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The Void Before the Opening -- Arcturian Message

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The Void Before the Opening

Arcturian Message

The void before the opening is much like “the darkest night just before dawn,” but with a multidimensional twist. The difference is that the void will offer you as many possible realities as you can imagine. In fact, the only limitation to the myriad options of reality that you can experience is your own ability to trust your imagination and KNOW that imagination is fifth dimensional thought.

Since the void is NOT bound by time or third dimensional thinking you cannot enter it with your third dimensional consciousness. However, the void contains all the portals to all the dimensions. The only limitation is your own state of consciousness. If you enter that void while in fourth dimensional consciousness, you will only experience the possible realities of your fourth dimensional multiple, parallel and alternate realities.

Fourth dimensional realities resonate to time, but 4D time is very different than 3D time. There is a story of a man who questioned that time differentiation. His teacher invited him to come to the head of the class, which he did. The teacher held a deep bowl of water and asked the man to put his face into the water, while he facilitated the man’s inter-dimensional journey to the fourth dimension.

During this journey the man arrived in a foreign land, fell in love, married, had many children and grandchildren, then died of old age. At this point the teacher pulled the man’s head from the water so that the man could see that only a few seconds had passed in third dimensional time.

“How can that be?” asked the man, “I lived an entire life time within that world.” The teacher answered, “You experienced the time difference between the third and fourth dimension.”

In fifth dimensional consciousness and beyond, you resonate to the “no time” of the NOW. Within that NOW you are free of all time and the separation of thoughts, emotions and events into polarized segments. Therefore, you experience myriad realities within the NOW.

The problem is that when you return and try to remember this adventure, your time-bound, sequential and polarized 3D brain has no ability to translate a timeless adventure into time-bound, separate experiences. Fortunately, many of you, our volunteers wearing an earth vessel, are beginning to remember how it feels to live within the NOW.

You are remembering how to live within the NOW because the frequency of light on Earth is much higher than it has been since the fall of Atlantis. This higher frequency of light is activating the innate connection between your multidimensional mind and your third dimensional brain.

Hence, your 3D brain is receiving messages via your expanded perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience. Thus, as your consciousness expands to encompass the fifth dimension, you have experiences of multiple, parallel and alternate realities.

These perceptions cannot be processed via your third dimensional thinking. Fortunately, more and more of you are remembering the higher dimensional versions of your own Multidimensional SELF, as well as versions of your self who resonates to alternate and parallel third/fourth dimensional realities.

The combination of these myriad, simultaneous realities is encouraging you to expand your daily, working state of consciousness into the higher brainwaves. However, there are many challenges that you must confront when you realize that these “other worlds” are simultaneously occurring while you go about your third-dimensional life.

Since, these other worlds are outside of and beyond your 3D time, you can only maintain the conscious awareness for them for what appears to be “a few seconds.” Then, you likely experience that vision as being “gone.”

Of course, that reality is never gone, but since that reality resonates beyond time, your time-bound, 3D brain can only remain connected to these perceptions and experiences for a few seconds of your time.

Likely you feel like an “insect” flew past the corner of your vision or that your “imagination” was activated by something. The second version was correct. Your imagination was activated by your own higher state of consciousness. Unfortunately, the higher dimensional thoughts and emotions that opened the portal into your Multidimensional SELF left your conscious perceptions in the exact second that you doubted your experience.

Doubt is a version of fear and instantly lowers your consciousness back into the lower brainwaves in which only the physical world can be perceived. We want to remind you, our wonderful away team, what is actually occurring is that you are remembering your innate, multidimensional abilities.

You do not need to go through the 3D process of reading, studying, learning, practicing and discovering your innate abilities. All you need do is REMEMBER that you have been “asleep” to your true SELF for more time than you want to know. NOW, you are beginning to “wake up.”

To further explain, we will use one of your Fairy Tales. Many of you, especially those who enjoy creativity, frequently visit the fourth dimensional realm of the land of Faerie. Faerie is, indeed, a real world and one that many of you visited as children. This realm still has time and other familiar 3D markers, so it is easier for you to remember that “dream” experience.

We will speak now of the Faerie Tale of Sleeping Beauty. As you recall, Sleeping Beauty could not resist her destiny of “pricking her finger on the spinning wheel” and falling fast asleep. Many of you, our volunteers to wear an earth vessel, are beginning to remember the path of discovery of SELF that you chose before your present incarnation.

 “Sleeping Beauty” has many of the challenges you all face when enter a 3D life,
such as:
·      Forgetting the gifts you received at your birth (Blessings from the Faeries)
·      Forgetting the challenge you chose to assist you to wake up (dark Faeries curse)
·      Falling in love with your SELF (the Prince)
·      Getting your self into trouble (pricking your finger on the needle)
·      Falling asleep (to your SELF)
·      Fighting through the bramble bush to confront the evil Faerie (inner darkness)
·      Awakening with the kiss of unconditional love (from your SELF)

When you play out these “stories” in your life, you are all the characters in the story and ALL the expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Meeting your higher dimensional expressions of SELF will guide you through the “bramble bush” of myriad lifetimes of third dimensional thinking, emotions, limitations and polarities.

