Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outline of last entry AND upcoming Webinar with Lauren Galey

Dear Readers,
The prior message was so extensive that I wanted to outline it for you. I am also inviting ALL of you to join our Webinar in which you can experience the information and ask questions if you wish.
Hope to see you there,
Suzanne Lie

Single session $22.22
All five sessions $99
To register:

In this meeting we will explore, and experience how
Merging perception and creation assist us to
Become a Portal of Ascension

This entire article is in my last blog at:

This article contains so much information
that I have outlined it below to assist my readers (and myself) to understand it.
Please join us in this Webinar in which we will join our group energy with the Arcturians guidance to have a person, and hopefully, planetary experience of
Creating the ascended reality that we all wish to perceive.
Hope you can join us

First WE become ONE with personal potential
Then WE become ONE with planetary potential

In other words, we need to merge with all potential within us
Before we can fully merge with planetary potential around us

In this manner, WE become Portal of Ascension

Aligning thoughts and emotions to create thoughtforms
            To create a thoughtform of slow, but steady transmutation of your earth vessel

As your consciousness begins to maintain a steady connection to the higher frequencies
Your body begins to shift in an attempt to stay in alignment with you thoughtform

If your thoughts and emotions are not in alignment with each other,
Your body becomes confused and is unable to create a steady frequency rate
            Watch for thoughts of limitation or loneliness, as they lower your frequency  
            Allow memories of true SELF to arise and send the LOVE

Expansion of higher dimensional perceptions
Recalibrate you higher and higher frequencies of your thoughtform of ascension

Remembering your other incarnations on Earth
            To assist you to remember your Mission and special gifts

Remembering past ascension experiences
Thoughts and emotions in alignment with your Mission
You are the same YOU in every incarnation

Align with this latent energy field within your core
Align your own core with the core of Gaia
            Feel the safety and comfort of Gaia’s Core

Align your personal transmutation with planetary transmutation
Entraining your consciousness with unconditional love
And unselfish thoughts of serving Gaia and all Her inhabitants

Transmutation begins on an elemental level
Alignment of body elements with 5D Elementals
Gnomes (earth), Sylphs (air), Salamanders (fire) and Undines (water)
Use every inhale and exhale to intermingle personal and planetary elementals

Inter-dimensional Travel
You do not go out or up, you go in and through
In the fifth dimension and beyond there are NO polarities
No “others” in 5D
First “landing pad” is fifth-dimensional expression of your own MD SELF

Fifth Dimensional Form
Wearing a form if you choose
There is no fifth dimensional concept of “others”
 Everyone is an expression of the same Oness.

Creating Your Perception
3D tree—4D tree—5D tree
Merge your consciousness with experience of being besides a tree.
Allow your perceptions to follow the dictates of you imagination
Perceive what your imagination is creating, to create what you wish to perceive

 Perception IS Creation
You perceive what you want to create and create what you want to perceive
Your desire creates the perceptions that represent that which you wish to perceive.
Your state of consciousness, which dictates your frequency of reality

All realities travel in a circular path of creation/perception ~ perception/creation.
Separation is a 3D illusion
NO communications of separate words in sequential order in 5D and beyond.
ALL is within the NOW of the ONE.

All that you could desire, perceive, create or communicate
IS within that NOW with which you are ONE!

Blessings dear Ascending Ones,
We are ONE with you NOW
The Arcturians


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