Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meditation, Vision, Experience



My meditation today was quite unexpected. I am learning to contain the energy, so I do not shake and move my body so much. I find that when I contain this energy, is brings me much deeper into my experience. My meditations have changed recently in that they are more awake than before. What I mean by that is that often I am in a state of meditation while I am doing some creative endeavor. I am leading many meditations now, so I am experiencing many group-energy experiences. I also go into a meditative state when I write, do art, garden or just relax for a moment.

However, today was different as I was lying down. I was just beginning to go into a deeper state of consciousness when I had a very clear image that I was walking to my front door. I decided to try to experience the physicality of that familiar action, so I watched the vision before me. In order words, to the best of my current ability, I stepped into the experience.

I felt my body walking and leaning over the table to look out through the partially closed curtain on the window next to my front door. What I saw when I looked out was a Scout Ship with a Light Being standing outside of it. The Ship and the Galactic were in the middle of the street right in front of my house. My feeling was that it was an emissary Ship for the Arcturians. I say this because the Arcturians have such a high resonance that they rarely leave their Ship and seldom enter Scout Ships because their frequency is too high to tolerate such a physical experience.

Anyway, I tried to “stay in my meditation body” by feeling my feet on each stair and my hand on the handrail as I went down the three levels of stairs from my house to the street. I am trying to remember my emotional level at this time, but all I can recall is calmness and, of course, great joy. A few of my neighbors had come out of their houses and were walking towards the ship, but most people did not seem to even perceive this event.

When I stood in front of the waiting Galactic (I don’t use the word Alien as it seems disrespectful) everything else blurred away from my perception. I think I remember shaking hands; only we didn’t actually shake hands. Instead, we touched hands. It was then that I realized it was a Zeta. However, it was a Zeta acting as an emissary for the Arcturians. Not only was it a Zeta, it was my Zeta. This was the Zeta that used to take me from the Learning Tree and into “that room.”

As I am writing this, I am remembering more. The meditation all took place within a very short period of “time,” so the some of things that were happening within the NOW of that experience were stored in my psyche for me to recover when I wrote the experience. In fact, I am writing this experience as it allows me to better incorporate it into my 3D mind. I realize now that there was layers of experience all occurring within the NOW, which I could not consciously record.

However, these experiences were stored in my multidimensional brain for me to later recover. Sorry for the side step in my story. I think it is important to write my experience as I am recovering it, as it may assist others to recover their experiences. Back to the logical/sequential telling of my fifth dimensional-no time meditation:

When I realized that my Zeta friend, I felt safe. (Yes “it”—as in androgynous—was a friend because it was very sweet and even loving when it came to get me), However, my reaction to meeting the Zeta was stored in one of the files that I was not reading when I was having the experience. I think that my touching it’s hand is what took me onto the ship, or perhaps into the reality in which I was on the ship.

I remember that it showed me that each “door” within the Ship led, not into another room, but into another reality. In this manner, a very small Scout Ship (small enough to fit into the width of the two-lane street in front of my house) could carry with it all that was needed for inter-galactic and inter-dimensional travel.

At some point I realized, or was told, that my Zeta friend had come from its future into my present. Zetas were always time travels, and the went into the future where all their debt of misunderstanding the fear they caused their human abductees had been balanced and were able to ascend into the higher frequencies. My friend had then come back in time to my present to serve with the Galactics to assist humans with their return SELF.

My friend was trying to show me how to operate the Control Center of the Scout Ship, but I seemed to be avoiding that experience. I vaguely remember a discussion between us about my avoidance, but I cannot remember many details of that communication. I will take a few breaths now to expand my consciousness. Perhaps, then I will be able to recover more of my experience…

Yes, now I remember. My human brain has been so programmed to forget my experiences aboard the Ship that I keep hitting an old firewall. The firewall was partly created by the Zetas, partly created by the society of my childhood (post-war 40’s and 50’s) and partly created by my adolescent self who desperately wanted to be normal.

I am realizing that the information of the Zetas moving beyond our time into the future, as well as my friend coming back to me so jarred my present 3D thinking that I was unable to create a cohesive memory. I am now re-downloading this experience into my 97% DNA that is calibrated for this manner of thought…

I am realizing now, how the truth of our impending New Earth will rattle many people’s brains far beyond their ability to understand or accept it. I have held multiple realities within my secret mind for 60 years, and I am having problems. Therefore, how difficult will it be for people who have totally forgotten their Multidimensional SELF?

I am recovering now that going to the Control Center meant that I was being asked to be IN CONTROL of my life in a manner far beyond what I had ever imagined. Finally, I went to the Control Center, there was something floating above it so that I could not read the Control Panel at all. This was very frustrating for me, but my friend was patient and kind. It reminded me that I was safe here, and that it was only him/her and me onboard the Ship. I think that the knowledge that there was no hidden room to which I would be taken, cleared the cloud above the panel to reveal a blank panel with an imprint of a hand. My friend then informed me that the Ship was guided by my thoughts. Therefore, not other controls were necessary.

My Zeta friend guided me to place my right hand onto the indentation for the hand and my left hand on my High Heart. I remember doing that, but the next layer is one I will have to take a moment to re-calibrate my consciousness to remember…

I feel my self with my left hand on my High Heart and my right hand on the controls. My friend is standing behind me, telepathically telling me to relax into my Power of Knowing, (All our communication was telepathic.) In other words, I knew what to do, but I had to regain my power before I could remember that I knew.