How do you wish to write your own “faerie tale?” Remember that:
YOU are all the characters.
You are the fourth dimensional “faeries,” both loving and evil.
You are the innocent one who forgot the “challenge” you created before this incarnation.
You are the innocent “Princess.”
You are the courageous Prince.
YOU are the problem and the solution.

When you take complete responsibility for the life that YOU have created, you can more easily regain your own multidimensional power, infinite wisdom and unconditional love for your self and for others. This Wisdom, Power and Love rests within your High Heart awaiting your awakening to your Multidimensional SELF.

We return now to our initial message of awakening your higher dimensional perceptions. Actually, these higher dimensional perceptions have always been awake. The problem has been that your third dimensional brain has no way to receive, translate, store or share these perceptions.

It is through confronting the darkest night before dawn, the void before the opening, that you activate a conscious connection with your multidimensional mind. Your multidimensional mind is able to receive, store, translate and share all your multidimensions perceptions with your physical brain.

But, first you must face the fear that has confined you to the illusions of your third dimensional brain. All the known and unknown Ascended Masters went through their “dark night of the Soul” before they returned to the conscious memory of their true, multidimensional state.

First they experienced the collective consciousness of all the humans they had inhabited. Then they expanded their awareness and “sense of self” into planetary consciousness, and then expanded their consciousness to embrace their galactic consciousness. At that point they were ready to commit their lives to service to others and/or to the planet.

 From the conscious or unconscious information that you are receiving from the “glimmers of light in the corner of your eye” you are escalating your “sense of SELF” beyond your sole attachment to your human self. Once you perceive the realities beyond the limitations of time, you begin to perceive your self as living in unity with ALL life.

But, then there is the void before the opening to the Portal and/or Corridor of Ascension. This void prepares you to leave the third/fourth dimensional matrix of time and space so that you can more easily return to the NOW of the ONE.

When you first enter this void before the corridor, you meet the darkest night before the dawn. Within the void of this darkest night lies the sum/total of all that YOU chose to confront during this, your final incarnation in the Matrix.

When your consciousness enters the Void you are called on to:
1.     Remember the gifts you received at your birth
2.     Remember that YOU chose the challenges of this life to assist you to awaken
3.     Find the courage to unconditionally love your self so that you can:
4.     Accept and confront the challenges that you chose to complete
5.     Stay awake to the life YOU are creating
6.     Consciously confront and love free your inner fears and darkness
7.     Wake up to your Multidimensional SELF

When you remember that you chose your innate gifts, you realize that you have all the inner tools to merge with your higher expressions of SELF. The higher perspective of your SELF will assist you to perceive and successfully complete your chosen Mission.

Finally, by releasing your fears and illusions of inner darkness, you are able to unify with the fullest expression of your Multidimensional SELF. To summarize, your darkest night is the blessing that comes into your awareness when you have the multidimensional perspective that was one hidden by the illusions of the physical world.

Therefore, take a moment to consciously compute what you “thought” you perceived from a higher dimension. Talk about that experience with your friends and/or family. Turn off the TV news, and go inside your SELF to watch the real story of what is occurring in your amazing NOW. Discuss your ideas of what is “really happening” with your friends.

Start a blog, teach a class and/or find a way to incorporate your perceptions and messages from your SELF into your daily life. Look into the sky and send unconditional love to the chemtrails. Look out over the ocean and imagine that the offshore oil drilling has been taken away. Go into nature and image seeing Gaia in Her most pristine state.

Remember to meditate, be creative and do what you LOVE to do. YOU open your ascension portal with your every thought and emotion. Remember that you are clearing out the archives of your myriad unconscious fears, traumas and perceived limitations.

Most important, remember that you are the YOU that comes into your meditations, dreams, creativity and inspirations. Whenever you suspect that that you are communicating with that YOU write it down and/or document it in some manner. Your 3D brain will quickly forget the illuminations received via your multidimensional mind.

Every time you document what you receive from the higher frequencies, you are creating conscious pathways through the portal from your self to your SELF. When you write, speak, draw and/or sing the information you received from your multidimensional mind, you create a wider and faster connection between the mind of your Multidimensional SELF and the brain of your physical body.

Just as your 3D brain better remembers tasks that are repeated again and again, it can more easily remember higher message that YOU have highlighted with your attention and documentation.

Our most beloved volunteers to Gaia, you are more successful in your missions than you may realize. From our perspective in the higher dimensions, we can see more and more portals of light opening every day, every hour and every minute. Soon, these portals will grow so large that they will merge into the:
Entire state
Entire country
Entire continent
Entire hemisphere
Entire planet
Entire planetary aura
Entire planetary fourth dimension and into
Fifth dimensional New Earth!

Within that NOW you will all be ONE.
Within that NOW you will be HOME.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family of Light



  1. thank you !!
    ITALIAN TRANSLATION from this blog,the site or MDL school (if student ) ask

  2. I have seen those "insects" out of the corner of my eye and then when i go to look at them they are gone...I have wondered what was happening and now i know, so thank you Sue for that wonderful information...

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. The more of us that share our experiences, the more "normal" they become
      is my motto

    2. I've noticed them too, they're coming around more and more often. :) Thank you Sue for everything your sharing with us, I really really appreciate what you are doing. Much Love Sue!