Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Time of Thanksgiving


The Time of Waiting

The time of waiting was almost over.
I knew that.
I could feel it in my Soul.
What else lay hidden within me
that was stopping a fully conscious experience
of my Multidimensional SELF?

I turned around inside my mind
and opened up my heart.
I calmed my physical body
and allowed my consciousness
to raise above the cares of my mundane life:

above survival,
above achievement,
above success,
and into the knowing…

Old familiar memories
tickled my awakening mind and
stroked my heart like the touch of an Angel.
Friends and comrades that I had known
long before my first embodiment
rushed forward to greet me.

My Divine Complement
slipped neatly into my form.
I was united again.
She-he-I was complete.
My memories then raised another octave
as I embraced more and more
portions of my Soul.

“I am Home,”
I heard a voice whisper.
But wait; there are no voices
in this realm of
telepathy, empathy and all knowing.

That thought made my heart thump,
and I felt my body sitting heavily upon my chair
and my hands tightening into fists.
I felt my feet
pushing against the carpet beneath me
as if to push it away.

My eyes flew open to see the physical room,
as I heard the traffic sounds outside my window.
“No!” I cried.
“I don’t want to be here. I want to be there.”

Just as the doorway to my heart began to close
and the tears began to form in the corners of my eyes,
a glimmer of light entered the room.

Like the wisp of a butterfly’s wing
the glimmer fluttered into my heart
and stopped the door from closing.

It floated up to my mind like a feather caught in an updraft.
The tears of fear became tears of joy.
My clutching hands relaxed and opened—palms up.
My feet eased against the carpet,
and I felt the comfort of its grounding support.

I calmed myself to remember
the world that I believed I had just left.
I felt that world, that reality inside my heart,
inside my mind.

I brought that feeling all the way 
to the tips of my now relaxed hands,
into my toes, down through the carpet 
and into the earth beneath it.

The wings of the butterfly changed
into the wings of an eagle and
wrapped around my body like a cloud of light.

“Home is a state of consciousness,”
my friends from within reminded me.
“You have journeyed down into the womb
of Mother Earth to create a new life, not just for you,
not just for the planet, but also for the Light.

“Awaken now and find all of us
who have also taken earthen form.
We are also arousing our memories and hearing the call.

"Like Sleeping Beauty, awakened by the kiss of love,
we are all bringing forth our promise.
Now we can know, now we can trust
our SELF.”
Within that moment,
 I could remember my SELF 
and what I had promised to do
long, long before I was born.

I surrendered to the promise that
I had volunteered to keep.

Now I just had to BE it.

Thanksgiving for the NOW


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sue and all of our family!
    Love R

  2. Thank u for sharing Sue....Happy Thanksgiving, with much love, beverley ♥♥

  3. Among my many gratitudes is deep gratitude for the joy of your service through your Facebook sharing♡ Thank you ♡

  4. Thank you for reminding me, dear Sue. Much Love many blessings, Grace <3

  5. Thank you, Sue, for taking us 'home', holding us close, and for remembering. Love, A.

  6. Suzanne ... Your writings always bring the clarity of wisdom Who Walks, Who is the Step and Energy ...
    When reading his poetry, I have witness ...
    On Oct. 31, in my meditation, I was taken to a much higher dimension, and when he was "returning" to this ... I heard a small voice: "I came home" ... and a beautiful woman's face, pure holographic light was brought to me ... I believe that vision merge with my multidimensional aspect ... recovered the body. I left .. the sun before descending to this dimension.
    In the following days I felt so much lightness, joy and light ... and gave me, without trying to understand not to compromise the magic of what was in my heart.
    Something too big was happening in my Sacred Heart.
    Thanks for your posts. I live in Brazil.
    Light and Love...