Friday, November 16, 2012

Mytre 6D Viewing Screen

6D Viewing Screen


As we were pulled into the 6D Viewing Screen, our bodies merged into one being. We could also feel other versions of our SELF who were gathered around us in a state of pure consciousness. As one being, we wondered how many versions of consciousness were within our Multidimensional SELF.

The answer to our question came in a flash of sixth dimensional light. We, Kepier and I, saw our Multidimensional SELF before us with more Expressions of Being that we could count. I say “Beings,” as all of our expressions of SELF were not humanoid. However, before I could interact with any of our versions of SELF, the picture quickly changed.

Now we were within a Void of nothingness that felt much like a womb. This Void was quite pleasant and felt very safe. Gradually, the Void began to take on the vague form of a Portal, or a Corridor. Instantly, the Arcturian story of ascension returned to my mind, and I thought of the Arcturian Corridor.

I remembered that this Corridor, which appeared to be external, was actually within the High Heart. Unfortunately, I had not given much consideration to anything spiritual lately. I had been so involved in learning how to adapt to my new multidimensional world, that thoughts of my High Heart were forgotten.

In fact, since leaving Mytria and Alycia, I had closed my heart and lived primarily in my mind. I had learned mastery of my mind far beyond what I had ever thought was possible. However, love had been pushed from my reality as something that I have given up.

No wonder, Mytria and Alycia had become so involved with their own lives.  I had cut off my emotions so that I would not be overcome by my longing and grief. However that action hurt the ones who had loved me, much more than I was willing to admit.

As I pondered these thoughts, I felt the presence of Kepier within me trying to give me comfort and compassion. I also felt how I was trying to push her comfort away. Therefore I decided to stop pushing away that which felt like love, and to embrace it with my long forgotten High Heart.

Within that exact moment I felt and observed how the vague form of a portal encompassed the joint consciousness of Kepier and me. Instantly, we were within a huge Corridor that appeared to be infinite. To our surprise, we began to return to our individual forms, but our bodies were translucent and transparent. In fact our bodies were of comprised of light.

We smiled at each other, which was not the usual physical smile, but a smile that was an emotional experience. In fact my emotions had returned and were completely overwhelming. Fortunately, the experience of being in a warm womb allowed me the safety to feel and release the emotions that I had pent up for longer than I could recall.

I could see that Kepier was having the same experience, except that her emotions appeared to be quite blissful. On the other hand, my emotions felt like sorrow. Interestingly enough, as I released the sorrow I began to feel the bliss, as well. This sensation of bliss was stronger than my former body could hold. However, my Lightbody could fully embrace the bliss and absorb it into its essence.

As the bliss absorbed into my Lightbody, I began to remember. It is too difficult to put into words what I remembered, as I did not remember it in words. Instead, my consciousness began to open files in my Heart/Mind, which were of a language that was not based on thoughts, but based on love.

This new language was multidimensional in that I could collect and understand myriad levels of information that were intertwined into a light network of data. Somehow I had opened my Heart/Mind, which was a heart-centered plexus that gathered multidimensional thoughts and emotions and interconnected them into a tapestry of Knowing.

This Knowing did not need to be expressed, or even understood. It simply was. Just as I never needed to understand or modulate the beating of my heart, I did not need to interact with my Heart/Mind in a purposeful manner. It simply was there and filled with ALL that I could every wish to know, feel, use and/or share.

I looked to Kepier’s Lightbody and understood that she was undergoing the same transformation. In fact, as I looked around me, I could see that there were many Lightbodies in the Corridor who all had a similar expression of knowing, bliss and full enlightenment. So, is this what happens within the Arcturian Corridor?

My unasked question was answered by the instant appearance of the Arcturian. The smile I felt emanating from it was all the answer I needed. The Arcturian looked at both Kepier and myself and telepathically said, “We are happy that you have both been able to open your Heart/Mind. You will need it for what you are being called to do. Please, we must leave here now, as you are needed in our meeting.”

In a flash, we were in the Main Meeting Room where the Galactic Federation had their meetings. Was I about to be allowed the immense honor of observing one of these meetings? Again, the Arcturian telepathically answered my unasked question.

“You will not just be observing the meeting. You, meaning yourself and Kepier, will be taking part it in.”

The Arcturian directed us to chairs directly in front of the semi-circular Meeting Table. We were in the first row. Kepier and I looked at each other with nervous and simultaneously calm expressions.

We both felt our Heart/Mind fully operational, which calmed our thoughts and filled them with love. Together, we watched in awe as the most powerful Galactic Leaders of the Federation entered the room and took their seats.

First there were the usual rituals and meditations that initiated these meetings so that everyone in the room could calibrate their consciousness to the same frequency. In this manner, both spoken and unspoken messages could be relayed within the NOW of our connection to the ONE.

I found that for the first time I was able to follow these multidimensional conversations through my newly opened Heart/Mind. I was now understanding why the Arcturian always told me to listen with my heart, which is what I was doing while the members of the Galactic Federation each spoke.

