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Galactic/Earth Alliance Landing Party Remembers Part 4


Galactic/Earth Alliance

The Landing Party Remembers – Part 3

I am very concerned about Mytria. She is, indeed, awakening to some of her experiences on the Ship. But, it appears that as Mytria is remembering more about the Ship, she is actually forgetting more about me. I know that it is selfish of me, but I am afraid that I have lost her.

When she comes aboard the Ship at night now, she appears to be fully human. She no longer interacts with her friends from the Ship and stays with the other humans who believe they are having a dream. I am happy that her human guise has awakened to the Mission. However, it appears that the more she fulfills her Mission, the less she remembers her real SELF.

It is as if she has gone so far into her human earth vessel that she can no longer remember me, her Divine Complement, or her true SELF. My deepest concern is that she is working her earth vessel too much. I can see that she falls into bed exhausted each night because she is doing too much during the day.

I fear she is overcompensating for some inner reason that I cannot determine. Clearly, she is lost in her human and perceives her visits Home to our Ship as interesting dreams. However, she is doing so many things with her Blog and her meetings with others that she is greatly depleting her human earth vessel.

She seems to have forgotten the warning we received that if we "died" while in our earth vessel, we may not remember our true SELF even then. In that case, we would enter the Wheel of Birth and Death that surrounds that planet rather than return to our true expression here on the Ship or on our Homeworld.

Mytria is actually sharing the earth vessel of the human. This agreement was made before the human’s birth. The Mytria on the Ship has been in deep meditation and holding the energy so that she can continue her bi-location, and I have been checking her life-signs that are displayed outside of the cubicle.

In fact, this human is a component of Mytria’s myriad expressions of her Multidimensional SELF. But, the human has all the limitations of a third dimensional being. We were also warned before we took this Mission that human limitations are very infectious. Hence, we could begin to believe human illusions while we wore that form. I am concerned that this has occurred with Mytria.

So far her life signs are consistent with her Pleiadian self. However, if they become consistent with her human earth vessel, then she could become trapped in the illusion of her humanity. I must speak with the Arcturian about my concerns. I am so happy that the Arcturian decided to join us on this Mission, as "becoming human" is very dangerous. Mytria so wanted to perform her duty that she has put her SELF in great danger of forgetting who she really is.

Suddenly the Arcturian appeared in front of me as if IT had been listening.
"Mytre, we are aware of your concerns. In fact, we share them with you. Mytria entered very deeply into the consciousness of the parallel reality of her human expression. Through her Mytria SELF, she has been communicating with this human for many decades. However, the human could not bring that information into her conscious mind.

“Hence, all of the human’s communications with Mytria have been stored in her deepest subconscious. Now that the higher light is entering the human’s form, which is now shared by Mytria, there is a growing perceptual awareness and an expanding state of consciousness.

“However, the human consciousness (in which Mytria is becoming increasingly intertwined) cannot directly experience this shift yet, as it is occurring within her DNA. Nonetheless, these changes are shifting the perceptual field of the earth vessel that Mytria is sharing with the human. Even though the process of perceptual shift is still unconscious to the human’s daily thinking it is creating many uncomfortable emotions.

“You are correct in your concern that Mytria has become lost within the consciousness she is sharing with the human. Mytria has indeed forgotten much about her true SELF aboard this Ship and perceives herself as the human form she is wearing."

At this point, I became extremely agitated, which the Arcturian instantly sensed.

"Mytre, your concern is not helpful to Mytria nor to the Mission. You are to be Mytria’s anchor in the higher planes, and whether or not she is aware of it, she does feel all your emotions just as she has always done. Therefore, a part of her uncomfortable emotions are because she can unconsciously feel your concern."

This statement made me quite disturbed. Thus, I knew that I would have to dedicate myself to having more faith in Mytria's abilities. She was a Keeper of the Violet Flame on our planet, thus I must trust her innate power.

"Yes, Mytre," the Arcturian said in response to my thoughts. "It is vital that you remain calm and confident, so that she can find her own calm confidence. If she is to assist the humans, she must experience what they are experiencing. Mytria is becoming the human that she is wearing in order to fully understand how to transmute that form into its higher expression. She is very brave to do this and needs you to be confident and supportive."

