Tuesday, August 13, 2013



States of Consciousness and Perception

Our brains are electrical and filled with neurons and individual cells connected to one another by dendrites and axons. Every time we think, move, feel, or remember something our neurons are working. That work is carried out by small electric signals that zip from neuron to neuron.  These signals are generated by different electrical potentials carried by ions on the membrane of each neuron.

All of our physical perceptions are registered on our physical brain.  However, our physical brain is a component of the hologram of our 3D reality. Our mind, on the other hand, is that which connects us to our Cosmic Mind, which resonates beyond the 3D hologram. Whereas our brain is the physical operation system of our earth vessel, our mind is the electricity that runs that operating system. This “electricity” is our consciousness.

Our mind, which is actually our consciousness, is actively assisting us to connect with our Cosmic Mind. Our state of consciousness determines whether or not we are able to successfully connect with and function from our Cosmic Mind. Since we are in the process of shifting from our third dimensional operating system to our multidimensional operating system, it is vital that we awaken our multidimensional consciousness.

Our multidimensional consciousness is blocked out by fear and activated by unconditional love. Unconditional love is free of all judgment, and judgment is one of the primary thought-forms that lower our consciousness. Judgment is a thought-form, a thought joined with an emotion, which is always fear-based. Whenever we judge anything, there is a residue of fear, even if it is hidden in our subconscious mind.

Therefore, the release of all judgment is a vital component for activation of our multidimensional consciousness. Our physical consciousness is only connected to our physical senses. Hence, we can only perceive that which resonates inside the hologram. On the other hand, love-based emotion—that is love without conditions—allows our mind to connect with our Cosmic Mind.

Our mind, which is the state of consciousness that is driving our brain, is directed toward either survival/fear or creation/love. Conditional love is a form of fear, whereas unconditional love is free of all remnants of fear. We have spent most of our physical incarnations knowing only conditional love. Conditional love is based on "I will love you if you..." or "If you do not ... I will not love you."

Love was often used as a reward. If we were good (good being determined by a source outside of you) we received love. If we were bad (again determined by an external source) we were denied love. This conditional love bonded us to the 3D hologram, as it kept us in a state of fear. This fear, no matter how small or how unconscious, lowered our consciousness to the resonance of the third dimension. Hence, our perceptions were limited to the five physical senses of our physical form.

In order to fully activate our multidimensional perceptions, we need to log out of the "good-enough game." This "game" is based on an external source, which judges whether or not we are good enough to receive love. The only way to log out of this game is to love our self unconditionally. Once we have remembered how to love our self unconditionally, the opinions of external sources are only a component of the 3D Game to which we are no longer limited.

In other words, we may still be choosing to play this game, but we are not attached to its outcome. We no longer seek to find reinforcement for our efforts in that reality, as we know that we are still playing that game because we have chosen to and not because we have to. Once our mind has connected us with our Cosmic Mind, our consciousness is multidimensional and the 3D Game is only one of the myriad realities in which we participate.

It is wise to remain in constant contact with our Cosmic Mind, as the 3D Game is very addictive. This game is so addictive because it activates any hidden fears of not being good enough. If we allow our consciousness to drop out of unconditional love in which ALL external feedback is an illusion, our subconscious may take the helm. When our subconscious is in command, we are ruled by our wounded child/ego.

Therefore, while playing in the 3D hologram, it is important to continually remain cognizant of our subconscious mind's constant need for unconditional love. In other words, to maintain the master of our 3D vessel, it is vital that we constantly fuel it with unconditional love for our self. Loving our self unconditionally instantly frees us from the 3D Game, as the addictive quality of that game is that we are NOT good enough.

Therefore, if we can do or be or have whatever the game dictates in any given time, we will be good enough--according to some external judgment. Time is the other hook to the 3D Game. While we are living in the NOW our past does not exist as a source of judgment and the future is the creation of our eternal NOW.

It is quite impossible for our brain to live in the NOW, except for when all our 97% multidimensional DNA is fully activated. Falling back into time is a constant challenge while that DNA is still being activated. Our third dimensional brain says, "If I do not DO or BE or HAVE what that outside source demands, I will not be 'good enough.'"

Being "good enough" is the primary addictive quality of the 3D Game as it keeps us in our wounded ego that is NOT good enough. Hence, the constant flow of unconditional love to our self is vital to protect us from our addiction to third dimensional judgments.

Also, as our mind creates a strong bridge into our multidimensional, Cosmic Mind we can maintain a strong connection to our higher expressions of SELF that exists outside the 3D hologram. From the perspective of our Cosmic Mind we can use our expanded perceptions of clairvoyance (higher frequency sight), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feelings) to perceive the higher dimensions of our reality that resonate beyond the confines of the 3D Matrix.
Link to Expanded Perceptions:

Since our ascension beyond illusion has commenced, our higher perceptions can more easily be activated. Again, it is our addiction to the 3D Game that limits our ability to shift over to our multidimensional perceptions, which do include the third dimensions.

In other words, we do not need to ignore the physical world. In fact, while we are wearing a 3D vessel we cannot ignore that frequency without endangering that body. Fortunately, with practice we can perceive the higher frequencies of reality, which have now broken through the illusion of the 3D Game.

