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Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance--Mytre's Parallel Reality Part 2

Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance

Mytre’s Parallel Reality Part 2

When (parallel) Mytre finished speaking he said, “I know that I will be with you for awhile, and I see you are struggling as to what to call me. I am Mytre Almon, so please call me Almon. Because I fell into my own darkness, I am a very different version of Mytre than the one you knew. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the Light, as well as my beloved Pleiadian family.”

With that said, we all gathered around our new friend Almon to welcome him into our family. We laughed around the campfire until it burned into embers, and it was time for sleep. I could see that Almon was uncomfortable about where to sleep, so I offered that he share my bed. He was quite hesitant, but I insisted and pulled him into a small, private indentation in our cave.

The next morning we arose at dawn and found our special meditation spots. Almon easily slipped into this reality and found his own meditation spot at the top of a small hill. He no longer felt that he must hide in the shadows. He had regained his dignity, and I had regained my best friend. Over the weeks that followed I saw the many ways that Almon was different than Mytre, and the many ways in which he was quite similar.

However, as soon as the land for the location of the Temple was cleared, we had a problem. We did not want to rearrange or cut any rocks from this sacred land for building materials, and we did not have the ability to gather building material from too for outside of the sacred dome. Meanwhile, the symptoms of transmutation into our higher SELF appeared again but in a totally different way.

Before, our bodies were suffering the symptoms of physical illness or discomfort. Now, it was our minds that were shifting. We all began to forget what we were going to say, or we could not attend to an entire sentence that our friends tried to deliver. Furthermore, we all began to lose time. By that I mean that we would be somewhere doing something, then suddenly, we were somewhere else doing something quite different.

The sequential actions of finishing one experience then moving on to the next one no longer applied. Eventually we realized that if we were involved in one activity and thought of another one, we were suddenly doing whatever activity we were thinking about. However, the sequence of stopping one activity, walking to another place, and commencing in the next activity was missing.

At first we only had this experience once in a while, but then this shifting of time and space became increasingly frequent. We realized that we were being given a higher dimensional ability, but we had no conscious control of it. In fact, our ego self was not in control of many things at all. Slowly, we realized that when ego-based thinking came into our mind, we shifted out of what we doing and into that which fed our soul.

In other words, we could no longer lie to ourselves and say, “It is fine. I am happy doing this right now. Later, I will do what I want to do.” The concepts of “right now” and “later” were becoming extinct to be replaced with “NOW.” We had all been experiencing the NOW in our meditations, and it was seeping into our daily lives. At first, this situation was quite disconcerting until we realized how much more effective we were when we only did what we loved doing.

In this manner, we each found the personal contribution that best served our group venture. Also, there was no overlap or competition. It was as if we were each handpicked to do a certain portion of this service to the ONE. It was not too long before we realized that that concept was correct and that Almon was our “foreman.” He was able to perceive how the actions and contributions of each person fit into our ONE group endeavor.

Now that we had all found our contributions, we were a totally sustainable community gathered around a prepared space in which we were to build the Temple. One evening we were gathered around the campfire when one of our friends from the Temple came into our dome.

His name was Jartun, and he was one of my best friends from the Temple. Instantly, I feared that something was wrong with Alycia, but he read my mind—as he always did—and informed me that she was fine.

We invited Jartun to join our campfire and found him food and water. He had hardly stopped on his journey to our site and was exhausted. He had an urgent message to give us, but first we made sure that he ate and had some water.

Once he had eaten and quenched his thirst, we gave him our full attention as he began to speak,
“I have come here to tell you that the Arcturian Force Field around the village is beginning to fail. If the Draconians see our true village, they will attack us mercilessly. We have discovered in our meditations and communications with the Arcturians that the Temple must go up now, as the power of its Violet Fire is the only way we can focus the higher energies to refuel the Force Field.”

Almon stood instantly and said, “It is for this reason that I have called to join you. I have been observing everyone’s abilities and remembering Mytria’s experiences in the Womb of the Mother. We are not meant to build the Temple, we are meant to raise the Temple.”

We all were confused, but Almon continued, “The Temple is already created. It is the Violet Crystals in the core of the planet.”

With one mind we understood what Almon was saying. Of course, then we did not have to harm the sacred land at all. However, how could we raise the huge crystals from the core of our planet? In fact, we all asked this question at once. Almon, who had fully regained his power in the time that he had been with us, calmly waited for us to calm down. One by one we re-seated ourselves around the campfire and looked to our leader, Almon, to continue,

“I do not how to raise the Temple yet, but I have been having dreams and meditations about raising the Temple. However, I did not know what they meant till now. We all know that we were called to come here, and we all answered that Call form our Spirit. We have had to realize that “impossible” is no longer a concept in our lives, as we have become  much more than we ever thought we could be.”

Almon paused while we each acknowledged his statement. Our change, actually our personal ascension changes, have happened so quickly that all we could do was adapt to our new self. Now, we had to acknowledge that we had gained individual powers beyond our wildest imagination. Almon and I were thinking as one, as he said,

“We are no longer who we once were. The Arcturians told us that would need to ascend into the fifth dimension in order to resonate beyond the constant threat of war and darkness. We have had the privilege of being on this Sacred Land where that ascension process is greatly accelerated. I have seen how our individual abilities perfectly complement each other. If we can collaborate to function as ONE BEING, as well as call in Mother Alcyone and the Arcturian, we may be able to raise the Violet Temple.”

Everyone was totally silent as they took in Almon’s words. Then, one-by-one, they shook their heads in agreement. Almon completed his message by saying,

“Let’s all go to sleep now and ask for guidance. Then, after our morning meditations in which we ask for understanding of our dreams, we will gather as a group and discuss what we have discovered.”

We all agreed, put out the fire, found a place for Jartun to sleep and lay down for the night. Something very important had happened, and we needed to each digest it before we blended it into our ever-expanding Group Consciousness. Again, we rose at dawn. Then, after our individual meditations we all instinctively formed a circle within the cleared area for the Temple. Of course, we each got our individual version of the same message. I will now relay my version of our group dream.

We awoke within our dream to find ourselves in the Womb of the Mother during our first meeting. This time we recognized each other as well as those who had not chosen to join us. The members of our group gathered together to await the entrance of Mother Alycone and the Arcturian. However, no one came this time. Instead, we all received the inner instruction to enter a long tunnel.

We silently found our way through the tunnel, which was lit by an unknown source. When the tunnel went deeper and deeper into the planet, I recognized that we were being led to cave of the giant crystals. Shortly after that realization we turned a final bend and found the massive crystals awaiting us.

With no direction from the Arcturian or Mother Alycone, we decided as a unit to go to the crystals and touch them. When we touched the crystals we could feel their great life force. We had always thought of crystals as the highest frequency of the Mineral Kingdom, but now we knew that they were, also, living beings. Just as we had learned to work as a unit on the land, we united our efforts and “found our spot” among the crystals.

We later learned in our discussion that we each asked how we could assist the crystals to rise to the surface and received our individual instructions.  Most important, we established an intimate relationship with the living Crystalline Being of the Violet Temple. After receiving our instructions we wandered among the falling crystals receiving inner pictures of how the crystals looked before they fell into disarray.

Almon, who had climbed to the top of the largest crystal, was gathering all of our information into a cohesive unit. Furthermore, he seems to be having a personal communication with the Deva, holder of form, of this great Crystalline Being. Almon sat there for a very long time, while we waiting for him to finish his communion with the Crystalline Being.

When Almon finally joined us, he was deeply moved, but would say nothing. It was then that Mother Alycone and the Arcturian joined us. 

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