When I relaxed into my knowing (remember this is a very high level of recovery and I “think” this is what happened) I felt a huge serge of energy and the Ship rose up high into the atmosphere in a horizontal fashion. It then took off at the speed of thought.

 I am experiencing now the absolute quite of the Ship. There is NO operating sound at all, no steering, and no effort. I am also recovering that my Zeta friend was telling me that I had calibrated the ship to my Soul Spark, which was partly Zeta. Therefore, I was cleared to initiate this journey. When I asked where we were going, all I received was, “Where are you taking us?”

The final part of this experience that I DO remember very clearly was that I was able to meet all the expressions of my Multidimensional SELF that I have recovered so far. I will write what I remembered/experienced at the time of my meditation, as well as what is coming in at this NOW…

I remember seeing my Arcturian SELF in its androgynous form of wavering Lightbody. All that is really clear is the feel of unconditional love and the radiance of two eyes and deep peace and calm of its heart. I am recovering now that I am being embraced with a cloud of light and love that is almost too overwhelming. How could I deserve this? Comes to my mind. I then receive an answer of loving sternness,  “Do NOT engage your wounded ego?”

Sufficiently reprimanded I love that “me” and look straight into MY Arcturian eyes. As I do so I experience a massive download with layers and layers of information awaiting my expansion of consciousness to recover and experience, as I am ready. (Light Language is not read or heard. It is experienced.)

Then I see Mytria/Mytre who engage me in a three-way hug, as they fill me in on the rest of their story that they wish to share. I instantly remember the Violet Temple of Alycone, as well as being a member of the Ashtar Command. I can remember the Temple because I have already recovered that memory, but my memories of the Ashtar Command are embedded in one of the higher frequency levels of information. However, the fact that I was with my husband/Divine Complement during this meditation did not miss the notice of Mytria/Mytre. We smile as ONE being.

Next I see Jacqual, my Antarian Warrior from the Galactic Wars. Jacqual is always there when I need to be brave.  I have written his story, but the written form of the ending has been lost. He tells now to write the ending of his/my story. I could not write it before because I could not recover his “happy ending.” I could not find the happy ending for my Warrior SELF while I still perceived my life as a battle for or against. I am ready now for OUR happy ending.

I see Tarmaine from Sirus B. He is not longer in his whale form and has taken the form of a very tall and robust humanoid. I said, “Oh you have a human form.” His response is a big whale hug. As he/she (they are ascended) hold me I feel myself being a whale in the great oceans. I feel the warm waters for calving and the frigid waters for feeding. I hear the whale songs within my entire form and remember the safety of our pod. As I float onto my next SELF I see my Zeta friend.

“Oh, yes, you are me,” I say. My friend embraces me, not with its small body, but with its immense power of thought. Instantly, I perceive myself agreeing to my pre-birth contract to assist OUR species to survive. Within this melding of minds I hear how they became lost in their fear of extinction and in their greed to get more and better DNA. Therefore, they did not consider that which finally saved them. It was not the human DNA that saved them. It was the human ability to love unconditionally was embedded in human DNA that allowed them to transmute into higher levels.

In fact, the only ones who could effectively integrate the human DNA were those who were able to connect with the unconditional love embedded in that DNA. There were also Zetas, such as my friend, who actually learned to love from dealing with the human children that were abducted. There were also others who learned about love by observing the loving care that the human women gave to their hybrid babies. In the end, they discovered that the very emotion that they had cloned out of their species is what allowed them to ascend into their higher expressions.

With this final and complete healing of my childhood trauma I came back to—where do I come back to? Or is it WHO do I come back to?  I guess I came back to my continuing adventure and to wonderful people, like you with whom I can share it. I hope that no one was offended or upset by the information that I have presented here. However, since I am telling everyone to reveal his or her true SELF in order to “make ascension normal” I must also reveal my true SELF. Therefore, I am coming out from deep cover now, first to myself and then to whoever is interested in my version of OUR ascension.
Blessings and thanks for being my friends.


  1. Dear Suzanne,

    TRUTH just IS

    CONSCIOUSNESS just wants to GROW and EXPAND ........... INFINITELY


  2. Dear Sue, THANKS infinte THANKS for share this experiencie...:) it touched me deeply.

    With Love


  3. dear Sue, thank you for describing your process in such a detail - it is extremely helpful to understand my own experiences NOW. blessings Brigitte

  4. Thanks sue, that is the most deeply experience and thanks for sharing it.

  5. Dear Sue,thank you for bringing the ""news" of the Zetas evolution,I always felt there was more to it than what we have been hearing.far from being offended ,I cried with joy.much love to you, Rosanna

  6. I’m not fond of the term aliens in regards to ETs either. Sooooooo fear based. The irony about humans using the term alien is that many have written about physicality being the anomaly in the Universe, where most life is said to be much less dense in a physical sense, so the real ones who are unfamiliar may actually be those who are existing in physicality. LOL.

    Your generosity in sharing your personal healing & reconnection experiences is greatly appreciated, helping many understand things they are also remembering.