Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Opened Corridor

Your DNA Remembers

We are the Arcturians speaking with you in the NOW. You are aware that you are in the midst of our Arcturian Corridor, which has been opened wide by the astrological/astronomical portal that opened July 29 and closes when a similar configuration is repeated on August 25. During this earth time there is a frequency of light, which is focused directly into the core of the planet and the bone marrow of your body.

Of course opening and closing are third dimensional terms, as our portals are always open. The correct, multidimensional manner to say this is that the intense energy fields as of July 29 highlight the portal. These energy fields will be active until August 25. At that time, the energies will slowly disperse. Our Corridor will still, infinitely be awaiting your entry, but the "doorway" will not be quite as obvious.

The incoming energy fields are focused into the core of the planet and your personal bone marrow because this light holds great transmutational abilities. As you know, transmutation begins from your core and expands into your form, then into your hologram. Those of you, who can accept this transmutation, as Earth is still a free will planet, will discover that myriad innate expanded perceptions will begin to come online.

Your expanded perceptions will assist you in activating your multidimensional thinking. With your multidimensional thinking predominant your powers of manifestation via your thoughts and emotions become greatly amplified. You higher multidimensional senses become activated and you will realize that all perceptions are your choice.

You can choose to perceive that which creates fear. OR, you can choose to perceive that which fills you with bliss and joy. These perceptions are the result of your ability to believe that you are ascended. Therefore, instead of “trying to ascend,” your focus is totally shifted to adjusting to your multidimensional consciousness, perceptions and thinking.

For many of our Lightworkers, this has been a life-long task. Hence, this opportunity will not be novel, but greatly accelerated. As you have seen, your thoughts, sent out as manifestations hold more immediate response than ever in all your incarnations. This of course means that you must be the Master over ALL negative/fear-based thinking, as that too will manifest almost immediately.

It is vital now that your desire body include all of Gaia’s inhabitants, as personal desires will lower your consciousness. On the other hand, living the FACT that YOU are the planet will allow you to maintain your newly awakened expanded consciousness/perceptions. These abilities come to you as a butterfly silently landing on your open palm.

If you try to grab them or use them in any fashion, you will lose them. Instead, these abilities are here to guide you into your true SELF, so that eventually you can guide others. You, meaning all those who can accept these energies, are entering into Mastery Training. To remain in your expanded state of multidimensional consciousness you must be the master of your EVERY thought and emotion.

This training is more of a memory than a unique experience, as you are truly remembering your SELF.  Doubt is your worst enemy, as is judgment of your self or of others. If you are among the ones whose life path is to be an Opener, a living portal of light, you must know that everyone has a role and each being will perform their assigned task at the appropriate moment of the NOW.

Everyone’s DNA is coded with everything they have ever known. You have specific roles that will be triggered at the appropriate moment of the NOW.  You are all being activated, so it is best to relax and trust your SELF. In the manner you can more fully accept this great gift.

It is important to release all trying and to allow your consciousness to float as a feather in a soft breeze. In the fifth dimensional world “doing” is an expression by your “being.” However, in your 3D world your “being” is defined by your “doing.” Therefore, your 3D world you became too focused on output and you forgot about you input.

You forgot to recognize and accept the constant inflow of the higher frequencies of energy that reminded you of your true SELF. Then, instead of believing that you created your reality, you believed that your reality created you. Hence, you were buffeted around from situation to situation like a ball in the midst of a game--the game of 3D life.

That game is coming to a conclusion and none too soon. Far too many were injured in this game and far too many never even knew it was a game. Instead, they believed that the game was reality. Worse yet, too often they were observers of this game and never had the experience of being the creator of their own life.

Victimization and loss of hope overtook those who had fallen into the illusions of the 3D Game. They became depressed--anger turned inwards--or combative--anger turned outwards. Either way, they chose anger to disguise their fear, which only created sorrow. Now with the doorway open just in front of them, they are too exhausted from the fight to even look up and see it.

Therefore, it is the assignment of those who did not forget their SELF, and those who found their way to remembering, to assist those who have become so desperately lost. Some of you will assist people; others will help animals, plants, weather, world systems etc. As we remember that we chose to play the game and we can remember to BE our SELF who joined the game to assist.

Once the "helpers" are able to enliven the "helpless" changes will progress in an exponential manner. In fact, these changes have commenced. However, you see what you want to see. If you choose to see what is wrong, there is plenty of "wrong" left for you to ponder and worry about. However, if you choose to see that which is rooting towards the higher light you will find that great changes are occurring in your world everyday.

What you chose to think about and where you place your point of perception will set your state of consciousness. If you focus on what is fearful and damaging, you will become depressed, sad, angry and helpless. On the other hand, if you focus on what is loving and transmutational, you will feel empowered, happy and purposeful.

Many of you have forgotten that you are the creators of your life, in fact many never realized that you were the creators of your reality. Instead, you believed the illusion. You believed in what you feared because you were on the edge of survival. When you are on the edge of survival adrenalin takes over and your brains differ to the fight/flight behavior of a wounded animal.

Fortunately, more and more of you are realizing that being a wounded animal is a choice. The only thing you have to change to alter your perspective of realty is your state of consciousness. Once you raise your consciousness enough to feel the higher frequencies of light around you, you will be able to believe that you can shift your perspective from victim to victor.

From this perspective of reality, you have the courage and ability to change everything. Your earth vessel will still live in "time," so patience is important. However, if you really think about it, time is always just NOW. The past in which you were wounded is over and the future has not occurred.

