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1995 First Message from Mytria

My First Message From Mytria

Picture I drew of her in 1995
Dear Readers,
I am so pleased to see all your wonderful comments, as well as how people all over the world are consciously creating New Earth. Please check the comments, as they are quite wonderful.

Since all of you have been so open I am going to now share the first communication I received from Mytria on 11-20-95. I have not changed any of the content, but have edited it a bit. I did not feel that I could release this information until now.

Yes, the world does feel safer, doesn’t it? Yes, we still have many 3D problems, but where we felt the warning of, “Be careful. It is not safe yet.” We are now hearing, “Congratulations Earthlings. Job well done! Go for it NOW!” Below is my first communication with Mytria.

(I was very new to computers then and didn’t know how it got marked private.
Maybe Mytria did it?)

Dear Mytria,
I asked to speak with a Pleiadian and I have received your name.  I am opening myself to my Multidimensional SELF and wish to speak with you.  I hope that I have been able to clear myself enough so that I can have an accurate reception of your message.

Dear Suzille,
You have indeed been opening yourself to your multidimensionality, and in doing so you have allowed yourself to receive messages from beings such as myself from other dimensions. I am from Alcyone, and I am one of the guards of The Sacred Fire. I speak to you now from the fifth dimension, although I could also communicate with you from higher dimensions. 

Since this is our first contact, I will take on my lowest vibration to make it easier for you to understand me.  Of course, in our world, there is no need to guard The Sacred Fire as no one here would damage anything.  Beings on the fifth dimension know that any action affects them as much as those around them, as there is no separation. You too are learning that lesson.

Hence, I do not exactly guard the Fire. It would be more correct to say that I assist those who wish to enter into it. The Sacred Fire is a portal through which one can travel to anywhere they desire. When one is finished with their body in the fifth dimension, they actually step into the portal. Then the body is transmuted to a higher dimension and they are returned to pure Spirit in order to learn their "in-between realities" lessons. 

If one wants to travel to another plane, but they wish to return to their form, they will concentrate upon The Sacred Fire. Then they can go wherever they wish via their consciousness. Their body will be cared for here in our Violet Temple while they are away. I am one of those who oversees that process. Therefore, I guess it would be better to say that I guard the body of the traveler rather The Fire. For this reason my title is a Keeper Of The Flame, as I keep track of the ones who enter Sacred Fire.

You, my dear, have contacted me because I am open to communications with those from other dimensions and because I know you. Or rather I know Kepier, your Arcturian self.  Kepier and I are actually related.  Arcturus is a great mystical center and many who wish to be seers and healers will travel there to study and grow.  Kepier is an intergalactic communicator. This is why you have always had such a strong urge to reach beyond your mundane world.

Indeed, when you merge with the Kepier portion of yourself, you will be able to communicate with any species that you wish. You do see how your entire life has been in preparation for that, do you not? Always, your inner life was more loving and alive than your outer life. Now, my dear One, you are ready to begin the long process of merging with your SELF.

The merging with your higher expression of SELF begins when you begin to communicate with them. Yes, you see Kepier with me now, do you not?  We are sisters in the Light. I have studied on Arcturus and she has studied on Alcyone.  Allow yourself to remember how it feels to move from galaxy to galaxy with less effort than it takes you to drive to a 3D grocery store. 

Even though she is androgynous, Kepier is appearing very female here because the vibration of our planet is so feminine. When she is on Arcturus, she appears very differently and looks like the "star people" that you have seen when you communicated with Illia Em.

I will now tell you some things about our life here and about the photon belt (The term used then regarding the Galactic Center) because I can see that those are the questions in your mind.  Our life here is as you have read. We live very simply in large open central homes and smaller sleeping\ meditation quarters.

The time for sleeping is not as in it is on Earth.  Here we remain totally consciousness, but it is better if we are alone as we go deeply into our minds to integrate what we have learned and to expand our awareness. We also use these quarters for merging with our mates, if we have chosen to take on a gender. Some here wish to live with their Divine Complements as man and woman and others wish to integrate their two components and live as one androgynous being.  It is purely a matter of choice on this dimension.  On higher dimensions, the division of sexes is unknown. 

We receive our children from The Flame as is done on Venus, but some still wish to have the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. The central room is the living area where our greater family all live together.  The word we use for that central room is difficult to hear in English, but sounds like scrdala. The scrdala is comprised of members of the same Oversoul. 

