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Galactic/Earth Alliance The Landing Party Remember Part 2


Galactic/Earth Alliance

The Landing Party Remembers – Part 2

Dear Readers,
I now present the second portion of the message that I began in my last Blog of 4-20-13. Therefore, make sure you read that part first.

For this portion of the message, the Arcturian spoke, not just to the members of the Away Team but also to all the humans of Earth. It was interesting to see how the Arcturian could communicate with two groups within the same message. In fact, I think the Arcturian was teaching the Away Team how to speak to humanity while they are wearing their earth vessel.

I am beginning to understand how “wearing an earth vessel” creates the illusion of separation. This sense of separation is very prominent in my life. My dreams are separate from my daily life, in which I feel separate from other people. In fact, I also feel separate from that which I wish to create.

I can feel deep inside of me that something wants to be expressed in my daily life. However, my outer life and my inner life are, well, they are separate.

I still cannot directly remember being on the Ship, but there is a vague feeling of unity that has come into my awareness since these dreams began. Also there is a growing unity between my daily self and dream self, which is a start. Isn’t it? I mean, we have to start somewhere; and for me starting with unity is good.

For so much of the life that I can remember, I have felt alone. I say “the life that I can remember” because I seem to be forgetting my past. My past is over now, and whatever problems or traumas it included are becoming lost in this new adventure of, well, I guess I must say this new adventure of traveling into the unknown to find unity.

This other life or dreams or fantasies, whatever they are, are changing me in a very deep manner. I don’t feel so lost anymore. When I go about my day I think about my dreams and the unity I feel while I am having them. I wonder if I can find a way to establish that kind of unity here, in this world. Wow, I just admitted that I actually have two worlds and two lives. Maybe I even have more?

But, enough about me, as this part of the Arcturian’s message seems very important.

We have told you how Elementals assist you in creating your reality because you need those basic concepts in order to understand what we are about to say. You see, you too, are an Elemental. You too are a builder of form, but you forgot. Your third dimensional earth vessel is comprised of the elements of Earth's physical matter. This physical matter is perceived as your body, which is perceived as YOU.

In the same manner, your fourth dimensional astral-body/dream-body is comprised of the Elementals of astral matter, which you also perceive as YOU. Hence, the individual that you perceive as YOU is both your physical body and your astral body. These two bodies are kept manifest by your third dimensional elements and your fourth dimensional Elementals.

You perceive your third dimensional form as your conscious self and your fourth dimensional form as your unconscious self. Since most of your manifestations arise from your unconscious rather than your conscious mind, the fourth dimensional Elementals are the primary creators of your reality.

It is true that your human self is learning to merge your conscious and unconscious minds. This merging will greatly assist you to be conscious about the reality that you are choosing to create.

Therefore, we remind you that whenever you give unconditional love, which is the bonding force of the universe, to your unconscious self, you merge your conscious self (often perceived as your present) and the unconsciousness self (often perceived as your past) into the NOW of the ONE.

When your conscious mind and third dimensional elements of your earth vessel are merged with your unconscious mind and fourth dimensional Elementals, you have a greater ability to consciously merge your 3D physical body with your 4D astral body. Then you astral body can form a connection between your third dimensional physical form and your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Remembering the innate creative ability of your Multidimensional SELF greatly facilitates your process of the conscious merging of these three expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. The remembrance of your multidimensional creativity first began when you allowed the higher light to enter into your physical form. This higher light first entered the etheric matter of your astral body and then moved into the physical matter of your earth vessel.

When your 3D Physical Self and your 4D Astral Self are connected with your 5D Lightbody, you create a bridge into the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. As you identify, connect and establish a deep relationship with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you can perceive your reality from that higher perspective of your SELF.

This perspective will assist you with the fulfillment of your Mission. However, first you must use your newly found abilities of creation to create a life based on unconditional love, joy and happiness. It is necessary to create this lifestyle, for only when you live in love will you able to love yourself enough to realize your immense and innate creative abilities.

These creative abilities are sufficient for you to create your life in accordance with the Higher Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. In other words, you will no longer need to be one of the millions of lost ones struggling to survive in a world filled with anger and fear. The anger and fear will, unfortunately, remain on Gaia until more humans evolve or leave the planet via what they believe is death.

They believe in death because they have never had a first hand experience of their true SELF in the higher frequencies of reality. That is why they are lost. They are lost to their true SELF. If they can find their SELF that resonates to the higher frequencies of reality, they will no longer be lost. They will have found their SELF.

Then, once they experience the constant sensation of unconditional love flowing from their Multidimensional SELF into their physical self, they will know that love and happiness are the most important aspects of life. No longer will they want to dominate another or harm the body of Gaia in any way.

No longer will they feel separate, alone and without assistance. They will, also, realize that money is NOT the root of happiness, and they will simultaneously discover that they can live in abundance within the NOW of the ONE because they are the creators of their reality.

