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Arcturian Teaching - Living Multiple Realities Part 1


Part 1


Hello, I am Kepier. As you may know, Mytre and I were serving on the Arcturian Mothership together to assist the Nightly Visitors with their ascension process. Mytre is now serving with his Divine Complement, Mytria, and I am working with the Arcturians in the ethers just above the ever-rising baseline frequency of ascending Gaia. I am working directly with my human expression who is holding a form in several of the myriad versions of 2013 ascending Earth. I speak with you now to give you a brief preamble about Multiple Realities.

Multiple Realities encompass Parallel Realities, Alternate Realities and Multidimensional Realities. Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities. On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions of the same experience are known as Multidimensional Realities.

Because planet Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions, Her Parallel/Alternate Realities are also traversing into different frequencies of form. Hence, Parallel and Alternate realities are blurring into a similar pattern of ever transmuting versions of life. Let me give you a brief description of each type of reality. To make this description simpler I will title the reality in which you are reading this message as your Base-Line Reality.

Parallel Reality
A Parallel Reality is created every time you make an important either/or decision that has the possibility of changing your life. For example, if you choose to leave a certain job, there will be a Parallel Reality in which you keep that job. Your Primary Point of Perception—the YOU to whom I am speaking—may not know about this Parallel reality, but your Multidimensional Soul does.

Your Multidimensional Soul has taken the long trip down from Source into the world of form and wants to experience every possible option for every experience. As your consciousness returns to the innate multidimensional thinking of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to easily compute both your Base-Line Realities and all the Parallel Realities that shoot out whenever you make an either/or decision. In this manner, you can have optimum learning from every experience and share your Parallel Realities with Source.

While our Base-Line Reality is the physical world, you will be unconscious of the fact that every possible versions of any given reality was lived out in a Parallel or Alternate Reality. Also, there is a difference between Parallel and Alternate Realities. Your personality in your Parallel Realities is similar to your personality in your Base-Line Reality.

On the other hand, in Alternate Realities you explore alternate types of personality in similar situations as your Base-Line Reality. Therefore, your Alternate Realities are comparable to your Base-Line Reality but YOU are undergoing the same situation through the viewpoint of a different personality. In this manner, you can explore different personality traits and even different expressions of your Divine Qualities within similar, yet slightly different, situations.

As your primary consciousness expands into the upper fourth and lowest fifth dimension, Parallel and Alternate Realities often “bleed through” into your Base-Line Reality. In this manner, your Parallel and Alternate Realities converge into the ever-expanding Oneness of your ego self who is merging into your Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, when your point of perception rises into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will be able to preview all the Parallel and Alternate Realities of your third/fourth dimensional self. Consequently, you will be able to gain the most information and learning from your time in lower worlds. From the perspective of your Higher Dimensional Expression you will be able to view your many manifestations of SELF without judgment.

One of the reasons why you choose NOT to be aware of your Parallel and Alternate Realities while still holding a 3D form is that there is a strong potential for self-judgment. This self-judgment would greatly hinder your ascension process. Thus, most ascending ones choose to limit the perception of their other realities to those that they believe they can use and/or heal.

I am giving you this information now so that you will have a more in-depth understanding of your myriad multiple realities. Then, you can more easily follow the journey of Mytre and Mytria as they experience their Multiple Realities. They share their experiences with you so that you can more easily piece together the many versions of your complicated, polarized reality.

Your 3D Blinders are coming off now. If you do not prepare yourself for your true world, you could become so overwhelmed that you may limit or halt your ascension. Furthermore, it is often easier to understand another’s experience than it is to understand your own. By learning love and compassion about the challenges of others, you organically learn to be more loving and compassionate regarding your own challenges.

Perhaps Mytre and Mytria are finally ready to complete their preparation for merging…

Mytria and I “prepared” for our merging by intimately communicating with our minds, our hearts and our bodies. We had been apart more than we had been together, but our time together had sent both of our lives deeply into our Paths of Ascension. We made love again and again, and each time we merged our bodies more into Oneness. Then, we had an experience neither of us had ever felt.

We seemed to fall asleep, but we “woke up” together in a world that neither of us had ever consciously experienced. At first, it felt as though we were in a thick fog. However, the fog was not cold, hot or damp. In fact, the fog seemed to twinkle with minute particles of light that appeared to blink on and off. We could only vaguely see each other, so we held hands tightly as we wandered through the twinkling fog.

There appeared to be gravity and solid ground beneath us. However, the gravity was much less than we were accustomed to, even in the Mothership, so we walked/floated through the unseen world.  Eventually, we realized that we were in-between realities and would need to combine our Heart-Minds to focus on creating and/or finding a reality with some degree of form.