I heard what each member said, at the same time that I heard the mental and emotional reactions and interactions of the other members. If we had not been calibrated to the same mental frequency, I would not have been able to receive these multiple messages within the NOW.

I will attempt to put what was said into linear words so that our friends on Earth can understand what was discussed. First, however, I would like to address the reason why so many of you cannot remember what you experience on the Ship during your nightly visits.

First off, there are certain security issues that must be protected. We know that your governments and secret societies have many of our human representatives under surveillance and have retro-engineered some of our Mental Communication Devices. We use these devices so that we can communicate with new species or groups when mental calibration is not feasible.

However, the dark ones of your physical world have used these devises to “read the minds” of some of our grounded ones. They do so without the permission or the knowledge of the one whom they are reading. Therefore, it is best that many of our visitors do no remember their time on the Ship, especially if they are attending certain meetings.

Do not be concerned though, as these tactics of the dark ones are greatly diminished and will soon be completely eradicated. Every day, more dark ones are either returning to the light or being taken to another frequency or timeline of reality. As your timeline progresses, those who wish to thwart the process of Planetary Ascension will not be allowed to stay on Earth.

Now, to return to my story, Kepier and I sat in rapt attention taking in everything that was said. Some of this information was classified, but the overall message was one of immanent change on the ascending planet of Earth. The Galactics have over lit that planet for the last 12,000 years since its near demise, which was caused because the darkness had become stronger than the light.

The pre-ordained time of Planetary Ascension was near and many alterations needed to be made within the consciousness of the masses of that planet. This consciousness shift was vital so that the Beings of Earth could calibrate their consciousness with the ascending frequency of their Planet.

Fortunately there were Beings, not all of whom were human, who had been assisting the Planetary Soul, Gaia, to expand and maintain a higher frequency of manifestation. Once this higher frequency of manifestation was stabilized, Earth would move out of being a Planetary Society and into being a Galactic Society.

Personal contact had already been made with many of the Earth Beings. This contact was quite simple with the Cetacean Beings, but much more complicated with the Human Beings. The Humans who had calibrated their consciousness and, hence their attention and perceptions, to the higher frequencies were more than ready for Earth to become a Galactic Civilization.

However there were still many who feared change because they enjoyed the power-over others they had attained and did not want that to change. It was this spilt in the realities of the populace that was the primary concern of the Galactic Federation.

The Federation was totally prepared to begin their landings. However, they were concerned that the dark ones of Earth who still maintained a high degree of power, would harm those who were ready to ascend their consciousness into the frequency in which they could perceive our landings.

Of course the dark ones were unable to calibrate their consciousness to a higher frequency because of their need to dominate others. Therefore polarities, and the resulting separation, still existed among Gaia’s human residents. This polarity/separation was hindering Gaia’s ability to fully expand her resonance into the fifth dimensional frequency of reality.

Furthermore there were many humans who were still fully asleep or undecided; hence, their ability to embrace the concepts that were necessary to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension was greatly limited. Because of the humans who remained in a limited state of consciousness, the landings of the Galactics could create more harm than good.

This meeting was called to determine the best course of action. Gaia, the Planetary Being, was already in the process of ascension and would soon need to shed those who could not follow Her acceleration of frequency. These dark and undecided ones where creating a “drag” on her escalation of matter.

The fourth dimensional Elementals were working diligently to transmute planetary matter, as well as the matter of willing humans. However, humans still had free will. Hence, without their permission, the Elementals could not assist those who refused change.

Fortunately, certain changes had been taking place within the governments of the planet that could facilitate the process of Planetary Ascension. Also, many of the dark ones had been contained. Consequently, the humans who could not change were the primary population of concern.

If the Galactics were to reveal their presence to this population, they would likely cause great fear. Then this frequency of fear would greatly hinder Gaia’s ascension process. They had to find a way to reveal themselves to those who were ready without frightening those who were unable to accept a new reality.

They had been increasingly revealing their Ships, which gave hope to the ones that were ready. However, those who were not ready were stubbornly finding excuses for these “fantasy aberrations.” Also, many of them simple refused to participate in any information or visual experience that was different from what they already knew.

It was time for the landings to begin. They had been revealing themselves, and even meeting with more and more humans who were ready. However, now it was important to step up the landing process. Those who had awakened needed to be considered. They had been calling for the Landings and had bravely spoken up about their experiences to a society that largely scorned them.

The Galactics decided that they could no longer hold back the needs of the brave leaders for the sake of those who were still afraid.


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    Thank you Sue!
    These messages resonate with me completely and have been mirrored in my life with extraordinary parallels.

    I send 1000 pink and white Angel Doves to visit, then they will travel to any area or situation that needs them,


  2. Landings commence tomorrow? That would be wonderful. Oh, I can't wait! Thank you Suzanne.

    Power to Love!


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