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Arcturian Teachings, Multiple Realities 3




Mytria and I awoke early, had a small meal from our replicator and beamed our selves to the Holosuite. We were becoming quite good at beaming ourselves from place to place. Of course, the energy of the Mothership assisted us with this skill. Hence, we were not too sure how well we could beam ourselves without the assistance of the Mothership’s zero point energy fields.

When we turned on the Earth hologram, we were surprised to see that the Arcturian was making an announcement to the humans of Earth. We could see that the Arcturian was resonating to the frequency just above the base line frequency of ascending Earth. Hence, only those who had begun to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension are able to receive this message.

We could determine from the hologram that some of the humans received this message in their sleep; others in their meditations and others received it while they were involved in a creative endeavor. Some of the humans could consciously receive the Arcturians message, whereas others received it as a feeling of bliss or unconditional love. We knew that eventually, some of them would be able to translate that message into their language system.

However, others may never need to put the Arcturians message into words, as they would put them into their consciousness, their behavior and/or their actions. We observed while humans from every country on Earth received this message in whichever way their state of consciousness could accept it. Some of you will receive this message now through our communication.

Our dear Ascending Ones,
We know that you realize that Mother Earth suffers everyday because of humanity's greed and power over others. We appreciate how difficult it is to maintain your faith in your inner reality in the face of what appears to be occurring in your world.

Hence, we understand that your impatience. For, after decades of work for the good of humanity, many still shun the truth and prefer to live in lies and illusion. Please listen closely as we move deeply into your consciousness. We ask that you, the grounded expressions of our Galactic and Celestial Family, fully merge with your Higher Expression of SELF. You appear to be human, but you are much more. You are wearing your human form, but YOU are beautiful, multidimensional beings and member of our Galactic Family.

You, our brave ones, took earth vessels again and again. In many of your incarnations on the body of Gaia you appeared to have died in your attempt to return Gaia to Her true SELF. However, you did not die. You were pulled out of active duty and returned to your real, higher expression. Therefore, we remind you that those who died in service to Mother Gaia did not die. Instead, they were recalled Home to heal.

However, we are not here to talk about returning Home via death. We are talking about the conscious return Home of Ascension. As you know, the percentage of un-awakened or darkly intended humans is much larger than the percentage of ascending ones. Fortunately, the light quotient of the ascending one allows that few to make a multidimensional difference.

However, if you are driving a car and have to turn around to go in the opposite direction, it takes "time" to regain your forward speed. In the same manner, humanity has had to turnaround and change their intentions from destruction to construction. Therefore, it will take the illusion of time for Gaia to “pick up speed” again.

Your world is accustomed to operating in a Power-Over fashion, which has set Gaia in a tailspin into the lower frequencies of reality. What has allowed you to turnaround your perception of reality is your connection to your Higher Expression of SELF. It is your great service that has assisted Gaia to cease Her downward spiral and shift Her course in order to ascend into the higher frequencies.

We wish to talk to you about the many versions of reality. During this moment of immense transition there will be many offshoots into Parallel Realities. The humans of your world has been taught for thousands of years to obey orders from others, to be poor, to follow without question and to get ill and die young. This indoctrination is very strong in many areas of your planet. These brainwashed ones cause a breaking system, a drag on forward motion. Hence, you are changing direction of your car while dragging a trailer without wheels.

Therefore, you, our ascending ones need to create your own Parallel Reality, as the majority of humans are not at all prepared to shift their life into a higher gear. Many humans are barely surviving, others are riddled with fear and hatred and others are brainwashed by the dark ones who do not want to give up control. However, because of their innate Power Over others behavior, the dark ones cannot move into higher frequencies. They are fine with that limitation because they enjoy the power over others that they can gain and maintain in the third dimensional frequency.

Because of these conditions, you, our ascending ones, will need to create your own Parallel Reality in which you choose to return to your true multidimensional vibration. At first, while your frequency of reality is in the spectrum where the power-over still has influence, you may feel that you are moving in very slow motion.

Your escalation of motion and frequency appears slow because you need to break away into your own Parallel Reality that is based on Power Within. In order to gain the adequate collective power to create a Parallel Reality, which is an offshoot from a world based on fear and domination, you must unify with as many other humans who have the same intention. Fortunately, Gaia and Her plant and animal kingdoms, especially the Cetaceans, also want to create this Parallel Reality.

We want you to realize that this Parallel Reality of New Earth will, indeed, become the dominant reality, as the reality that appears to be dominant is unable to make this shift. As you now understand, a Parallel Reality is based on the decisions that you make. These decisions are your creative power, which is based on the thoughts you allow to remain in your mind and the emotions that you hold in your body.