Eventually, we realized that we were in some form of membrane that flowed between different frequencies of reality. Then, in a flash, we both understood that we were IN the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are living membranes that resonate between each frequency of reality. Every Akashic Record stores the molecular pattern of every experience and sensation that is sandwiched between that Akashic Membrane and the Akashic Record that resonates one octave lower.

Neither one of us had consciously read the Akashic Records, but we realized that now we would have to do so in order to get our bearings. Once again we joined our consciousness to amplify our abilities. Mytria has worked with the Great Mother and had connected with all her multidimensional emotions and sensations, and I had greatly expanded my multidimensional thinking and the power of intentional thought. Together, we were much more than we were alone.

We faced each other, toe to toe, heart to heart and head to head and merged our consciousness into the Oneness. With loving comfort, I surrendered into the downloading of her abilities into me, as she surrendered into the download of my abilities into her. This membrane reality had no sense of time, so we could not predict how long we remained merged. However, due to our mutual downloads, we shared with each other every experience we had while we were apart.

Suddenly, our eyes flew open, and we looked into each other’s eyes, feeling as though that we had NEVER been apart. It is difficult to put into words the shift that occurred within me. All that I can describe is that somehow I was completed. The ever-present sense of longing that I had suffered since I left Mytria and came to the Mothership was replaced with a quiet sense of security and unity. Mytria told me that she felt the same.

We stood looking into each other’s hearts until we realized that the fog was beginning to shift. We observed as the dim glimmer of lighted particles began to connect into mutable patterns of energy. In total unity of thought we simultaneously reached out and touched the pattern closest to us. Instantly, we were transported into ancient Earth, many millennia before the fall of Atlantis, and saw our first Pleiadian Colony.

We had just arrived from Lyra, our Homeworld, looking for adventure. Our society started out small, but quickly multiplied within just a few generations. We were happy and peaceful for thousands of years. However, the easy life that encouraged creativity within those whose hearts sought Power Within, created an urge to control for those who sought Power Over others.

We had never known the slow progression of time nor the freedom to explore our inner selves that we found on Earth. Hence, we didn’t suspect that some of us harbored a need to dominate and control others. At first, the “others” that were dominated were non-humanoid. Thus, the animals, plant life and body of the planet were mistreated with no remorse. Eventually, the few expanded their dominance to restrain and injure their own kind.

Conflict arose between the two diverse manners of expression, which quickly expanded into fighting and, eventually, into outright war. The violence escalated until the damage to planet Earth was so devastating that we had to leave the Paradise that we have turned into a war zone. The peace that we had sought in our new home was damaged by the few, as well as by the many who lived in denial until it was too late.

Our vision ended as we sorrowfully watched as the remnants of our wounded society re-entered their Space Craft to find yet another new home. We returned to the fog/membrane knowing exactly why we had to suffer so long in the Galactic War of Service to SELF societies against Service to Others worlds. We had always thought of ourselves as the victims, yet it was our own society that started the karmic cycle of “energy out is energy back.”

We then understood that we were IN the Akashic Records of planet Earth, and surmised that we must stay there until we were fully briefed on the TRUE history of Earth. Hence, we worked our way forward from our first landing on Earth. Yes, we came again to Earth to make similar mistakes. Once again we abandoned Earth, leaving Gaia to repair Her world. It is for this reason that we Pleiadians are now so dedicated to Gaia.

Eventually, we found ourselves in the Akashic Records of Earth circa 2013 AD, the reality timeline that we would be visiting. However, we realized that before our lessons were completed we had to investigate the myriad Parallel and Alternate Realities of that timeline. We needed to be fully updated on all this information, as we would be educating the ascending humans about their true history.

Many that were the “dark ones” in one reality were the “saviors” in an Alternate Reality. In order to fully transmute a third/fourth dimensional reality into the fifth dimension and beyond, the myriad reality timelines would need to merge into ONE. Hence, the polarized expressions and alternate choices of different realities needed to merge into ONE.

Once these third/fourth dimensional polarities and realities are merged, Gaia and Her inhabitants can more easily merge with the higher creations, choices and expressions of their Multidimensional Realities. The ascending ones, humanoid and non-humanoid, that we will visit are the forerunners of this multidimensional merging. 

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  1. Comment to KEPIER’S Message:
    Your message gives us a good glimpse of parallels/alternates realities.
    A good glimpse is a good start for us.
    The purpose here is not to understand. Parallels/Alternates realities are a huge subject. Just a good glimpse is OK. Your message is appreciated.

    Timelines, distorted timelines are linked with Parallels/Alternates realities.
    I have been told a romance.
    Somebody left a place ‘A’ for an excursion. He just left his place and went to stroll around to visit our neighbor Galaxy. I did not know how fast he was travelling.
    When he came back to his place ‘A’, he found himself fixing something here and there to leave place ‘A’.
    The romance said that it was just a small distortion of TIMELINE.

    Why not giving us another glimpse about timelines and distorted timelines?