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Good Nowness Dear Humans,

We Undines, the Water Elementals, are joyous to speak with our humans. We say “our” humans because our element of water fills so much of your earth vessel. We know that our work is very important, as water is the greatest resource on Gaia’s body. However, many humans do not realize that, for if they did, they would surely make sure that it remained clear and fresh.

Once our great oceans and waterways were clear and pristine. There was enough life within our waters to feed humanity and other animals and still have more than enough creatures left to procreate. Now many of our waters are polluted and void of life. We needn’t lecture you about our plight, as we know you are aware. It is just that we have a great sadness that tends to hinder our work of transmutation. Humans use water to clean their bodies, their houses, their cars, their clothing and many other parts of their life. Why don’t keep their water clean?

It seems as though we work as hard as we can, only to have another human cause another disaster, which spoils our waters again. Therefore, we wish to ask our humans to join us in clearing our waterways and protecting our marine life. We are aware of those dear hearts that have chosen to assist us, and we also know that it is the few that are harming this great resource for the many.

Water Elementals, also, flow through your physical bodies. Furthermore, you regularity drink our sacred fluid. If you could send love to the water that you drink, you would greatly increase you health. Water is a template for life, which is receptive to thought and emotion. Therefore, if you drink water when you are angry, afraid or sad, you taint the water that you drink. On the other hand, when you take a moment to send love into water before you drink it, you are actually sending your body love via the water.

Furthermore, if you send both multidimensional light and unconditional love into the water that you drink, you will greatly accelerate your ascension process. Also, since there is even more water on the body of Gaia than in your own form, you would greatly assist planetary ascension if you blessed all forms of water with light and love. That blessing alone would do much to clear our waterways and raise the frequency of our water molecules.

Elementals do not perceive your world, or you behavior, in the same manner that you do. We Undines perceive water as the force of all life. We see how our rain keeps the Plant Kingdom healthy and fertile. We see how our water clears the smog from the sky and the dirt off the ground, cars and houses. Our waters have been great liquid highways that you have traveled for millennia. We see that water is serving humanity in many ways, but we don’t see how humanity is creating a balance and by serving water.

On the other hand, we understand that many humans are expanding their consciousness to perceive a life force in that which was once perceived as a “thing.” They are beginning to remember that Earth is a sentient, living Being. The reason for this is that humanity’s understanding of reality increases as their consciousness expands.

Just as our perception of reality changes when we resonate to the slow frequency of ice or the fast frequency of steam, your perceptions change when you are no longer “frozen” in the time-bound structure of third dimensional Earth.
As you mind expands, new ideas begin to flow into your consciousness. These new ideas can flow faster and faster until they reach “critical mass.” Then, these ideas burst into manifestation.

In the same manner, humans are expanding their consciousness from being “frozen in forgetfulness,” to following the flow of change, to transmuting their form into a frequency that is no longer bound by shape or form. Your consciousness, which is often symbolized as water in your dreams, is expanding beyond is physical encasement and it ready to burst forth to freely intermingle with all life.

 As you flow beyond your former limitations, you free yourselves from the many illusions that have haunted your for myriad incarnations. Free again, your consciousness can remember your Essence, which is a formless as our steam. You will also remember that you have taken a vow to protect life in ALL its forms. As you return to your higher expression of your SELF, your immense creative power will return, and you will actively participate in creating New Earth.

Dear humans, your form is created by the same elements and Elementals as Earth. In fact, our Elementals flow through you, just as we flow through Gaia. Hence, you are the Deva that pulls all our myriad elements into ONE body. With this awareness of your innate powers, your Higher Purpose is realized, and you remember that you here to be the stewards of Gaia’s inhabitants.

YOU are CREATION in action. GAIA is creation in action. The Elohim, Devas and Elementals are creation in action. When you honor, love and respect your creations, you will complete this cycle of creation and be ready to begin your next cycle. You will easily see the LIFE in All That Is, and become aware of the imprint that you make upon that life.
You will also see the higher frequency light that flows into and through all life to unify into the ONE life and ONE planet.

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  1. Love this, explains our purpose in a simple and understandable way. Thank You Sue