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Arcturian Lessons Multiple Realities 2


Part 2

Gradually, the cloud of Akashic Records began to clear. We wondered if this clearing was because we were collecting the necessary information we needed for our Mission. It was when we touched the final energy pattern and found ourselves hovering over the beautiful, pristine planet of New Earth that I knew we had completed our history lessons from the past and were ready for the NOW.

However, the vision did not vanish, so we relaxed into the experience. Allow me to take a moment to explain how we "read" the Akashic Records. We opened the energy patterns of the Akashic Membrane. We always did this while holding hands and using our free hands to simultaneously touch the glimmering information pattern. Then, a scene instantly surrounded us. We could merely observe the scene and/or we could interact with it. This experience was very similar to entering a holographic program.

When we found ourselves in New Earth, we felt such joy and unconditional love that we could hardly contain it. Hence, we modulated our breathing to accept this higher frequency of reality. We had just come from experiencing Gaia's many difficult years of tottering on the edge of survival. Then, to suddenly experience Her true Nature of SELF was overwhelming joyful.

It was with this brief experience that we were suddenly "logged out" of the Akashic reality and found ourselves in the Holosuite standing in front of our dearest friend, the Arcturian.

"I see that you enjoyed the end-goal of your Mission," the Arcturian said with an energy that felt like a smile. I know that is a novel concept for a smile to have an energy field, but everything has an energy field—including smiles.

"Yes," the Arcturian responded to my thoughts. "Everything does have an energy field. However, it is more correct to say that every manifestation has an energy field, as the energy precedes the creation. Therefore, let us begin our lessons by each of you feeling your own energy field."

In response to the Arcturians request, Mytria and I released the hands that we had not even realized were tightly grasped together. When we did so, we instantly felt our energy field shift. We stepped apart a few paces so that we could focus on just our own energy field and discovered that we instantly felt like something, actually someone, was missing.

My old feeling of sorrow and guilt threatened to invade my heart again, and I felt a certain aloofness take me over. Once again, I was compensating for my loss with a low-grade anger that I had never realized I even had. I focused on understanding that hidden anger and discovered it was the mask for fear. As a warrior, fear needed to hidden by anger. I had not realized that I carried that habit into my daily life. Furthermore, I had not realized how frightening life was without my beloved by my side.

Mytre wanted me to speak of my experience, even though he could emphatically feel it.  I too had to mask my anger that Mytre was taken from me just as I began labor with our daughter. We had had such deep intimacy in our Nature Home, and to have it suddenly taken away when I needed him so much, cut me to the core. I told myself again and again that he had to leave. My personal need for him was minute in comparison to the needs of our planet. Therefore, I had to stifle my true feelings, which created an invisible wall around me.

Only our daughter could penetrate that wall. In fact, she lived within it until she began to walk, which was amazingly soon. Then, I could only feel desolation and sorrow. All the grief of loosing Mytre that I could not allow to surface while Alycia was in my aura came to the surface. Fortunately, the Priestesses of the Temple in which we lived all loved Alycia and wanted to share time with her. Thus my daughter was always loved and protected.

I realize that when I thought I had healed my sorrow, I had only covered it with dedication to purpose and I only allowed a few people admittance to my feelings. I was totally alone because I could not allow myself to feel how very much I missed Mytre. Fortunately, when I returned to our Nature Home and moved my life into the Core of the Mother, I began to heal. However, only my return to Mytre, my Divine Complement, could heal the wound of having, and then loosing, that wonderful sense of completion.

While Mytria was telling her story, I felt every one of her suppressed emotions, as well as my own guilt. However, I was able to work through the guilt quite quickly. This quick recovery gave me the confidence to allow all my emotions to come into my conscious awareness. With the return of Mytria’s unconditional love in my life, I was beginning to remember how to unconditionally love myself. My thoughts were interrupted by the Arcturian saying:

“Now that you have felt your energy when you are separated, allow your auras to expand until they overlap and flow into each other. Allow yourself to feel your two energy fields blend into one.”

Mytria and I stepped back together and resumed our pose of head to head, heart to heart and toe to toe. Instantly, we felt the bonding field of the unconditional love that we felt for each other. We both melted into the feeling, which amplified the energy field far beyond the confines of the Holosuite. We had been standing in this manner beyond time when the Arcturian joined our energy field.

“Within the deep love of your joint energy, I wish to give you each the memory of a Parallel Reality,” the Arcturian said telepathically.

Then the Arcturian softly touched me on my Third Eye. Instantly, I was swept away into the Parallel Reality in which I had chosen to leave Mytria in her Nature Retreat and returned to my duties as a Protector for our Pleiadian Colony. Therefore, in that reality Mytria and I only had a close encounter.

