Monday, May 21, 2012




Greetings from Mytria/Mytre and our Arcturian friends,

We would like to take you on a multidimensional journey. Please, just relax and enjoy the ride while we guide you in an exercise to assist you to remember your true, multidimensional nature…

Begin by seeing yourself aboard our Starship, Athena. There are many Pleiadians and Arcturians on this Ship working as ONE to assist humanity and Gaia with the great transition. Imagine yourself in a Corridor of the Ship. Now, walk over to the wall and touch it to connect with the life force of the Ship. You can feel that the Ship is happy to assist and guide you on your journey. Yes, the Ship itself will guide you, for it is a living being.

As you connect with the Ship, many memories flash into your awareness. These memories are multidimensional in that they are of experiences you have had as your fifth dimensional SELF. Close you eyes so that you can more easily allow these memories to enter into your physical brain.

Imagine these memories as pictures and feelings as you:
Look down to your feet and see what you have on them…
Look at your legs. What do they look like and what is covering them…
Look at what you are wearing…
Look at your hands and your arms…

Now that you have grounded your Essence in this reality:
See yourself embracing old comrades from your many visits to this ship…
Feel how their greeting warms your heart…
Notice how they encircle you and welcome you back from your “away mission”…
Hear their voices and look into their eyes…
Reach out to touch them and feel their touch on you…

Most of them have also extended their consciousness into one of their earth-bound expressions and are eager for that component of their beingness to return. It is well known that your Mission on Earth is not yet complete and that this meeting is only a visit. However, in-between visits you spend much of your leisure time imagining a reality that seems so distant from your earth life, yet it will not totally leave your memory. This memory is a blessing, and feels like letters from home when you are far away. In fact, your Earth life is quite similar to a “tour of duty.” However, this tour of duty will last for the duration of your Mission.

When you first began to awaken, you could only long for that which was missing. Gradually, that longing forced you to go deep within to find the answers that were invisible to your physical world. Now you have found many answers and are sharing them with others. Fortunately, there are more and more “others” with whom you can be open. In fact, openly being your SELF is an important part of your Mission. However, you do not wish to think about Earth right now, for you are temporarily Home.

When the time-bound thought of “temporarily” enters your mind, your vision of being on the Ship fades. Instantly, you close your eyes to regain your connection with your higher expressions of reality. You focus intently on the feeling of the Ship’s wall. It feels almost like skin, not in texture, but because it feels alive. The memory of “things” being without life in your 3D world floods into your awareness and the hall begins to fade again. You focus intently on the feeling of the living wall and slowly maintain your connection to this higher dimensional reality.

While holding that image firmly in your awareness, you ponder how your physical form will ever contain this multidimensional awareness. Fortunately, you refuse to participate in doubt. You focus on the FACT that different frequencies of reality feel different. Your physical world has stark contrasts. “Things” have edges and hard boundaries and walls are hard and without life. However, as you take a moment to partially open your eyes, you can see a faint emanation from every “thing” that you once thought of as non-living. In fact, as you look across the room, you see a vague emanation form the wall. Your eyes drift to a plant, a person or an animal to see how their emanation is much stronger.

As you look at the wall of your physical room, you see the overlay of the wall in the Starship, and you gradually return your awareness to the Starship. However, instead of trying to ignore your physical world while you travel inter-dimensionally, you hold BOTH worlds in your ever-expanding multidimensional consciousness. First, with your eyes partially open, you look around your area to see the many auras and/or electrical emanations. You “SAVE” that image to your mind, and close your eyes, maintaining the image.

Now, see the Starship again. You are still alone in the corridor with your hand on the wall, and you hold that image as well. Now, close your physical eyes to block out your physical world and open your Third-eye to perceive your fifth dimensional world…

Next, maintaining the image of your hand on the Starship’s wall, open your eyes to your 3D world—BUT keep your awareness of the Starship active in your consciousness by keeping your Third Eye open…

Finally, with your physical eyes open to your physical world, maintain an opened Third Eye in your fifth dimensional world…

This exercise is how we, the Pleiadians, began our ascension into the fifth dimension. We had Starship travel before our ascension, but we also had many wars and conflicts. However, we began to tire of conflicts and battle. We are by nature a gentle people and would much prefer to dance, sing, create art, enjoy our friends and engage in amorous activities. The harshness of competition, battle and conflict hurt our Souls and lowered our frequency.

Then we found our home in the Pleiadian System. The Pleiades, also known as the "Seven Sisters," is a cluster of young stars. Barely 100 million years ago, during the age of dinosaurs on Earth, the Pleiadian System was formed from a collapsing cloud of interstellar gas. The biggest and brightest members of our System are blue-white and even the faintest stars in our cluster are about 40 times more luminous than your Sun. The star Alcyone is about 100 times brighter than your Sun.