Old beliefs that suffering makes them a better person will fade from their consciousness while their desire body becomes focused on fulfilling their "reason for embodiment." Once in connection with their Higher Expressions they will have a constant source of guidance, comfort and unconditional love.

Unfortunately, there are many who have became so lost after the 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga's darkest dark that they may have to leave the planet, in what they would know as dying to rest and recover. After they have reunited with their Multidimensional SELF, they can clear their old psychic wounding and create a new earth vessel in order to return to Earth.

In their new earth vessel, they will be prepared to assist Gaia and/or Her inhabitants. In fact, even before a death experience, more and more Lost Ones are coming into the fourth dimensional Recovery Centers. In these Recovery Centers they can be healed from myriad lives lived in fear, anger and the need to experience power-over others.

The first thing they must learn is that they only needed the sensation of power-over others because they had not found their power within. Many families went generation after generation of power-over their children, who grew into adults who needed power-over their children. In the manner, the family was lost for generations.

However, as the world becomes safer and more filled with unconditional love, those who have come from such early environments will have a better chance of being healed. If they become healed from their fearful need to have power-over others before they have children, they can break a cycle that has continued for many generations. In this manner, they heal not only themself, but their family line as well.

As those who live in fear and anger find the way to live in love and joy, the process of planetary ascension will be greatly expedited. Once we, your Galactic Family, realize that enough of you can accept our love and share it with Gaia and all Her inhabitants, we will have a public landing.

However, the term "enough" cannot be determined at this moment of your Earth time. The majority of your world is still trapped in fear and anger, which could easily lead to violence if we landed. Therefore, it is up to you, the members of our Away Mission to Earth to connect with as many people as you possible in unity and unconditional love.

A group energy based on unity and unconditional love can easily share the message that Gaia is ready to return to Her Higher Expression of New Earth. Gaia wants her humans to join her NOW. However, She tires of waiting for the lost ones and is extending her primary essence into the higher frequencies of  Planetary SELF.

All of her Elementals, animals and plant beings are ready. The only component of Her third dimensional vessel that is not ready is humanity’s Lost Ones. She does not wish to abandon Her Lost Ones. Therefore, she is leaving the third dimensional frequency of her body open for as long as possible while Her primary essence moves into the higher frequencies.

Many of you, the members of our Away Team as well as the awakened humans of Gaia, are beginning to notice how your life seems to improve each day. You will likely have many symptoms of transmutation as your earth vessel adapts to higher and higher frequencies of light.

However, if you stay within this higher light and allow it to integrate into your earth vessel, you will begin to experience ever-expanding joy and greatly diminishing fear and anger. Additionally, if you complete the circuit of the higher light by pulling it through your form, grounding it in Gaia and sharing it with your physical world, you will be actively participating in the transmutation of Earth.

In other words, if you allow the higher light to flow into and through your earth vessel you are sharing it with others by silently sending them the unconditional love which is the highest octave of this light. Through the sensation of unconditional love moving into and through your form, your symptoms of transmutation will diminish. Most importantly, you will begin to experience unity with all life.

We realize that this process of shifting your frequency rate while inhabiting that form is extremely challenging. However, the opportunity to take a body during this wonderful time of transition is a great honor and one for which you have waited for myriad lifetimes.

We want you to know that you are not alone. We, your Galactic and Celestial Family who are your Higher Expressions of SELF, are willing to be in constant contact with you. Thus, you are never alone for we are always with you.

From our perspective we observe that the members of our Away Team are finding ways in which they can help from within their community and world systems to make the transition easier and filled with unconditional love.

Most of all, remember that you are ALL members of the “Away Team,” as you ALL have higher expression of SELF either on Starships or in higher dimensions of reality. Furthermore, you all have the same Mission:

·  Remember your SELF
·  Set up an ongoing and intimate relationship with your SELF
·  Translate and transmit the Truth that you are receiving from your Higher Expression of SELF to all who can listen

You, the members of our Away Team, as well as many who have taken an earth vessel during this timeline of Earth, are among the most advanced and best prepared citizens of our higher dimensional worlds.

Once you remember who you are, your fear will greatly diminish. Most important of all, you will begin to remember the feel of unconditional love and pure joy. If all you "do" is radiate unconditional love and pure joy into your atmosphere, you will greatly assist others to remember their Higher Expression of SELF.

As others remember their Multidimensional SELF, they too can connect that Higher Expression of SELF with their third/fourth dimensional earth vessel. It is then that they will fully become the creators of their reality.