However, if someone enjoys the role of being the victim they can curl up in their fear and sorrow and be angry at anyone who tries to show them the light. All Lightworkers have had experiences of people being angry at them when they attempt to show a higher perspective of their life. Why?

Why do people get angry when others are trying to assist them? It is because they have lost HOPE and are so beaten down that they are afraid to try. These people cannot be helped--yet. They have become their sorrow and will need many role models of transmutation before they can find the courage to come out from undercover and see a better world.

Yes, the world is better if you look for better. If you look for worse, you will find that too. In fact, that is how you create your life.
·          Your belief sets your state of consciousness.
·          Your consciousness sets your perception.
·          The reality you perceive is the reality you live.

Therefore, you need to take the risk to believe that your reality is shifting NOW into a higher frequency. If you choose (as it is a choice) to believe that you are transmuting into higher frequencies of your SELF, and hence of your world you set a state of consciousness filled with hope, joy, forgiveness, gratitude and unconditional love.

Within this state of consciousness your body releases, not adrenaline, but endorphins. Your Pineal Gland is signaled to open to higher frequencies of light, which further stimulates your inner pharmacy of consciousness expanding and joyful "drugs." You feel "high on life" as your body is calibrated to that experience by your own inner pharmacy.

Because you feel so joyful, elated and focused, you find that you focus only on that which fills you with love and joy. Because of this choice of perception you begin to see and hear solutions, creations and new ideas for how to improve your life. Your creative channel into the higher frequencies of reality is turned on. Thus you dedicate yourself to helpful and creative endeavors.

Instead of stealing time to have fun or be creative, you grab a moment in your wonderful day to take care of whatever remaining 3D tasks call you. We move to the place you love. You quit the job you hate. You see the people you enjoy being with and share your joy with the very atmosphere of the planet.

Solutions to problems are found inside and patiently waited for knowing that you are infinitely guided. At this point you KNOW you are protected because you commune and communicate with your inner guidance, which you realize is higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF.

Yes, fear threatens to take you down into victimization. However, you have the map that shows you the way to be your SELF. You remember how easy it is to just give up and be a victim of your "awful life." But, since we have traveled the path, you also know the way back into your SELF.

From the peak you have created, you remember to remember to choose love. You remember to go inside your SELF for guidance and reassurance. Most important, you remember that YOU are great multidimensional beings who took a form HERE in the NOW to assist with planetary ascension.

You remember that:
You are NOT your body.
You are NOT your job or your chores or your bills.


  1. Thank you so much! I cannot thank you enough for your posts filled with such Love, Hope, and Encouragement! Namaste'

  2. Such a lovely uplifting post! thank you!

  3. I'm without words, except "Thank you" and I send high vibes of love and gratitude to you, Sue, for being such a clear and right-on channel for the Arcturians. I can't tell you how many synchronicities are in this post for me and I thank you and our Acturian friends from my heart. Love, B.

  4. wonderful,effective

  5. Wow! This is the best channeling I have lately read! It has all the things that I needed to know and understand. I will be honoured if I may translate it into polish which is my native language and publicize it on my blog <3


    1. I would be very happy if you translated this for your readers.

    2. What a wonderful flow of energy!!! Message came at the right time, right moment!!!!Gus bumps ripped all over my body. Thank You!!!!

      Translation Tip:
      My wife is also Polish and an easy way to translate any text is using Google Chrome Browser. Google Chrome can translate any text fairly easy. Just right click on the page and select translate. A tab with options will pop up. Select the language to be translated.

  6. Arcturos has returned.

  7. Powerful. So much gratitude and love to you...

  8. I really needed to hear this. Especially the second part of this message. Thank you!

  9. Lyrics by John Trudell:

    We Hear what you say
    One Earth, one Mother
    One does not sell the Earth
    The people walk upon
    We are the land
    How do we sell our Mother ?
    How do we sell the stars ?
    How do we sell the air ?
    Crazy Horse
    We hear what you say

    Too many people
    Standing their ground
    Standing the wrong ground
    Predators face he possessed a race
    Possession a war that doesn't end
    Children of God feed on children of Earth
    Days people don't care for people
    These days are the hardest
    Material fields, material harvest
    decoration on chains that binds
    Mirrors gold, the people lose their minds
    Crazy Horse
    We Hear what you say

    One Earth, one Mother
    One does not sell the Earth
    The people walk upon
    We are the land.
    Today is now and then
    Dream smokes touch the clouds
    On a day when death didn't die
    Real world time tricks shadows lie
    Red white perception deception
    Predator tries civilizing us
    But the tribes will not go without return
    Genetic light from the other side
    A song from the heart our hearts to give
    The wild days the glory days live

    Crazy Horse

  10. This message in spanish at Sue´s spanish site-


  11. Love to you all!
    Translation in Italian:

    Thank you Sue and thank you to our friends the Arcturians!

  12. I really love the tone of your article! It feels hopeful and possible. In my experience, it's not easy to write about a subject that has so many facets, that is so holographic - and you do it beautifully! Thank you....

  13. Wow every paragraph has so much in it, and so pertinent for this time. Thank you.

  14. Perfect! Thank you for this and it is so amazing to see and feel like minded people around the world on this post!

  15. Thank you!
    I finally understood what it means to "choose". Everybody was saying "ascension is free, and you just need to make a choice". And I did never understand what it means, because I knew I want the ascension, but I did not know what I should be doing to acheive it. And now you gave me the answer - I need to think like I am ascending; I need to be in joy and love.
    That is so cool! Woohoo!

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