Finding our new home was the first real safety we had experienced since we had left Lyra. As soon as we arrived here, we knew that we could develop a life that was akin to the callings of our Soul. Therefore, our dear ascending ones, we know how extremely difficult it has been for you to begin and go through your ascension process while you are living in a war zone. In fact, we literally understand your feelings, for many of us have taken an Earthly incarnation to assist the ascension from the body of Gaia.

We Pleiadians have enjoyed many incarnations/visits on Earth. We say “incarnations/visits” for we only experienced our lives there as incarnations before we ascended into the higher frequencies. Now we perceive our earthly forms as visits, log-ins, or choices to experience being on third dimensional Earth. Also, many of us have volunteered to share our emanation with our grounded expression to over-light their choice to incarnate on ascending Gaia. Now that we resonate to multidimensional consciousness, we can constantly experience our life in our home world, on our Starship and in a physical form within the same NOW of the ONE. Except, of course, our grounded expressions are often unaware of the other realities that are running parallel to their physical self.

It is the return of your multidimensional perceptions that marks your conscious return Home to your higher expressions of SELF. Therefore, we encourage our beloved human brothers and sisters to remember that they are NOT and have NEVER been trapped on Earth. Only a very small segment of your Multidimensional SELF is living the experience of your physical earth vessel. However, that earth vessel has been closed to all multidimensional input until very recently in your “time.” As you return to your SELF, you will find great comfort in returning to your home world, your Starship and your higher dimensional Temples. These visits will gradually become similar to “going home” after a long day of work.

When you go to work, you do not expect that your house will leave while you are away. In the same manner, your higher expression of SELF does not disappear because you are placing your primary attention on your physical reality. Learning to simultaneously contain more than one experience of reality in your consciousness is the basis of returning to your Multidimensional SELF. At first, you will only be able to have one “primary” reality at a “time,” but as you release your attachment to time, you will find that you can hold more than one reality as an on-going experience. Begin by living two realities at once and have your “other” reality be of one of your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.

As you practice this skill in your daily life, it will become easier and easier. Also, the 97% of your DNA that has been turned off since the fall of Atlantis or before is constantly being turned on by the higher light. As you consciously remember to connect the experiences of your Multidimensional SELF with your daily, physical reality, you will merge your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating System. Once these two systems are merged, you can allow your third dimensional perceptions to expand into multidimensional perceptions.

Remember, the reality that you perceive, is the reality that you live.

We shall return, for we are always with you in a higher frequency,
Alycone and Ashtar Command


  1. Hi Sue, really amazing article. Every time I read this articles of multi Self , and that we are part of that, I just wondered if you lose your SELF (meaning my 3D consciousness/personality now, who I am)when you merge with your higher self. Cause I have to admit, even though I want this and crave for this, i also have to admit that I am scared to loose myself, that I will vanish into my multi-self. But I will practice your exercise in two realities at once. Thanks again for the sharing.
    L&L Lisa

  2. Thank you for discussing that we aren’t trapped here & that our experience here is a voluntary choice.

    The specific information about working with our HS is very useful.

    Wolfke74, don't worry at all about losing your self (personality) with communicating with HS.

  3. Hi Wolfke, you don't lose yourself at all, you only lose the false illusions that you had bought into. But I know that it's a real fear because I felt it myself! I thought if I reconnected with my higher self, I would become someone I wouldn't recognize! That belief stymied me for a while until I saw how ridiculous it was! And now I can say that you don't lose anything except the false illusions, and you gain so much more! Check out my blog if you like: I don't channel like Suzanne, but I write a lot about my journey in practical terms.

    1. Thanks christine for the info, I know I shouldn't be, but sometimes my ego makes a run with me. I will definitely check out your website. Thanks again.


    2. Wolfke74, ego is often maligned & discussed as if having a personality is inconsistent w/ higher dimensional consciousness. This is a very outdated view. Interesting article discusses the changing paradigm about ego-

      We can fully honor & love ALL parts of us, including our wonderful self. Our grounded presence (ego/personality/self) is just as important as any other portion of our extended energy field. We are having valuable experiences here that would not be possible w/o our unique personality.

  4. I have a dream where I find myself on a ship in a hallway and I meet a man. He's tall and slender with straight blonde hair and beautiful. We immeadiatly recognize each other and embrace, feeling each others' heartbeat merging into one beat, one heart. He is me and I am him. I joke about his clothes, "Red jogging shorts? Really?" He laughs, "Small, chubby human body? Really?" Whenever I think of him, he is there, in my imagination. When he thinks of me, again he is there, in my imagination. We are the same person.

  5. Late summer 2010 I was walking up the road to Mt Shasta in Northern California. Someone i never met before pulled up along side me and I ended up taking a ride with this guy and his wife and kids the rest of the way up. along the way he felt compelled to tell me a couple things, one of which was "your ship is the Athena" is this any relation to the ship mentioned in this channeling?