I thanked my Arcturian friend. I did understand how my concerns could easily bleed into Mytria’s consciousness. On the other hand, I also understood how a growing shift in her perceptions of reality could be quite disturbing to the third dimensional thinking which had temporarily taken hold of Mytria’s consciousness.

In order to shift her perceptual field into the higher frequencies of her reality, she must first become aware of the lower frequency fear-based emotions that tie her attention to that frequency of perception, and thus that frequency of reality. Mytria’s challenge was to show the humans that the reality they live is the reality they perceive.

I must remember that within the NOW of the reality Mytria is visiting much of humanity is experiencing extreme emotional shifts within a short period of time. Furthermore, time itself is shifting in nature. As the frequency of Earth reality continues to shift into the higher dimensions, third dimensional time changes into fourth dimensional time, which is much faster. A more gradual shift in their perception of time is very helpful to diminish humanity’s fear of change.

"Yes," thought the Arcturian as It joined in with my thinking. "Becoming the master of ones fear is the greatest challenge in the Now that Mytria is living. Her human expression with whom she has merged had battled fear for most of her life. It was the unconscious influence of Mytria within her human form that initiated a great shift in the human’s consciousness.

"However, we do agree that we must watch the life signs of our Mytria on the Ship. We are fully aware that you are doing so on a regular, somewhat obsessive basis. When you go to check on her, stay there for a while and talk to her Pleiadian SELF. In this manner you will assist her to remember her SELF more than you may think."

I was very happy to receive that information from the Arcturian and tried not to run to Mytria’s meditation cubicle. Because she was in a very deep trance, she was fed intravenously and constantly monitored. I had not considered the component of Mytria that was aware of my concern and how much I may have been harming her. I wanted to instantly run to Mytria’s cubical, but my duties made it impossible to visit her until much later.

Because of my deep connection with Mytre I can feel his thoughts. That is, when I am not too absorbed in my human life. I have to admit that it is getting easier and easier to become lost in the turmoil of my human life. There, do you see? I just owned that human vessel as "my life." Mytre is correct to be concerned. I am of no use to anyone if I become lost in this human vessel.

In the briefing for this Mission we were warned regarding the power of illusion on this world. Now I must admit to the arrogance I had that illusion would never fool me. Becoming lost in this vessel greatly concerns me, as well. Perhaps, it would be good if just I, without my human consciousness, visited the Ship. All right, I will admit it.  It is not the Ship I wish to visit, but Mytre.

If I could be with Mytre again and feel his body around mine, it may be easier to maintain my SELF in the midst of wearing this earth vessel and living this challenging Earth life. There is a growing hope on Earth that I can feel, even though there are still so many that are totally asleep and completely unaware of what is most important.

So many humans are so stuck on surviving. Others are having glimpses of a new reality, but they cannot maintain that vision. Some of them can remember that possible reality while in their night-body such as I am doing now. But, I must not judge them, for my sense of self is becoming more and more human and less and less Pleiadian.

I have had to move very deeply into the consciousness of the human to assist her to awaken and to act upon her awakening. I am very happy that her Blog is well read and she is doing a great deal of research about multidimensional realities and higher expressions of SELF.

However, she is still unable to own the fact that SHE is multidimensional and SHE is her own higher expression. Actually, that SHE is ME because she is one of my myriad earth expressions. However, when she is unconscious about my living within her, it makes it very difficult for ME to remain conscious inside of HER.

Oh, she is waking up now. I will think of Mytre and Ship so that I can better remember my SELF.

I had a very interesting dream last night in which I was a very tall and quite beautiful alien. I will have to search the Internet to find where this being is from. I think it was a female, but she looked so different from me. I mean, she looked like a human, but she was very tall, with light skin and long blond hair. I knew she was not human by her eyes.

They looked much like human eyes, but the centers of the eyes were not black like human eyes. The centers of her eyes were white, as in white light. Her eyes were very hypnotizing, and she appeared to be looking into my Soul at the same time that I was looking into her face. It was a very unusual and somewhat upsetting experience.

I do not understand what is going on with me. I enjoy my Blog and love my new Internet friends. But I still feel like something is missing. No, actually, I feel like some ONE is missing. I know that this alien has a mate. I can feel it just as I can feel it when someone is in a happy relationship. Yes, this alien is in a relationship, but her happiness seems a bit tainted by sorrow. What does sorrow have to do with an alien?