Dear ascending ones, there are more of you than you suspect, but time and space still separates you. However, as more and more of you expand your Point of Perception into your Multidimensional SELF, you have a built in "elevator" in which you can easily raise your Perception into higher and higher frequencies of reality. This elevator is most easily entered through your merging with a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF.

As your consciousness begins to expand into the fifth dimension, the first expression of your SELF that you meet is your Divine Complement. When you first took an embodiment in your third dimensional world, the frequency of that reality was too slow to accommodate your fifth dimensional androgynous SELF. Therefore, whenever you entered 3D Earth you needed to choose a gender and live your life being only half of your SELF. Very often your other half remained in the higher frequencies to guide and comfort the component of it's SELF who was incarnated in the hostile third dimension.

Over your vast evolution, you have learned how to bi-locate from your Divine Complement. By this we mean that you and your Complement learned how to remain in the fifth dimension as one Androgynous Being while one or both of you also took a form in the physical world. In this manner, you each had the option of actually meeting your Divine Complement in your physical world without loosing your connection in the higher worlds.

In your past, Divine Complements seldom met each other while on the physical plane. The world was too dark and humans were too separated from each other. However, now Gaia has the greatest light that she has experienced since the fall of Atlantis. Also, everyone, everywhere in your world, can easily communicate with each other. Hence, Divine Complements are finding each other in distant places and entering into deeply intimate relationships.

Since both of the complements have had many incarnations as both men and women, these couples are often very androgynous in nature. These androgynous relations are a preparation for your unity into your androgynous, fifth dimensional SELF. Fortunately, the complete merging with your Divine Complement, also known as your Twin Flame, will greatly facilitate your merging with even higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

The Parallel Reality that you, our ascending ones, are creating is the version of reality in which Gaia will transmute into Multidimensional, New Earth. Gaia has spent so many millions of years in physical form that she needs your assistance to return to Her true, Multidimensional Planet. Every time any one of Her humans returns to their Multidimensional Expression of SELF, they contribute to Gaia's return to Her Multidimensional SELF.

Your earth vessel is made of the elements of the body of Gaia. Thus, whenever you transmute any component of your own physical form, you simultaneously transmute the physical form of Gaia. Furthermore, when your fifth dimensional consciousness merges with your Divine Complement, you have one foot in the fifth dimension and the other in the reality of ascending Earth.

Because of your conscious connection with the fifth dimension, the lies and illusions of the third dimension will have no influence on you. You will then view 3D Earth as a Kindergarten world from which you have graduated. However, you may still hold a form on that world to assist others, as well as to help Gaia. In this manner, your primary consciousness is based in the Parallel Reality of Ascending Earth, and your secondary consciousness in in the physical world.

Fortunately, many of you have learned to find a degree of comfort and safety in your 3D version of Earth. Most importantly, you can easily commune with the many other ascending ones who are shareing your bi-location into the Parallel Reality of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

When you bi-locate you don't actually leave either place. Instead, you shift your primary consciousness—your focus of attention—to whichever reality you wish to have as your primary perception and experience. However, the other expression of your Self is always within your consciousness in case you are needed.

Eventually, you will know that you have done all you can for the 3D version of Earth, and you will shift all of your consciousness onto the once parallel and now primary version of fifth dimensional Earth. Then your primary consciousness will permanently shift from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension, and you will be fully ascended.

One way in which you can escalate your full ascension is by merging with a Higher Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Some of you will merge with your Divine Complement first and your Higher expressions second. On the other hand, some of your will first merge with one of your myriad higher expressions of SELF and then merge with your Divine Complement.

It does not matter whether you merge first with your Higher Expression or with your Divine Complement, as in the fifth dimension there is not a sequential time to create sequential choices. All choices and decisions are made within the NOW of the ONE and flow in harmony with the multidimensional world.

And so our dear ascending ones, we complete this transmission. However, we, your Galactic and Celestial Family, will continue sending you transmissions. Since our messages are projected from the realms beyond time, you may tap into the infinite loop of our communications whenever you calibrate your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond.

In order to consciously receive our transmissions, open your High Heart, connect it with your Third Eye and send out a beacon of unconditional love. Then simply say,
“I am ready for transmission.”

We, your Higher Expressions of SELF await your call.
The Arcturians and all your Higher Expressions

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  1. The direct succinctness of instructions such as “I am ready for transmission.” have a wonderful personal empowerment & power that is soooo effective. This type of language has us take charge of our energetic progress instead of the inherent victim position of waiting for outside forces (entity abc-xyz, a given date, an energetic circumstance) to do it for us.

    These specifics are immensely useful whether this is information that one recognizes as having been part of their journey, is applicable right now, or further along in one’s journey.

  2. Thank you for these very helpful clarifications.
    (And confirmations (wink)).