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Mytre's Parallel Reality Part 3


Pleiadian/Arcturian Alliance

Mytre’s Parallel Reality Part 3

After discussing our group dream we realized that “raising the Temple” was not what we had to do, but who we had to be. We knew that our abilities were not yet up to the challenge of raising the Temple but fortunately or unfortunately, more symptoms of transmutation soon appeared. We found the special abilities that assisted us on a physical level; and now our symptoms were clearly teaching us how to use our multidimensional perceptions.

In some ways, this process was the most difficult of all because these new perceptions made us feel stuck in-between the physical world and the higher dimensions. Since the reality we perceive is the reality we live, our expanding perceptions were aligning us with higher dimensions of reality. The most terrifying part, and I DO mean terrifying, was when we had to forge our Tunnel of Light through the Lower Astral Plane.

If we had created this light tunnel before the Dracs attacked us, this journey through the dimensions would have been quite simple, as this planet was very innocent before we spewed our fear and hatred into the planetary aura. I have always been able to see auras on people, plants, animals, things and even planets. For this reason, when we were exploring with our Starship, I was called upon to check the planet’s aura before every landing. I, and others with this gift, chose this planet as it shone a pure pinkish violet hue.

Our planet maintained its beautiful aura until the fighting began. Then, fear, anger, hate, grief, and revenge began to seep into the planet's lower fourth dimensional Astral Plane. Unfortunately, when our group began to collectively perceive the fourth dimension, the first perception we had was the Lower Astral Plane.

Since we now functioned in the Unity Consciousness of one being with many different perceptions, we had each other’s support. This support was much needed. Some of us were becoming clairaudient and heard the cries and screams of battle. Others were becoming clairvoyant and kept running into the many Draconian and Pleiadian "ghosts" killed in battle.

Those who were becoming clairsentient were met with a low frequency wave of fear, anger, grief, revenge and confusion. Fortunately, we could give comfort and support as we forged our Light Tunnel through the accumulated darkness of the Lower Astral Plane. How could such darkness come from one short war?

We knew the answer. War is the most damaging thing that can be done to a planet. Not only does war damage the earth, pollute the water supply, and fill the air with toxins, it also fills the Astral Plane with fear-filled emotions. These fear-filled emotions then seep back into the consciousness of the beings that rule that world and encourage them to seek revenge. 

The member of our group who was having the most difficult time in the Lower Astral was Almon. Not only had he just recently recovered from his own inner darkness, but also he was the one who experienced what everyone was feeling. Therefore, he was not only overwhelmed with the darkness of this frequency, but he also felt the sum/total of our reactions to this lower world. When we realized what was happening to him, we gathered around him in support.

We realized from our time in the Temple that the only way to heal this form of dark possession was to send unconditional love. Because Almon was our leader, the myriad entities trapped in the Lower Astral during our Draconian War joined together to attack him first. We were all dealing with our own fears, so we needed to complete our Tunnel through this darkness before we could be much good to Almon. Fortunately, Almon was waging a battle with the dark entities and temporarily distracting them.

This distraction gave us the opportunity to combine our emotions to call the Arcturian and Mother Alcyone. Within a heartbeat, we felt them over-lighting us. We Pleiadians brought war to the planet, so we were responsible for the clearing. However, seeing the bright light and feeling the welcoming support of our guide’s unconditional love allowed us to break free of the grip of fear. Free of fear, we could excuse the anger, sorrow and revenge as an illusion. With the release of our fear-filled emotions, we soared into the welcoming energy fields of the Arcturian and Mother Alcyone.

Once our light tunnel was complete and we were in the mid-frequencies of the fourth dimension, we returned to assist Almon. To our surprise, just as we set our intention to rescue Almon, we saw his great light joining us. Almon had gone bravely into the darkest depths of his fear, guilt and shame to emerge as a fifth dimensional Lightbody. The glory of his presence cleared any remaining darkness, and we easily shifted ourselves into the lovely world of Faerie. On Faerie, fourth dimensional Elementals create lovely forms and interacted with us, their humanoid visitors.