Dear Readers, I have been receiving emails from many people who are also in the process of remembering their SELF. I welcome all of you to share g the experiences of your TRUE SELF. I will share some of these emails below:

I have had so many experiences that parallel yours that I don't even know where to begin except I need to have the same courage to share it. I too have a tall blond male that looks like a Greek God that has presented himself to me on various occasions in meditation or prior to sleep. He has shown me an alternate world, which is very beautiful and He says that is where I live. After exploring this world, I am very sad and lonely when I always wake up back here.

He has shown me a galactic being who looks very different than human form and I am comfortable with that as well. Recently, a young pilot comes in a Scout Ship and takes me on travels with him. So if you are hallucinating, then I am having a very similar one. Therefore, your blogs keep me sane and I know what we are experiencing is very real.

I have been on the Star Ships where I heard a voice that sounds like a waterfall. I have been introduced to an "alien" friend who is a member of the Galactic Team. Sometimes He tells me "you are with me now." Sometimes He says "You ARE ME now." He often comes at night just prior to sleep and last night was the VERY FIRST night I did not have heart pounding and extreme heat in my 3D frame. I took it as a good sign that my energy is rising up to this challenge.

I have a very big project starts tomorrow that I have been preparing for three months. I am kind of freaking out trying to figure out how to get my part done by Monday. Friday they send me changes for their priorities., and by Friday night I was stressing big time as to whether I could get my work done for a Monday start.

Then, Saturday morning I can say that I visited New Earth.  It started out in the High school and grade school I attended. The experience was just as real as me typing this message. Everything was different, but I could tell it was the same.  Where the football field was, there was an old growth forest.  I walked behind the school and there was a huge river with a waterfall. 

I cannot say the word beautiful enough. The beauty and energy was overwhelming.  Did I say it was beautiful??  The experience went on for quite awhile.  We rode motorcycles, planted fruit trees and many other things that I am unable to fully remember.
The final part of my experience was with Divine Complement. I was at her place in high-rise building in a big city. Except, in this city the energy was so clean and everything so beautiful for being in a big city. I gave her a hug as I left and this explosion of energy came from our solar plexus. I asked if she felt it and she said no.  Then, I mentally communicated to her, "You will feel it soon".

When I woke up I was a totally different person with a complete different perspective on life. I have to say it is one on the best experiences in my life. I feel that I am learning to trust the Higher Expressions of myself in situations that look impossible to accomplish. I can say I have never been let down in the past, but I am so engrained in my life that I have to figure it out with my brain. It is a challenge to live in our brain and simultaneously live in the Higher realms where there are no limitations.

I had this dream in which I was in a void. I couldn't see anything as it was pitch black, but I heard a beautiful voice that was sharing with me, and maybe others, how hard this dark passage has been. What was very special was that the voice was resonating through my high heart. Therefore, there was such a sense of intimacy and a sense of sharing in total transparency. All I can say for now is that it left in my heart a touch of brotherly love that is beyond words.

You can imagine what a beautiful confirmation I got when I read the message on your blog that had the same vibrational tonality. I'm beginning more and more to feel/experience the coherent reality in my timeless dream.

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  1. Hi Susan,
    I think that you are starting to live the world of illusion (as many of us do) and going back to the truth of your Being :)
    Illusion - when we live outside of ourselves,
    Truth - when we live our own truth :)

    Thank you so much for your channeled messages :)

  2. This message in spanish at

    With Love, Shanti

  3. HI Sue, I feel so much love and connection while reading your messages. Thank you for being here at this time. I've learned a lot from you and my life will never be the same.
    Much love, Juliette

  4. to create a life based on unconditional love, joy and happiness"
    Well if any of the higher realm beings shed some light on
    EXACTLY how do we do this, keeping in mind other regions,
    like middle east, balkans, africa, etc?

    1. If you connect with your Higher SELF and establish an intimate relationship, YOU will tell you how. These "higher realm beings" are expression of humans. We just forgot.

    2. TRUST that as you increasingly bring ‘unconditional love, joy and happiness’ into your life that raising your own frequency will contribute to the rise of others’ frequency. The more this happens, the more it will positively affect areas that you mention ‘like middle east, balkans, africa, etc.’

      To exist in JOY isn’t to ignore or be callous that others are in disadvantaged circumstances. Energetically, we can only give them a helping hand when we are in a good place ourselves.

  5. Is there anywhere people who relate to this material can get together and dialogue? Like a private members only website? If not, would there be enough people interested in one? I could create one perhaps. If anyone would like to chat with me about things, p i p r a t (remove the spaces)

    1. YES, YES, YES.

      Making it public might help others who are just beginning to explore this material.

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  8. I feel like you are speaking specifically to me.

  9. ‘As those who live in fear and anger find the way to live in love and joy, the process of planetary ascension will be greatly expedited.’

    ‘If all you "do" is radiate unconditional love and pure joy into your atmosphere, you will greatly assist others to remember their Higher Expression of SELF.’

    Can’t be said enough.

  10. Japanese translation of this blog:

    with love and gratitude,