Sunday, January 16, 2011



As I see the final wisps of the infant’s consciousness return to the body of my newest human self, I notice that the form of light that I am wearing disappears. Now, I am a speck of light, a center of aware consciousness. My formless state seems to pull me back into the Arcturian Corridor, which I now recognize as a kind of Home for me. My journey is calm and peaceful, and as I travel through this Corridor, memories of myriad third and fourth dimensional lives swirl about me.
I am aware that the ONE is summoning me. Feelings of unconditional love and visions of multidimensional light surround and comforted me like a warm blanket. I can feel my formless state become lighter and lighter as my frequency rises. Slowly this “blanket” of light and love pulls me into a deep sleep. I know that I will awaken as a new expression of my SELF; hence, I relax into the process…


I awaken to find that my body is an adult. I see myself not as completely in that body, but overshadowing it and serving as the Spirit Guide to that female human. I see that she is asleep; therefore, I can easily expand a portion of my being into her form and enter her dreams. To my surprise, I find that she is dreaming of one of my fifth dimensional expressions in which I am aboard the Arcturian Starship Athena. For a brief moment, my multidimensional consciousness must adjust to my Earth expression dreaming of one of our myriad fifth dimensional realities.
As I integrate my multidimensional perception into the neural patterning of the grounded one whom I have just entered, I can perceive three realities occurring within the same moment of the NOW. There is the reality of my Primary Multidimensional Consciousness who experiences and overshadows many formed expressions of my SELF, the reality of my sleeping human self and the reality of that human’s dream, our life upon the Starship Athena.
Maintaining constant connection with my true, multidimensional SELF within the ONE, I simultaneously focus on my sleeping human form as well as my Starship reality. As I do so, I become aware that this particular reality will be the stepping-stone reality into which my grounded one, known as Suzille, will step into at her moment of ascension. Suzille has dreamed of this reality many times, but she has usually forgotten when she awoke. I understand that the homesickness of remembering that life is the reason why these dreams are forgotten.
I see that she is on the cusp of ascension, yet the final three ninths of any journey are filled with all the challenges that been left until the last moment. I see that this “last moment” has become her NOW. I also see that she suffers from the many remaining conflicts between her ego and her soul. Fortunately, within this moment, she is at peace in the comfort of that which she has missed since birth.
The experiences of success or failure of her present competitive reality are easily forgotten on the Starship where everyone works in completely unity with each other and with the organically based Starship. I feel the unconditional love and companionship that is so difficult to “achieve” in her current reality of 2011 Earth. Simultaneously, I can perceive how we, the collective consciousness of Starship Athena, are overshadowing Earth reality, just as I am overshadowing Suzille.
She is awakening to her Earth life now. She has slept too long and must rush off to work without taking her “time” to get grounded and centered in her SELF. It will be a difficult day for her.

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