Thursday, January 13, 2011

A quick note

Greetings to everyone.
I have not written much in the blog lately as i am working on some changes on the site. But i have been thinking of you. It is interesting how we can connect consciousness to consciousness. And now we are connecting to the group consciousness, especially the group consciousness of those who are in the process of awakening. It is important, i think, that we talk to each other, even if it is "just in our consciousness." Soon, communicating via consciousness will be the primary means of communication.

We are all being prepared for this transition via all the internet, email, texting, blogs videos and websites. We have found a kind of anonymity through this kind of communication. However, at the same time we are communicating consciousness to consciousness. This kind of communication puts our focus on our message instead of on the listener. In fact, often we don't even know who the listener/reader is. Therefore, or old fear of judgment is diminished, which allows our creativity more freedom.

Of course, I am speaking for my self, as for many years i didn't even use my real name. Being the message more than the one delivering the message allowed me to find my true voice. My creativity had been greatly stifled as a child and i had no confidence. However, i had learned that my inner voice was seldom wrong. Therefore, when i heard an inner direction, i tried to always follow it. Nonetheless, i went through great drama when i first put up my site. I had no one to edit it and no money to pay for it. My good friends stuck with me though through some silly ideas of ways to make money in order to support the site.

None of those ideas manifested, but the site taught me more than i could ever teach others. Writing the site taught me, most of all, that there were a whole lot of people just as far out as i was. Maybe i wasn't crazy after all. Then, the site took off on its own journey and i was just the scribe. I couldn't wait to read what i had written, as it came through a higher frequency of my self than my daily self knew. Gradually, i grew into that SELF and far beyond my greatest expectation.

I don't mean to say that i became this amazing person. More important than that, i became a happy person. Happiness is a state of consciousness, so as my consciousness expanded i became more and more happy. Of course, i am not always happy. Life strikes, as they say. But where before my main self was stressed out, frightened and seeking, now my main self is calmer, more loving and finding.

I think--I hope--that 2011 will be a very big year. Everyone that i read, who is about everyone, all say that this is the year where we are laying down the foundation for our new life. We will also experience the massive chaos that precedes massive change, but haven't we always had chaos? I think the most important thing is that we stay above fear and choose love--choose to DO what we love -- choose to BE with those we love--and choose to love our SELF-unconditionally. That is a tall order, but i KNOW we are strong enough to do it.

So happy 2011 to you all!
See you in the fifth dimension.


  1. You wrote again beautiful words.And i feel the same way. Especialy the last part, the last months after a shaman came to tell me that i had to chose for myself , that is was time to do so. And i did , and everything untill now is amazing flowing.Now I dare to do it.
    Love to you Suzanne....from the Netherlands.


    I put you to my blog and now i follow you whenever i can , and your words are to be seen for everyone who visit my blog.Love...