However, higher frequencies can consciously perceive lower frequencies, but lower frequencies cannot perceive higher frequencies. For example, our earth vessel can perceive a rock, but the rock cannot perceive us. Our third dimensional perceptions are similar to that rock in that they anchor our multidimensional perceptions into the planet.

Fortunately, the planet is also a multidimensional being. Therefore, she too has higher frequencies of expression, just as we do. Hence, as we expand our perceptions into a higher frequency of resonance, there is a planet waiting in that frequency ready for our habitation.

All of creation is multidimensional, but all of creation does not lower its resonance down into the frequency of the physical realm. Once we feel complete with our experience of polarity, density, limitation and separation, an energetic bridge becomes perceivable by our Cosmic Mind. This energetic bridge is not perceivable to the perceptions of our brain, but if our mind (state of consciousness) can be expanded to connect with to the multidimensional Cosmic Mind, our perceptions will begin to include frequencies of reality that resonate beyond the physical world.

The greatest challenge is if we do not believe that a higher frequency of reality exists, or we do not believe that we are "good enough" to perceive or visit that higher reality our brain will limit the consciousness of our mind. Then our mind will not be able to connect with our Cosmic Mind, and the world beyond the third dimension will remain beyond our perceptual field.

A primary indoctrination of the 3D Game was that if we cannot perceive something with our physical senses it is not real. However, if a blind man cannot see us standing some distance beyond him, does that make us not real? If a deaf person does not hear our voice, does that mean we do not have a voice? In fact, the brave ones who have chosen the challenge of losing one of their physical preceptors offer guidance to everyone.

When one sensory preceptor does not function the power of the other senses are amplified. In the same manner we can amplify our vision into our clairvoyance, our hearing into our clairaudience, and our touch/smell/instincts into our clairsentience. We regain the use of our expanded perceptions by returning to our multidimensional consciousness. In order to do so, we will need to meditate, or do whatever it is that places us in a higher state of consciousness.

Once in a higher state of consciousness, our mind can interact with the higher frequencies of our Cosmic Mind to connect our higher perceptions to our third dimensional brain. Once our 3D brain is connected to our multidimensional Cosmic Mind, we can begin to release our addiction to the third dimension and replace the habit of perceiving with ONLY our five physical senses.

Again, we will need to believe that our higher perceptions are possible and that we are good enough to have them. Then we can maintain an active link between our brain, our mind and our Cosmic Mind. We begin this process by loving our self unconditionally. Then, even if we cannot perceive with our expanded perceptions --yet—we will STILL love our self unconditionally.

Also, unconditional love generates unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. Therefore, if we cannot perceive with our higher perceptions yet, we unconditionally forgive our self and unconditionally accept that these perceptions will come online when we are ready. In the meantime, we can focus on keeping our consciousness calibrated to the higher states of consciousness.

While we are resonating to beta wave consciousness the challenges of the physical world fill our brain. There will be "times" when this consciousness is important. While you are in alpha wave consciousness we are feeling creative in our physical world and experience intermittent moments of connections with our Mind.

Fortunately, when we expand our mind to theta wave consciousness we are living in our mind and directing our brain from a higher perspective of life. When we are in delta wave consciousness and beyond, we are living within our Cosmic Mind and directing our mind and brain into the higher frequencies of reality.
Link to states of consciousness:

As we become accustomed to holding higher states of consciousness in our daily life, we will remember to live within a feeling of unconditional love for our self and our world. From this perspective, we will be beyond all sense of fear. Thus, we will be able to maintain a constant connection with our multidimensional Cosmic Mind.

Our Cosmic Mind will silently and continuously guide our mind to teach our brain to release our third dimensional operating system and accept our multidimensional operating system. Fortunately the higher light from the Galactic Center is consistently activating our 97% DNA, which will accelerate our transition into our multidimensional operating system until it becomes the dominant operating system for our brain. Then our brain, mind and Cosmic Mind will merge into ONE. 

We need to remember to love our self and remain patient. We have worn physical vessels for myriad incarnations and have a strong habit/addiction of perceiving the physical plane as our dominant reality. However, as more and more of us shift over to our higher perceptions that frequency of realty will become "normal." Eventually, our expanded perceptions will become dominant and our 3D perceptions will become just the lowest frequency of our myriad perceptual choices.










  1. Perfect support and explanations for me at this time. Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you.........from my heart x

  3. Thank you, Sue, and the Arcturians. I read the link on Expanded Perceptions, learned, and remembered. Your service to humanity and to Gaia is exceptional and I appreciate it so much. Hard to put into words, so I'll 'send' it to you. Love, B.

  4. Thank you, Suzanne, as always for such a brilliantly worded explanation. So very wonderful to gain comprehension through your work...it is unlike any other I've encountered. Also, I often have break-through realizations as I read it. For example, I just realized that a hidden part of me was/is still seeking "permission and approval" to move forward. This to me is very different from divine timing, because the divine timing comes from within...I was still looking without. My deep gratitude to you. With love and honor, Anna Helen Foster

  5. Thank you Suzanne xoxox

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    Love to you all!
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  10. I see the light but i am afraid to go threw, help me for you have not mentioned god, the wonderful creator responsible for our life... Are you with them? Or us?

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