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Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance Almon and the Temple


Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance

Mytre’s Parallel Reality Part 4
Almon’s Perspective

I thought that I had cleared and released my regrets, sorrows and guilt, but when I entered the Lower Astral Plane I found I was wrong. Our small group had spontaneously risen into the lowest frequency of the fourth dimension. Those of us who gathered the protection of unconditional love around them still had difficulty, but I had become completely ensnared in my old fear-based emotions.

I knew that they had to raise their frequency so that they could return and assist me. However, self-pity was taking over, and I felt abandoned. It was then that the dark entities encircled me. These creatures felt like living fear and, even worse, they felt like hunger. To my shock I realized that they were actually eating my fear. I had heard before that there were dark entities that actually fed on fear, but I’d thought it was an old superstition.

Now, I realized that what I thought was a tale to frighten children was actually true. Worse yet, I could feel myself being devoured. It was likely an illusion, but it appeared that I was getting smaller and they were getting bigger. When I realized what was happening to me I began to panic. Then I heard a voice inside of me. It was my voice, and it was very calm.

In that moment I realized that I had released my darkness, but I had not released my habit of believing I was lost. I had identified myself by my self-pity for so long that it had become an addiction. I vowed to push away my old behavior, but it was not as easy as I thought. It seemed as though the more I fought, the stronger the dark entities became.

I yelled at them, kicked and hit them. I cursed them and demanded that they leave my presence. However, the more upset I got, the stronger they became. It was as if they were gathering their strength from me. Yes, that was it. The more I fought and cursed them, the more anger I expelled. This anger only made them stronger, while it exhausted me.

I was acting like a warrior, but this was not an ordinary enemy. This enemy was not alive, so I could not kill it or even hurt it. Therefore, I had to re-asses my strategy. But how could I think when I was fighting for my life? Then I realized that they were dead and I was alive, how could they kill me? In fact, how could they even harm me? They were merely beings that were invading my consciousness, but my body was perfectly safe on the surface of the planet. Therefore, they could not harm my body.

However, they could harm my mind, but only if I believed in them. I then realized that I believed in them because I had not fully forgiven myself. Furthermore, the scent of my self-judgment was like honey to a bee. I would have to release ALL judgment of my self. I would have to totally forgive myself and fill my heart with unconditional love. I was very new to loving myself at all, so unconditional love seemed impossible.

And then I thought of Mytria. She knew I was not “her” Mytre, but she fully embraced me as her best friend and lover. The best part was that I knew her feelings were real. She saw the ways I was like the other Mytre and the ways in which I was different. In fact, I could tell that she actually tried to ignore the ways we were the same so that she could honestly and deeply get to know me.

I would have to survive this phantom fight, if not for myself, but for Mytre. I also had to survive for our mission. I had become the leader that I had always wanted to be. I would not desert my duty because of a personal battle with my own darkness. My wounded ego was no longer the focus of my life. There were others, in fact an entire village that needed my skills.

I pulled my focus away from my self and focused on the world that I loved unconditionally. Of course, that was it! Unconditional love was the only force that could stave off this darkness. I had shot and even killed many enemies. But I had never loved them. How, could I make this shift from fight to---what? What was the opposite of fighting?

In the midst of my contemplation I did not realize an exceptionally large dark entity running towards me. I chose not to run and not to fight. Instead, I opened my arms and embraced the entity when it came towards me. I held it very close to me. As I did so, I was surprised to feel its story.

It had once been a humanoid with a body much like mine. However, life did not go well for this human, and he became very hurt and very cruel. He could understand that his revenge was against the innocent as well as the guilty. He condemned everyone equally, including himself. I saw the horrid things that this being did while wearing a form, but I did not judge him. In fact, I did not judge myself for not judging him.

I had spent my life judging others, then judging myself. Always there was an enemy who I could blame, hate or fight. I never thought to look my enemy in the eye and see that the person also had a story. Some believed their story and blamed themselves while others believed their story and blamed others. In both cases, blame was not a cure. Blame only made things worse.

