Monday, February 23, 2015

Conversations Series about Transmuting Into our SELF



Hello Wonderful Readers,
I will be presenting a series of Conversations with some of the great, multidimensional friends I have made. Also, Nuri and I are presenting a series of conversations, and the first one was the Gamma Brainwave meditations. 

It is important now that we begin to connect with others who are awakened and converse openly about our experiences. I hope that these recording will guide you to do so. So, let us open up our portals and transmute into our SELF.

A transcript of the meeting will be up on the blog soon,


Suzanne much thanks for this, when you mentioned the cigar shaped craft, I knew I was meant to listen to this message! I had seen a gold light cigar and saucer shaped craft in a dream not too long ago. Please continue your work and it is greatly appreciated.


Thank you! Suzanne Lie and Nuri Akyol, love and gratitude to you all; To Mother Earth I like to anchor my own energies of love into the soul of Mother Earth so that we may experience a united energy, merging and exchanging valuable Creator energy to aid our spiritual development but also the ascension of humanity.
I express my love to Mother Earth for her constant loving presence and ask that I am able to adopt a constant loving presence on the Earth as a reflection of Mother Earth's divine soul and pure qualities, Mother Earth as I send my healing energies to you now I honor, respect and love you with all my heart and soul, recognizing you as the Creator on the Earth. Let my bounds and appreciation of the Earth Mother Earth, the nature kingdom and spirits increase with each day as I extend the love of my soul to you all. Thank you all, Namaste.

I would love to have your comments as well.



  1. this is great - as usual with you Sue.... and I am blessed to have friends around to share my highest self and to see their true manifestations in unity and diversity.. and always feeling the galactics and lightbeings, specially my family from Arcturus etc. such a great love to bring to Mother Earth ....

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    ital.transl. write to ;we send it to you
    greetings from central suns +cosmic-info (european) multidimensional helpers