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Back On The Mothership 3 -- Transmissions to Earth #2


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Back on the Mothership Part 3

Transmissions to Earth #2
Transmuting Earth

We did get a chance to speak with Mytre, Mytria and even the Arcturian. In fact, even the physical versions of Jason and Sandy were there, but only in their astral night body. Therefore, we had the experience of being with all of the elements of our Mytrian SELF, but these components wore bodies outside of our own, while they were also incorporated into our Mytrian form.

We could tell that this experience was a bit uncomfortable for all of us. Jason and Sandy could not even imagine that we, Mytrian, could be a multidimensional being in which they were components of our collective consciousness. When we were around Sandy and Jason, we felt as if they were old friends who had been away and we were no longer as close.

On the other hand, Mytre and Mytria felt like our guides to our Jason and Sandy component of SELF, but they also felt like us, only in a seemingly separate body. Mostly, we felt the remnants of our third dimensional brain reeling at the concept of multidimensionality and parallel realities. In some way, Mytre and Mytria felt like parallel realities of us in that they were remain Divine Complements and contributed their essence to us, Mytrian.

However, they are not united in the same form as the Arcturian and Jason and Sandy like we are.  We, as the being Mytrian, are still young because we are new to this type of collective expression of our Multidimensional SELF. However, we are beginning to adapt to the fact that we are many versions of our SELF within one form.

It was quite helpful to talk to all these elements of our SELF that also exists as male and female components of our multidimensionality. The component of our SELF that we have the greatest difficulty with is our Arcturian SELF. The remaining ego element of Sandy and Jason cannot yet begin to grasp that we are indeed such an advanced being.

Our Mytre and Mytria components of SELF are more able to embrace that we are Arcturian, as they have been so close to our Arcturian. However, we could feel in our hearts our seemingly separate expression of Mytre and Mytria were still having difficulty with our multidimensional composite.

I have to say that it was a bit disconcerting to be with Mytrian in their present expression. I felt like a parent whose adult child went away for a while and came back as someone the parent no longer knew. I can feel how Mytrian has matured into his/her own person, but I was not there to share that process with them.

Mytria and I have had many experiences of being joined Divine Complements, and we greatly enjoy that expression of our SELF. However, I am confused about how it must feel to Mytrian to contain three Divine Complements, Sandy/Jason essence, Mytre/Mytria essence, no now the Lemurian addition of Landar /Landara essence. Plus they have a deep inner connection with the Arcturian.

I do not think that they can even imagine the Arcturian power that they have within them, but I can feel it. Am I jealous? Well, jealous is an extreme word, but I suspect that I am envious. How can I even be envious of my own self?

“Dear Mytre, I know exactly how your feel.” Mytria said in her sweetest voice. “My voice may sound sweet to you, but I am also have confusion, to say the least, about our relationship with Mytrian. We are supposed to support them, but instead it is almost as though we feel too inadequate to even reach out to them.”

“Mytria, thank you for sharing your feelings,” I responded. “I am happy that I can talk with you about my feelings. Do you think we should consult the Arcturian?”

Before Mytria had a chance to answer my question the Arcturian flashed into the room. “I have invited Mytrian here to visit us. They, too, are uncomfortable with their feelings while around all of us. They will soon need to assist Earth bound Jason and Sandy, and you will need to assist them. Therefore, I feeling another merging of all us is appropriate.”

“Yes, said Mytria.” I believe I need that comfort and understanding.

“So do I,” replied.

“And we really need it,” said Mytrian as they came into the room.

“We will begin by forming a circle,” said the Arcturian telepathically. “Please remember that my last statement at the transmission was, “When your consciousness is focused inward, you can perceive the inflow that you have been allowing into your reality. Then, during your outward focus you can perceive that which you are sending out into your world. In other words, you are not just the recipient of the inflow and outflow. You are also the source.”

“I can telepathically read that we all understand this message,” I said. “If we are the Source of ALL that flows into and out of our reality, we are the creator of our life in every way. Therefore, we, meaning Mytria and I, Mytrian and third dimensional Jason and Sandy are all ONE source moving into more and more complex expressions.”

“Now we will all place our consciousness into the cosmic sea within the core of this circle,” spoke the Arcturian

Instantly, our entire group was one fluid being flowing through the past, present and future, as well as into realities far beyond the limitation of time. The sense of my Mytre self was so deeply intermingled with our composite ONE within the circle, that all my former questions and concerns flowed off with the infinite current.

I could feel that Mytria and Mytrian felt the same. I could also feel the Arcturian patiently allowing us to discover reality for ourselves. Mytria and I felt a flash of guilt that we had not guided Mytrian in the same manner as the Arcturians were guiding us. However, the guilt was released into the outflow of the current to be instantly replaced with an inflow of deep knowing and unconditional love.

