Wednesday, January 5, 2011



Dear Arcturians,

I have been hearing a message just inside my mind, or is it my heart? I am asking you now to assist me in recovering this message. I have been communicating with an ascending being who has told me much of his process, which is much like mine. We are very different people, but our process is very similar. It has been wonderful for me to be able to talk without any editing of my presentation so that I don’t confuse, frighten or confuse the listener. I know that I need to do more of that in order to close the gap between the “me” that writes this not and the “ME” to whom I write—The Arcturian Group Mind.

I am ready to ascend now! I am ready to be my full multidimensional expression of SELF. I am ready to close the gap between who I call to and who is calling. Please assist me now to better understand this process…

Our dearest Suzille,
We/you have already closed that gap, it is just a matter of re-calibrating your perceptions to be able to consciously experience ALL the frequencies of reality between the third/fourth dimension and our eighth/tenth dimensions. Once you have experienced the realities beyond the seventh, the return to the fifth will be natural. It is time now for us to take you (that is you and all your readers) into the sixth and seventh dimension.

In the sixth dimension, we will assist you to go into the Divine Blueprint of your earth vessel to clear the accumulated dross energy patterns since the fall of Atlantis. While you are there, you will also take the quantum leap into the reality in which Atlantis and Lemuria completed their cycle in a loving and peaceful manner. It was the violence of the closing of their cycle that has resonated in you world since then.

You know that there are myriad parallel realities at all times. Hence, there is a reality in which the peaceful transition of Atlantis and Lemuria occurred. Because Gaia wanted to ascend along with her people, she asked for volunteers to experience the extreme polarity of your present reality. She knew that it would be very difficult for those volunteers, but the ones who survived would do so because they became strong enough to participate in a planetary ascension.

You, the survivors, both incarnated and in the higher planes, are gathering together now to assist Gaia with Her ascension. However, your must completely release all records of darkness. The darkness that made you strong must now be purged to allow you to be even stronger. In other words, your teacher, the darkness, must now become your pupil so that you can close the perceptual gap between the third/fourth dimensions and the higher worlds.

We speak to you Suzille, and to all those who share this journey with you. The Return has begun!


  1. Like Esse who commented on the previous post the recognition/awareness of what you are writing is wonderful. These past few weeks I'm realizing that I need to make/re-make a stronger/deeper connection to the Arcturus Self and I had not realized why, as I had decided previously that thinking myself Arcturian was not necessary in the this human experience. Now I understand I may have been dishonouring that part of Self by doing so...

  2. It's confusing , all the things you and nimekuwa write about : conecting with higher beeings and Arturus Self .I dont feel see or hear anything.
    But I had a lot of blessings in my life.
    The last weeks I feel a lot of emotions, not so strong as many years ago, but never the less.
    The only thing I know is to stay calm, meditate and heal myself and others.
    Maybe you can comment on this.
    Thank you so much....

  3. Staying calm, meditating and healing self and others is how we do our "active waiting." I have been meditating for forty years and saw things as a child. Different people have different Paths. Also, you may have a sudden awakening where "the roof blows off" and you are totally awake. That has happened to many people i have talked to. My Path was slow and steady as i am a teacher and i needed to go slow and share my process.