Many of the choices of living situations differ with the frequency that one is vibrating.  A being that is able to be awake on many different vibrations at once, such as myself, will have very different situations on each plane.  This is much like your situation. 

On the third dimension, you are Suzanne Lie and you live a quiet, private life in Los Angeles, California, USA. On the fourth dimension, you live in Faerie with your beloved fairies and Nature creatures. (Later, I will tell you more about that life.  It will be the basis of the children's books that you will write.) 

On the fifth dimension you are me! Yes, dear, you and I are ONE. However, it is not as easy to understand as you may think. Your consciousness has split greatly in preparation for the grounding of the fifth dimension upon your planet. Your divine complement, Lamire, has dropped his vibration to the area between the fourth and fifth dimension and is constantly stretching his awareness to your vibration just as you are stretching yours to his vibration. (The merging of my Complement and myself has now been completed.)

Others among us who are also wearing a human form have made the same sacrifice. Our grounded expression will commune with their Complements when they are able to deeply appreciate their Divine Complement.  This is why your book (VisionsfromVenus, is so important. 

People must learn that the other half of themselves is awaiting reunion with them at this time.  Here on our Pleiadian Homeworld we are never actually away from our Divine Complement, for we are able to bi-locate. This means that while one of us is within a form, there is an echo of our Complement always with the grounded one.  I will explain more of this concept later. 

On the sixth dimension, you are on Venus and on the seventh you are on Arcturus.  However, you are able to visit and communicate with Sirius and Antares. On the eight and ninth dimensions you can move between locations and are not in need of a planetary Home. The Antarian connection is very strong in you as you know.  Your sixth dimensional self often travels to Antares a well as to Arcturus, Sirius or the Pleiades. I can see the question in your mind of, “Do these different portions of yourself ever meet?” The answer is of course! Are we not doing that now? 

However, each self is also a different reality. Much like the different realities you have experienced as the “past lives” you have remembered in your third dimensional self.  These portions of your SELF are NOT separated by time and space. On the other higher dimensions, your different selves or realities are separated by vibration. 

You see how Kepier and I are standing side by side, do you not?  And, you have met Kepier and myself individually. You also met the different portions of your third dimensional self. Each reality appears separate until you are able to become conscious of it, than it is a portion of the whole. 

Your perception of the "whole" expands as your consciousness expands. However, each expression of your SELF is an individual within the unity of your Multidimensional SELF. I, Mytria, am able to raise my vibration to the seventh dimension where I am able to communicate with Metia, Shature, How Ta Shi, Radula, and Tutenaqua. (other higher expressions mentioned in Remembering the Return)  Each of us is individual and each of us are ONE.  When you are beyond time and space, this is possible.

Now, I will speak about the photon belt. I am glad that you have found a book written by one of our sisters. (I think this was The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow.) You had all ready found the connection between yourself and this author. Be careful about competition. Do not allow your third dimensional feelings of inadequacy to interfere with your higher perceptions. 

You are too important to lose yourself in petty third dimensional emotions and insecurities. There is much too do and too little time in which to do it.  Do not be worried about your book. The truth will find a way to be heard. Focus on filling it with love and light. It will find its own editor. It now has a life of its own, just like the alternate realities of your life are on their own. 

I wish now to answer your thought about why you did not resonate to the Pleiades before now.  Your connection to me was difficult to feel because it starts on the fifth dimension, and you are in the process of raising your resonant vibration and integrating with Lamire (Divine Complement) on the fifth dimension.  If you were to communicate with me before this time, it would have been too confusing to you.  You see how much difficulty you are having with some of the concepts that I have presented to you today. 

Now for the photon belt, which is another difficult concept.  The channeling you are reading (The Pleiadian Agenda) is very correct. You can trust most of what you have read. However, there is one point which I would like to add at this time.  These energies that will be activated will be very disturbing to many who are living in the limited thought of the patriarchal society of your current reality.

The black and white thinking of your current reality (Earth 1995) does not allow for the many shades of gray. Yes, the light can become grayer as you move into the higher energies, much like sunrise and sunset. The weather will also undergo very great changes, and there will much restructuring of Gaia’s planetary body. 