 The matter of what was once the form and antimatter of our greatly expanded consciousness interacted and intermingled until our expression of SELF became a huge galaxy of light. We could see how some of the stars in our Galaxy were going supernova and blinked out of our Galaxy. Meanwhile, other stars were in the process of birth.

Our consciousness had become attached to a humanoid form for myriad experiences of incarnations, and NOW it wished to expand into a greater potential of itself. Within this cosmic sea of light all expressions of our greater SELF communicated like stars in the night sky. Forever, we flowed through the unending space and timeless time.

“I believe you are ready to return to our Transmission Room,” the Arcturian gently whispered. “We ask you now to find Sol’s Solar System. Now, find the third planet from the Sun, know as Earth, that is in the process of transmutation.”

Being a galaxy, we found that task quite simple.

“Now focus your attention on the huge Arcturian Mothership just outside of that Solar System and find the human forms standing in a circle in an incredible small room,” concluded the Arcturian.

I could feel our collective sigh, as we knew it was time to return to our previous humanoid body. However, we could never again feel limited to that form. As one being, we opened our eyes to find ourselves sitting in the Transmission Room. Instantly, the Arcturian began It’s second transmission.

We welcome you all back for the remainder of our transmission. If you were unable to attend our first transmission please find it archived at:

We left off our transmission by explaining that the consciousness contained within the 3D Matrix of your physical form is intimately intertwined with the consciousness within the 3D Matrix of Earth. Thus, your personal 3D Matrix is grounded into and melded with the planetary 3D Matrix. Thus, as you allow the inflow of higher frequencies of light into your 3D Matrix, it is instantly shared with the 3D Matrix of Gaia’s planetary body. Gaia then amplified then amplifies the light and sends it back to you.

This form of mutual reception occurs as the back and forth flow of the timeless higher frequencies of light escalate to transmute both planetary and personal matrixes. In this manner, the time-bound holograms of personal and planetary form allow the outflow their time-bound expressions into the timeless world of antimatter. Simultaneously, antimatter projects it inflow of formless light into the matrixes of the physical Earth.

In this fashion, your consciousness, and eventually your form, will phase in and out of differing dimensions. You can “lock” your consciousness into the dimension of your choice by sending the bonding force of unconditional love into that dimension of reality. While you are bonded to that dimension via your unconditional love, that particular expression of your Multidimensional SELF will be highlighted as “your experience.” You unlock your consciousness by taking the “key” of unconditional love out of the “lock.”

Your higher expressions of SELF resonate beyond time. Thus, when you re-enter your 3D life, you can do so a second before you left. Furthermore, you do not actually leave. You are expanding your physical consciousness into the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Thus, you are NOT leaving; you are bi-locating.

This bi-location is normal to your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, as resonating beyond time allows you to maintain the conscious awareness of more than one reality at the “same time.” Once you completely link your multidimensional mind with your third dimensional brain, you will be able to expand your conscious awareness into multiple expressions of your SELF within the ONE of the NOW.

When you first awaken to your multidimensionality you may only be able to contain one other expression of your SELF while you are also wearing your physical form. Your physical form can “burn out” like a dry leaf in a fire from the higher frequencies of your SELF. Hence, until you activate at least your inner lightbody, your kundalini, it will be difficult to hold the true “fire” of your SELF in your physical form.

However, your multidimensional mind is not limited to your form and has a filter so that only the frequencies that your physical form can tolerate will actually be downloaded into your 3D matrix. This one-way flow of the quantum expression of your SELF is continuously interfaced between your multidimensional mind and our third dimensional brain. Your physical consciousness and body can only access this multidimensional information via your multidimensional consciousness.

Many of you are experiencing immense changes in your body as it adapts to its higher dimensional expression of Lightbody. Your Lightbody is continuously housed within the kundalini force within your core, and within your multidimensional mind. From these locations, your multidimensional lightbody is slowly seeping into your earth vessel to gradually and safely transmute your 3D matrix into higher frequencies of resonance.

Remember that transmutation does not add or subtract any elements of your form. That process is known as transformation in which new elements are added to create the shift. Within the process of transmutation nothing is added or subtracted. Instead, every cell and atom is transmuted into a higher frequency of expression. Therefore, you are much like the caterpillar who transmutes into the butterfly.

The DNA for the butterfly and the caterpillar are exactly the same. However, the form of the caterpillar is limited to the branch on which it is crawls to find new leaves to eat. Conversely, the butterfly takes off into the air to perceive a much greater vista and a higher perspective of life. These small, delicate creatures travel thousand of miles on delicate wings to complete their cycle of life.

You are butterflies that are NOW traveling in your consciousness, but your caterpillar still remains on the “branch.” Consequently, you are both the grounded element of the caterpillar as well as the transmuted element of the butterfly. As your consciousness continues to expand, your third dimensional earth vessel is completing its life cycle to transmute into your Multidimensional SELF. Many of you are living this experience right now. Therefore, as your consciousness is phasing in and out of the butterfly to caterpillar.

