Friday, April 26, 2013

Conscious Creators of New Earth

We Are Conscious Creators of New Earth

Tomorrow I return from my retreat in Nature. I wish I could say that I spent a great deal of time in Nature, but I actually spent a great deal of time sleeping. Being away from the house and all the things that I should do gave me time to do exactly what I wanted, and/or needed to do. And, what I spent a lot of time doing was sleeping.

I woke up several times last night, but I still slept a good three hours longer than I usually sleep. As I often do, I woke up with a sentence, which when written down becomes pages and pages. However, today’s sentence is not about writing. It is about doing, for when I awoke this morning my sentence was:

I Suzanne Lie from California USA
Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

The pivotal word in this statement is “conscious” creator, as we are all in the process of creating New Earth with our every thought and emotion.

We had hoped that our years and lives of dedication, meditation and service would be sufficient to give us a free ride to New Earth and/or the higher dimensions. However, this was not the case. We, the members of incarnated humanity, are the creators of New Earth.

Yes, finally, time is on our side. The higher light from the Galactic Center is flowing into our world, and we have more assistance from the Galactics and Celestials than we have since the Golden Age of Atlantis.

However, the higher light that is awakening those who have dedicated themselves to the manifestation of their earthly mission and integration of their Multidimensional SELF, is making the lost ones fall deeper and deeper into their personal torment. Unfortunately, this inner torment is acted out as torment against others.

Fortunately, inner peace and unconditional love is also acted out on others. However, we have been calibrated from myriad lifetimes on Earth to put fear first and wait until later for love. Our animal brains tells us that fear is the most important emotion as it protects us from attack and eventual death. But death is always eventual and far less important to our Soul than the love.

Fortunately, as we download, integrate and become the Higher Expressions of our SELF, we have powers of creativity that are far beyond our former powers of destruction. Hence, what took TIME, effort and greed to destroy can quickly be transmuted with the unconditional love that is the core of the higher light that is awakening our creative powers.

However, in order to be master of our creations, we must master our thoughts and emotions. I imagine that is why I woke up with the above sentence. It is one thing to write stories, meditate, lead groups and help others, but another thing completely to BE the Master of ALL our thoughts and emotions.

We can easily think of all the “hard work” it would take to create a New Earth based on unconditional love for all life. However, living that unconditional love with our every thought and emotion is an entirely different challenge. We are used to “hard work,” but we have NOT had much practice at being the Master of our Energy (thoughts and emotions).

In fact, even those of us who are able to have pretty good control of our thoughts and emotions, still fall into the trap of complaining about the difficulties of daily life. We even complain about how difficult ascension is! In fact, most of us “Lightworkers” are afraid to say the word ascension because it did not occur according to our specifications.

You can see that I include myself in that list. I too, have complained about the difficulties of remembering our True SELF while in the turmoil of our 3D life. It is indeed a challenge to maintain a higher state of consciousness while we are observe the atrocities of life around us and while we travel in traffic and confront a pile of bills.

Therefore, when I woke up with the statement that “I AM Creating New Earth” it means that my every thought and emotion IS creating my reality. My thoughts direct my intention and my emotions dictate the state of consciousness that fills that intention. Hence, if I am to BE a creator of New Earth, and I create my reality with my thoughts and emotions, I must be a Master of my thoughts and emotions.

Is it becoming clear now why we did NOT ascend? How many of us are actually a master of our every thought and emotion? Not me! I am striving to become a Master of my thoughts and emotions. However, I am fully aware that this form of mastery is impossible for our third dimensional animal brain. Hence, our animal brain is incapable of creating New Earth.

On the other hand, the Animal Kingdom that does not include humanity IS ready for ascension. They are ready for ascension because they live in Unity with Gaia and with respect for their planet. The human animal does not live in unity or respect for our planet. The “animal’s” brain has a code of ethics and behavior that has been lost by the human animal.

However, the human animal has something that the animal kingdom does not. Humanity has the ability to be conscious of, to recognize, integrate and BE their higher dimensional expression while wearing a human body. However, in order to do this, we will need to release our third dimensional thinking, just as we had to release wooden wheels in order to have a faster vehicle.

I know that I have restated what I have been saying for quite a while. However, I know that a reminder is important, as I must constantly remind myself. Then, I still act from my human self. My advancement is that I catch myself more often now. However, if I am too tired, if I have allowed myself to become “stressed out” by daily life, the reminder does not work. My wounded ego ignores my higher expression and steers my earth vessel into the trenches of the third dimension.

Therefore, when I awoke this morning with that message from my SELF, I have chosen to share it with all of you who I know are endeavoring, just like me, to remember that”

I­­ ________ from _________
Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

If you would like to add your name to our list, please do. You can use a pseudonym or only your first name, as YOU know who you are. Also, if you just write that sentence down on a piece of paper or type it into your computer, you could use it as a mantra to assist you in remembering that YOU ARE the Creator of your REALITY.

The higher light has been entering our brains now for several months and giving us many uncomfortable symptoms of transmutation. However, slowly we are beginning to adapt to this higher frequency of light. On the other hand, we can look around our world and see many who have lost all control of them selves because of this energy. To them, we must send our unconditional love.

However, it is important that we do not become reactive to the fear that surrounds us because WE ARE THE CREATORS OF NEW EARTH. In other words, we can serve as the antidote to fear by showering with our unconditional love. Sending love into fear becomes increasingly easier as our 97% DNA is turned on, and our multidimensional thinking/feeling comes online.

It is important that we remember to release our survival-based, human thinking and function more and more through the higher-dimensional Operating System of our multidimensional thinking. From this higher perspective we can send unconditional love into that which creates fear and focus our personal attention on that which creates love.

