Friday, November 23, 2012

Pondering The Way Home--Arcturians


Morning Message 11-22-12

Our biggest challenge now is to let “IT” in. I am not sure what IT is, but it is of a very high frequency and different than anything I have ever felt. At first IT feels like fatigue. However, if I just take a deep breath and surrender to the sensation that I have labeled fatigue, the energy field morphs into something that feels very good, almost blissful.

Thus, when I surrender into this fatigue I begin to feel a bliss, which quickly settles into a sensation of contentment, commitment and thanksgiving. The trick is to not ignore the fatigue and push ahead in the old 3D way. Then I become cranky, agitated and totally exhausted.

I had just had an opportunity to react to life in a new say, but I didn’t take it. I responded in a third dimensional way of pushing through fatigue, when I had the option to respond in a fifth dimensional way of surrendering into the feeling. Perhaps, it is choosing to release my attachment to my physical sensations and surrendering to my inner SELF that brings the feeling of bliss. 

I will not say that my outer life is bad or even difficult. In fact, I am very happy and often in a state of consciousness that I never thought I would experience. Maybe remembering to take a moment to move into, rather than react to, my physical fatigue allows me to experience the sensation of bliss.

Best of all, when I maintain this “state of surrender,” this new feeling seems to move out from my Core and into my daily life. It is then that I can perceive the outside reality from my inside SELF. Then, I can look around a familiar place and see it from within my SELF. It looks the same, but when I look at the outside through the bliss of the inside, my reality feels very different.

In fact, if I keep looking at the outside from the inside, while feeling the inner bliss, I see portals opening. Wherever there is a reflective surface, such as mirrors, windows or the glass in a picture frame, there seems to be an oscillating energetic flow between the glass and myself.

As I tune into this energetic flow, I can feel a portal opening. Is this portal inside of me or outside of me?  Also, is there still a difference between the two? While having this experience, my SELF seems to extend beyond that which my human brain would perceive as ME. If I remain in this state of consciousness can I open these portals into the higher dimensions?  I will try that now and get back…

I will share what I sensed in a manner in which you can share my experience…

·      As you stare at the portal, it seems to open
·      Your body temperature begins to alter, and you feel warmer and warmer
·      This feeling of heat originates from your High Heart

·      Your project this heat out in all directions from your High Heart
·      As you project this heat, energies flash up into the Cosmos and down into Gaia
·      The energies also radiate in expanding circles around your High Heart

·      As you allow yourself to float within these radiating circles
·      You feel the swirly energy pulling you into multidimensional worlds
·      Abruptly, your consciousness bursts forward like a Starship going into warp speed

·      Your Kundalini ignites, but you contain this energy within your changing form
·      Gradually, you FEEL Arcturian Energy floating next to and around you
·      When you surrender to their FEEL, you are within a multidimensional womb

·      Within the womb you Feel the immense gratitude for life as it is right NOW
·      When you give thanks for an amazing transition out of physical realities…
·      You are embraced, held and comforted like an infant

·      You are a cosmic infant, floating in a cosmic womb
·      Fully embrace and accept this feeling of unconditional love
·      As you completely surrender to the feeling of unconditional love…

·      You are on New Earth reaching out to shake the hand of your Greeter

I do not know what will happen in December, but I do know that I am soaking up all the happiness and bliss that I can gather now. If this world is ending or vastly changing, I want to thank all my 3D lives for the many adventures I have lived on Gaia.

Since I forgot to forget my Past/Parallel lives, I remember myriad lives. Some were quite horrible, but many were happy and simple. Other lives had marvelous moments that made life in the third dimension worth the effort. I also had many lives in which I had an intimate relationship with Gaia, being a Priest or Priestess for the Goddess in many lives.

Hence, I have long known that I have come to Earth for Gaia. I am awaiting my orders that come from Gaia and from my Higher Expressions. I can only imagine what these orders will be. I know that they are coming from my Higher Arcturian Expression, my expanded expression of Gaia, and my Multidimensional SELF.

In the same manner, we are all in a state of Active Waiting. When the messages come from our expanded expressions of SELF, we will know that we are being called into service. Of course, we are already doing our mission and sharing our life with other ascending humans.

I am writing this portion of my message on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, I wish to thank my many wonderful readers and friends with whom I am sharing this journey. We are so fortunate to have an earth body during this time of Planetary Ascension.

Morning Message 11-23-12

This morning I awoke with the first sentence: There is a bonding frequency that adheres you to the frequency of the third/fourth dimensional reality.