I made the choice to leave Mytria because I could not allow myself to follow my instincts and fall in love with her. Instead, I answered the call of what I had known as duty. By the time I actually met Mytria I had completely forgotten my encounter with her in the Womb of the Mother. In fact, I had forgotten all love and beauty in search of dedication and ambition. With that thought I jumped into the future in which I was an Admiral.

This life was not on a timeline that was preparing for our ascension. It was not that that planet did not ascend because of my choice, but because I had left the stream of reality that was flowing towards ascension. This stream of Parallel Reality was created when I left love. Hence, it was not a reality that was streaming into ascension. Hence, I continually fought battle after battle. The only thing that changed was my military rank.

I was the same person as when I was young. I just had more responsibility and greater problems. I felt like as if I was a tool rather than a person. I had had many women, but nothing ever lasted or satisfied me for very long. I was very power and successful, but completely alone and devoid of love.

The Arcturian touched my forehead again, and I opened my eyes. I looked at Mytria and saw that she was crying. She had been there with me and felt my life without her. I threw my arms around her and hugged her so tightly that we could barely breathe. Then, my great warrior self began to cry like a baby while Mytria held and comforted me. I finally regained my composure, blinked my eyes and felt reborn.

Without a word, the Arcturian touched Mytria on her Third eye, and she went into a deep trance.

When the Arcturian touched my Third Eye I flashed into the Parallel Reality in which I did not let Mytre leave me to follow his military duty. We had just arrived at the Village from our Nature Home, and I had just started labor. I knew that he should follow his Commander, but I begged and pleaded for him to be with me, at least until the baby was born.

Finally, after many tears, he took me into the Temple and stayed with me during the birth of our child. However, he was not totally with me. Even while the baby was being born, he seemed distracted and a bit annoyed. I knew he was not annoyed with me. I was just a frightened woman having my first child. No, he was annoyed with himself because he had allowed me to convince him to abandon his duty.

He kept this energy field for the entire time we were together, which was until Alycia began to walk. I could no longer keep him from his responsibility, and frankly, I was tired of his halfway attempt at being loving. I had held onto him and played every guilt trick I had to keep him with me. However, we never returned to our deep intimacy again. I had not respected his Soul, and he could no longer trust me.

He started to stay out late and see other women. Finally, when he had another opportunity to go into battle, he welcomed it. So did I. Meanwhile, our society was falling apart. The temporary energy shield that the Arcturians had given us was starting to collapse. The Arcturians had created this field to stave off the Draconians until we could transmute our reality into the fifth dimension.

Because I had made a selfish and frightened choice, I had moved into a Parallel Reality in which selfishness and fear ruled our world. I knew that we would all die, or worse. There was nothing I could do. I had chosen to be so weak that I could not get by on my own and was left alone with that weakness.

When the Arcturian again touched my forehead, I collapsed to the ground, too weak to even stand. Mytre lifted me up onto my feet, put his hands on my face and looked into my eyes as he said,

“That is NOT you. That was a reality in which you left your SELF. YOU did not choose that reality in this life. Instead, you have remained the incredibly strong and powerful person that you were when we first met. Since then, my beloved, you have grown from a courageous young woman into a High Priestess of the Sacred Fire. I am honored to be your Mate.”

I did not cry. Through Mytre I could feel who I truly had become. Through his eyes I could see the courage and dedication that I had never recognized within my self.

Do you both see how a Parallel Reality sprung up when you made the “either/or” decision of leaving or staying? In the Parallel Realities you just viewed, you made different decisions than in this life, which bi-located you into a slightly different timeline. People can also chose a timeline that moves them into a happier and more fulfilling Parallel Life.

A tree has many limbs. Some of these limbs are strong enough to survive any storm, yet some of the limbs will fall away from the trunk. Your Soul creates and chooses many Parallel Realities to give itself the greatest variety of experiences. Each Parallel Realities is created when you make a life changing, either/or decision.

 On the other hand, in Alternate Realities, you chose to express different components of your complex persona so that you can live many versions of your self in one timeline. For example, in one of Mytre’s many Alternate Realities he is an artist and in another in which he is a healer. In one of Mytria’s Alternate Realities she is a warrior and in another reality she is a wife with eight children.

When you place your primary Point of Perception within a fifth dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF, you can view and/or experience all your Parallel and Alternate Realities within the NOW of the ONE. You enter into these realities, just as you entered into the Akashic Records. Do you have any questions for me?

Of course, the Arcturian knew that we would say no, but It was giving us a chance to transition from our former emotional states into the Flow of life on the Motherships. As the Arcturian expected, we both shook our head NO. Instantly, we were beamed into our Quarters. We went straight to bed and we fell into a deep sleep.

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  1. Very interesting. Makes me wonder about my own Alternate Realities.

    Thanks for taking the time to write up all of this.

  2. Thank you very beautifull and great story thank you for sharing