Any projects that mankind is undertaking which are damaging to Gaia, will be halted by bad weather or coincidence. For example, weather will make it very difficult to cut down the rain forest or to strip mine the hills. Deep mines will cave in, as the Mother will not allow any further invasion. Many defense plans will be aborted, as the weather will not permit launching. 

The acid rain will become so intolerable that many countries will have to chose between industry or food. Disease and famine will increase, and accidents and murders will rise. Many who are not able to face the change will exit the planet.  Many babies that are ill-conceived will die and many species will relocate on the fourth and fifth dimension.  In other words, many will begin to leave the sinking ship.

The Men in Black will escalate their relocation process to Mars, but it will be foiled at every turn. Their robot servants will turn against them because the higher light will awaken in them a small glimmer of consciousness, which will encourage them to seek their own life. 

At the same time, more and more people will raise their consciousness and learn that they are actually creating their world with their every thought and feeling.  Telepathy will become so obvious that none will be able to ignore it. Dreams will become very vivid, and healers and therapists will be much in demand. 

The economy will frantically try to find new ways to adjust itself to the new world, but in the end most will be barter and exchange. People will find that they can understand their pets at such an alarming rate that even the most limited thinkers will not be able to ignore it.

The U.S. cover-up of the Alien Connection will be completely exposed. The U.S. will no longer be "number one," and the Zetas will no longer be able to do their work in private. They will instead have to ask openly for human assistance.  Many will think that they can gain much form this alliance, but will soon discover that they actually have more to give than to receive.

Most of all, the Mother will awaken. She will hear the mating call and will no longer tolerate any injustice to Her planetary body. She will become much like a bride preparing for Her wedding.  She will be making herself beautiful and anyone who tries to stop Her will not enjoy the consequences.  This is when the wonderful time will begin. 

You, Suzille, will for the first time in your life be happy to be born on Earth in a third dimensional form. Most important, because you will learn to totally Love life on the third dimension, you will be able to release it. You will not need to release your form, of course, but you will release all of its limitations and separations.  Your physical body will be like the car you drive on Earth.


I must say that I have learned to be happy that I am alive now, which does make it much easier to release the third dimensional limitations and separations. Also, my relationship with my body has greatly improved. It is the “car” I drive or the “form” I wear. But they are both a LOT older.

From the information at the end of this communication, you can understand why I have never released this message from 1995. The fact that I feel safe enough to release it now is the very reason why I am happy to be a member of the New Earth that I, Suzanne Lie, have volunteered to create.


  1. Thank you, that was truly beautiful. Blessings, Sara

  2. Hi Suzannne, I wonder if you can help resolve this question of mine? I understand all humans have 12-strand DNA, each of which comes from a different ET race, and were combined to form a new type of life, the humans of earth. As such, I would understand that all humans are actually ET in form, that all have these various levels of life in each dimension. And yet, in other things I read, I get the impression that NOT all humans are like this, or that Lightworkers are different somehow, either as walk-ins of recent or earlier entrance? I identify myself as one of the latter, and yet, that doesn't fit with what I read/research elsewhere always - as in, the 12-strand DNA explanation. Do you understand that Lightworkers are the same as humans, or different? Does this even make sense? Part of me also wonders, is this just the ego wanting to feel special? Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this. Peace -- Mary

  3. I­­ __alexalfa1______ from ____italy_____
    Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

  4. Dear Suzanne, I have been reading your blog for quite some times since I started my own conscious awakening. Your stories give me much insight, strength and reassurance for which I am the utmost of grateful. It was actually on a day that I was reading Mytria's blog that I decided that I had the courage to make my own. My time during this process tends to have me confused and frustrated when I cannot seem to connect the dots and make sense but I feel that I tend to be guided to your postings at just the right time for an explanation I needed. I thank you and I love you dearly for sharing your experience, truthfully as I type this now I am overflowing in the sentiment of this to the point of tears. It would never seem to me that I could say this enough, I love you and I thank you <3

  5. Hi Suzanne I always read your messages and i'm glad you shared this one with us are doing a great job please keep it up,
    Make it great now,

  6. I love reading your blog! I wish I could channel too!

    I have always been a deep thinker (except in school), I questioned everything and always knew deep down inside that this "life" was not all that is. Yet, my family thought I was crazy and so did most of my friends.

    I learned to keep most of my feelings to myself until recently when I found your blog as others like you. Thank you - I feel like I am getting closer to where I fit in.
    I also met another lady who see's the world as I do which helps bouncing ideals off of.