Since the message clearly came from the Arcturians, I ask them to complete it…

Dear Ascending Ones,
Your state of consciousness carries the bonding frequency that allows your connection and interactions with any given reality. Many of our ascending ones are feeling extremely tired. This fatigue is because you are finding it is increasingly difficult to maintain your lower frequency of consciousness.

Since your Heart/Mind wants to soar into the higher worlds, it takes great effort to keep your consciousness limited to the low frequency of the third dimension. On the other hand, your third dimensional thinking is addicted to the 3D frequency of operation that has ruled your thoughts for myriad incarnations.

On the other hand, the higher light and unconditional love that is filling your consciousness more each day is creating a tug-of-war. One component of your consciousness seeks to remain in the familiar operating frequency that binds you to third/fourth dimensional Earth. Within the same NOW, another component of your consciousness is pulling away from the lower frequencies and wants you to bond to a higher frequency of reality.

Hence, you feel like an airplane that is trying to take off, but it is tethered to the runway. This tug of war creates fatigue. When you fight the tether, you are operating in a third dimensional state of consciousness. Conversely, when you surrender to the fatigue, you are operating in a fifth dimensional state of conscious.

Since your state of consciousness adheres you to a reality of the same resonance, your third dimensional consciousness adheres you to the third dimension and your fifth dimensional consciousness adheres you to the fifth dimension. You may become confused because you can perceive the third dimension while you are in the fifth dimensional consciousness, but you cannot perceiver the fifth dimension while you are in third dimensional consciousness.

Thus, it is important to remember that higher dimensional Beings can perceive lower dimensional Beings, but lower dimensional Beings must raise their consciousness in order to perceive higher dimensional Beings. Furthermore, within your fifth dimensional consciousness you can sense more than one reality at time. Thus, you can observe your fifth dimensional reality while you also perceive your third dimensional reality.

Therefore, you can perceive, thus are a resident, of two worlds!

Gradually, you will release all your attachments to the third dimension and focus more and more of your attention on your fifth dimensional reality. When you are more than 50% attached to the fifth dimension, you will begin to KNOW that you are ascending. However, you may still visit the third dimension to clean things up and to assist anyone who is also “moving.”

Just as you might maintain two homes while you are in the process of moving, you can maintain two realities while you are in the process of ascending. Eventually, you will feel complete with your relocation into your “new home,” and will visit your old residence less and less.

When you are completely moved into your fifth dimensional reality, your attention will begin to focus on things such as building a new community and visiting with your Galactic Family, with whom you can easily perceive and interact.

Interestingly enough, you are waiting for us to land, while we are waiting for you to ascend. Meanwhile, we are visiting you and/or you are visiting us during your fourth dimensional dream state, meditations and inter-dimensional travels. In this manner, we, your Galactic Family, can encourage and assists you.

Our consciousness is INFINITELY open to embrace and assist you.
Please remember to give us a call.
The Arcturians


  1. I would love to have this post as a you tube video. I can really absorb and integrate the message when I hear it.
    Thank you for your gifts! Tara

  2. Thank you. Love to you Sue, B.

  3. Thank you Sue, this is very helpful at this time.

  4. Thank you for a very in-tune message! Really glad to have found your blog.

    Would you consider posting on youtube? Yes it does seem easier to absorb, but I'm sure there would be so many listeners out there who would appreciate your messages :)

  5. I have been sensing a frequency of light that has been emerging from our earth, our hearts, and deep in the cosmic galaxy. This frequency is extremely fast moving light, coded with information of 5D New Earrth— Inspiration and creative energy that was sent by future versions of ourselves and the earth.

    This energy is so fast that currently our bodies are not able to store it in great amounts because it will short circuit our energetic systems. However, if this energy is channelled, passed through the body into current 3D/4D Earth, it can be used as a powerful force and will rewire our bodies to be able to handle larger quantities of this Light.

    In other words, when we meditate, and focus on the heart, we bring this light through us from the 5th Dimension— we can anchor it to the earth by creating art, music, conversation, and beauty, in the world around us, infusing it with the essence of this fast-moving light and powerful emotions of Gratitude and Love.

    The speed we are able to create real, positive change in our world will continue to expand. This means that the more we USE this powerful energy, the easier it will be to use, and the easier it will be to create Heaven on Earth. We are one energy co-creating this paradise together.

  6. Sue,

    Yes I woke up the past 2 days with a sense of fatigue, anticipation and restlessness. Very intense dreams that I can't remember. I do feel tethered to my tasks, duties and anxieties of others. Surrender and acceptance has helped immensely. Responding with love also seems to melt away others anxiety.

    Thank you for this message, it is perfect for this moment!