Part of this phasing is because many of you have volunteered to maintain BOTH “butterfly” and “caterpillar” forms for as long as Gaia needs your assistance. However, eventually, you will increasingly identify with the freedom of your butterfly SELF and be ready to release the limitations of crawling to your next leaf for food. You will then begin to phase out of your earth vessel and into your multidimensional lightbody.

As you fully accept the gift of the higher dimensions of light into your transmuting form, you serve as a living portal that shares that light with the body of Gaia. The higher frequencies of light that you bring into your pineal gland circulate down through all your chakras to share the light with the body of Gaia. In this manner, you are facilitating the transmutation of the great mass of Gaia’s planetary body.

Gaia then combines the gift of light that she is receiving from all her awakened ones into one quantum soup which is, in turn, shared with all Her humans, animals, plants and physical locations. You are in the timeline in which you have chosen to have a simultaneous planetary and personal transmutation into the fifth dimension and beyond.

Therefore, if your environment shifts along with the form you are wearing, you will NOT separate from your earthly life. Instead, you will transmute WITH your earthly life. Hence, do not be concerned that things are NOT different. From our perspective things are vastly different. However, since you reflect the same “difference” as your reality, your life appears to be the same.

Thus, we ask that you take a moment of your remaining “time” to reflect on your personal and planetary life ten years ago. In other words, go into your past to experience how your present has shifted into a future of constant change. As you continue to reflect on your past, present and future in this way, time will begin to blur into the NOW, which is the ONLY time there is.

We wish to remind you that in life after life this seed of knowing that we have shared with you has been implanted in your earth vessel. Sometimes that seed landed on rocks in which the seed could not take root and the knowing was baked away from the hot sun. Sometimes the seed landed in pools of water in which the seed could not survive and it drowned at the bottom of the murky water.

Fortunately, sometimes the seed landed on fertile soil and the seed took root. It was within those lives that you remembered your SELF. It was in those realities that you realized that you were a great being of light that came into a small earthen vessel to remember the truth and pass it on the others. However, in many of your sojourns to Gaia's body remembering was difficult and lonely because the times were too harsh to speak that truth.

In fact, many of those who did share their inner knowing were chastised and even tortured or killed. When this occurred a scar was left on your Soul that warned to be careful before you spoke the truth again. This scar caused you to forget the truth even if it was a lifetime in which it was safe to share it. Sometimes it took many incarnations on Gaia's Wheel of Life and Death before you could remember and/or dare to share what you had remembered.

We tell you now, our beloved members of transmuting Earth. This is the Clarion Call. This message in your NOW is the call to remember and to share. Share that which you remember in whatever manner your present body finds most creative.

If you share in a manner that feels creative, your consciousness will expand further, which will give you greater endurance. Also, then you can just "tell a story in a book," "write a great song," "create a lovely dance," or "paint a wonderful picture." If your message is cloaked in your creativity, you create a safety net for yourself.

Plus, you will greatly enjoy your sharing as expressing your creativity pulls you back into your Multidimensional SELF where all your TRUTH is stored. Therefore, dearest ones, we end this transmission by thanking you in advance for the wonderful contributions that we know you will share with your ascending planet.

Your present form may not last until the glory of New Earth is a normal, every day experience. However, you will end your present life by stepping into your mastery. As an Ascended Master you will be able to create a form wherever and whenever you please. Remember, since New Earth is timeless, there is no hurry to get there. You cannot be late if there is NO time.

As we send you off about your day, we remind whatever version of your SELF that is attending this transmission to go into meditation to join with your highest expression of SELF. From this frequency of your being, send forth a call to ALL of your parallel, alternate, higher and lower dimensional expressions of SELF that the time is NOW!

With these final words, the transmission screen burst into Violet Light, in which the attendees could bask for as long as they needed.











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  3. Yes, wonderful, thank you, Sue, and your Higher Selves, Arcturian to the core! Love, B.

  4. Yes, I am feeling this multi-dimensionality and it is amazing, wonderful, beautiful - makes all my past "struggles" worth it and I am not sure I ever thought I would say that. When I started commenting on this blog a few months ago I was unhappy in a corporate job and a divorced single mom who hadn't met a good partner in many years. Now I am working with my best friend in a company we started, having great success, and met a wonderful man who sees all of the sides/dimensions of me. And I think other people are seeing it too because strangers have been coming up to me and everyone I meet is very drawn to me. And I consciously shine light and let my wings come out as much as possible. For the first time ever I am not wishing to leave Gaia and go home. I appreciate the opportunity to be here and serve out the rest of my "mission" with joy and gratitude. And Sue, this blog has helped me get to where I am. I know it. Ever since I started saying "I love myself unconditionally" every day, the results have been so amazing. Much love and gratitude,

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