    I am "awakened" in the way that I don't go with the flow, I don't watch the news nor much of anything else. I don't feel energy as my friend does but I am very intuitive.

    I have wanted to take spiritual classes but I don't have the money to. I seem to be living on a universal wave. I can't get a job yet what I need to pay my bills comes to me through odd jobs.
    I applied to college to finish what I started 32 years ago but my bankruptcy and foreclosure wasn't received well.
    I had my own business for 18 years and really miss it. I don't know what I am suppose to do.

    I see the world crashing down with the banks, economy, the weather etc. I feared of it but now I know that everything has to be uncovered, the truth has to me told, Time is whizzing by and Gaia has to shake off those that are hurting her.

    I hold the world, the universe in love and light and often talk to Source, my guides etc… but hear no answers back. Once in a while I'll sink back down to the fact that I must have lost my marbles and question what am I going to do for the rest of my life.

    I have always felt comfortable with the Pleiades vs the Grays and other Hybrids. I want to meet my family and feel love, support and be able to travel anywhere (without money) and see all the beauty.

    I do have dreams but most of them don't make much sense to me. My dad who passed in 2007 has been in many of them lately.
    I pass my time by walking in the woods, draw and paint and write too! I am sowing seeds so this year I will have a garden.

    If you have any thoughts on how I could channel that would be great!

    The other post on 12 strand DNA is incorrect. We would change to 3 strand but would not be able to live on Earth with 12 strands.

    Love to you in all dimensions!

  7. I, Thomas O'Brien, Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth toO!!

    Much love to you Suzanne! You have been such an amazing inspiration in my own travels, so thank you for sharing your lessons so that others may also learn from them :).

    Time to focus on what is my greatest joy and life purpose, which may involve a tectonic shift on a personal level. Time to lift the fear/inhibition and shout tallyho!! Thank you Suzanne for acting as a wonderful, loving example.

    Also to Lisa (above) I wish the greatest good for you, and the ease of surrendering into the flow of Life :). I did a little 'excitement' dance for you! haha


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    1. This message available for spanish speakers at Suzanne´s spanish site


  9. Thank you Suzanne for sharing this, it answers my question from yesterday. I appreciate your candidness. I understand your reluctancy to share your truth in the past, I am an MD, who had her awakening over a year ago. As a physician, you are supposed to base everything on science and hard evidence right, forget your soul or God, who has time for that nonsense. Well, I think this is exactly why our medicine is failing, because we forgot our spiritual selves. I used to confide to people who are close to me, but am slowly finding the courage to speak my truth with everyone now, your disclosure certainly helps, so again, thanks!

    1. Hi Julia, i'm currently in med school now. Do you have any interests in alt medicine (as described often in such circles)? I am brainstorming as how best to approach the role I intend to play upon obtaining sufficient medicinal education (in any and all respects).

      Msg me if you get this, I would really love to talk with you about it all! :)


    2. Dear Tom, I am happy to hear from an open minded future physician. Awakened doctors, I think, are still a rare breed in this world. We tend to get brainwashed early on in med school. That said, I advise you to study hard because you will need a solid knowledge about our physical body and its diseases and conventional medicine is the best we have for now. However, keep in mind that all diseases start in an energetic level (mind) before manifesting physically. The best medicine is the one that treats body and mind. Lifestyle is also very important. Natural remedies such as healthy food, sunlight, yoga, music, positive thinking make a difference in one's health and are frequently undermined by conventional medicine. This is where you can make a difference for example.
      I would suggest websites such as the or to explore for more info on alternative medicine. Books from Bernie SIEGEL, MD, Deepak Chopra, MD, Christine Northrup, MD also may be helpful. If you are in the states, there is an Integrative Medicine Board that offers study materials and a certification exam for any MD or DO that wishes to do so, they have an website that you may google. And as always, you can ask to be led, and you will be guided to what you need to do or read. As a physician, it is important to be humble and sincere in your intention to help every patient you touch, egolessly, allowing God to work through you. Pure intention and non attachment to the result is key, it assures the highest outcome in any situation. I wish you the best Tom, keep shining your light!:-)

  10. Dear Suzanne -
    It's been wonderful to discover your blog among the many I regularly read, and now I find links to your books! Reading today about how you got into the whole thing - at least how from our "human" perspective, has removed all sense of strangeness that resulted from starting the story some weeks ago rather than at the beginning. Yes, also today, we've come to earth to find out about sadness and sorrow, but also how to transcend them and find joy and happiness and the great blessing of being able to share these. Thanks and love to you and all the selves so generously sharing our story! I say "our" story rather than "your" story, since I've no clue if we're related, I sense a reflection of the story that is "me" in the story that is "you." In addition to being "one" as we are so often told we are, I think we in human form are also mirrors to one-another. I can't end this without saying love also to all who offer their wonderful comments to your wonderful work!

