleep and remember to connect with Gaia, with my true Self, with AllThatIS….'.
    it is now the 1st of March 2015
    I go alpha waves ,I feel strong presence of gamma waves also, I draw in theta waves to balance something intense and bright arriving to me -- .a vortex that lateri enter/become . I had noticed in the last few days perceptions more subtle and intense than usual also in 3rd eye. I draw the VioletFlame ..

    at some point in me resonates a phrase: I am a hybrid, I am hybrid of various cosmic DNA, I feel now much also the Pleiadian dna ..
    but here's the most 'intense' is now Arthurian and my inner voice goes on saying I am a hybrid ,continues to repeat itself but now says :I am an Arthurian Hybrid .I think I'm out of my head .... crazy…-but here it is …without a doubt I have clear objective perception that :
    a wonderful energy penetrates me ,enshroud me: it is soft delicate sweet warm healing nonviolent but so very powerful and almost transparent: formless but so lively..
    I search and find Its vibrational essence: truth 'and oneness is the frequency ..
    I do feel certain Arthurian essence coming in ,on line within me , re-awakening in me, but more 'intense than ever ...: it contains something violet and huge ... pure .. .love .i am being trained to monitor thoughtforms in myself so I observe objectively everything that is happening I enter/become a ... state of soft feel ecstasy and I reconnect more than ever with Truth and Unity ..
    Now doubts, feelings do not deserve, to be not worthy, fears etc ..start dissolving..I always had a good feeling with the Arcturians but I now perceive their consciousness /presence like never before. I'm not raped ,nor possessed I am consciously freely intermingling with something wonderful BEYOND 3D words ..
    I feel better and better. I seem to be reborn .I feel in a cocoon-egg beautiful of living light, there is a violet holo-leitmotivei .i feel Arcturian Corridor ... woooow ... I perceive (all of us in ecstasy )other presences .. I see that Gaia is in too..and 'she intermingles and the corridor is a frequency and see IT in the infinite ..spread everywhere…
    I am invaded by … equilibrium cosmic wellness unconditional love multidimensional light….this multiD- energy is so powerful and kind -ahimsa,gentle .. I now start telepathic contact with Arcturians . they respond to my every question in a concise and clear exhaustive.way and in Light cosmic language too…always
    I must clarify here that I am happily aware that
    between the Arthurians and me there is' a beautiful living bridge: Pleiadians..
    who are here now .the last doubts of not being worthy of not being up, not to be able, not to be infused also by Arthurian energies vanish from my screen of consciousness ... contemporary is an 'immense joy .. I sigh like a child ...i become pure like a krystal strong as a diamond…. I feel a sense of growing responsabilities and the cosmic warrior who I am becoming who will defend all these Energies . I feel that my life changed forever at best. . I feel that now the Arthurian are for me the best interface with the infinite and truth.
    my chakras cells bodies atoms are turned on in rebirth reconnection ecstasy oneness '
    I perceive dimensions- worlds .even the INFINITE better than ever before ..

    I immensely thanks Pleiadians relatives and selves too. I am reminded that higher selves are only aspects of one beingness.
    i feel like reborn joyful
    i am infinitely grateful also to DrSuzan Caroll whose help is wonderful beyond written words
    Blessings to you all please read me with your consciousness not 3D eyes ..
    Today for me this is a historical DAY--

  4. Thank you, Sue and the Arcturians, for your words and your artwork, both of which touch my heart.

    Alex, thank you for your comment. I feel your wonderful experience with the Arcturian connection. I'm not sure if it helps, but did you know that King Arthur of Camelot and his Knights of the Round Table was an Arcturian. Love.

  5. wonderful beautiful....thanks....marie