Monday, November 12, 2012

The Nature of Reality




I am having difficulty aligning my 3D self with my Multidimensional SELF. I know my 3D self is the lowest frequency of my Multidimensional SELF, but it is constantly “falling out of alignment.” The pace and structure of the 3D world is becoming increasingly burdensome and even foreign.

As my Core Self (the one I identify as me) is moving up the dimensional scale, I am finding it more and more difficult to deal with 3D issues. Going to the store, paying bills, running errands takes so much energy.

On the other hand, meditation is not a thing I do, but a state of conscious operation within this ever-changing reality. Many people have left my sphere of awareness. I know they still exist somewhere and sometime, but they are no long members of my world.

I have no issues with these people. It is just that they appear to me to be on a different reality. What they perceive as real, I perceive as illusion, On the other hand, if they knew the real me, which they do not, they would think that I was delusional or a bit crazy. Conversely, more and more people are coming into my life with whom I am in alignment.

As I write this, I am seeing two levels of reality, the static third/fourth dimensional reality and the ascending realty. There is not about hierarchy. It is just that the ascending reality is at a higher frequency. Hence, we could walk down the street and barely notice each other.

I have been, and will continue, to research the nature of time and timelines. I have long known that the passage of time differs with our state of consciousness. 3D time is as slow as a snail, whereas 4D/5D creative time seems to last half the time of mundane activities.

Then, multidimensional time, the fifth dimension and beyond, is completely out of the time, as I know it in my 3D life. Dewey Larson, the recognized expert on the concept of “time” said, “Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth.”

That statement says it all for me. I am endeavoring to maintain a consciousness of peace and love. However, that statement encompasses my greatest challenge, which is restraining my anger about the secrets that are being kept from us. I am also endeavoring to lovingly free my reaction to the naivety in which we have lived, and so many still live.

It is TIME for humanity to fully awaken, but every time in our myriad incarnations that we “woke up” we suffered great consequences. Hence, our genetic memory wants to hold back from knowing that which will make our daily lives even more difficult.

Of course, making daily life so difficult is a ploy of the few to keep the many in robot reaction. It is this programmed robotic reaction to obvious lies that allow the few to hide many, which would instantly change our lives. When we live in poverty, ill health, pollution and indoctrination, we separate from others because we can barely get along on our own.

It is the separation from others that allows 1% of our population to rule our reality. If all the awakened ones were to join together, even in consciousness, the few who are still holding the puppet strings over the many would be overwhelmed. However, we do not want to be the wounded victims who seek revenge.

We have learned in our awakening that we are the Masters of our Destiny and energy out is energy back. Therefore, when we bond our consciousness into ONE higher-frequency Unity Consciousness, we will send the puppet masters our unconditional love.

We will send unconditional love because we ARE unconditional love. We have become who we are NOW because we have remembered to love our selves unconditionally. Within this unconditional love our vision has expanded into the 3D Matrix to see that the Dark Hats, the Villains, are actors just as we are.

We are ALL, every single human on this planet, Multidimensional Beings. Some have become trapped in their disguise of being human. The greatest temptation for being trapped is the ability to have Power-Over-Others.

This Power-Over-Others activates our reptilian DNA and actives our Reptilian Brain. We have three areas of our brain, which denote the three states of consciousness, being and personal evolution.
The Reptilian Brain is the first part of the brain up from our spine. It is the first area of our brain that accepts our rising Kundalini, which is known as our “Sleeping Serpent.” When we allow our Kundalini to rise, we begin our true evolution out of our animal shell and into our true Multidimensional SELF.

Our Multidimensional SELF extends far beyond the limitations of the animal body that we are wearing. We are wearing this human/animal so that we can participate in this reality. Whenever we chose to visit and interact with a reality, we must create and wear a form made of the molecules of that reality.

When we visit and/or live in the fifth dimension, which is a realm of light, we will create and wear our Lightbody. Just as the brain of our animal body has different sections for different states of consciousness, the operational center for our Lightbody will have different sections.

I say “operational center,” as our Lightbody will not have a brain as we now it, as the operational center will be shared between what we now think of our High Heart and Opened Third Eye.

Our three brains control three states of consciousness and reveal our path of evolution:
Our most primitive brain is our center brain, which is surrounded by two other increasingly evolved brains. These two other brains are our Mammalian Brain and our Human brain, which is represented here as a monkey.

We see the dolphin in the frontal area of our brain, which represents our ability to function via the perceptions of our opened Third Eye. The Dolphin Brain is not a component of our original three brains. The Dolphin Brain represents expansion of our abilities into the fourth dimension. Our three brains offer us a choice of behavior. 
Do we want to function from our Reptilian Brain where love is not an option and we are constant combat to fight our way through life?
Do we want to function from our Animal Brain where love is an option, but too often secondary to the need for survival?
Do we want to function from our Human Brain where illusion reigns over Truth?
Or, do we want to function from our Dolphin, Opened Third Eye, brain?

