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Beloved Ones,
I am Mytria from the Violet Temple of Transmutation on Alycone, Pleiades.

I AM a higher expression of the one who is writing. I am here to remind all of you that you ALL have many higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond. I encourage you all to allow your higher expression to communicate with you in whatever fashion best suits the personality of your present incarnation. Some of you will best communicate with words. Others will be guided by another creative expression such as music, dance, art, athletics, working with nature, prayer and myriad other expressions of your innate creative force.

You will know when you are connected to your higher expression by the shift in your consciousness and the release of the constant demands of your ego. We, your expressions of SELF in higher frequencies of reality, are reaching out to you to assist you during your return to your true Multidimensional SELF. We remind you to trust that your imagination, your love-filled thoughts and emotions, sudden creative ideas, and fulfilling dreams are direct messages from your SELF. Since you all have myriad higher expressions of SELF, you my feel communications from many of us. Do not be confused by these many voices, as we are all connected in the ONE to draw you into your greater experience of SELF.

The Pleiadians and the Arcturians have been aligned in like-minded service for millions of your years. We also serve on Star Ships together. Therefore, as you look into your vast history of higher dimensional realities, if you find the Arcturians, you will likely find the Pleiadians, as well. The Arcturians remind you of the great power of your unconditional love and multidimensional light, whereas as we Pleiadians may remind you of your joy of living, dancing, singing, being with friends and experiencing inter-personal love relationships.

The Arcturians represents your tenacity to “stay the Path of Ascension,” and we remind you to dance, sing, create and love throughout your entire process. The Arcturians remind you of your deepest spiritual love, whereas we remind you to love life within every moment. Of course, both of our civilizations contain all the qualities that we have mentioned, but even Galactics have specialties. Furthermore, Arcturian realities resonate to the mid-fifth dimension and beyond where all thoughts, emotions and desires are instantly fulfilled. Since our Pleiadian world has ascended much more recently than Arcturus, we have taken on the honor of assisting you in creating your fifth-dimensional threshold society of New Earth.

Just as the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and members of the Ashtar Command are assisting you form the Galactic realms, the Lamurians are assisting from the core of Gaia, as well as from the core of your ancient memories. In order words, we have you covered from “above” and “below.”  Of course, above and below are metaphorical terms, as we are both resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond. However, some of you will feel the need to align yourselves with the Lamurians, others with the Arcturians and others with the Pleiadians or the Sirians.

When you fully regain your multidimensional consciousness, you will no longer need to choose between your myriad Expressions of SELF, as you will be able to easily align yourself with ALL of us. Since we are aligned with each other, when you connect with any of us, you bonds with all of us. Furthermore, as you experience the first “recognition of your multidimensional nature, you will merge with as many higher dimensional expressions of your SELF as your consciousness can accept.

You see, dear ascending ones, there is NO end of you. Also, there is NO beginning of you. You are timeless energy signatures of multidimensional light and unconditional love that adheres to whichever versions of reality attracts you within the NOW of the ONE. Some realities are a short visit, but others are a commitment that encompasses many eons of experience. Some realities have “time,” in which you age and go through different cycles of life. On the other hand, some worlds are timeless, and you can “live” there until you decide to detach your consciousness from that matrix. Polarities are only known in the worlds ruled by time, as time creates separation, limitations and the extremes of polarity.

However, realities that resonate to the mid-fifth dimension and beyond function in no-time. Hence, there is no aging, separations, limitation or extremes. Time-worlds are useful for learning many lessons quickly, but it is easy to forget your SELF and become trapped in that reality. Conversely, life in the mid-fifth dimension and beyond allows you to maintain the same form or signature frequency until you feel complete with that experience and decide to move on to your next adventure.

After many higher dimensional realities, you may want to have the challenge of a polarized world. On the other hand, after a long run in the polarized spectrum of the lower frequency adventures, you may wish to rest, rejuvenate, love, expand and spiritually expand in the higher worlds. What we are saying is that there is no GOOD worlds or BAD worlds. These judgments are confined to the time-based worlds of polarity. There are only choices of experience. Fortunately, since you are a multidimensional being, you can make many choices all within the same “time.” However, you will not be able to recognize this fact from a time-bound world.

Time-bound worlds force you to grow, whereas timeless worlds allow you to expand. Now, our dear returning ones, you are feeling complete with growing for a while and are ready to return to the more expansive versions of your SELF. When you have done so, the constant self-judgment, fear and struggle will be no more. Once you have chosen to return to your higher expressions of SELF, you will regain a freedom that was lost with your first physical incarnation.

However, in order to fully “return to SELF,” you must completely and unconditionally love, forgive and accept the YOU that you have chosen to express in your present incarnation. Please do not judge yourself that you have done some thing wrong or another thing right. These judgmental concepts only arise from the limitations of third dimensional thinking and are riddled with conditional love. Third dimensional thinking and love based on conditions bind you to the third dimension. In order to return to the timeless expressions of your SELF, you need to master your thoughts and emotions.

Many of our returning ones are asking, “What can I do to ascend.” To this question we respond, “Our dear returning ones, to break through the final illusions of your physical containment, think beyond time and love without condition. Once you can do that for yourself, you are FREE to truly assist others.

Mytria from Alycone


  1. Thank you for channeling this Sue. We all need these reminders at times. THANK YOU!!!

  2. This is such a wonderful message and so filled with information, which whether we knew it already or whether we did not, is invaluable at this time of expansion!!!

    Thank you so much Sue!

    Love Light and Sacred Geometry

  3. Thank so much Mytria and Suzanne for these lovely message...

    With Love, Shanti

    ps- you posted it 11 11 !!!! :)

  4. Thank you for all your amazing messages. My heart is filled with love as I remember who I am.I resonate strongly with these energies and yes it feels so much like home....
    Blessings to all