Within that moment that seemed to last forever, I realized that I had to unconditionally accept, forgive and even love this entity. I dropped my arms and watched as the “enemy” tried to harm me. However, my body was on a different dimension and my consciousness was too high for the entity to harm. Again, I held the gaze of the now confused and frightened entity, and looking straight into its eyes and I said, “I love you unconditionally.”

To my great surprise, the scene suddenly changed and all the entities were children playing on a huge grass field. They seemed to be kicking around a kind of ball while they were laughing and calling out friendly banter. I walked over to the field and joined their game when they invited me. We played the game until a Sun, which was invisible before, dropped below the horizon and the scene was lost in darkness.

There was a light in my heart that I could not remember ever feeling before. I placed my hands on my glowing heart and felt a warmth move into my hands and up my arms. The light then went throughout my body and out the top of my head. Gradually, I began to levitate higher and higher through a misty scene of vague forms, dim colors and a myriad of emotions.

I then saw my friends and instantly was among them. Yes, these people were my dear friends. I was not the man I was when I first came to this sacred place. The friendship, acceptance and trust of this small group had taught me to love others and to love myself.

Later that night, after our journey through the fourth dimension, I left the bed that I shared with Mytria and went out into the star-filled night. “I am ready,” I called out to the invisible Arcturian. I did not know what I was ready for, but I knew that I now had the courage to face any situation with courage and unconditional love.

“Tomorrow you will raise the Temple.” I heard in my heart.


 When we met the next morning, I told everyone of my message the night before. No one doubted me or even seemed concerned. Instead, they silently walked to the parameter of the Temple site and encircled it. I knew that I was to stand in the middle of the circle. Singing had saved us before, so I began to sing, but without words. I guess you might say I was toning, and the other members of the group gradually joined in. We had not done this kind of toning before, but we knew that it was a necessary step in raising the Temple.

Soon we began to feel the presence of the Arcturian and Mother Alcyone. Even though we could not see them, we felt their presence and knew that they were assisting us from the core of the planet. As we continued to tone, time began to blur into the NOW and the individual persons blurred into ONE being. We felt as though our feet no longer touched the ground, and the ground was also moving.

We knew that raising a crystal temple from the core of the planet was impossible to the physical world. However, we also knew that our world within the Dome was no longer physical. We had all seen, heard, remembered and accepted that life within this Dome had transmuted into a higher frequency of reality. Hence, all the laws of physics no longer applied. The impossible had become possible and miracles were common.

Thus, when the tip of the tallest crystal began to pierce the ground, no one was shocked or even surprised, except for me. I was standing at the exact spot where the crystal broke through, and it took me into the sky with it. In my state of fifth dimensional consciousness I was able to maintain perfect balance and stay at the peak of the huge crystal.

No one noticed what had happened to me, as they were all concentrating on raising the Temple. In fact, I barely noticed what was happening to me because I was so focused on my toning. Once the crystal broke ground, all the crystals seemed to capture the toning and amplified the sound throughout the entire Dome, and as we later discovered, into the distant village.

I was in such euphoria that I did not notice my precarious balance on the peak of the highest crystal. However, once the Temple was fully raised it gave a heaving motion as it settled into the land. The feeling was so shocking that I fell from the peak and down, down, down into to the very base of the Crystal Temple.

Since no one noticed me standing on the tip of the crystal, no one saw me lying broken and mangled in the very center of Temple. In fact, it was the place where the Violet Fire would be ignited. Was my life to be sacrificed into that Violet Fire? I say sacrificed for I doubted that even the great Fire would be enough to heal my broken body.

However, I was not frightened or sad or even angry. I was honored. My life had found its meaning and my death had been for a mighty purpose.

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  1. Great discussion about how our own fear can actually provide a free buffet for some dark entities & how we can cut off this unhealthy free lunch by managing our own energies.

    Can’t wait to hear if Mytre survived.

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