There is also an option, which is that of Being our Multidimensional SELF in which we can function from our Heart Brain, which is the unity of our Opened Third Eye and our Opened High Heart.

These are real choices, and we must consciously make them. In fact, making these choices is the foundation of our process of ascending beyond all limitations of our physical brain and remembering that we are Multidimensional Beings who are currently WEARING the disguise of “being human.” We chose to wear this disguise so that we could participate in the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

However, in order to participate in ascension we must become aware that our choices do NOT begin in response to what is occurring in our external reality. Our choices of behavior begin with our inner choice of WHO is at the helm of our life.
Is our Lizard Self at the helm?
Is our Animal Self at the helm?
Is our Human Self at the helm?
Is our Dolphin Self at the helm?
OR, is our Multidimensional SELF, who is accessed through the Dolphin Brain—in conjunction with our High Heart—at the helm?

The answer to these questions has a lot to do with how we manage our fear.
Do we attack that which we fear?
Do we run from that which we fear?
Do we confront that which we fear?
Do we see the higher expression of that which we fear?
OR, do we unconditionally love that which we fear?

Of course, the last option of unconditional love is the most difficult and most ascended response to fear. If and when we can remember to face fear with unconditional love, we are choosing to consciously connect with our Multidimensional SELF. Every time we make this choice, we give less and less power to our lower-frequency, lizard, animal, human self and give more and more power to our true Multidimensional SELF.

While in connection with our Multidimensional SELF, we have access to our Galactic and Celestial Family who are infinitely connected to us through our Opened Third Eye (activated and opened pineal gland) and our Opened High Heart. When we are plugged into this circuitry, our humanity becomes the disguise we are wearing so that our true SELF can participate in the Glory of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

We have the ability to choose our reaction to our reality, but in order to make a fully informed choice we must remember our true, Multidimensional SELF. When we forget our SELF, we become the animal we are wearing. Then, we are restricted to our animal, and human/animal, reactions. When this occurs, which it will when we are tired or stressed, we must remember to unconditionally love our self.

To be Divine within the challenges of daily life is our greatest challenge. We need to remember to live in a constant state of forgiveness of our 3D reactionary behavior. Children do not learn from punishment, which just pushes their behavior inside where it cannot be corrected. Our wounded inner self is still a child and needs our constant guidance and forgiveness.

When it becomes too difficult for us, which it has, is and will continue to be, our best resource is to call upon our true SELF in our myriad Higher Expressions. These higher frequency expressions of our SELF are free of the fog of challenge and conflict in which we are living. We are living in the depths of a dark forest and often cannot see our path. However, our Multidimensional SELF has the higher frequency perspective.

Our SELF can see where we are in space, as well as where we are in time. I am wondering if, perhaps it is not that we move into a different dimensional space, but that we actually move into a different timeline.

What do you think?


  1. ‘I am wondering if, perhaps it is not that we move into a different dimensional space, but that we actually move into a different timeline.’

    Both may be applicable. Just as we deal w/ different dimensional realities & experiences in our timeline, it is likely that the same options & variances exist in other timelines, such as are applicable to that experience. Even our mainstream science is currently discovering that time & reality is much more fluid than previously thought.

  2. Maybe as far as 10 years ago (i'm 26 at the moment), I have been thinking of shifting dimensions/timelines, whatever, continuously with every choice we make, without us consciously being aware of it. We, I, imagined that shifting dimensions was something we would notice, but it could also be the most normal thing we humans do all the time, every moment. Maybe we don't even notice ascending, because shifting dimensions is very commonplace, and we only notice it when we look back, and see how much the world, or we, have changed.

    And whether we're actually 'shifting' dimensions, or timelines, or changing our frequency or moving into another world, I have no idea what it actually is that is going on, but that doesn't really seem to matter. What matters is that things, we, the world, is moving, changing. Consciously understanding it, may be secondary, though I still want to :-)

  3. "As my Core Self (the one I identify as me) is moving up the dimensional scale, I am finding it more and more difficult to deal with 3D issues. Going to the store, paying bills, running errands takes so much energy."

    This I find very interesting, because I am experiencing the exact opposite. As my Core Self is moving up I'm starting to understand things from a different perspective. For example, the things I never really enjoyed, such as paying bills and work related stress, I am finding acceptance and ease. I don't mind cycling in the cold rain anymore, because I am not cold. I enjoy waiting in lines because it gives me time to take a deep breath and get back in touch with my Core. I am also starting to recognize myself in other people, whereby strangers don't really seem like strangers to me anymore. A feeling of unity, also with animals and nature. I feel lighter, younger and more energetic.

    I've also talked to people that are experiencing simular things as you. Why is it that we are experiencing this ascension process so differently?