Therefore, we have to make some choices in our lives to release that which lowers our consciousness. If we hate our job, change it. If our living situation makes us unhappy, move. If our relationships are not going well, look at where you are feeding the negative and ignoring the positive. In some extreme cases, relationships will need to end.

Most important, remember to BE your SELF as often as you possibly can. I realize what I am asking because I ask the same of myself. I cannot say that I am wonderful at remembering to be my SELF.

But there are certain times that I AM my SELF.

When I am in the midst of a creative endeavor, I AM my SELF.
When I am with someone that I love and/or a dear friend, I AM my SELF.
When I am doing what I love to do, I AM my SELF.
When I am in nature or gardening, I AM my SELF.

There are also many places where I am not my SELF.

If I get too tired, I am NOT my SELF.
If I get too stressed out (which is usually when I am too tired) I am NOT my SELF.
If I am doing a mundane task that I must do now, I am NOT my SELF.
If I am working too hard (which is the collection of the above) I am NOT my SELF.

Take a moment to write down when you ARE being your SELF and when you are NOT being your SELF. I think you will discover, as I did, that if we are not taking good care of our earth vessel, the symptoms of transmutation are stronger and we fall out of our SELF.

On the other hand, when we realize that we are all working together as ONE Being to be the Creators of New Earth, we know that we are our Multidimensional SELF inside of the earth vessel that we are currently wearing. This earth vessel is of a frequency that is much lower than our resonance and is having great difficulty integrating our SELF into its small clay form.

We must give a great deal of unconditional love to our small clay vessel, as well as to the elements and Elementals that have created that vessel for us to wear. While we were not conscious of the fact that we were our SELF, the earth vessel fit fine, for most of us. Conversely, as we begin to remember that we are our SELF, we begin to allow the higher frequencies of light into our clay form.

This form is not accustomed to the frequency of our true resonance and is not comfortable with the frequency of light that is now entering its Pineal Gland. Hence, we must be loving to our vessel and give it thanksgiving for creating a portal through which we can contribute to the planetary venture of Creating New Earth. Furthermore, we must remember that we did not come here for our personal gain.

We, the Creators of New Earth, took an earth vessel at this time to assist our dear friend Gaia, consciousness of all life on planet Earth, to expand Her planetary essence into the higher frequencies of reality. The greater percentage of humans are currently unable to realize this fact, but the plant and animal kingdom, as well of those who have awakened to our SELF, are working as ONE to Create New Earth!!

Remember that when we are Masters of Energy we can maintain mastery of our thoughts and emotions. This mastery ~ which is alive within our SELF ~ constantly reminds us to focus on unconditional love. The frequency of unconditional love will keep us in constant connection with our Multidimensional SELF who will keep us in alignment with our Mission. 

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I have a distant remembrance that we, most of lightworkers have already volunteered to stay with Gaia in her transition to New Earth. We are still connected to to the group mind that we are suck back into to it which I feel is "not mine" but ours.


  2. Stepping into self-mastery is actively moving out of being the powerless victim, waiting for someone more powerful to swoop in & save us. As has been said many times before, We ARE the ones we have been waiting for.

  3. As always, thank you Sue.
    I Andrea Lillie from Townsville, Australia Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.

  4. I, Hannah Varieur from South Whidbey Island, Washington, USA, Volunteer to Be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.

  5. I, Shanti, from Uruguay, Volunteer to Be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

    This message available in spanish at

    With Love and Gratitude


  6. I­­ Sam from Holland
    Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

  7. I, Morgaine, currently domicile in Pacific North West region on Beloved Gaia, do volunteer to be a Conscious Co-Creator of our Newly Emerging Earth.

  8. Hi, Sue.
    This message in Portuguese - Brazil

  9. I, Stefania Ashtalan from Italy
    Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth!
    Translation in Italian:

  10. Wania Brasil, voluntária para ser um criador consciente da Nova Terra.


  11. I­­ Alura Bliss from Lakewood, CO

    Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

  12. Me...Gaia/Piroska from before Creation...vlunteer/ Be a Conscious infinite C0-Creator with the ONE...I AM...
    In Love Truth and Freedom

  13. I­­ Polaris AB from Bournemouth UK volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.
    With blessings x

  14. I Thabo Maja from Soweto, South Afrika volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.

  15. I, sage, from Vancouver Canada volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.
    With much love ♥

  16. I Rokisha of New Earth, Volunteer to sustain the consciouness and awareness of New Earth for others to reach this precious Haven.

  17. I, Vicki, from Auckland, New Zealand, Volunteer to Be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.
    Much love and thanks ♥

  18. I,Maya from Bulgaria,volunteer to BE a Conscious Creator of New Earth.

  19. I Rieko from Japan Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.

    Japanese translation at:

    With love and gratitude,

  20. I, Danica Klimentova from Slovakia volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.

  21. I Nuri from Holland volunteer to be a conscious Creator of New Earth!

  22. It's wonderful to see people from all around the planet responding to this. I'm in the US.

  23. I Elly from Holland vollunteer to be a conscious Creator of the New Earth

  24. I Dineke from Holland vollunteer to be a conscious Creator of the New Earth

  25. I Emmanuel from Karpenisi Greece
    Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

  26. I Petra from Germany volunteer to be a conscious creator of new earth!

  27. I, Oleg Grigoryev from Russia, volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth.
    Much Love & Light to all of you, my brothers and sisters in Spirit.

  28. I­­ Neeraj Khatri from India
    Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

  29. I Bryce Lukhard, from Virginia USA volunteer to be a conscious creator of new earth.