  11. I cannot thank you enough.. At each point of time when ever I was lost some one would comeforth and give explaination... you too with your website and ebooks have played a huge role in keeping me grounded though what seems a very depressing period in my life... that's around two years ago.. yes it was apparently the major 2012 shift ... was leaving pateriachial system behind... paramhamsa yogananda books did mention "which freqency do you want to tune-in to"... I didn't understand it fully till your blog wrote in details... your writing are very very important.. they explain huge detail description...and help put the many missing puzzle chapters/pieces together... truely multi-dimensional self is a concept you alone have explained so well so far... pls continue writing ... it really really helps me overcome lot of thing that I don't understand.. love you (location india)

    1. Good question. The answer is that we have to live in love and release our fear, anger and bitterness. This is no small task, but if we do not release those emotions we begin to feel like victims in our own life. Also, I have been meditating for 40 years and if one does not meditate, whether it be a passive or active meditation, they will become stuck in the illusion.
      We are all higher beings like Mytria, and how many of us are stuck in illusion. We have to be willing to take full responsibility for our process and release ALL vicitmization.

  12. hi,

    Have come to repost... as i feel the need to still understand the phenomenon... a seemingly barely noticeble but flickering sparkles of light led me to this article as well as yesterday's post... the picture you drew of mytre.. and the beautiful vibrate figure who place the peck on the back of my neck have one common thing - vibrant glow from within... what is these sparkling fine dots of light that suddenly appear? they seem to led me somewhere.. are they?
    After reading Judy Satori's "Sunshine before the dawn' I have begun to understand of being born in 3D body... how will I understand the mystery of sparkling lights ... would you have any idea.
    ( location: india)

  13. This is so cool, thank you so much for sharing it -both of you -Is Mytria OK? I didn't see a follow-up since Mytre expressed his concern . . . please let us know <3

  14. Love this, Dear Suzanne - You received so much information even back in 1995, and so interesting and relevant for us today!

    I want to thank you for sharing so much with us, and for opening the doorways to more and more understanding and connectivity that we seek - We're in this together! ~Clare

  15. Thank you every one for your wonderful comments and total support

  16. Thank you Sue for sharing this precious information! Now I understand more clearly and everything seems to make sense!

  17. Translation in italian:

  18. 3 years ago on Mother's Day, friends and I had a celebration honoring our Mother, Gaia. It was the first time I spoke it out loud ... "I AM willing to shift with you." And I cried and cried ... committing to jump off the cliff into the unknown, trusting I would either find something solid to stand on, or would be taught to fly.
    This week I participated in attending via live stream the entire Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, ... an outstanding and awesome event of and by true heroes, both the witnesses and the committee of former congress people. The synchronicity of Mytria's comments re the condition of the U.S. and the world are stunning given what has been offered at this Hearing.
    You, Suzanne, are a hero as well, like those I have been blessed and privileged to witnessed all week. Thank you beyond words for all you have the courage and love to share with us ...
    loving and appreciating you, ParamDevi

  19. It’s wonderful that you have gotten to a place of confidence where you are feeling comfortable w/ releasing information such as this.

    More on ‘... the Zetas will no longer be able to do their work in private. They will instead have to ask openly for human assistance.  Many will think that they can gain much form this alliance, but will soon discover that they actually have more to give than to receive.’ would be interesting to read should you be able to access further information about these subjects.

    Keep up the good work. It is of inestimable value.

  20. Japanese translation of this message at:

    with love

  21. Thank you very much Suzanne for all your work, like others I have discovered your blog only a few months ago and everything I read I really feel it. Like others have already said, I am also one of those that from a younger age thought that there was something out there that was being kept in secrecy and I only can say that with time everything will resolve itself.

  22. Waht is this all about? A form of brainwashing