  4. Hi Sue, this is exactly my experience these days:) My 3D self is still asking when again and again... But I think this is the question of what you have asked in your previous message: Are we willing to release the illusion of time? I think we all answered YES! :) Thank you very much for your all messages and the books. It really helped me to be where I am now. Danica

  5. Hi Sue,
    For me ascension = uniting = DE-creation.

    We are at the end of the exhale (max descending, creation by separation). Then the Zero Point comes. Then the inhale will follow. We go ascend back to SOURCE.

    Everybody is so excited, as for this creation cycle, we will experience our first De-creation step. Many more will follow on the way back to SOURCE, but this is the first one.
    Love & Light,

  6. Dearest Sue, definitively we are moving in another timeline, another step in the eternal spiral of consciousness, is not just "some place" in the higher expressions, it´s also another way of Being.

    Thanks for this message, I thought I was the only one having troubles integrating my SELF in the 3D one.

    My Eternal Love to you!


  7. HI Sue; Keith here. I wonder often if we auto jump timelines depending on which options we perceive/take, by the moment, in our daily lives. Since it is so difficult to stay on a higher freq always, it is the sum of our perception, projections and responses to the illusion. Once our overall level is above a certain point and we can hold it, we go home, especially now with these energetic changes incoming. :) just a thought

  8. Keith again. Also, now that we know and truly believe our multi self is standing by to assist us in getting home, we need to work on connecting and building upon this connection to ensure that no matter what happens around us, WE are going home...yahooo!!

    Bless Every ones Heart

  9. "To be Divine within the challenges of daily life is our greatest challenge. We need to remember to live in a constant state of forgiveness of our 3D reactionary behavior."

    I am wondering if we actually reach a point where we don't see anything to forgive - ie we see wihtout judgement automatically - we just 'see' from a higher vantage point where no forgiveness is required. One where we realise that we are all connected, all playing a role - as far as our 3d awareness goes. I'm believing that time is itself a vibration, one where the higher and lighter our lightbodies are vibrating on whichever realm that that part of our multiSELF is on - has the potential to lift our current soul aspect within our 3d bodies, into the merging and awareness of whichever is ascending the most.

    I love your posts xx

  10. I was going to say that ...... I think at the fifth dimensional level and above, the whole concept of 'forgiveness' doesn't exist, because you never had the thought in the first place that 'This is bad/wrong/infuriating', but you know that people are learning and having experiences, even if clumsily. (A bit like a toddler who whacks you with his rattle - you don't get angry with him. You can dodge the blows from his chubby little fists if you want, but you understand he just hasn't learned civilized behaviour yet. :))
    Fear I don't have a problem with. I mean, when I can't pay a utility bill, I would try to find solutions, because the consequences aren't fun but that is normal, isn't it? I wouldn't call that fear. I do know what fear feels like ........ I had to leap for my life from a serious fire, and once got trapped on a train by a nutter with a knife. But unless there's an actual threat to my life like that, I never really feel fear.

    I agree with the person above about 3D life feeling *easier* - I have tons of energy, look younger, never get tired nowadays, and the petty irritations of life now seem so peaceful that I wonder how it was that I ever used to get impatient waiting in line! I'm here, but not here.
    (The one area that IS a real problem is time. The rest of the world still insists that you arrive here or do that at x time, and that's getting more and more difficult.

  11. After reading your message and feeling and seeing/dreaming I witnessed a large Olympic swimming pool with me hanging onto the border seeing how a bucket with multidimensional ink was poured next to where I was hanging in the water. The pool without the ink represents me alone but so utterly not resonating with the water lonesome. The multidimensional ink bucket poured in and also the pool was full of people all of a sudden, the represented the 3D reality to me. People next to me where resonating with me and we were in water that already had all the colors of the rainbow and the more I looked at the other side of the pool the more I saw people heavier and saddening. Hours went by and the inky water had great trouble mixing with the denser 3D water. What I saw also was that I had to calibrate every once in a while to the new situation because the multidimensional ink was continuing doing its magic with the water. I was happy about the the spectacular changes, happy being able to confirm my core-self being totally emerged in multidimensionality, but the calibration made me tired. Every calibration included a next calibration, thus a next and so forth. Every calibration to the new 3D situation which changed color sloooooooooowely made me realize that I was definitely in the water with these people and physically stepping out of the pool would be the only way to stop the calibration (I first thought was not mine but since I am in the water, hihi, it is me also). I saw that part of my vision as physical death.

    Sue, I recognize why I am in this water and I resonate this compassion to the selves of me that are still nagging about shopping, bills and other 3D only 'pleasures'. I guess the people that Gaia brought forth need to go over multicolored tipping point before we have multicolored bills, multicolored shopping mall experiences and multicolored pass of live in a multicolored habitat. Gaia did it, I am Gaia too.

