Monday, May 14, 2012

Message From My Human Self



The below message is channeled through my Arcturian SELF. This message is from my human self. Since time is almost gone to me, I can’t remember when the above message came in, but since then I have been pulling through extreme amounts of higher light. I think that I have been in the process of “fine-tuning my mission,” or, at least I thought so then. However, the first and second day after running this high frequency energy, I felt like a limp rag. It guests came over to see us. That should make me happy, which it did, but it did not add any energy to my consciousness. I felt like an empty vessel.

In other words, it was down to the fine-tuning part of our Mission, which is to make sure that that we integrate what we have experienced into our daily lives. Sometime, at least to me, the ascension process feels like a roller coaster ride. The up swings are amazing, blissful, euphoric, and fun. However, the down swings are exhausting, confusing, and strangely sad. I am not sure what the sadness is about. Perhaps, the sadness is the loss of my best friend - fear.

Perhaps, the sadness is a realization that life, as we have known it, is ending. Sadness is not always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes it is a way to honor that which is no longer is in our life. Perhaps, the sadness, that could not be felt before because it would be too overwhelming, can finally come to the surface to be released. Maybe it is the same with the anger, fear, anxiety and depression. Maybe they can only come to the surface of our consciousness after we have experienced truth, unconditional love, bliss and joy. Whatever the reason is, I think that it is important that we honor all our emotions, even if they are fear-based.

As our consciousness expands, so do our emotions. Therefore, many of our feelings do not feel identical to emotions because they are of a much higher frequency. In our multidimensional experiences, light and sound, thoughts and emotions are not separated. They are ONE experience. It is the combination of light/thoughts and sound/emotions that allows us to move our conscious experience of reality beyond the invisible threshold that has trapped us in the third dimensional illusions.

Now that these illusions are being popped open to reveal the truth, anger is a frequent guest in our emotional world. How could we have been so stupid, so scared, or oblivious to believe those obvious lies? This is, of course, a self-judgment that is NOT based on unconditional love. However, with time swirling in and out our reality, it is easy to forget that the world we lived until, well, until NOW was based on illusion. Just a few years ago, the truths that are common (to anyone who reads the Internet), were absolutely impossible for almost everyone to believe.

Then, there were those of us who forgot to forget. We had to monitor our every word so that we did not reveal what would be ridiculous or blasphemous to most of those around us. Perhaps, our sadness is the sorrow of years, in fact lifetimes, of isolation from others and from our SELF. As we become more intimate with our true SELF, we are able to become more intimate with others. As we become more honest with our SELF, we can be more honest with others. And, as we remember more about our SELF, we remember more about our Mission.

Thus, the fine-tuning of our Mission is actually the process of fine-tuning our relationship with a vaster expression of our SELF. This SELF is not just our higher expressions of our Multidimensional SELF; it is also the first expressions of our human self. I have found that remembering what I have always loved, such as Nature, gardening, laughing with a best friend, being with loved ones (even when I am too tired to fully engage) is what I have always loved. Different people have different loves, and I think doing exactly what we love is the best way to fine-tune our Mission.

In fact, in order to find the basis of our Mission, we can look back into our childhood and remember what we always loved as a child. Our Divine Child is the part of our human self that as never forgotten our Mission. We can also look at what our main problems, which have been constantly repeated in different forms and dramas, to see that which has been blocking us from BEING our Mission. If we can stop judging ourselves for having the same problem, again, and unconditionally love, forgive and accept ourselves, the problems are often resolved or often vanish.

Once we have forgiven, accepted and loved ourselves—unconditionally—we suddenly find the “time” to DO what we LOVE. In fact, doing what we love is one of the most important things that we can DO for our Mission. When we allow ourselves to do what we love, we FEEL love deep within our core. When we FEEL love within our core, we become solid, grounded, steady on our ever-changing Path. With this commitment to our SELF, we no longer forget to water the flowers, walk the dog, call the grandkids, lay in the sun, read our favorite book and spent lots and lots of time with people, animals, plants and activities that we LOVE.

Choosing love is what fine-tunes our Mission. When we choose love, especially unconditional love, we can see life clearly, without condition, without limitation or separation. Choosing love allows us to remember our Spirit and shine it out for all to see. We have hidden, kept silent, lied and ran away for myriad lifetimes because it was too soon to live in love. It was not safe to tell the Truth and we had NO guidance, except that which we found within. Now, our inner and outer lives are merging into ONE, and there is not place to hide, even if we wanted to.

The time that we have awaited for more lives than we could count has come into our NOW. Oly, Oly, oxen, free, free, free. It is time to come out of hiding and be our SELF. Yes, we may be exhausted the next day, or week. Yes, it is a risk. Yes, it could all be “just our imagination.” But what if it isn’t? What if everything that everyone is saying was true and we were too afraid to stand up and be counted? Now, that would be my greatest fear. Therefore, here I AM in the NOW of Personal and Planetary Ascension.
Where are you?


  1. Standing tall with you. :)

  2. Thank YOU Sue for your channeled messages, but especially the last two. All of your messages are inspiring and validating of my own experience as I have been fine tuning my own misson and returning to My SELF~ coming into my own power and strength and KNOWing of who I AM. I too have been feeling like an empty vessel ~ as a chalice with the "cup" at the first chakra expanding upward and out, the flaring of the "lip" at my seventh chakra and out beyond into the Universe ready and willing waiting for it to be "filled" with ? what else but more LOVE and LIGHT! Yesterday in my meditation I "saw" myself as a giant funnel with the narrow end fully connected and "grounded" into the core of Gaia. The open end of my funnel got bigger and bigger to receive a huge influx of light, first white, the a myriad of rainbow colors specifically turquoise, rose/magenta, violet, green and blue. I felt this light energy swirling and swirling down and filling the cup of my chalice and regenterating my self before it flowed into the neck of the funnel to be grounded within Gaia. The LIGHT that then flowed in was the GOLDEN liquid Christ Consciousness followed and mixed with the PLATINUM female aspect of that energy. As the funnel collapsed I became a column of LIGHT and felt this energy flowing out of me in all directions for ALL of LIFE to witness, behold, and partake of. I felt full and fulfilled, and ready to "jump" into the next "unknown" level of BEing knowing I was accomplishing my "mission" just by being willing to do so, and in following MY HEART! IAM so GRATEFUL for that vision and your channeled message Sue, for the KNOWING we ARE on the same page after all!

  3. Thank you, Sue. Your message spoke to my heart...perfect timing.