Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vistors Perspective



Dearest Arcturians, I surround my SELF in your great light so that you can assist me to remember my dream/visit to your Starship.

Our dear ascending one, you have asked us repeatedly to assist you in remembering your “dreams” of nightly visits to our Ship. Hence, we will assist to you remember them now. “Will I remember my dream,” is the code message you have given yourself to remember your “dream.”

First, know that you will remember your dreams in imagistic, dream pictures and sensations. If you need to continue to call it “remembering your dream,” allow yourself to do so. Using the word “remembering” calms whatever remaining ego might be frightened by the concept of visiting our Ship in your dream body. Whatever gimmick you need to fool the remnants of your frightened ego is fine. Soon, these gimmicks will be unnecessary.

You woke up with the sentence of, “Will I remember my dream?”
This question was the carrier message that translated you from your “dream” experience on the Ship into the memory of your physical body. To capture your dream experience within your physical memory:

·      Begin your remembering by feeling the images…
·      Allow your perceptions to shift from the perceptions of your night body into the perceptions    of your physical body…
·      See your environment in the foggy fashion of the astral world…
·      Hear as if you are listening to as a distant message…
·    Feel your sense of touch in a very different manner, as there are no longer the sensations of something different against your form.

For example, your physical body is sitting in a chair writing your experience. Your physical body has a border, which interfaces with the border of the chair, and there is the sensation where the two different substances meet, yet remain discrete. Now:

·      Feel the night body you wore during your visit to our Ship…
·      Experience a glimmer of coldness, as you are no longer in possession of the heat of your physical form.

Without your physical form, you no longer have that same sensation of heat.  However, you do have a sensation of being a cloud. You have this feeling because your mind is trying to find a connection to some sensation of form. Your mind wants to find a correlation to “having a form,” because it is attempting to do its job of keeping you safe in your physical world.

Your mind has had many experiences within this life that would have been considered to be crazy by your childhood environment. Therefore, you have adapted by creating correlate versions of your inner reality that do not interfere with your ability to remain functional in your physical life. It is these mental adaptations that have made it so difficult for you to remember what has been happening in your night body.

These mental adaptations made you forget your nightly visits to the Ship. The direct memory of your being on the Ship would have disallowed your ability to successfully function in a society that would have labeled you “crazy” if you had remembered. Therefore, we ask you now to lovingly address this mental adaptation, who has taken a persona of its own in order to protect you.”

Thank you, Arcturians. I will do as you ask…
Dear Mental Adaptation, thank you so very much for protecting me. I was not ready to know what was happening in my dream body. Thank you for the many years that you have protected me.

Dear Mental Adaptation, because you have been so vital in my life, I give you the privilege of being one of the first components of my Multidimensional SELF to ascend/go Home. In other words, I no longer need you to wake up with me. You can remain on the Ship. Before now, being on the Ship would have been frightening, but now I am ready to remember that experience.

I am also ready to practice living in two worlds at once. Therefore you, my protector, will allow you to remain on the Arcturian Mothership. This Mothership is the Home “planet” of the Arcturians. You will remain there to be my Greeter.

Then I will greet ME when I enter the Ship, and YOU can assist ME to adapt to my true form on the Ship. Then, just as I might move into my new Home bit-by-bit, I will gradually move more and more of my grounded self into my true Home on the Ship.”

We wish you to recognize, now, that you are hearing the name and feeling the person who you said you would meet on the Ship last night. This agreement to meet a friend on the Ship is another gimmick to fool your protective ego.

Allow the feeling of that person into your awareness so that you can find that person’s feel. Finding the emotional feeling of a person you have agreed to meet will connect you with that person, as well as the other visitors. Some of these visitors are not human, and none are third dimensional.

You see this person now, who is undergoing his own process of remembering. He is across the room, which means that your auras are not in connection yet. Each of you must go through your own process of remembering your “dream” before you can connect in this state of consciousness. Therefore, please return to your process of remembering…”

I feel myself in my astral, night body, which is more like a cloud than a physical form. Everyone around me is in his or her astral body, as well. We have all chosen to remember our visits so that we can better assist others to remember theirs. I can feel that we are from many different areas, primarily areas of Earth, but there are some Venusians as well.

The Earthlings are from many different walks of life. Some are very old, some middle aged or young and some are children. THEY are in their night bodies, which are the same age and appearance as their earth vessel but at a slightly higher frequency. We are all very happy to be here.