    Love you, Achara.D.Lovink

  12. After reading your post and all the comments, it occurs to me that I have and am experiencing all the different phases that folks are describing. It's cyclic, almost spiral in nature, how one day I feel calm and confident and greet my experiences with ease and grace, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, I'm back in a cycle of reacting, frustrated with all the (to me) nonsense involved in this density, like those mundane physical things that you mentioned.

    As one example, there are times when I get so tired of going grocery shopping, putting everything away, fixing meals - or worse, deciding what to fix!, cleaning up after, and on and on, seemingly for no other reason than that my family needs to eat. Damn these physical bodies! :p At those times I swear I would rather just pull something out of a replicator for the sheer joy of the taste and not because my physical body and ego require food. Then at other times I realize that there is much to enjoy about being physical, and I immerse myself in the joy of planning, creating, eating, and clean up. But I've yet to get to the place that some of you talk about that is total acceptance and joy in every moment. I still have to catch myself when I'm not in that joy, and consciously bring myself into it. I still fly off the handle sometimes at situations, have to consciously work to see what's being reflected, and find a way to love the situation and myself. So I obviously I still have a ways to go. ;)

    In answer to the question about a different dimension or a different timeline, I too think it's both. I agree with those who say we already move easily between timelines, but we generally do so unconsciously. With the ascension we're learning how to do this consciously through focus rather than unconsciously through habit. For that I very very much appreciate your posts, Sue! You give us some ideas of what that conscious process is, and what the experience of different dimensions might be like. Maybe it's a part of being human, but it does seem like we can't even begin to experience something unless we can hold it as a possibility, if even in the tiniest way. Thank you for showing us all manner and number of possibility!

  13. Ohhh that's an idea. I love you Sue - thanks for your insight, your courage, your understanding, for being here, for going through this with us :)



  14. Thank you, Suzanne! You have captured in words the experience of "disassociation" that I feel so strongly now. And have explained a bio - mechanical process the makes absolute "sense" to me...
    Since "piercing The Veil" a few weeks ago ("early Ascension"), and "returning" - I must negotiate between the 3D abstract of our current reality, and the new 4D/5D realms.
    I now feel far more comfortable there - in what would be called an "altered state", than in our mundane, day to day existence.
    Though quite alone; I know that I'm in loving company, sharing Unity Conciousness with others. Love you; love to you all!
    It's All Wonderful...

  15. This has been so unbelievable... Especially this week. I notice that I spend a great deal of time trying to hide my symptoms "dizziness", loss of time, big light, recognition of others, no appitite, hot flashes out of nowhere (I am not in menopause) total exhaustion. I have piles of papers just sitting on the floor. From work to bills that I can't even read because words are difficult these days. When I am alone and quite I feel great! fabulous. I have also noticed that I feel like I grow about 10 inches when I am quiet and alone. I tell myself everyday. Just get through it. Just go. I feel like I have been plopped into situation where I am having to deal with a great many people too. Always bringing kindness but, completely tapped by the end of the day. Some of them I recognize as parts of myself and sometimes just as "others" I am grateful for your posts and the blog as it helps me feel like there are others who are going through this. I feel like a crazy person. But, I know deep down that I am not. As this has been a lifelong journey. I have always been sensitive but, during these times it is a completely new experience. Especially the feeling that until I have interaction with other people or earth elements... I don't exist. Very strange. Only when recognized by other earth based conscious beings do I feel like I am on the earth.

  16. One thing that remains constant with me since I have 'awakened', is that I agreed to be go through the sufferings I have, and to triumph with God through them. I cannot go through them on my own, I am not God and thankfully so as I would fail miserably. I can say without a doubt that I am NOT unconditional love. I believe I love my daughter unconditionally, but that's it. I am a mere human and while I may have been a magnificent lighted spirit before I came here, here is where I am in this 3rd dimension and I will greatfully stay here until I die or I ascend with Christ. I'm ok with being human as long as I am here...because I was put here with a veil and if I search fervently for how to look beyond it for something other than God, then I've missed the purpose for having it.

    I do not believe I ever had a reptilian or dolphin brain or whatever (although I wish to swim with dolphins one day). I and every other human are made in the image of God. While I know without a doubt that I DON'T know everything about the human psyche, I am ok with that and allow it to flow as it will. I don't try to meditate and find the light and look for meaning in some sparkly universe, rather I try to bring the Light of Christ to Earth through my actions. I am not Divine, rather I try to show Him to others by what I do...out of love. I am to love my neighbor as myself. And in following just that one rule, life is so much simpler.

    Anne Horn had an NDE at one point in her life...and I think it might help you in your quest. I'm not familiar with posting videos or links on this website so hopefully this goes through. I hope you find it beneficial. It's less than 5 minutes.

    Take care because you are most desperately loved by God.