The beings of Faerie instantly recognized Almon's great light and honored him as their special guest. Time in Faerie is much faster than time on the physical plane. Thus we stayed there for what appeared to be a lifetime. Many of us found mates, married, had children and lived to be old. During our time in this beautiful reality we perfected our clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and precognition. A few of us, with Almon being the most adept, mastered the skill of telekinesis.

With our new mastery of these multidimensional perceptions we could use our:
·     Clairaudience to hear many dimensions of reality
·     Clairvoyance to see many dimensions of reality
·     Clairsentience to sense/feel many dimensions of reality
·     Precognition to perceive realities beyond time
·     Telekinesis to move objects with the mind

Furthermore, we were becoming even more telepathic, so words were not a necessary component of communications. We had also become very empathic and could easily read each other’s emotions. In fact our fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness was growing by leaps and bounds. However, going through the Lower Astral Plane was much more difficult than we thought it would be. However, once we had refreshed our selves in the lovely Land of Faerie, we easily moved our consciousness through the fourth dimensional sub-planes.

It was in the Emotional Plane that we mastered our ability to have deep empathy and compassion for the other members of the group. When we first found ourselves in this brightly colored world, we were overjoyed. Just as we had experienced in Faerie, we seemed to live a lifetime in the Emotional Plane before we felt an urge to explore our mental abilities in the fourth dimensional Mental Plane.

In the Mental Plane we had to monitor our every thought, as our thoughts would quickly create “thought forms,” which would eventually manifest as matter in the physical world. Also, if we had a negative or fearful thought it entered into all our consciousness and rushed down through the Emotional Plane and into the Lower Astral to create a form.

We decided to hold hands in a huge circle so that we could hold the hand of the person on either side of us. These friends could tell if our energy field began to drop into negative thinking. With this monitoring from our friends we got much better at maintaining positive thinking. Luckily, since time still exists in the fourth dimension, it took a while for our thinking to manifest.

After the fourth dimensional Mental Plane, our consciousness entered the Causal Plane. In this sub-plane any energy that we radiated out into our environment or into our group was instantly returned to us in the same manner in which others perceived it. If any of us became too tired or even mildly anxious, that same energy pattern would fly back into our group and would be greatly amplified.

We were quickly learning that there were some disadvantages to group consciousness. For one thing our every thought and emotion was thought and felt almost instantly by the entire group. There could be no lying or “being nice” to protect their feelings. Fortunately, when we moved into the Spiritual Plane we felt the unconditional love of our “I AM Presence.”

The I AM Presence is our Multidimensional Expression who guards the passageway into the fifth dimension and assists in becoming the Lightbody. This love coming from the highest expression of our fourth dimensional SELF comforted us after our long journey. We wanted to go further, but the fatigue of too many novel experiences was lowering our consciousness.

With the mere thought of fatigue, we fell into a tailspin. We were at a frequency, rather than a place, but the experience of falling was very strong as if we were falling off of a physical cliff. This feeling was so disconcerting that we began to allow fear back into our consciousness, which was immediately amplified by the group mind. We were starting to spiral out of control when Almon came to our rescue.

He began to sing an old Pleiadian marching song from our past. One-by-one we joined him in singing the song. Let me explain that we were only in consciousness, as our bodies were still on the planet. Therefore, we were singing with our hearts and minds rather than our voices. The feeling of that meaningful song filled us with love and courage, it slowed our decline which became an easy sensation of floating downwards.

One-by-one we slipped into our physical bodies to find Mytre Almon standing in the center of our small group. We all reached out to hug him at the same time and laughed as we bumped into each other. We then hugged each other and cried a bit from pure joy. We were back on our sacred land. If we could raise ourselves into the higher dimensions, we should be able to raise the Violet Temple up onto the surface of the land.

At least, that is what we thought at that moment.

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  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about raising the Violet Temple. Please provide as many technical energetic details as possible.