If she really wants to feel what sorrow is, she should come to Earth!   


  1. hi Thank you for the blog...
    at each stage when I didn't understand what is happening and saw myself asking did that really happen or was it a dream... I remember very clearly one night I was incredibility disturbed and while trying to sleep and noticed that a wonderful astral light body wondered really- it was i think 8 ft long vibrantly colourful and placed a peck on the back of the neck and assured me things are just fine... I could feel the heart chackra rotate and vibrate... really didn't understand whether was it a halucination or a dream t... till date I'm unable to talk about the experience to my family member or even doctor... ur multidimensional self makes so much sense...THank you

  2. I Am more conscious that things are happening every night now...I see the pilot, the ones coming into me with Codes and Crystals...My last conscious thought is "take me to the recovery room on the ship because I hurt all over"...but other than a glimpse of something in the morning that happened in the night I cannot bring into my outer consciousness a fuller and better picture. So I have read the blog twice and it is disturbing....Am I losing my Higher Self? Can I make this work so that I can fully remember? So many players inside of me....children being lifted up and out of me, the beautiful lady meeting her handsome Prince and they are embracing...Myself watching Myself as I look in human form begging to be taken from the 3rd Dimensional experience...I thought when I did leave (physical life) I would rise up in consciousness and be with my Higher Self...too many ABE tapes that say that...now, good grief, am I endanger of falling back into the wheel of birth and death because I will not fully remember?

    1. NO, you are NOT in danger of that, unless you wish to create it by focusing on it.
      It is VITAL now that we rise above ALL fearful thinking because our thoughts have too much power now!
      I know as much as anyone that fear is our greatest enemy, and we must continue to unconditionally love it as the frightened child that it is.
      YOU are the creator of your reality Do you wan to create falling back into the Whee of Life and Death?

  3. Hello, I could be mistaken but somehow I have this very strong feeling that you might be channeling your Higher Self :)

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  5. Hi, I have been reading your blog with much intetest for a few months now. I find it fascinating and on many occasions, very synchronistic. I am curious to know though, what is the source of these writings, are they channeled, or a fiction. Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you Sue-we be free and fantastic...

  7. your posts have been keeping me *alive* <3 <3.

  8. Hi Sue,

    I am so thankful to have found your blog several months ago; it has really helped me to make sense of everything I've been going through in the past year or so. I went from being totally asleep and pretty much spiritually unaware, had no clue about Ascension at all, to suddenly having a "cosmic 2x4" upside the head resulting in a major spiritual awakening occurring in January 2012! I felt like I was losing my mind, and nobody else around me was going through was I was experiencing, so needless to say I was so grateful to have found your blog! Every time I read your posts, it's like a little more awareness seeps into my consciousness, like I can remember a little bit more of who I am and why I came here, kind of like finding little pieces of a huge puzzle, and beginning to fit them all together. No doubt you are helping so many others the same way you have helped me! So thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

    In gratitude and love,

  9. Coming to earth - on whom is the joke? For joke it surely is, though it can have a serious side. I'll share what my guide, the Mahanta the Living ECK Master, has taught me: Fear and love cannot occupy the same space. It's a simple as that, though mustering the love to push out the fear can be a challenge when you're standing on a precipice or staring down the barrel of a gun or having to speak before an audience, etc.! But, it's true. I find one can wrap one's heart around anything, even one's own frightened little self dealing with the many confusions "the flesh is heir to." It gets easier and easier with practice. For me it's helpful to be able to turn one's fears over to Divine Spirit, or some flavor thereof. Cultivating a personal relationship with a living spiritual master, not to mention Divine Spirit, can get one past a great many worries - like whether one will advance beyond the wheel of lives or, more immediately, how to have and share happiness here and now. Yes, do suggest to that lovely lady a trip to earth! We can show her the ropes! I already owe her for the laugh she's giving me! If I ever wonder again what it means that "we are one," I now know it means the feeling I get when someone makes my belly really shake! Tip: If you love life enough, you don't care where you live it. Even wearing a 3D bag of water and bone can be fun. It's all in learning how to love the experience.

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    with love,