In fact, as I look around, I see that many of us are in the same state of trying to carry this experience back to into our 3D life. I was going to say, back into our waking life, but I realize now that our 3D life is our sleeping life, and this reality is our true, waking life. Dear Arcturians, I feel as though I am loosing my lucid connection. Can you assist me?

I smile as I instantly feel the Arcturians directly in front of me assisting me to stay present with this experience. They are reminding me that I will share my process with others who are also ready to remember. The Arcturians then remind me to remember the feeling, the emotion and the sensation of a different frequency of awareness. I take a moment to focus on these sensations…

As I re-focus my attention, I remember that this intimate experience of my 4D night body while in my 3D form is a precursor to the intimate experience of my 5D light body while I am still holding an earth form. I am now hearing the main message that we are all receiving in our nightly visits.

This message is that we are beginning to BE our Multidimensional SELF while still holding our earth vessel. We will keep our earth vessel throughout the time of ascension process so that we can move back and forth between worlds. Just as we may choose to move into our new home while we are still living in our old home, we will move into our new form while maintaining our old form.

This process of ascension will not be for everyone, but it will be for most of the Openers, that is the Portal Openers. We will need to keep our old form, as this body will serve to assist us in keeping the portals open while others move through them. Most of us who are of Arcturian and/or Pleiadian descent are Openers. Hence, we will maintain our roots in both worlds until our ascension process is complete.

Since time is an illusion, which will morph even more as you continue your ascension, there is no need to know how “long” the process will continue. Your ascension process will continue until it is complete. Therefore, it is within this NOW that you are beginning to live in two (or more) realities within a continuous state of consciousness. This continuous state of consciousness begins with remembering your visits to the Ship, or wherever you are visiting, in your night body.”

 Thank you Arcturians, Again, I return to living my experience…
As I stand in this Astral, fourth dimensional room, I feel the cloud of consciousness that connects us all. Some of us are not able to connect with any of the other astral bodies, but most of us can connect with the Greeters.

The Greeters are members of the Mothership who have lowered their resonance to greet and assist us to gradually step up our energy into the fifth dimension. Once we can maintain our fifth dimensional resonance, while our 3D form sleeps, we can intimately experience the Ship in a fully awakened manner.

I have been able to remember my visits in a “story telling way,” but not as a direct experience. Therefore, I will remain here in this fourth dimensional area to fully anchor my physical consciousness with my astral consciousness. My astral consciousness is remaining on the Ship even though my dream has ended.

By allowing yourself to gradually remember your nightly visitations you are creating the reality in which your ascension proceeds slowly but surely. This process of ascension is similar to moving into a new house room-by-room. Your decision to create this type of ascension was made before you took your present body.

There were many pre-embodiment choices that were made, all of which were directly related to your Mission. The most beautiful part of the ascension of Gaia and Her many Beings, is that each and every ONE has gained a sense of individuality. You will then use your great individual creativity to create your own ascension. We, your Galactic and Celestial family, are greatly enjoying watching, as well as assisting, you with your process.

This is enough “remembering” for now. Allow what you have remembered to deeply imbed in your consciousness. In this manner, you will not forget what you have recovered and learned. Allow the puzzle of your process to come together piece-by-piece.

Remember that we, the Arcturians are here to help whenever you call us. We bless you on your journey and await your return with joy and unconditional love.
The Arcturians


  1. This is encouraging as it fits with what I have been feeling/doing in meditation. Very much about being in the high heart and 'remembering' at this point on my journey home. When I popped into my high heart to take a 'look' my three fold flame appeared as a crystal... I didn't understand at first then realised I had to sit in it in order to remember the information stored there. I will write a blog on it as soon as I have more info and I feel it is 'time'... I would like to include a lInk to this post within it if this is ok Sue?

    Much love and gratitude x

  2. Dearest Sue:

    The pull to go home now is so strong and I thank you again, and again, for showing the way. I am homesick for my Arcturian family and I am tired of the games that are being played here in 3D. Love is the answer, always has been, and will be acknowledged soon, but, oh, in the meantime may our nightly excursions bring us the peace and patience we need. Love, B.

  3. Thank you for sharing this nice site!
    LOVE and PEACE
    to you, your readers and every human being on this planet Earth, specially the CHILDREN!

    Feel free to stop anytime.
    In UNITY of Consciousness for a better world!