Thursday, June 21, 2012


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Happy Summer Solstice
We are creating New Earth NOW!

With our every thought and every emotion, we are leaving an energetic pattern on our reality. We are in the process of learning how to create our reality. However, we have been lost to the third dimension for so many lifetimes that we forgot about our higher dimensional realities in which our every thought and emotion was instantly manifested. 

We have live in a reality where:"Sticks and stone could break our bones, but words could never hurt us." However, now we know that words thrown at another in anger can be as damaging as if they were rocks. On the other hand, the power of love force is greatly enhanced by our higher states of consciousness and by our multidimensional thinking.

As we remember to think multidimensionally and live in the present, time is becoming the NOW. Also, people all over the world are forgetting to notice how people are different from them and realizing how much alike they are. 

We are all so very fortunate to be alive during this time.We have front row seats at the biggest event in all recorded history. However, we are not in the bleachers watching this "Game." We are all on the playing field doing our best to follow the Flow, and do what ever we can to help. 

We have to trust our Inner Guidance now and join with others to discuss our new life. This Summer promises to be very special, but only if we let it. I have seen that many people's lives are starting to turn around for the better now. I have also learned that if we serve Gaia and run this new energy into and through our planet that our "symptoms of transformation" greatly diminish.

We are beginning to adapt to the higher frequency of our world, and we are taking responsibility for our lives. We are refusing to live in fear and are remembering to consult our higher expressions of SELF. More laws to protect Gaia are being passed because we have expanded our consciousness enough to perceive our planet as a sentient being. 

So, let's all have a fun summer. We have come into "full bloom" of our Multidimensional SELF. The Arcturians have said to me many times, "Enjoy the third dimension while you have. You will miss it more than you might think." Finally, remember that our Multidimensional SELF includes our physical form--if
we want it to.

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  1. Dear Sue.
    I thank you for sharing your incredible experiences. I was wondering,
    what is we are going to miss the most and is it not miss a third
    dimensional concept. What is it about the third that an ascended being
    will like to experience that only we can, how is a trip to the beach in
    the ascended worlds, can we fell the cares of the sand below our feet,
    and the warm of the sun and surf the waves or maybe this is the more unique experience we will ever have. I remember saint germain saying that he cherish his earthly experiences more than anything else.

    Many Blessings Sue